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Chapter 405: We Have Been Waiting A Long Time for You

 Chapter 405: We Have Been Waiting A Long Time for You

"Huang Xiaolong?!" That Domain Leader was surprised, but saluted smartly and then retreated from the great hall in a hurry to notify Deities Templar's Liu Yang and Li Molin.

Chen Tianqi pondered for a moment and decided to recall all Domain Leaders from the branches to assemble at to the headquarters. When that was done, Chen Tianqi snickered, "Huang Xiaolong, I wonder which stage of the Asura Tactics you are at. I hope you won't disappoint me."

In a flicker, Chen Tianqi's figure disappeared from the great hall, leaving on the quiet, serene hall.

At the same time, in a mountain forest on the northern side of the Central Oblast, a small bonfire crackled merrily, a wonderful aroma of roast meat weaved between wine fragrance suffused the air.

"Sovereign, those Domain Leaders are extremely loyal to Chen Tianqi, it seems that making them submit will be difficult!" Beside the bonfire, Zhang Fu commented.

Both Domain Leaders of Peach Blossom Sea and Harmony Valley were so.

"If they do not submit, then kill all of them!" A strong bloodlust glinted in Huang Xiaolong's eyes.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu exchanged a look.

"Sovereign, if things continue that way, our Asura's Gate's strength would diminish greatly, I'm afraid..." Zhao Shu hesitated to go on.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu saying, "I know what you're concerned about, but don't worry, after I take over Asura's Gate, I have ways to enhance Asura's Gate overall strength, making it stronger than ever!"

Both Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were perplexed, neither had any knowledge to the 'ways' Huang Xiaolong mentioned. Both of them were aware that Huang Xiaolong had a lot of divine grade spirit pellets, and definitely not lacking in high-grade Heaven rank cultivation techniques, but despite that, to nurture a Saint realm expert for a force couldn't purely rely on just spirit pellets and cultivation techniques.

It needed the long-term accumulation of a force's resources. Although doubtful, they did not pursue the matter.

"Sovereign, on top of that, this subordinate is worried about the Elders at the headquarters. This subordinate has been trying to get in touch with the Elders at the headquarters but received no reply. Not one." Zhao Shu looked concerned, "Could something have happened to the Elders at the headquarters?"

Zhang Fu also wore a worried look, "These headquarters Elders have always resisted Chen Tianqi, but now that Chen Tianqi has allied himself with Deities Templar, sweeping away the obstacles that these Elders were...!" the words trailed off here at the worst possibility.

All of Asura's Gate headquarters Elders eliminated!

Working in cahoots with Deities Templar, Chen Tianqi was definitely capable of doing that.

Huang Xiaolong's voice was somber, "Perhaps not, I think Chen Tianqi most likely has all the resisting Elders locked up somewhere."

Zhao Shu sighed heavily, "I hope so."

Zhang Fu felt the same heaviness. If the group of Elder was annihilated by Chen Tianqi and Deities Templar, and Huang Xiaolong was now killing off Asura's Gate Saint realm experts one by one, it was inevitable that the Asura's Gate would be kicked out from the ranking of the twelve super forces.

The night passed without any more words and light gradually replaced the dark sky.

Huang Xiaolong exited the Godly Xumi Temple.

These days, he had been practicing the nine different Golden Dragon Pill Refinement Tactics with diligence. After a two months' effort, Huang Xiaolong mastered the first Dragon Clan pill refinement tactic. It was an advanced grade tactic, Dragon Weaving through the Clouds.

Practicing pill refinement tactics was similar to cultivating, it took into consideration one's comprehension ability. In general, for someone to familiarize themselves and further master a pill refinement tactic, it would take years, even decades, but Huang Xiaolong managed to do it in two months' time.

Reappearing in the outside world, the first thing Huang Xiaolong saw was Lil' Tian dozing on top of a big boulder, his snores sounded at a regular rhythm as saliva drooled from his mouth.

This scene brought a smile to Huang Xiaolong's face. This little guy's presence brought liveliness to their otherwise dull journey.

