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Chapter 356: Subduing the Poison Corpse Scarabs

 Watching the Poison Corpse Scarabs break free so easily from his space imprisonment, Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked.

Even if it hadn't been long since he broke into the Saint realm, in terms of space manipulation power, Huang Xiaolong could rival a Second Order Saint realm. But now, he actually failed to restrain those little critters in front of him.

While Huang Xiaolong was in shock, one of the Poison Corpse Scarabs managed to reach within ten meters from him, wings spread out underneath its shell, leaping straight at Huang Xiaolong's face.

With the Poison Corpse Scarab in the air, Huang Xiaolong could clearly see its blood-stained mouth along with rows of tiny razor sharp teeth, emanating a strong stench of rotting corpse.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes narrowed, in a flash, the Blades of Asura already appeared in his hands. Without any hesitation, the blades slashed out with a 'dang!' Plummeting to the ground, the Poison Corpse Scarab let out shrill hissing noises.

Its head was severed from its body, falling to the ground. Even its body was split into two by Huang Xiaolong's blades, both body parts were still rolling around on the ground, giving everyone present the impression of dying but not vanquished.

"Young Lord, careful!" Zhao Shu acted swiftly, blocking in front of Huang Xiaolong while striking a palm at another Poison Corpse Scarab that was flying toward Huang Xiaolong.

Struck by Zhao Shu, that Poison Corpse Scarab tumbled back several hundred meters, inserted into the ground, but moments later, it climbed back out in one piece, unharmed. Zhao Shu was a Tenth Order Saint realm, the power contained in his attack could shatter a small hill, yet it failed to blast a single Poison Corpse Scarab to its death!

Watching this scene, Duan Ren and the rest felt their scalp tingling.

Giant ghost Feng Yang also stepped around, slapping away several Poison Corpse Scarabs that were closing in on the group. But one of the Poison Corpse Scarabs succeeded in sinking its teeth in Feng Yang's arm.

To Zhao Shu and the others' surprise, Feng Yang showed no signs of paralysis or full body numbness after being bitten. Zhao Shu was stunned for a moment and then understood, giant ghost Feng Yang was a dark creature, a ghost, the Poison Corpse Scarab poison had no effect on him.

"Young Lord, quickly leave!" Zhao Shu became anxious watching more and more scarabs moving in their direction. Feng Yang had nothing to be afraid of, but that didn't mean they were just as brave.

In that brief moment, another dozen Poison Corpse Scarabs leaped toward Huang Xiaolong.

But this time, Huang Xiaolong did not use the blades in his hands. True essence energy rumbled in his dantian and two bright sparks of true essence fire hovered above his palms. With a wave, the true essence fire coated the several Poison Corpse Scarabs coming at him. Almost instantly, shrill hissing noises rang out as they fell to the ground, wriggling in excruciating pain.

Another burst of hissing noises and everything went silent in the next second. The dozen Poison Corpse Scarab went deathly still.

Zhao Shu's eyes widened to the size of a fist, dumbfounded. Duan Ren and the two Duanren Institute Saint Masters wore similar expression on their faces.

'Didn't Mister Zhao say just now that these Poison Corpse Scarabs aren't afraid of high-level Saint warrior's battle flame?' This was the first thought running through Duan Ren's mind. At this moment, he was targeted by a Poison Corpse Scarab, panicked, Duan Ren ignited his battle flame and threw it at the beetles, however, he saw that the Poison Corpse Scarab flew through his battle flame as if it was nothing, still coming straight at him.

Watching that Poison Corpse Scarab bare its teeth, Duan Ren jumped away hastily to dodge. Even so, cold sweat drenched his back. At this point, Duan Ren realized that Huang Xiaolong's common looking true essence fire was not as simple as he had imagined.

Huang Xiaolong was ecstatic seeing that his true essence fire was effective against the Poison Corpse Scarabs. He threw out more true essence fire into the swarm of scarabs, endless shrieks and shrills filled the air as they turned into a sea of fire.

