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Chapter 343: Come At Me, Anytime.

 Each onlooker had their own thoughts watching Huo Ping's palm aim accurately at Huang Xiaolong. Of course, the majority had the same thoughts as the shaggy beard middle-aged man, thinking that Huang Xiaolong greatly overestimated himself.

Even the restaurant owner was shaking his head, he tried to persuade Huang Xiaolong earlier. Huo Ping was this year's Imperial City Battle champion, a late-Xiantian Second Order expert. Huang Xiaolong looked about twenty-two or twenty-three years old to him, how could he be more powerful than Huo Ping?

Young Noble Huo Ping had a top grade thirteen martial spirit talent, it was hard for the restaurant owner to believe that the young man would have a martial spirit of a higher grade than Huo Ping. Having better talent than Huo Ping, that meant having grade fourteen martial spirit...

He shook his his head again, it was something impossible. Now, he only hoped that the hidden expert protecting Huang Xiaolong could save the two young men.

While everyone was immersed in their own thoughts, still sitting down, Huang Xiaolong's hands sped out just as Huo Ping's attack was about to hit, grasping Huo Ping's hands in his palms.

Grasped! All the energy contained in Huo Ping's palms dissipated.

The audience blanked, then their eyes widened, nearly dropping out of their sockets with disbelief staring at Huo Ping's palms being halted in place by Huang Xiaolong's hands.

He... actually pinned them midair!

Before this scene, many possible endings crossed the minds of the people present; some thought that Huang Xiaolong would be sent flying by Huo Ping's palms, some imagined Huang Xiaolong's chest exploding from the impact, and a variety of tragic scenes, mostly on Huang Xiaolong's part, yet this was the only outcome no one thought of.

Huo Ping looked with an astonished expression at Huang Xiaolong's hands over his own, eyes sluggish: "You...!"

But Huang Xiaolonng's gaze turned sharp as he increased the strength in his hands, causing Huo Ping to scream loudly in pain.

The scream jolted everyone from their daze. Looking at the other side of the floor, they noticed in that split moment just now that Huo Ping's ten fingers were twisted broken by Huang Xiaolong!

The fingers linked directly to one's heart, having all ten fingers broken, one could hardly imagine the agonizing pain. Thinking of it, everyone shivered, feeling a chill down their spine.

After breaking Huo Ping's ten fingers, with a fluid flick, his left hand formed a straight palm, the force of the impact bore through the Qi Sea in Huo Ping's chest.

A second scream rendered the air, that heart-wrenching scream sent another chill down the spine. However, in the next second, Huang Xiaolong's palm moved again, like a sharp blade, slashing horizontally across Huo Ping's thighs.

The miserable screams rose again, Huo Ping was sent flying to the back, clutching his legs.

The audience all drew a sharp intake of cold breath, watching in trepidation. A talented late-Xiantian Second Order warrior was crippled just like that?!

Qi Sea destroyed!

Both legs crippled!

Even all ten fingers were broken!

"Young Lord! Young Lord!" All of Huo Ping's guards cried out with ashen faces as they hastened to Huo Ping's side.

"My Qi Sea, my hands, my legs!!!" Huo Ping snarled in anger and pain.

Witnessing Huo Ping's appalling end, the way the others looked at Huang Xiaolong underwent change, especially the initial shaggy beard man, all color drained from his face with bead-sized drops of sweat forming endlessly on his forehead.

Coincidentally, at this precise moment, Huang Xiaolong's eyes looked in his direction. That simple gaze scared the shaggy bead man's legs go soft, causing him to fall limply to the floor.

"Kill, kill that f*cking piece of shit!!" Huo Ping pointed at Huang Xiaolong, a mad feral expression distorted his face, roaring at his guards. The pain from having his Qi Sea destroyed, all ten fingers were broken and both legs crippled pushed him to the verge of losing consciousness due to the pain.

At Huo Ping's order, the guards turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, still sitting there with a calm face, unaffected, but Huo Ping's guards were spooked to the core, not one of them dared to make a move.

"Kill, I ordered you to kill him!" Huo Ping roared again.

"If not, I will kill all of you!"

