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Chapter 344: Fabled Scimitar Sec


Back in the Southern Hill Estate, Huang Xiaolong merely smiled hearing the rumors floating around and no longer bothered with it. He entered the Xumi Temple, took out a Ghost King Dan, swallowed it and started to refined it.

Two days later, he managed to fully absorb the Ghost King Dan. Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong continued, absorbing a total of two Ghost King Dans, trying to comprehend the Ghost King's space law enlightenment, helping him to touch the very edge of the space law.

Between Heaven and Earth, space existed in everything, it was all present.

Space was one of the fundamentals of all existences, a force that fosters life.

Of course, other than gaining an understanding of the space law, Huang Xiaolong's battle qi cultivation also advanced by leaps and bounds.

In the past, while Huang Xiaolong was still a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order, he believed that he was invincible below the Saint realm. Now, however, his strength had multiplied by at least ten times.

After he was done absorbing the second Ghost King Dan, Huang Xiaolong did not continue further and exited the Xumi Temple. Just as he appeared in the courtyard, Zhao Shu came to inform him that Xie Puti came to visit. If it was anyone else, Zhao Shu wouldn't have taken the trouble to report to Huang Xiaolong, but he knew that Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti were considered good friends.

When Huang Xiaolong walked into the grand hall, Xie Puti stood up from his chair, walked up to Huang Xiaolong, and gave him a bear hug while grinning silly, "You kid, being so high profile the moment you come back, you have always been conspicuous."

Huang Xiaolong knew Xie Puti was referring to the incident in the restaurant, where he crippled that Huo Ping.

"I have always maintained a very low-profile." Huang Xiaolong rebuked with a grin, causing Xie Puti to laugh.

"If you're low-profile, then I have no profile at all."

Both sat down as they talked, and Zhao Shu left the hall quietly.

After taking a seat, Xie Puti said, "In fact, that Huo Ping was displeasing to my eyes from the start. This is great, turning him into a waste the moment you return."

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, "In that case, you should thank me instead."

Xie Puti grinned, "Aren't I here with Sapidity Wine, see?" As Xie Puti said that, he brought out the Sapidity Wine he had prepared early on from his spatial ring.

More than a hundred jugs.

Huang Xiaolong laughed happily, "I also have something good for you." Huang Xiaolong said, taking out a Golden Jujube from Asura Ring, a rare elixir he found in the Broken Tiger Rift.

The grand hall was instantly filled with a refreshing fragrance.

Seeing the Golden Jujube in Huang Xiaolong's hand, Xie Puti's eyes lit up brightly, evidently astonished: "This... is Golden Jujube?"

Huang Xiaolong nodded in affirmation, "More accurately, it is a thirty to forty-thousand-year-old Golden Jujube." He clarified, making it hover in front of Xie Puti.

Xie Puti cupped with both his hands, staring at the Golden Jujube that shone softly a golden light, swallowing nervously, "Thirty to forty-thousand-year-old Golden Jujube!" even his voice trembled slightly. Although he was Xie Family's most talented disciple in a thousand years, most favored by the Old Ancestor and the spirit pellets and rare elixirs he had eaten were countless, he had yet to touch a Golden Jujube of such grade.

He was very much aware how precious a thirty to forty thousand year old Golden Jujube was, it was definitely not something that gold coins or spirit stones could buy.

"Bro, this...!" Xie Puti looked at Huang Xiaolong, wanting to decline the heavy gift, it was too precious after all.

Huang Xiaolong smiled shaking his head, "This Golden Jujube, take it. There's a lot more still in my spatial ring."

"A lot more?!" Xie Puti was flabbergasted and speechless, laughing, he said, "Since it's like that, then this bro will not be polite with you, I'm taking this with thanks." Thus, Xie Puti took it without guilt, keeping it in his spatial ring. It had been some time since his strength reached a bottleneck at peak late-Xiantian Third Order, he did indeed need this Golden Jujube.

Xie Puti looked at Huang Xiaolong, "It's really frustrating comparing people, why does it seem like every good thing under the sun falls into your hand? This Golden Jujube, it's so rare and priceless, but you actually have a lot!"

Huang Xiaolong grinned, "It's just that my luck was not bad and I managed to find a secret dwelling left behind by an Ancient God Tribe master in the Bedlam Lands."

"Secret dwelling left behind by an ancient God Tribe master!" Xie Puti was even more speechless, nearly hitting his chest with frustration as he lamented woefully skyward, "Heavens, how come I don't have that kind of luck!"

Huang Xiaolong laughed at Xie Puti's antics, "Enough, let's drink."

"Good, let's drink!" Xie Puti echoed.

With that, the two talked as they drank. Wine cups clinked, savoring the sip of wine running down their throat. Xie Puti continued, "It's been some time since I've enjoyed myself drinking, when you weren't around, I could only drink alone, it was tasteless and dull."

Huang Xiaolong laughed, "You should find yourself a woman." Xie Puti was several years older than Huang Xiaolong.

Xie Puti shook his head, "Woman? Women are so long-winded. This way is better, free. Do you know what my biggest wish is at the moment?"

"What is it?" Huang Xiaolong asked.

"To defeat you, one of these days." Xie Puti answered.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, "Then your little wish has no hope of coming true." The gap between them was obvious, and as time went on, it would only grow bigger.

Xie Puti smiled, albeit somewhat bitterly, he understood that Huang Xiaolong was merely speaking the truth, "Everybody outside is trying to guess your real strength, tell me frankly, have you really broken through Xiantian Seventh Order?" He stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, unblinkingly waiting for an answer. At the same time, his heart tightened nervously.

Watching Xie Puti's expression, Huang Xiaolong teased, "What do you think?"

Xie Puti was stumped, then he admitted cheerfully, "It's hard to say, you're a little monster." His tone and manner resembled Lu Kai down to the facial expression. He looked at Huang Xiaolong, considering the question, he said, "According to my understanding of you, by the way you retorted, it seems you have advanced to Xiantian Seventh Order."

Huang Xiaolong nodded simply, "You will know when the times comes."

The news about him killing Deities Templar's Ao Baixue in Luo Tong Kingdom should have reached this part of Duanren Empire some time ago, but seeing Xie Puti still didn't know, probably Deities Templar blocked the news?

Huang Xiaolong's admission raised an exaggerated reaction from Xie Puti, "Wow, I didn't expect you really broke through to Xiantian Seventh Order! Looks like even if you give me a handicap of both hands and feet, you can still abuse me as you like! God, how old are you now?!"

The conversation continued, accompanied by wine. They talked about Huang Xiaolong's experiences in the Bedlam Lands, talking about the recent changes in the Duanren Empire, talked about future, and their cultivation...

From talking with Xie Puti, Huang Xiaolong found out that quite a number of Deities Templar's forces had infiltrated into Duanren Empire's subordinate kingdoms, taking control over a hundred kingdoms.

Although these hundred over kingdoms weren't powerful, if the trend continued in this manner, the Duanren Empire would sooner or later be eroded to the core and destroyed by Deities Templar!

Xie Puti looked somewhat worried at the situation. His Xie Family's roots were founded in Duanren Empire, if Duanren Empire fell, it would greatly impact the Xie Family.

Near the end, Xie Puti broached the subject of Huang Xiaolong crippling Huo Ping, "That Huo Ping, you need to careful of him, he is the Fabled Scimitar Sect Patriarch's disciple."

The Fabled Scimitar Sect was the strongest from Duanren Empire's neighboring empire, Spring Faun, to the extent that every Spring Faun Emperor was personally selected by the Fabled Scimitar Sect Patriarch. One could imagine the amount of authority and power they held.

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