Being cautioned by Huang Xiaolong, the little guy no longer went looking for fights everywhere, and was more well-behaved, for Huang Xiaolong scared him, saying that if he didn't listen, there wouldn't be any more roast Tyrant Boar meat.

Evidently, nothing could beat roast Tyrant Boar in the little guy's eyes.

A short while later, Lil' Tian woke up, rubbing his eyes. Spotting Huang Xiaolong, he asked, "Big brother, can I fight today?"

Huang Xiaolong smiled, "You can when I say you can."

The next question that came out from the little guy's mouth was if there's roast Tyrant Boar for dinner?

This had become a habit. Every morning, when Lil' Tian woke up, the first question he would ask was if he could fight today, and the second question was: is there roast Tyrant Boar for dinner?

When Huang Xiaolong confirmed that there would be roast meat for dinner, the little guy would jump into the air, clapping his hands in delight.

The group left the spot moments later, continuing on their way towards Asura's Gate third branch.

Huang Xiaolong intended to subjugate the Domain Leaders. Those who refused would be killed, weakening Chen Tianqi's forces at the same time. Then, he would head to the headquarters for the final confrontation with Chen Tianqi.

However, they arrived at the third branch only to discover that the Domain Leader of this branch was absent. In fact, all the disciples were nowhere to be seen as well.

"Looks like Chen Tianqi already knows that we've arrived in Central Oblast." Huang Xiaolong sneered.

"What should we do next, Sovereign?" Zhao Shu inquired.

"Head straight to the headquarters." Huang Xiaolong stated in a cold voice.

"Sovereign, Deities Templar forged sets of Divine Dragon Armor, I'm afraid that the Poison Corpse Scarabs..." Zhang Fu hesitated. Huang Xiaolong's biggest trump card were those Poison Corpse Scarabs, with those Divine Dragon Armors forged by Deities Templar, rushing recklessly to the headquarters just relying on their strength, they would be powerless against Chen Tianqi and the Deities Templar.

"Don't worry, I have my plan." A light flashed in his eyes.

"Let's go."

Thus, following Huang Xiaolong's order, the group headed straight to the Asura's Gate headquarters. In half a day's time, they reached the Heavenly Sky Phoenix Mountain.

It was dusk by the time the four of them stepped on the Heavenly Sky Phoenix Mountain. The scenery on Heavenly Sky Phoenix Mountain at this time of the day as the fiery ember sunset glow fell on earth added a touch of tranquil beauty.

Yet, underneath this tranquility, Huang Xiaolong detected a surging killing intent.

"It seems like Chen Tianqi has been waiting for us for a long time." Huang Xiaolong said coldly, in a flicker, he, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and Lil' Tian flew towards the great hall of Asura's Gate. Moments later, they descended on the square in front of the great hall. The square in front of the Asura's Gate great hall was large enough to accommodate ten thousand people.

At the sides of the square, there were statues of Asuras with grim expressions, holding wicked looking spears, blades, and swords, emitting a frigid aura of death and slaughter.

Just as Huang Xiaolong and the others' feet landed on the ground, an obnoxious laughter reverberated in the square.

"Huang Xiaolong, we've been waiting a long time for you!" Several silhouettes flew out from the central great hall and stood some distance in front of Huang Xiaolong.

These people were none other than Chen Tianqi and a group of Asura's Gate Domain Leaders. It did not end there though, space rippled as more people emerged from the void, Li Molin, and the rest of Deities Templar group of Elders.

The experts on Deities Templar's side seemed armed to the teeth with a full set of deep red armor, the torso area of each armor was inscribed with a divine dragon symbol. Dragon spikes formed defensive barriers on both arms and legs. Li Molin and the Deities Templar Elders exuded a faint coercive dragon might with the armor on them. Those deep red spiky armors that the fifteen of them were wearing were the fabled Divine Dragon Armors that Deities Templar forged from the Dragon corpses.

Li Molin and the fourteen Elders spread out, encircling Huang Xiaolong's group and blocking all of Huang Xiaolong's escape routes.

"Huang Xiaolong, I didn't expect you to really have the guts to come!" Li Molin looked at Huang Xiaolong, her icy gaze matched her coldness in her voice.