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Chapter 341: Teach Them How To Behave?

 Huang Xiaolong couldn't help smiling a little hearing the discussion on the next table and didn't mind it in the least.

Huo Ping? Top grade thirteen martial spirit, White Bear, twenty two years old, late-Xiantian Second Order strength... 'Indeed, his talent can be considered not bad.' Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Huang Xiaolong didn't mind the discussion on the next table, but hearing someone put a new guy, Huo Ping, on the same status as his Big brother, even saying that the kid's talent was much better compared to his Big brother, Huang Xiaohai was very much disgruntled in his heart.

Fire exploded in Huang Xiaohai's eyes, but just as he was about to stand up, Huang Xiaolong pressed a hand on his younger brother's arm, shaking his head,"Just a small thing, leave it."

"Big brother!" Huang Xiaohai was stunned, but the look from Huang Xiaolong's eyes made him return to his seat down.

Huang Xiaolong opened one of the wine jugs, pouring out two bowls for them, "Come."

The brothers clinked their wine bowls and took a big mouthful, filling the mouth with the fragrance of wine.

Huang Xiaolong nodded: "Not bad." This Hometown Wine, although not as good as the Sapidity Wine, it did not lose out to the Snow Moon Wine he had with Lu Kai in the Luo Tong Kingdom.

At this time, the voices from the next table sounded again.

"Say, what do you think Young Noble Divine Dragon's strength is now?"

"Several years ago, when he participated in the Imperial City Battle, he had just broken through the Xiantian realm, in my opinion, he is at most a Xiantian Fourth Order."

"Xiantian Fourth Order? I think that's not possible. Talented as he might be, it's impossible to advance one order every year, my guess is that he is a Xiantian Third Order. Who knows, maybe he hasn't even reached late-Xiantian Third Order."

Xiantian Third Order? Huang Xiaolong nearly choked listening to these people's estimations, smiling helplessly. Whereas Huang Xiaohai's brows furrowed deeper, these people's words grew more outrageous the more they talked.

That year, Huang Xiaolong revealed his strength once, but the Huang Family and Emperor Duanren had the news blocked, thus common people, in general, had no idea of Huang Xiaolong's strength.

Another wave of words floated over to their table.

"I heard that Huo Ping made a declaration yesterday, saying that he wants to pay a visit to the Southern Hill Estate to ask Young Noble Divine Dragon for 'guidance.'"

Guidance... meant asking for a battle.

"If that is true, I wonder who would come out on top."

Huang Xiaohai couldn't hold his temper in anymore, hearing that Huo Ping guy actually planned to go to that Southern Hill Estate to look for his Big brother.

"A bunch of idiots!" He scolded.

The customers at that table looked over, hearing Huang Xiaohai's voice.

"Kid, what did you say just now?!" A shaggy beard middle-aged man stood up from his seat and snapped at Huang Xiaohai. That expression was exactly one of an evil and vicious character.

"I said, all of you are a bunch of idiots, didn't you hear?" Huang Xiaohai repeated coldly.

That shaggy beard middle-aged man erupted in rage, one hand unsheathed the big knife in his hand, barking: "Kid, you're courting death!" and wanted to attack Huang Xiaohai.

But at this time, at sudden ruckus swept across the restaurant first floor.

"It's Huo Ping!"

"This year's Imperial City Battle first place winner, Huo Ping!"

That shaggy beard man was surprised, he stopped and turned over to look, like everyone else. Not far from the main streets below, there was a young man wearing a short-sleeved blue robe with an accompanying treasure sword hanging from his waist. Handsome features, in his early twenties, and he was crossing the crowd below, walking toward the Happy Monarch House with a group of bodyguards tagging behind him.

From the beginning, this young man wore a proud, lofty expression on his face. Well, it was inevitable for any young man to look a little proud after winning the Imperial City Battle, at the same time possessing an amazing talent, top grade thirteen superb talent martial spirit.

Everywhere Huo Ping walked past, the street was packed with disciples from big families, young men and women, cheering at Huo Ping.

By this time, Huo Ping reached the restaurant's entrance, being welcomed personally by the restaurant owner with utmost respect before entering the premise.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his gaze from the window, shaking his head. Merely from the short observation just now, Huo Ping gave him a bad impression.

Seconds passed and Huo Ping and his group of bodyguards came up to the first floor. The present guests all stood up, smiling in a complaisant manner and smartly moved to the sides.

Watching the respectful demeanor around him, Huo Ping nodded with satisfaction, but when his sight fell on Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai, who remained sitting by the window, he frowned slightly.

He turned toward the restaurant owner saying, "Boss, I want to reserve the entire first floor to celebrate with my subordinates here." Done saying that, he threw a bag of gold coins into the restaurant owner's hand, "Those who have already ordered, take it as my treat."

Receiving the bag, the restaurant owner weighed it roughly in his palm, estimating about five to six hundred gold coins inside, his face immediately bloomed, "Young Noble Huo Ping, holding the celebration banquet in our Happy Monarch House is our honor, it's just that..." His face looked a little ugly, as the proprietor, it wasn't proper for him to chase his customers away.

Seeing this, Huo Ping looked around the first floor, "You have no objections, right?" Nearly all the first-floor customers smile amiably, nodding there were no objections.

The restaurant owner secretly breathed in relief, however, noticing that two people were still sitting by the window table, he hesitated for a moment before approaching Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai with a smile he deemed friendly, "These two brothers, Young Noble Huo Ping wants to reserve the entire first floor, how about I arrange another table for the two guests on the ground floor?"

The restaurant owner's demeanor was considered polite.

At this point, Huang Xiaohai took out a bag of gold coins, pouring out everything inside, it probably contained one to two thousand gold coins, then said, "Since it's like this, then us brothers are reserving the whole first floor. Those who have already ordered, consider it as our treat..." pausing here, Huang Xiaohai looked at Huo Ping and sneered, "As for those that haven't ordered, forgive me, tell them to scram!"


Everyone was aware who those words were intended for, because only Huo Ping's group just came up and haven't made an order.

The restaurant owner blanked staring at the gold coins littered on the floor, and the customers that prepared to leave halted their steps.

"This kid dared to challenge Young Noble Huo Ping?! What's his background?!"

"What background? I say, they don't even know how miserably they will die in a moment!" The shaggy beard man who was discussing Huang Xiaolong and Huo Ping loudly earlier scoffed.

The crowd was stirred, but the expression on Huo Ping's face was extremely ugly. He didn't expect that he would encounter such a thing after coming here to celebrate with his subordinates.

"Young Lord, these two brats are so lacking in tact, how about this subordinate go there and teach them how to behave?" One of the guards behind Huo Ping approached him, giving a suggestion.

Huo Ping lifted his arm, stopping the guard beside him. Watching Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai, he snapped coldly, "Which family are you two from? Have both of you thought about the consequences of doing this?"

Huang Xiaohai shrugged his soldiers nonchalantly, "Consequences? Why don't you tell us then, what are the consequences of our actions?"

Huang Xiaolong sat watching in silence, thinking that his younger brother's temperament was quite like himself.

Hearing that, Huo Ping's face darkened as if water was about to drip out.

The restaurant owner stepped forward to persuade Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai, "These two brothers, in my opinion, it's better if you go down to the ground floor. In fact, ground floor or first floor is just the same." In his eyes, this was for Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai's benefit, it was not necessary to offend Huo Ping, who had a strong background, merely for a table.

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