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Chapter 346: Tearing Into Saint Realm

 Bearing a similar reaction to Xie Puti was Emperor Duanren. Deep inside a secret chamber within the palace grounds, Emperor Duaren was stupefied on the spot getting the news.

"Killed a Saint realm!!"

Saint realm!

A Saint realm warrior's life force was extremely resilient, to actually kill a Saint realm warrior was an arduous toil. Close to two thousand years since Emperor Duanren built his empire, he had yet to hear of fallen a Saint realm expert. But now, it happened!

After the shock subsided, gratification washed over Emperor Duanrenㅡglad that he had chosen to stand on Huang Xiaolong's side at that time. If not, at this time...!

What truly terrified Emperor Duanren was Huang Xiaolong's meager age! Estimating the speed of Huang Xiaolong's cultivation speed, didn't that mean that within a hundred years' time, he could kill even high-level Saint realm warriors?

Within the Guo Manor, a film of sweat appeared on Ancestor Guo's forehead when he received the message, mumbling repeatedly, "Fortunately, fortunately..." Fortunately, he saved the marriage alliance with the Huang Family!

Guo Family's Patriarch, Guo Shiwen laughed, "Ancestor, this is excellent news! With Xiaolong's cultivation speed, in a hundred years, he would probably be Martial Spirit World's unrivaled force!"

Guo Chen too was overjoyed, but his face sank in the next moment, snapping at Guo Shiwen, "Xiaolong? Is Xiaolong a name you can call? Remember to greet him as Senior Huang in the future!"

Reasonably, after Guo Tai, as his nephew, married Huang Min, Guo Shiwen could be considered as half an Elder to Huang Xiaolong, thus he wasn't at fault for calling Huang Xiaolong by name.

Being admonished by the Ancestor, Guo Shiwen was dumbstruck, quickly nodding profusely, "Yes, yes, it is as Ancestor says!"

Only then did Guo Chen's expression loosen, a beaming smile appeared on his face, "Where's Min'er?" The Min'er in his mouth of course referred to Huang Min.

Guo Shiwen hurried to reply, "Min'er and Guo Tai brought Xiaofan to Southern Hill Estate."

Guo Chen's smiled widened, "Right, right, that's the way it should be. Let Min'er visit Southern Hill Estate more. Also, whatever request Min'er and Guo Tai have in the future, you must agree."

Guo Shiwen stiffened.

"Other than that, they can enter the Guo Manor's treasure room without needing permission, and they can come see me anytime they want!" Guo Chen added.

Guo Shiwen was totally flabbergasted. Even as Guo Family's Patriarch, it wasn't easy for him to have an audience with Ancestor unless something major happened that he needed to report to Guo Chen. But, Huang Min and Guo Tai could see Guo Chen anytime they want?!

Furthermore, Guo Family's treasure vault, again even as the Guo Family's Patriarch, he still needed prior permission from Guo Chen before being allowed in, however, Huang Min and Guo Tai were free to enter as they please...


Located several hundred miles outside of Spring Faun's Imperial City was a grandiose palace-like structure where the Fabled Scimitar Sect built their headquarters.

In the main throne seat of the Fabled Scimitar Sect headquarter's great hall sat a middle-aged man with striking red hair that exuded a fierce aura and thick brows like blades, the Fabled Scimitar's Sect's Sovereign, Jun Wuxin.

At this time, a young man clad in a blue robe was standing respectfully in the great hall. This young man was none other than Huo Ping who had his Qi Sea destroyed by Huang Xiaolong. However, the atmosphere around his was far stronger than before, seemingly his Qi Sea mended, both legs, and all ten fingers fully recovered.

"Master, this Huang Xiaolong destroyed my Qi Sea in public, broke my ten fingers and both legs, showing that he doesn't put our Fabled Scimitar Sect and Spring Faun Empire in his eyes. This hatred, Master absolutely must avenge disciple, ah!" Huo Ping stepped forward, pleading to his Master. At the mention of Huang Xiaolong's name, the hatred burned in Huo Ping's eyes.

Jun Wuxin answered with a soft 'en'. He went on, his voice sounding like the toll of a heavy bell, "Don't worry, I already sent a group of Xiantian Tenth Orders there, as long as Huang Xiaolong leaves Southern Hill Estate without Zhao Shu or Zhang Fu's protection, he will surely die."

