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Chapter 361: Dragon Tomb

 "Haha, it seems our luck is quite good, finding such a great Dragon Clan treasure sword just as we enter the Dragon City, the Great Dragon Saber!" The first Beastman expert laughed heartily. The way he saw it, this Great Dragon Saber belonged to them without a doubt.

A First Order Saint realm like Huang Xiaolong couldn't cause much of a ripple.

However, just as his words finished, a shadow flickered past his eyes. In the next moment, he saw the human in front of him fly up and the Great Dragon Saber swinging down. Layers upon layers of saber light rays swirled out as a blood dragon enlarged in his pupils.

All three of them were alarmed.

"Cloud Reversing Sword!" One of them reacted in a split second, the long sword in his hand slashing upward, releasing a powerful wave of sword lights that transformed into a sword cloud, flying towards Huang Xiaolong.

Yet, they saw the countless saber lights shattering the sword cloud without so much as reducing their speed, arriving above their heads.

Boom! A thunderous crashed rendered the air and the ground quaked.

The Great Dragon Saber's thousands of saber lights embedded into the ground, flipping over the sturdy tiles of the Dragon City. A thousand zhang long line on the ground marked where the saber struck, the blood dragon's roar echoed in the air.

When the dust settled, the person who claimed they were lucky to find a great treasure sword not long after entering the Dragon City was dismembered into several parts from head to toe by the wave of saber lights!

Internal organs, brain matter, and body fluids splattered onto the ground, he was so dead that he couldn't die a second time. The other two people, who barely dodged in time, fared slightly better, but they still suffered from the Great Dragon Saber's sphere of attack. Both of their bodies were blasted meters away and were marked with appalling blood-stained cuts all over their, their clothes shredded.

Huang Xiaolong looked at them with an icy gaze, making his second attack. The Great Dragon Saber in his hand swung around, thrusting out sharply combined with the true essence from his dantian.

Dragon's Pride Battering the Heavens!

The Great Dragon Saber emitted a resplendent blood-red glow and saber lights exploded out akin to countless tiny blood dragons. A horrifying aura of slaughter enshrouded heaven and earth.

Before the two remaining people could get to their feet, they were enveloped by the blood-red glow coming from the Great Dragon Saber. Tiny blood dragons pierced through their flesh, lingering for a moment before roaring skyward.

Huang Xiaolong returned to the ground as the tiny blood dragons and blood-red glow vanished.

Two bodies could be seen sprawled on the ground in a large pool of blood. Huang Xiaolong stopped beside one of the bodies.

"You, you, who are you?!" One of them panted, struggling to speak, his voice barely audible. Even so, his eyes never left Huang Xiaolong's face, they were filled with bottomless horror.

"Huang Xiaolong." Huang Xiaolong answered coldly.

"Huang Xiaolong!" The name sounded like a thunderbolt in their minds and their faces turned paler than they already were.

In recent days, Huang Xiaolong's name had spread far throughout the Snow Wind Continent. Though both of them hailed from the Ten Directions Continent, the time they spent around the Origin Forest wasn't short, thus they were familiar with Huang Xiaolong's name.

Huang Xiaolong looked at both people with impassive eyes. Initially, he would need to exert more time and effort if he was to deal with these three people, but thanks to their carelessness, underestimating him, they were caught off guard. On top of that, Huang Xiaolong noticed before, his true essence energy was far more powerful than his battle qi.

Without another word, Huang Xiaolong once again raised the Great Dragon Saber.

"We're Ten Directions Continent's Berserk Lion Hall, Berserk Lion King's subordinates, you cannot kill us!" One of them blurted out anxiously as he watched Huang Xiaolong raise the Great Dragon Saber.

"Berserk Lion King?" Huang Xiaolong repeated.

"Yes, Berserk Lion King! Our Berserk Lion King is the strongest amongst the top ten Beastmen experts!" The other person saw hope, quickly 'informing' Huang Xiaolong. But while he was still explaining, the Great Dragon Saber fell on him, cleaving that person into two. Infused with true essence fire, in a matter of seconds, his soul was incinerated to nothing.