Huo Ping's subordinate guards trembled, only then did they stand up one by one, attacking Huang Xiaolong.

However, before they even got close to Huang Xiaolong, countless palm imprints emerged in midair, and in the next moment, all the guards were seen thrown out of the first floor, rolling down to the ground floor. Some landed across the street, some crashed into the shops opposite the restaurant.

The shaggy beard man caught a glimpse of a guard flying past in front of him, the guards' legs were crippled like Huo Ping, and Qi Sea destroyed.

He eyes searched another guard, the result was the same.

A hair-raising chill crept up in everyone's hearts.

One move solved more than twenty Houtian Ninth and Tenth Order guards, even Xiantian First and Second Order warriors! All with the same injuries, both legs, and Qi Sea broken!

This had gone far beyond the comprehension ability of the people present.

"Boss," Huang Xiaolong suddenly spoke.

The restaurant owner nearly jumped out of his skin being called. Huang Xiaolong's voice maintained the same tone as ever, however, in the restaurant owner's ears, it sounded like it originated from hell. Still, he couldn't not go when Huang Xiaolong called him.

He slowly, cautiously, and fearfully inched his way towards Huang Xiaolong's table. Never in his life did he feel that a mere ten meters distance was so far away. With much difficulty, he reached in front of Huang Xiaolong, a cordial smile plastered on his face, speaking in minuet tone, " I doㅡ don't know what instructions Lord has for me?"

Watching the restaurant owner's demeanor, Huang Xiaolong felt funny inside, with a casual wave, gold coins scattered to the floor.

"Are these enough?" Huang Xiaolong asked.

The restaurant boss went into shock for a second looking at the floor full of gold coins, unable to react to what Huang Xiaolong said.

"My Big brother is asking, are these enough to compensate your restaurant's damages?" Huang Xiaohai elaborated.

The restaurant boss was still a little dazed at first, but after coming to, he nodded profusely, "Enough, enough, no, no, it's too much, no, I mean, it's just some tables and chairs, no need for so many gold coins, there's no need for Lord to compensate anything!"

"Let's go." Huang Xiaolong said to his younger brother as he stood up. Whatever mood he had for drinking had evaporated.

Seeing the two young men stand up, everyone else backed away, opening a path for Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai to pass.

When Huang Xiaolong passed by Huo Ping, Huo Ping tried to crawl away in fear, shrinking into a ball.

"If you want to seek me for revenge, I'll be waiting for you at the Southern Hill Estate. Come at me, anytime." Throwing the sentence at Huo Ping, Huang Xiaolong turned and walked down the stairs with Huang Xiaohai.

Southern Hill Estate?

Wasn't that...? Could it be...?!!

Everyone's eyes followed the two silhouettes walking out of the restaurant with godawful shock and one possibility screaming in their minds. And when that shaggy beard man thought of this possibility, the whites of his eyes rolled back, nearly fainting. Earlier, he sat at the table next to Huang Xiaolong, claiming loudly that Huo Ping's talent was higher and better than Huang Xiaolong? Even boldly stating that perhaps Huang Xiaolong hadn't even reached late-Xiantian Third Order? Just now, he even nearly attacked Huang Xiaolong's younger brother!

Thinking of the various possibilities his ending might have been, his face became deathly pale.

At the same time Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai returned to Southern Hill Estate, the news about Huo Ping's Qi Sea, ten fingers, and both legs being broken by Huang Xiaolong exploded like a giant bomb in the Duanren Imperial City. The news traveled to every corner of the city like a shockwave, even reaching the nearby cities and kingdoms.

In the main streets and small alleys of Duanren Imperial City, every table in every household, restaurant, and teahouse were discussing the same topic. It was inevitable that the matter raised many curiosities about Huang Xiaolong's real strength.

"That Huang Xiaolong, perhaps he's already a Xiantian Sixth Order expert." In a certain corner of Duanren Imperial City, a certain family's disciple sighed.

"Xiantian Sixth Order? Impossible, right? At most, maybe a Xiantian Fifth Order." Another person couldn't help retorting.

While some merely shook their heads listening to similar guesses of Huang Xiaolong has advanced to Xiantian Sixth Order, no one thought it was possible.

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