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Chapter 387: Blood River War Chario


"Attack!" The Distinct Void Door old man bellowed and was the first one to act. His figure flickered, a fist formed as he aimed a punch at Zhao Shu, whereas another White Phoenix House middle-aged man attacked Zhang Fu.

From their actions, it was clear that this Distinct Void Door old man and that White Phoenix House middle-aged man were of the highest strength among the five, choosing to deal with Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

From the remaining three people, an old man from the Distinct Void Door took on both giant puppets, and the last Distinct Void Door man lunged toward Huang Xiaolong. The last member of the five, another middle-aged man of the White Phoenix House rushed forth to grab the little child.

The old man from Distinct Void Door attacked Huang Xiaolong, a large fist imprint shrouded in blazing black flame was merely inches away from striking Huang Xiaolong's chest.

"This is the Fiend Black Flame Fist! Sovereign, be careful!" Spotting the bright black flame wrapped around the Distinct Void Door old man's fist, Zhao Shu tensed, cautioning Huang Xiaolong.

"Fiend Black Flame Fist?" Huang Xiaolong was slightly perplexed.

In that second of perplexity, the Fiend Black Flame Fist landed on Huang Xiaolong's chest, drawing a satisfied cold sneer from the old man; after being hit by his Fiend Black Flame Fist, even if this kid didn't die, he would barely have a life left!

These years, the number of Saint realm experts that died under his Fiend Black Flame Fist was more than the fingers on his hands could count.

Struck by the old man's Fiend Black Flame Fist, Huang Xiaolong's body trembled from the impact, crashing through the bonfire behind him and falling on the ground a dozen meters away.

Both Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were ashen.

Although they were aware how tough Huang Xiaolong's physique was, it didn't mean that Huang Xiaolong was forever invulnerable to injuries. On top of that, both of them were hindered by Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House's men; neither one was able to help Huang Xiaolong.

The old man that sent Huang Xiaolong flying with a Fiend Black Flame Fist snickered, "We've already told you early on how stupid this decision of yours is, but it's useless to regret it now."

Yet, at this moment, Huang Xiaolong, who was lying on the ground, climbed to his feet, hands brushing away the sand on his robe before his cold gaze fell on the old man, "Is that so?"

"You're not injured?!" The Distinct Void Door old man stared at Huang Xiaolong with incredulity. He was hit by his Fiend Black Flame Fist but was unharmed!

"What do you think?" Huang Xiaolong scoffed at the old man. In the beginning, when he was struck by the old man's Fiend Black Flame Fist on the chest, a black fist print emerged on Huang Xiaolong's chest. Around the black fist print, wisps of fiendish black fire rippled on the surface of his skin, but, with a thought, a golden fire danced wildly out of Huang Xiaolong's body, cleanly swallowing all the black fire.

With a shake, Huang Xiaolong blasted his robe into pieces, revealing strong bare arms and a firm torso. A majestic atmosphere of dragon might flooded out like turbulent waves.

Huang Xiaolong's hair flew up, defying gravity, while his eyes turned fiery-red like glowing blood. Dense Asura qi rumbled in Huang Xiaolong's proximity, forming a hellish skull.

That Distinct Void Door old man felt a slight apprehension sensing the vast momentum of dragon might and the eerie Asura qi coming from Huang Xiaolong's body, his face whitened a little, " This is...?!"

"Elder He, don't rush to kill that kid, capture him first!" The other old man battling Zhao Shu noticed the strange phenomenon over at Huang Xiaolong's area and shouted to his companion.

That young man was actually fine after being punched with the Fiend Black Flame Fist!

Elder He instantly understood the underlying meaning of the Grand Elder's words after hearing his shout; first capture the kid, it's not too late to kill the kid after digging out the secret of how he did that.

"Peak late-Third Order Saint realm." That Distinct Void Door Elder He stared at Huang Xiaolong, moving with rapid speed. His silhouette flickered, launching another attack at Huang Xiaolong.

"Let's see if you can take a hit from my Crimson Demon Palm too!" This time, Elder He no longer used a fist, but a palm attack.