In mere moments, the large swarm of scarabs actually retreated in fear, fleeing like the sea at low tide.

Zhao Shu, Duan Ren, and the others sighed in relief noticing that the Poison Corpse Scarabs were actually running away, but a light glinted in Huang Xiaolong's eyes. In a leap, he blocked their path of retreat.

Zhao Shu was stumped watching Huang Xiaolong's action, 'Does Sovereign want to incinerate all these Poison Corpse Scarabs?'

Although Huang Xiaolong's true essence fire was effective against them, he would still need one or two hours if he really wanted to exterminate the entire colony. Moreover, a moment of carelessness would result in being bitten and the consequences were unimaginable.

Just when Zhao Shu and the others thought that Huang Xiaolong wanted to completely exterminate the scarabs, a light glimmered in Huang Xiaolong's hand as a golden pagoda appeared.

This golden pagoda was the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

Before the dumbfounded faces of Zhao Shu, Duan Ren, and the two Honorable Saint Masters, Huang Xiaolong made the Linglong Treasure Pagoda hover in midair and infused his battle qi into it to activate the Thousand Demon Engulfing Destruction Array. Immediately, one after another, the Poison Corpse Scarabs were sucked into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Shu wasn't as surprised as Duan Ren and the two Saint realm experts.

Soon, all the remaining Poison Corpse Scarabs were all sucked into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda and the pagoda returned once more to Huang Xiaolong's hand.

When all was done, Duan Ren recovered from his shock, "This is the, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda?!" Duan Ren inquired, hoping for confirmation.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, "That's right, it's the Linglong Treasure Pagoda."

It was really the Linglong Treasure Pagoda! Getting Huang Xiaolong's affirmation, Duan Ren inhaled sharply-Linglong Treasure Pagoda, ranked ninth on the Heavenly Treasure List.

Two days ago, Huang Xiaolong displayed the God Binding Palm and Absolute Soul Finger, confirming that he possessed the God Binding Ring and Absolute Soul Pearl, and now, there was another Heavenly Treasure, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda!

Duan Ren gulped down heavily watching Huang Xiaolong. Reaching this point, they already didn't know how to describe their feelings, whether it was astonishment, envy, or truthfully, a little bit of jealousy?

Duan Ren approached Huang Xiaolong with a bitter smile on his face, "Young Noble Huang, how many Heavenly Treasures do you really have on you? Please don't tell me you have all thirty-two of them!"

In that case, he would truly be invincible!

Huang Xiaolong absorbed the Linglong Treasure Pagoda back into his body and laughed lightly at Duan Ren's words, "Not many, just a few."

Just a few! Duan Ren and the rest were rendered speechless. If they knew that one of those 'few' that Huang Xiaolong possessed was actually the Godly Mt. Xumi, how would they react...

"Let's go." Huang Xiaolong spoke, changing the topic.

Everyone nodded in agreement and flew away from the scene.

Huang Xiaolong definitely had his own plan for confining those Poison Corpse Scarabs inside the Linglong Treasure Pagoda instead of destroying them. Those little scarabs weren't afraid of a high-level Saint realm expert's battle flame and they were hard to kill, if one was careless, even high-level Saint realm warriors could end up losing their lives to those little ones. If Huang Xiaolong could find a way to control them, those Poison Corpse Scarabs could prove to be a great assistance.

Others might not have a method to subdue the Poison Corpse Scarabs, but Huang Xiaolong was different. He practiced the Ancient Puppetry Art, therefore he was confident that he could control those little scarabs.

Thus, in the coming days, Huang Xiaolong continued searching for the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins while testing how to control the swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs. With his current spiritual force, Huang Xiaolong was able to control fifty to sixty of the scarabs on a daily basis.

Five days passed and Huang Xiaolong already had close to four hundred Poison Corpse Scarabs under his control. Releasing three to four hundred Poison Corpse Scarabs against his enemies was already a terrifying scene.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong's group stopped to rest on a mountain peak, when suddenly the black and blue dragon martial spirits in Huang Xiaolong's body shook.

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