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Chapter 372: Yao Shan’s Death

 In a short span of time, three Deities Templar Elders had died, eaten by the Poison Corpse Scarabs, even their souls became food in those Poison Corpse Scarabs' stomachs.

Things went awry, far beyond Gě Gé, Jiang Shi, Yao Shan, and every Deities Templar Elders' expectations.

Don't mention killing Huang Xiaolong, at this moment, Yao Shan and the Elders couldn't even touch a hair of his. Before those Poison Corpse Scarabs, they had no chance to attack Huang Xiaolong at all.

Initially, there were five Deities Templar Elders surrounding Huang Xiaolong, but now, with three dead, only Yao Shan and another Elder remained. More and more Poison Corpse Scarabs shifted their sights on these two.

Yao Shan was forced to dodge left and right, he was extremely miserable. What enraged Yao Shan further was Huang Xiaolong, who was standing at the side with the Blades of Asura in his hands, occasionally sending an attack or two in his direction.

Tempest of Hell!

Tears of Asura!

Wrath of the Nether King!

Asura Sword Skills moves were executed one after another, Huang Xiaolong practically treated Yao Shan as target practice. A living target practice like Yao Shan, a Sixth Order Saint realm expert, was extremely hard to find.

Huang Xiaolong attacked again and again, expanding his insight into the Asura Sword Skills. Ever since he stepped into the Saint realm, Huang Xiaolong spent less time practicing his sword skills, displaying these moves again made Huang Xiaolong realise that the power of Asura Sword Skills was stronger than he imagined.

Combined with his space law comprehension, every attack contained insurmountable Asura qi, the sky turned dark as if hell took over. Cold hellish tempest, tears from the cries of an Asura, the Nether King's wrath, wails of countless evil spirits from hell.

As seconds passed, Huang Xiaolong entered a selfless state of enlightenment.

It felt as if he merged with heaven and earth, he himself was the embodiment of hell. From afar, others could only see Huang Xiaolong being wholly shrouded in rolling black Asura qi.

Yao Shan dodged another Poison Corpse Scarab and looked up to the sky. At this moment, Huang Xiaolong was the embodiment of an Asura in Yao Shan's eyes. Unimaginable fear snaked into his heart, if he knew that Huang Xiaolong had an army of Poison Corpse Scarabs under his control, even if someone beat him to death, he wouldn't have requested the Temple Preceptor's permission to come to the Luo Tong Kingdom.

"Elder Gě Gé, we should retreat!" Dodging another Poison Corpse Scarab, Yao Shan shouted, his tone carried a hint of whining: "I, really cannot hold on much longer!"

Yao Shan was really hanging by a thread, several times he was nearly bitten by a Poison Corpse Scarab.

Just as Yao Shan's voice ended, the other Elder issued a miserable scream. Yao Shan turned over to look and saw the Elder being submerged under the countless Poison Corpse Scarabs, just the sight made his knees go weak, nearly stumbling to the ground.

"Retreat!" At this point, Gě Gé's order sounded.

Gě Gé's voice sounded like nature's lullaby in Yao Shan's ears. Without any hesitation, he leaped into the air, wanting to flee from the nightmare. The same held true for Jiang Shi and the rest as well.

Yet, just as Yao Shan leaped up, the bright sky turned into absolute darkness, they were hardly able to see their own five fingers as a monstrous ghostly energy broke out like giant waves.

Yao Shan was shocked, then he saw evil spirits pouncing after him.

"This, what is happening?!" Yao Shan was petrified and angry at the same time, with a wave of his palm he shattered the evil spirits that blocked his path.

Seeing that his attack was effective, Yao Shan breathed in relief; fortunately those evil spirits weren't as scary as the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

"This is probably some kind of ghost array, everyone quickly break out and leave!" Gě Gé's voice rang out.

However, just as Gě Gé reminded the Elders, a sharp pain came from one of Yao Shan's arms, then his body started feeling numb and heavy.

This is?! Yao Shan was stricken with terror as the corner of his eye caught sight of a swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs swarming at him.

"Save me, Elder Gě Gé, you all, save me!!" Yao Shan cried out in desperation, but what answered him was the shrieks of countless evil spirits.

