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Chapter 378: To the Blessed Buddha Temple

 "The Buddhist House!" A sharp glint flickered in Chen Chen's eyes, excusing himself to Prince Tai Gan, "Your Highness, we'll excuse ourselves first."

That Prince Tai Gan spoke, "Something like this actually happened, Patriarch Chen, this Prince will go with you, I also want to see who is so daring to commit murder in broad daylight inside Blessed Buddha City!" With a brush of his sleeves, a powerful surge of energy distorted space around him. No doubt, this Prince Tai Gan was also an expert.

"I am much indebted to Your Highness!" Chen Chen cupped his fist respectfully before turning around to the Chen Family guard: "Lead the way!"

Then, with both Grand Elders and Prince Tai Gan, Chen Chen marched out from the Tai Gan Prince Palace to Buddhist House restaurant with fierce momentum, scaring the pedestrians on the streets.

Because Prince Tai Gan was with them, more than a hundred prince palace guards were trailing behind them, emitting a whelming chilling pressure.

"It's Prince Tai Gan!"

"I wonder who it is that alerted Prince Tai Gan!"

"Which short-sighted bastard is that? Let's go and have a look."

Whispers and exclamations of morbid curiosity sounded in the streets.

Prince Tai Gan was Emperor Shi Fantian's younger brother, he held power and high status in Blessed Buddha Empire.

Very soon, Chen Chen and his bevy of experts arrived at the Buddhist House. The prince palace guards spread out, encircling its perimeter in swift, well-trained actions as Chen Chen and the others entered the premise.

The air carried a thick scent of blood, blowing over their faces upon entering the restaurant. Chen Chen scanned around and his eyes instantly turned scarlet, a rolling murderous aura broke out from Chen Chen's body.

"Guang'er!" Chen Chen rushed to Chen Luoguang's corpse, teardrops wetting the floor. Although Chen Luoguang's head exploded, Chen Chen could still recognize his son's body in a single glance.

Seeing his son's corpse, missing the head, Chen Chen was bitter, enraged, and filled with intense hatred. Heart-wrenching pain and a cocktail of negative emotions sweltered his heart.

The two Chen Family's Grand Elders were stunned and angered coming upon Chen Luoguang's headless corpse, body half buried in the ground.

Even Prince Tai Gan was shocked at the scene.

Chen Chen exerted tremendous effort to suppress the killing intent in his heart from blowing up. His eyes cold like sharp knives, he questioned: "How many people does the other side have?"

At this time a Chen Family Elder came forward, "I questioned the owner, the other side has five in a group, but only that person's two guards attacked. Still, Eldest Young Master was killed with a single palm, according to what the owner said, those guards were probably peak half-Saint experts."

"Peak half-Saint experts?" The look in Chen Chen's eyes grew colder, each word was spoken through gritted teeth, "No matter who they are, I want them dead! Even if they are Saint realm experts, they must die, die-!" Green veins under his the skin of his hands popped up.

Both Chen Family Grand Elders did not say anything, like what their Patriarch stated, no matter who the other side was, they must die!

"Did you find out where they have gone?" Chen Chen's frigid voice sounded.

That Chen Family Elder replied, "We investigated, they went in the direction of the Blessed Buddha Temple, today is Blessed Buddha's Birthday, that is where those people are headed."

"Blessed Buddha Temple!" Killing intent surged in Chen Chen's eyes, looking at his son's corpse, he softly uttered an oath, "Guang'er, don't worry, in a while Father will bring their heads as offerings on your altar." He turned back to the Chen Family Elder, "Order people to bring back Young Master and the bodies here."

"Yes, Patriarch." The Elder complied respectfully.

Hence, Chen Chen's large assemblage departed from the Buddhist House restaurant to the Blessed Buddha Temple full of righteous momentum.

On the other side of the city, the young man was leading Huang Xiaolong to the Blessed Buddha Temple.

On the way, Huang Xiaolong found out the young man family name was Wang, named Wang Dong, a disciple of Blessed Buddha Empire's Wang Family. Of course, the Wang Family couldn't be compared to the Chen Family.

Wang Dong asked: "Bro, which family are you from?"