At this time, Jun Wuxin and Huo Ping still didn't know about the matter of Huang Xiaolong killing Ao Baixue.

Hearing his Master say so, Huo Ping was ecstatic, quickly thanking his Master: "Thank you, Master!"

Just as Huo Ping's words sounded, Jun Wuxin's eldest disciple Zhou Qing was seen entering the great hall in a haste, after saluting to Jun Wuxin, he reported: "Master, disciple has just received news, saying that not long ago Deities Templar's Elder Ao Baixue died in Huang Xiaolong's hands."

"What?!" Jun Wuxin was astonished.

Huo Ping received an even greater blow, blurting out, "Impossible, impossible! That Huang Xiaolong has just broken through Xiantian a few years ago, he's not even twenty-three yet!"

Not even twenty-three yet!

Jun Wuxin too found it hard to believe, looking at his eldest disciple Zhou Qing, "Are you sure this message is true?!"

"True, in more ways than one!" Zhou Qing confirmed.

"Not possible, how can that Huang Xiaolong break into Saint realm in just a mere few years!" Huo Ping screamed.

Relying on pure talent cannot guarantee one can break through Saint realm, there was also luck and fortune.

Zhou Qing clarified: "Huang Xiaolong has not broken through to Saint realm."

"He did not break through Saint realm?!" This point jarred Jun Wuxin.

Huo Ping burst out laughing obnoxiously hearing this, "Didn't I say it, how could he enter Saint realm, that news must be fake!"

Obviously, Huo Ping misunderstood Zhou Qing's meaning, which indirectly influenced Jun Wuxin. Jun Wuxin too relaxed slightly.

Zhou Qing went on, "At the moment, Huang Xiaolong is still a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order, but, that Deities Templar Elder Ao Baixue indeed died in Huang Xiaolong's hands."

"What?!" Jun Wuxin jumped from his seat, the expression on his face turned ugly as he stared at his eldest disciple Zhou Qing, "You're saying that Huang Xiaolong killed a Saint realm expert based on his peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order strength?!"

Zhou Qing answered with a dignified expression, nodding, "That's right, Master."

This was the most terrifying of all.

In the record of Martial Spirit World's history, there had never been an incident where a Xiantian warrior could kill a Saint realm expert, but now, Huang Xiaolong shattered this code set in stone since the ancient era.

Huo Ping's eyes widened exaggeratedly.

"Master, in my opinion, Junior Brother's matter should end here." Zhou Qing approached closer to Jun Wuxin, persuading cautiously. It was not wise to provoke this kind of person.

Jun Wuxin hesitated a second before speaking, "Pass my order, recall the group that was sent out."

"Master...?!" Huo Ping wanted to plead, but Jun Wuxin shook his head saying, "Don't think too much, even if we do not do anything, Deities Templar will not leave him be."


While these events were transpiring, Huang Xiaolong was inside the Godly Mt. Xumi, swallowing a Ghost King Dan and preparing to attack the Saint realm barrier, not knowing that the news about him killing Ao Baixue caused a storm in every corner of Martial Spirit World.

The passage of time flowed. Two months passed in a blink.

In the Xumi Temple, other than refining Ghost King Dans, Huang Xiaolong absorbed Geocentric Buddha Elixir, practiced the Godly Xumi Art, the Asura Tactics, and Body Metamorphose Scripture.

Two months passed, Huang Xiaolong consumed close to forty pieces of Ghost King Dan, deepening his comprehension of the space law. His battle qi cultivation also greatly increased in these two months of refining the Ghost King Dans.

Huang Xiaolong felt that he was ready to step into the Saint realm at any time, only a thin film barrier stood between him and the Saint realm, as long as he pierced through this thin film barrier, he would be leaving the mundane realm behind, beginning his journey to supreme achievement, Saint realm!

His days were spent in the same routine in the Xumi Temple, practice and more practice.

A little over a month came and went.

Sitting cross-legged in the Ten Buddha Formation, a golden halo enshrouded Huang Xiaolong's body, creating a spherical layer that resonated with the Buddhism energy within the Ten Buddha Formation. A powerful energy surged restlessly from Huang Xiaolong's body, as if it could break out any second.

The Saint power accumulating in Huang Xiaolong grew stronger as time went by.

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