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Chapter 335: The Holy Maiden of Deities Templar

 Huang Xiaolong flashed a disdainful smile as he looked at Ao Baixue, "A few years passed, it seems like your strength stagnated, without any improvement. I am sorely disappointed."

Ao Baixue's expression turned ugly at Huang Xiaolong's taunting words. Although it was known that it was generally difficult for a Saint realm expert to enhance their strength and breakthrough, a decade, several decades even were a normal time span. However, Huang Xiaolong's words stabbed deeply into Ao Baixue's heart, sharper than swords or knives.

He glowered icily at Huang Xiaolong, "I admit that you're very strong now, but, do you think you can really oppose a Saint realm expert as you are right now, a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order?" by this point, Ao Baixue had determined that Huang Xiaolong had yet to break through into Saint realm. Therefore, he still did not place Huang Xiaolong in his eyes much, despite being injured consecutively in the previous two attacks.

Before a Saint realm expert, even if it was a half-Saint, there was only one result-death. What more, a mere peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order? He refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong could smash this eternal 'law' that existed since ancient times!

Subsequently, Ao Baixue no longer held his strength back, releasing his full momentum out. Above his head, an eagle appeared, white as pure snow, with powerful wings that seemed to extend for miles, the sharp claws on its legs looked as if they were coated with white silver, glinting sharp and dangerous in the sunlight.

Ao Baixue's martial spirit, Snow Eagle!

Ao Baixue soul transformed the moment his martial spirit emerged. As he did so, a layer of thick sparkling white armor covered him from head to toe, even his blue irises turned pure white. The nails on his fingers elongated, emulating the white silver sharpness of the Snow Eagle.

The momentum of a Saint realm soared to the sky, overwhelming like a bombogenesis. Engulfed by this terrifying atmosphere, all the commoners of Luo Tong Royal City were down on their knees in prayers, trembling, absolute terror evident in their eyes.

In his next move, Ao Baixue called out his Saint realm space, its appearance differed from Zhao Chen's Saint realm space. Zhao Chen's Saint realm space took the form of a blue flame sea, whereas Ao Baixue's was snow white in color, in the Saint realm space proximity, glittering snowflakes fall softly.

By this time, Fan Yiming and the rest had retreated far back to safety, their gazes held fear, and burning reverence staring at Ao Baixue. The was the whelming might of a Saint realm expert!

When Ao Baoixue summoned his martial spirit, soul transformed, and prepared his Saint realm space. Huang Xiaolong did not remain idle, transforming into the Asura Physique. He too summoned his martial spirits, both black dragon and blue dragon emerged above him, soul-transforming with the twin dragon martial spirits before the shocked eyes of everyone present.

The mighty atmosphere of ancient dragons emanated from Huang Xiaolong's body, flooding the area, showing signs of suppressing Ao Baixue's Saint realm momentum.

"Falling Sun Almighty Fist!" Ao Baixue made a sudden attack at full power towards Huang Xiaolong, shattering the space with a swing of his fists.

Violent energy spread over a large area influenced by Ao Baixue's fists, forming two spheres of wind, and in the middle of the wind spheres were a dozen groups of flames, burning brilliantly.

Two spheres of burning wind resembled two falling suns, emanating their last shining rays at the end of the day. Twirled within the terrifying energy was the desolate allure of a sunset.

This Falling Sun Almighty Fist was a secret skill belonging to Deities Templar. According to rumors, it was a very high-grade battle skill originating from the Divine World.

However, Huang Xiaolong made a frontal assault instead of retreating, even after seeing this, both of his fists punched out at the same time. Two intangible giant fist imprints flew out, mysterious and profound, ever-changing.

The Great Void Divine Fist!

Boom!! A thunderous collision rendered the air as the Falling Sun and Great Void meshed. A tyrannical shockwave blasted outward in all four directions, the destructive power crushed all nearby shops and building into ruins, the pavement that lined the street was forcefully uplifted and pulverized into dust. The Delicious Restaurant had been reduced to splinters and gravel in the first blast, the restaurant building no longer existed.

Fan Yiming, Wu Feng, and the others watched fearfully as the horrifying shock waves were raging in their direction and had long since fled for their lives with ashen faces. Some Wind God Cult Elders were too late, their bodies made an arch high in the air after being hit by the shock waves, and by the time they crashed to the ground, they were already dead.