All color drained the from last person's face. The Great Dragon Saber twirled in Huang Xiaolong's hand, reaping the last person's life.

From the beginning, Huang Xiaolong did not plan to let any of them leave. Whatever Berserk Lion Hall was already forgotten by Huang Xiaolong. The three died and the Berserk Lion Hall wouldn't be able to find anything on him even if they were to investigate.

Huang Xiaolong collected all three bodies and their spatial rings before releasing a spark of true essence fire to the ground, burning away all evidence and traces.

When everything was erased, no clues to be found, Huang Xiaolong left the scene.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left, several groups of people arrived at the scene, and among them was Deities Templar's group. Looking at the great thousand zhang mark, everyone's hearts palpitated.

"What a terrifying saber aura!" Yao Shan stooped down, exclaiming in awe as the studied the fissure.

"This Dragon City's ground is extremely hard, to be able to cut through the ground to this extent, the other side must possess some kind of godly weapon." Beside Li Molin, a tall middle-aged man with dark skin stated.

This middle-aged man was none other than the reinforcement sent by Deities Templar, Elder Zhou Zheng. Zhou Zhang was undeniably strong, on par with Li Molin, and this position in Deities Templar was no lower than Li Molin's.

Li Molin spoke, "I think we better focus on searching for the Dragon Tomb, we must hurry, it is imperative that Temple Preceptor breaks through to God Realm. With the Dragon Pearl, it is twice the result at half the effort!"

Zhou Zhang and the rest nodded in agreement, each looking solemn: "Agreed."

Whereas Huang Xiaolong kept flying eastward after leaving the place. Just when he flew past a square, suddenly, the black and blue twin dragon martial spirits inside his body stirred, almost violently. The reaction was far more intense than the time he discovered the black hole entrance to this secret space above the small river.

Huang Xiaolong looked around the square before him, greatly surprised. Ever since he entered the Dragon City, the twin dragons had been inactive, with no signs of moving at all. Now, however, they were violently stirring!

'What is happening?!' While shocked, Huang Xiaolong's feet landed on the square.

The square area wasn't big, covering a few miles at most. Around the square were many erect stone columns of the same size, the only difference was the shape of the dragon engraved on each of their surfaces. Some were five-clawed golden dragons, some were hybrid dragons, wind dragons, some blood dragons, and others fire dragons.

On the surface, one couldn't tell if there was anything unique about this place, but the strong reaction of the black and blue dragons inside his body couldn't be mistaken. There had to be something hidden in this square.

Huang Xiaolong scanned around carefully. In the end he even used the Eye of Hell, but he still failed to notice anything special about this square. At last, Huang Xiaolong's eyes fell on the stone stele at a corner of the square. It looked common and ordinary, as if there was nothing unique about it, but when Huang Xiaolong studied it carefully, he felt that the stone stele was slightly out of place with the rest of the square.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong arrived in front of the stone stele. Up close, Huang Xiaolong noticed at the bottom corner of the stele two small characters inscribed on the surface in ancient text. Luckily, Huang Xiaolong could recognize quite a lot of Dragon Clan text from all the research he did back in Cosmic Star Academy and Duanren Institute.

Huang Xiaolong read it softly: "Dragon Tomb!"

Dragon Tomb!

Huang Xiaolong's eyes widened. This square was where the Dragon Tomb was located?!

Dragon Tomb, the burial grounds of the Dragon Clan's experts! Thinking of this, strong-willed as Huang Xiaolong was, he still couldn't help trembling.

This Dragon Tomb was not something that the Dragon Palace could compare with. Every inch of a dragon's body was a treasure. Inside the Dragon Tomb were actual dragon corpses, as long as he could get even one Dragon Clan expert's body, its value would far exceed the Earth Dragon egg or the divine grade pellets.

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