A glaring red glow brightened one side of the forest edge as the palm shot out, even the silvery moonlight seemed to turn red because of it.

Accompanying the red light, sounds of demons weeping echoed in the night. Shattering through space, the palm crossed the distance, hitting Huang Xiaolong in the chest.

Both Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu felt their hearts about to burst watching Huang Xiaolong receiving another attack.

The Fiend Black Flame Fist was a taboo skill of evil cults, yet compared to this Crimson Demon Palm, its power was more than a degree lower.

Huang Xiaolong's body trembled again, staggering out of balance, retreating more than a dozen steps, but this time, he did not fall to the ground. Moreover, that Elder He saw it clearly this time, the instant the Crimson Demon Palm struck Huang Xiaolong, its effect was instantly incinerated by the golden-colored fire from Huang Xiaolong's body. Not even a palm print could be seen on his body.

"What kind of flame is this?" He was taken aback. He knew how powerful his Crimson Demon Palm was, not even the battle flame of a high-level Saint realm expert could resolve the effects of his Crimson Demon Palm so effortlessly. Moreover, the young man was just a peak late-Third Order Saint realm, not even a mid-level Saint realm expert.

The golden fire was, of course, Huang Xiaolong's true essence fire from his dantian!

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong's true essence fire could resolve the Crimson Demon Palm's effect, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu breathed out in relief. At the same time, they were elated, the superiority of their Sovereign's true essence fire far exceeded their imagination.

Huang Xiaolong steadied himself and slowly walked over to the old man, "What other evil skills do you have?" Having experienced the old man's two consecutive attacks, Huang Xiaolong gained a better grasp of his strength.

This Distinct Void Door Elder He was an early Fifth Order Saint realm expert. Now, Huang Xiaolong found out that his new true dragon essence physique was strong enough to withstand attacks from Fifth Order Saint realm without injuries! Meaning that only late-Fifth Order Saint realm or higher could inflict injury on his body!

This body rebuilt by the Dragon Pearl and true dragon essence was truly amazing! Huang Xiaolong was inwardly delighted. Despite that, in terms of battle qi cultivation, Huang Xiaolong was still worse compared to an early Fifth Order Saint realm expert.

A Fifth Order Saint realm was nothing like the Blessed Buddha Empire's Chen Family Patriarch Chen Chen's level.

Elder He calmed down instead watching Huang Xiaolong approach. His black robe started fluttering without the wind as a blood red war chariot emerged above him.

The war chariot's surface was carved with intricate black demonic symbols, with blood splattered all over its body.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed: "Blood River War Chariot!"

Blood River War Chariot! A weapon type martial spirit, an extremely rare kind, for it was also considered as a type of necro-martial spirit at the same time.

Some unique martial spirits possessed the natures of two different types of martial spirits. Those kinds of martial spirits were highly graded, for example, this Blood River War Chariot was a top grade twelve martial spirit.

"Correct, Blood River War Chariot!" There were obvious complacency and a hint of surprise in the Distinct Void Door Elder's voice seeing that Huang Xiaolong recognized his martial spirit in one glance. He soul transformed without another word.

After Elder He soul transformed, a blood red armor protected his body, bloody red energy rippled above it as the black symbols glimmered in an evil light.

However, when he was about to attack, he saw Huang Xiaolong waving both of his hands, and a cloud of black-colored things flew at him.

What was this? He was startled at first, but forced himself to calm down and found out that those black things were black beetles.

Beetles? Seeing clearly what they were, Elder He snorted with disdain; this kid must have been scared stupid to use a bunch of beetles against a mid-level Saint realm expert. Running his battle qi, Elder He slammed a Crimson Demon Palm down on the beetles.

Blinding crimson light flashed, but in the next moment, Elder He saw those black beetles ignore his Crimson Demon Palm attack, closing in on him in seconds.

A moment of shock passed and his face grew ugly, "This, are these Poison Corpse Scarabs?!"

"Poison Corpse Scarabs!" The other men from Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House heard his exclamation and looked over to confirm it with their own eyes.

"He's, he's the Asura's Gate Sovereign, Huang Xiaolong!"

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