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Chapter 404: You're Finally Here!

 Chapter 404: You're Finally Here!

Deng Tong wasn't spouting empty threats, for Peach Blossom Sea wasn't far from the Asura' Gate headquarters.

Once Chen Tianqi received the message sent by Wang Gang, rushing over with Deities Templar experts would require almost no time at all.

Despite that, Deng Tong saw the corners of Huang Xiaolong's mouth curve up in a mocking smile while exchanging a look with Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

At the time when Huang Xiaolong broke through to Fourth Order Saint realm, his insights into the binding power of the God Binding Ring deepened. Before he 'appeared' in front of Wang Gang and Deng Tong, he 'binded' the surrounding space, blocking all connections to the outside world. Thus, he wasn't in the least worried about Chen Tianqi finding out anything at all.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Deng Tong as he slowly strode over to him.

Despite his previous arrogance, Deng Tong inexplicably moved back watching Huang Xiaolong coming towards him. He had loudly dismissed Huang Xiaolong's strength as weak, not putting him in his eyes, yet coming face to face with Huang Xiaolong in person, fear reared its head in Deng Tong's heart.

"Summon your martial spirit." Huang Xiaolong commanded with a cold expression.

Deng Tong blanked.

"You only have one chance." Huang Xiaolong stated.

An abrupt holler sounded from Deng Tong, his momentum surged like an angry flood as a giant whale materialized above his head. It was Deng Tong's martial spirit, Deep Sea Giant Whale. The Deep Sea Giant Whale was a peculiar beast of the desolate era, a top grade thirteen martial spirit.

Deng Tong wasted no time in soul transforming the moment his martial spirit appeared, instantly affecting the airflow in the entire hall, causing it to turn viscous like water, even emitting a slight salty-fishy smell of the sea.

It was as if everyone in the hall was transported into the deep sea.

This was the Deep Sea Giant Whale's innate ability, naturalizing a foreign environment to become its territory. When the surrounding environment was naturalized, it significantly enhanced Deng Tong's strength, at the same time, it weakened the opponent's strength.

"Huang Xiaolong, do you have the guts to fight me relying on your own strength?!" The desire for battle was ablaze in Deng Tong's eyes: "Without using those Poison Corpse Scarabs or any Heavenly Treasures heritage skills!"

Huang Xiaolong simply replied: "Make your move." Not even summoning his martial spirits.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong didn't even summon his martial spirits, a naked face-slapping humiliation in his eyes, fury burned in Deng Tong.

"Great Sea Devour!" He bellowed, his jaws wide opened as if he was about to swallow Huang Xiaolong whole. A powerful devouring force pulled everything toward Deng Tong.

Despite that, Deng Tong saw Huang Xiaolong standing steady under his powerful suction force, not to mention Huang Xiaolong himself, not even the edge of his robe fluttered in the slightest.

Deng Tong was taken aback.

While Deng Tong was immersed in his shock, Huang Xiaolong made his move, his right hand clenched into a fist. Just a simple, crude punch accurately hit Deng Tong's face.

Sounds of breaking bones resounded in the air. In the next second, Deng Tong's entire person was hurtled into the air, knocking down a stone pillar in the hall and went on to slam into a wall behind it. Rubble from the wall fell to the floor.

Deng Tong struggled to get up. Everyone could see clearly that the right side of his face was ruined, eye crooked, mouth moved to a peculiar angle, and his entire neck was twisted to the left side in an irrevocable damage.

Huang Xiaolong approach with a deadpan expression.

When Huang Xiaolong was in the Blessed Buddha Empire some time ago, he had yet to advance to Fourth Order Saint realm, but even the Chen Family's top three Fourth Order Saint realms together weren't Huang Xiaolong's opponents, whereas it hadn't even been a decade since this Deng Tong stepped into Saint realm, how could he be Huang Xiaolong's opponent?

"Mad Bear Palm!" A violent surging current aimed at Huang Xiaolong from behind. Watching his eldest disciple fall at a disadvantage, Wang Gang could no longer stand still and snuck an attack on Huang Xiaolong from the back.

Just as Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were about to assist, Huang Xiaolong spun back, countering Wang Gang with a palm. A golden light lit up the hall as Buddhism energy filled the air.