Seeing that no one coming to his aid, Yao Shan was angered, "Gě Gé, Jiang Shi, you bastards, all of you will die miserably!" Yao Shan started cursing since he was going to die anyway, he has no scruples speaking his mind.

Gě Gé, Jiang Shi, and the other Deities Templar Elders were angered and enraged hearing Yao Shan curse at them, but at the moment they had no time to be bothered with him.

This ghost array was one that Huang Xiaolong laid out using the Supreme Ghost Flag.

Huang Xiaolong already expected those Deities Templar Elders would try to run, so the instant those people moved to run, Huang Xiaolong took out the Supreme Ghost Flag, instantaneously arranging the Sea of Devils and Ghosts Array.

Huang Xiaolong watched Yao Shan jump and curse within the array and a thought struck him, then he recalled all the Poison Corpse Scarabs out from the array.

Yao Shan, who was cursing to his heart's content, suddenly noticed the Poison Corpse Scarabs that were swarming toward him receded, leaving him confounded, 'What's happening?' Then joy washed over him, could it be that Huang Xiaolong didn't plan to kill him so fast?

Yet, in a split second, Yao Shan was engulfed by countless evil spirits, drowning in them. Yao Shan's miserable wails echoed endlessly in the array.

Barely a moment passed and Yao Shan was torn and swallowed by those evil spirits, his soul was sucked into the flag by Huang Xiaolong, erasing his consciousness using the ghost aura inside the Supreme Ghost Flag.

After dealing with Yao Shan's soul, Huang Xiaolong turned to Gě Gé and the rest. By this point, Gě Gé had broken out from the ghost array, tearing the space and fleeing with Jiang Shi and the other Elders. Despite that, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu managed to intercept two of the Deities Templar Elders.

Those two met the same fate as Yao Shan, their flesh and bones tore apart and swallowed by evil spirits, whereas their souls were sucked into the Supreme Ghost Flag with their consciousness erased, becoming one of the Supreme Ghost Flag's ghost spirits.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Supreme Ghost Flag.

"Sovereign, should we give chase?" Zhao Shu came to stand behind Huang Xiaolong inquiring.

Huang Xiaolong looked toward the direction Gě Gé fled and shook his head, saying, "No need." From the beginning, killing Gě Gé wasn't his main goal, after all, Gě Gé was a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert.

Although Gě Gé, Jiang Shi, and two other Elders escaped, he managed to kill seven Deities Templar's Elders, it was quite a harvest.

But then again, this was merely interest!

Thinking of Lu Kai, Huang Xiaolong looked skyward, muttering to no one in particular, "Don't worry bro, there will be a day when I annihilate Deities Templar by the roots and kill Li Molin with my hands to avenge you!"

Huang Xiaolong put the spatial rings he collected from the seven Deities Templar Elders away. Facing Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu he said, "Let's go." All three people left the Luo Tong Kingdom.

Huang Xiaolong believed that word of this battle in Luo Tong Royal City would spread like wildfire across Snow Wind Continent, Starcloud Continent, and even Ten Directions Continent, just like the battle at Rising Sun City.

A long time after Huang Xiaolong's group and Gě Gé's group left, the lucky families' disciples that survived gradually approached the palace grounds. They were all shocked to see the collapsed and ruined palace buildings due to the battle shockwaves. There was no Luo Tong Palace anymore. And there was a huge hole in the square ground that filled them with apprehension.

Not long after leaving the Luo Tong Royal City, Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and Zhang Fu left Luo Tong Kingdom's territory altogether.

"Sovereign, Gě Gé and those people ran away, the matter about you controlling Poison Corpse Scarabs would spread throughout the entire Martial Spirit World in a short span of time." On the way, Zhao Shu spoke.

Huang Xiaolong saw through Zhao Shu's worries, "It's fine, it might a good thing." With the matter spreading out, there would be fewer people who dared to harbor ulterior motives toward him.

After all, Huang Xiaolong had Poison Corpse Scarabs that could even kill high-level Saint realm warriors.

On the other hand, Gě Gé, Jiang Shi, and the two Elders fled with all their might, flying at high speed for several hours. Only after determining that Huang Xiaolong did not pursue them did they dare to stop to rest on a barren hill, panting the lives out of them.

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