Huang Xiaolong: "Huang Family."

A trace of doubt flashed in Wang Dong's eyes, "Huang Family?" Clearly, in his knowledge, there was no family surnamed Huang in the Blessed Buddha Empire, but he didn't pursue the matter. Laughing, he asked, "Bro Huang, where did you find these two guards? Frankly speaking, they look really cool."

Huang Xiaolong grinned at Wang Dong's compliment, jokingly said, "Really? I used to bring them out to woo girls."

Wang Dong chuckled with understanding, giving Huang Xiaolong a thumbs up sign, "Skillful, who knows, when we arrive at the Blessed Buddha Temple, Princess Shi Xiaofei would be attracted to you because of your two guards, perhaps she would give an extra look in our direction."

Huang Xiaolong laughed, "Who says not."

Just like this, the group proceeded to the Blessed Buddha Temple. Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu followed behind Huang Xiaolong, it had been a long time since they saw the Sovereign so happy.

A short while later, the group arrived at the Blessed Buddha Temple.

The Blessed Buddha Temple was built on a large piece of land. Looking at the temple from afar, various sizes of temple structures weaved like layers of waves. In front of the entrance to the temple was a large square that could hold five to six thousand people, but even so, the square felt small and crowded due to the mass of people.

Men and women, the various styles and colors were a dizzying sight.

There were a total of eight entrances to the temple, each wide enough to accommodate ten people entering and exiting at once.

Above the center of the entrance, were three characters inscribed in ancient text: Blessed Buddha Temple. On the wall surfaces were paintings of ancient Buddha statues and scenes depicting activities related to Buddhism. Even before Huang Xiaolong stepped inside the temple, he could feel the buoyant marrow of Buddhism. Smoke from joss sticks and incense curled in the air.

"Bro, hurry, to the Blessed Buddha Hall!" Wang Dong led Huang Xiaolong, weaving through the lively square, entering Blessed Buddha Temple as he explained, "Princes Shi Xiaofei comes to Blessed Buddha Temple mainly to pray to the Blessed Buddha statue in the Blessed Buddha Hall. So, we must hurry there to get a spot with a good view."

Huang Xiaolong smiled helplessly at Wang Dong's sense of urgency.

Yet Huang Xiaolong noticed that the men were all moving in the same direction as Wang Dong in the same hurried footsteps, towards the Blessed Buddha Hall. They passed through corridors after corridors led by Wang Dong, finally reaching the Blessed Buddha Hall.

However, by the time Huang Xiaolong's group arrived, there was a sea of people, squeezing in the small square in front of the Blessed Buddha Hall, trying to enter.

Disappointment shadowed Wang Dong's face, "We're late, we won't even catch a glimpse of Shi Xiaofei's maids' backside."

Huang Xiaolong laughed, "Don't worry." When he said that, the two giant puppets behind him moved to the front, opening a path through the sea of people for Huang Xiaolong. Wang Dong was delighted seeing the tightly squeezed crowd moving away, opening a path as the two guards moved forth.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong's group entered the Blessed Buddha Hall, straight to the front row. As per Wang Dong's reasoning, grabbing a good spot, at that time not only could they see Shi Xiaofei's butt and her face, even her breasts could be seen!

Obviously, the spot Huang Xiaolong's group was at could enjoy a full view. Wang Dong's heart bloomed fully as he stood in the spot of his dreams, the smile hanging on his face was like a sunflower in bloom, brilliant and smug.

However, the doors to the Blessed Buddha Temple were tightly closed, causing a frown on Huang Xiaolong' brows. He mainly wanted to worship the Blessed Buddha statue coming to this Blessed Buddha Temple, as for Princess Shi Xiaofei and what-not, he wasn't really interested.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong's expression, Wang Dong explained, "Because Princess Shi Xiaofei will come to worship the Blessed Buddha statue every year, the temple allows her to enter first, when she is done with praying and offering joss sticks, only then will others be allowed in."

So, that was the reason.

Then, a commotion swept through the crowd.

"Princess Shi Xiaofei is here!"

Princess Shi Xiaofei's arrival triggered the hormones of the crowd into overdrive, excited gasps and exclamation undulated in the square.

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