Bang! A loud explosion resounded, next came Wang Gang's painful wail as he flew out, just like his disciple moments earlier, crashing heavily to the floor. Tremors ran through the ground from the impact.

Wang Gang was by no means weak, but then again, he was merely an early Fifth Order Saint realm. If it was the Huang Xiaolong who had yet to advance to Fourth Order Saint realm, in order to defeat Wang Gang, he'd need to exert a little more effort, but for the current Huang Xiaolong, it was an easy thing.

Crashing to the floor, Wang Gang spewed blood again and again.

"Master!" Deng Tong cried out in disbelief. His Master was a Fifth Order Saint realm expert, yet his Master failed to withstand one palm strike from Huang Xiaolong? Moreover, Huang Xiaolong did not even call out his martial spirits, and did not soul transform. Just his physical toughness reached this horrifying extent!

At this moment, Deng Tong finally understood that the real Huang Xiaolong was even scarier than the rumors.

Huang Xiaolong's cold gaze fell on Wang Gang, "Wang Gang, considering the contributions you made to Asura's Gate for the last several hundred years, I'm giving you another chance, submit to me now and I will spare your life."

Wang Gang smiled through his misery, "Huang Xiaolong, say no more. I am only loyal to Sovereign Chen, I will never submit to you, the other Domain Leaders are the same, all of us are loyal and will only serve under Sovereign Chen. You want to be Asura's Gate Sovereign? Impossible!"

On Wang Gang's last syllable, Huang Xiaolong raised a finger, the Absolute Soul Finger penetrated a hole through Wang Gang's head through his brows.

Blood spurted out like a fountain to the floor. Wang Gang's eyes widened in shock before his eyes dimmed, tumbling down.

Perhaps Wang Gang assumed that Huang Xiaolong wouldn't kill him so easily.

Deng Tong stared stupidly at the corpse of his Master, Wang Gang.

A Fifth Order Saint realm died just like that?! Ended...?!

He looked at Huang Xiaolong, the fear in his eyes heightened. For the first time in his life, he felt the horror of death.

Especially when Huang Xiaolong looked straight at him.

"Huang Xiaolong, don't kill me, I, I can submit to you!" Deng Tong blurted out the only thing he could think of.

"Submit to me?" Huang Xiaolong sneered, "Weren't you boasting earlier that your dear Sovereign Chen has everything well planned and all the forces on Starcloud Continent would be conquered by him sooner or later? Why are you betraying your Sovereign Chen so willingly now?"

Deng Tong didn't know how to answer. He realized that Huang Xiaolong heard everything that was said between his master and him.

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand again.

Deng Tong's pupils shrank with fear and his silhouette flickered, wanting to escape, however, the moment he moved, Huang Xiaolong's finger imprint pierced through his skull.

Looking at the two corpses, Huang Xiaolong transferred them into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, to be devoured by the Poison Corpse Scarabs so that they could continue evolving. Cleaning up the scene slightly, together with Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and Lil' Tian, the four of them disappeared from the building.

Leaving Buji City, Huang Xiaolong did not head to the Asura's Gate headquarters immediately, instead, they visited another branch.

Night slowly took over the sky.

On the south side of Central Oblast, undulated mountains shaped the earth, resembling a phoenix. When night arrived, those mountains glimmered faintly. This was the Heavenly Sky Phoenix Mountain. Asura's Gate headquarters was located on the highest peak of this Heavenly Sky Phoenix Mountain.

At this hour, in the great hall of Asura's Gate headquarters, Chen Tianqi, clad in an ink-black robe, was sitting on the majestic throne. The faint black patterns at the corners of his eyes seemed to throb with an eerie black light.

Ever since Huang Xiaolong appeared in Starcloud Continent's South Oblast, Chen Tianqi had ordered all the Domain Leaders to report to him every day at this hour the situation in their branch. But, just now, Peach Blossom Sea's Wang Gang and Harmony Valley's Lin Gun did not report to him.

Which meant there was problem: both of them met with mishap!

"Huang Xiaolong, you're finally here!" Chen Tianqi muttered to himself, his body shrouded in a silvery white light as an intense warring thirst burst out.

He had been waiting for a long time for this day to arrive.

"Go, inform Deities Templar's Senior Liu Yang and Senior Li Molin that Huang Xiaolong is here!" Chen Tianqi instructed one of his Domain Leader subordinates below the dais.

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