Witnessing the end of Wind God Cult's Elders that were struck by the shockwaves, Fan Yiming's pale face turned a shade paler. Fortunately for him, the shockwave's energy lost its power not far from him, stopping dead in its tracks.

On another side, Lu Kai paled as he watched woodenly the surging shockwave, however, just as he was about to be swept away, giant ghost Feng Yang's pam slammed outward, dissipating the energy coming at him.

Watching this scene, Lu Kai, who was drenched in cold sweat, was once again stunned agape staring at giant ghost Feng Yang.

Up in the air, Ao Baixue and Huang Xiaolong's bodies shook and simultaneously staggered back. But Huang Xiaolong's silhouette vanished from view the moment he staggered back, when he appeared again, he was within an arm's length from Ao Baixue, shrouded in Buddhism energy. In close proximity, Ao Baixue received the full force blow from an Earthen Buddha Palm attack.

Ao Baixue was flustered and shocked.

"Night of the Fallen Sun!" He hastened to counter in panic, both fists punching out. When his two fist imprints materialized, the surroundings instantly fell into darkness, whereas Ao Baixue conveniently concealed himself in that darkness.

This was one of the moves within the Almighty Falling Sun Fist used for defense and was one the more difficult moves to master, for one must have a deep understanding of the the connection and fusion between day and night before achieving any success.

If one could cultivate this move until perfection, once displayed, it was powerful enough to instantly turn daylight into night in a large area. Of course, this battle skill was only possible for Saint realm experts, who had a certain understanding of the space laws.

With Ao Baixue concealed in the darkness, Huang Xiaolong's Earthen Buddha Palm missed its target, but Huang Xiaolong merely sneered. The Eye of Hell opened on his forehead, almost immediately locking onto Ao Baixue's silhouette. A finger imprint flew out, shattering the darkness created by Night of the Fallen Sun, penetrating Ao Baixue's body.

Ao Baixue grunted in pain, falling out from the cover of darkness. His face totally void of color.

"You, actually can see me?!" He stared at Huang Xiaolong, refusing to accept the fact. He was very confident in the Night of the Fallen Sun that he cast. In general, not even Second Order Saint realm could tell his position when concealed within the darkness. Earlier, if it weren't for his Saint realm space acting as a barrier and absorbing half of the power of Huang Xiaolong's attack, that seemingly insignificant finger attack from Huang Xiaolong would have reaped his life away, piercing through his heart.

Huang Xiaolong remained coldly silent, two bright lights flickered in his palms, revealing the Blades of Asura.

The Blades of Asura slashed out, myriad blade lights turned into links of chains numbering in the thousands, encaging the space around Ao Baixue. Unable to dodge and having no place to retreat, unnerved, Ao Baixue hollered: "Scorn of the Falling Snow!"

White-colored flames flared high up, flaming snowflakes could be seen falling from the sky above like flakes of icy burning snow, spiraling to the earth, forming a protective barrier around Ao Baixue.

Countless Death God's Chains wrapped him layer upon layer, deadly locking down space all around Ao Baixue, imprisoning him. In a rapid flicker, Huang Xiaolong's body blurred, appearing above Ao Baixiue's head, the Blades of Asura slashed down on him. Streaks of angry lightning bolts exploded, piercing through his flaming snow protective barrier.

Losing his protective barrier, Ao Baixue's body was shredded and torn apart by the many streaks of lightning, regardless of the Saint realm space shielding him, the pain he suffered was no less than being flayed by millions of swords and knives. Heart-wrenching screams reverberated in the air, losing strength, Ao Baixue plummeted to the ground.

Huang Xiaolong slowly returned to the ground, landing in front of Ao Baixue, showing a deadpanned expression looking at the blade made blood-stained marks on Ao Baoixue. Lightning smokes curled to the air.

Though a Saint realm expert could use the Saint realm space to protect their body, it was not invincible, merely a sturdier defense. As long as the attack exceeded a certain power, the Saint realm space could be broken just the same.

Ao Baixue scrambled to get up from the ground. Despite his miserable appearance, he flashed Huang Xiaolong a brilliant smile, "I never imagined that I, Ao Baixue, would die in the hands of a Xiantian." His words paused here slightly, his smile grew bigger, "But, Huang Xiaolong, even if I die, Deities Templar will still send others to kill you, and I believe that one day you will die in the hands of our Holy Maiden!"

"Holy Maiden?"

Looking at Huang Xiaolong's expression, Ao Baixue said, "I forgot to tell you, Li Lu is already our Deities Templar's Holy Maiden!"

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