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Chapter 320: Ghost King’s Cultivation Cave

 Chapter 320: Ghost King's Cultivation Cave

"The Ghost King Sutra and Ghost King Dan are in the same cultivation cave, on the fifth floor!" Huang Xiaolong was ecstatic at this piece of news.

The Ghost King Palace was extremely vast, searching by himself was akin to looking for a needle in a giant haystack. Now that he knew where the Ghost King Sutra and Ghost King Dan were located, things were much easier!

"Guide me to that place now!" Huang Xiaolong said. He would think of a way to enter then.

"Yes, Owner." Giant ghost replied.

However, before leaving, Huang Xiaolong removed the array flag and placed it into the Asura Ring.

Initially Huang Xiaolong didn't know the exact method to deactivate the array, thus he had planned to use violent force, but with the giant ghost there, he managed to break out of the array at the shortest time with a ghost flag booty to add to his collection.

According to the giant ghost, the ghost array formation was called Sea of Devils and Ghosts Array. In the future, once Huang Xiaolong refined the Devil and Ghost Flag, he could control and lay out the Sea of Devil and Ghosts Array against his enemies.

Leaving the spacious hall, the giant ghost led Huang Xiaolong straight to the aforementioned Ghost King cultivation cave. On the way, Huang Xiaolong found out the giant ghost's name, Feng Yang.

The giant ghost, Feng Yang, led Huang Xiaolong through the maze corridors of the Ghost Kings Palace. Due to his familiarity with the grounds, knowing where and how to avoid the traps and bans, neither of them stumbled into another trap along the way.

Despite that, as they got closer to the cultivation cave, the bans and traps placed became more powerful, enough to trap even Saint realm experts within for a long time. Hence, the closer they got, the slower their speed became.

Three days later.

"Owner, not far upfront is the Lord Ghost King's cultivation cave that I mentioned." Giant ghost Feng Yang pointed.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and exhaled deeply. They were finally there.

Although they did not trigger any traps on the way, they came across numerous evil spirits and devils. Some of those evil spirits and devils were very strong, comparable to human Third Order or Fourth Order Saint realm experts, a level that Huang Xiaolong and the giant ghost Feng Yang couldn't defeat even if they went two against one.

Fortunately, he had the Godly Mt. Xumi, enabling him and Feng Yang to escape from the hands of those devils and evil spirits' pursuit. Not all encounters were bad, Huang Xiaolong utilized the Blood Pact Mandate to refine seven half-Saint ghost and devils' souls. The soul was where their cultivation gathered, the energy inside them was enough to elevate his cultivation to half-Saint.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong saw a mountain up ahead. An enormous mountain was suspended in the sky, about several dozen miles in length and several hundred zhang tall! Flowing ghost clouds shrouded the ghost mountain, the ghost aura there was denser than anywhere else Huang Xiaolong had been.

"That is the Ghost King Mountain?" Huang Xiaolong stared in awe at the enormous mountain floating midair, asking Feng Yang. An underground structure of the Ghost King Palace actually had such an enormous mountain floating in midair, the scene was awe-inspiring.

"That's correct, Owner. This is the Ghost King Mountain, Lord Ghost King's cultivation cave is located at the top of the mountain." Giant ghost Feng Yang explained respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, "Let's go!" His foot tapping the floor, he flew towards the Ghost King Mountain with Feng Yang following closely from behind.

But before Huang Xiaolong reached the Ghost King Mountain, from afar, he detected a group of people gathered on the square. A quick glance over calculated at least fifty to sixty people.

Huang Xiaolong's heart sank, he didn't expect there would be such a large number of people arriving earlier than him. But on a second thought, Huang Xiaolong found it acceptable for others to arrive before him, he was delayed eight days to refine the dragon essence from the Earth Dragon egg.

Suddenly, a cold light gleamed in Huang Xiaolong's eyes―Zhao Chen!

Amidst the group of fifty to sixty people, Zhao Chen was among them! He might have his back towards Huang Xiaolong, but Huang Xiaolong recognized that silhouette with a glance. Beside Zhao Chen was none other than that silver-haired old man, Steward Feng, and seven others Sin City's experts.

Grouping on the square, the different groups of experts were discussing the methods of entering the Ghost King Mountain. Detecting the noise of breaking wind, everyone was surprised, turning to look curiously.

Zhao Chen turned his head, spotting Huang Xiaolong that was flying over, their gazes collided. Zhao Chen was stunned at first, but very quickly delight took over. Killing intent flashed in his eyes. In their last encounter in the City of Myriad Gods, Huang Xiaolong managed to escape from his hands, this was the greatest humiliation in his entire life!

These days, he had been keeping an eye out for Huang Xiaolong, yet it was as if Huang Xiaolong vanished into thin air, for there were no clues at all as to where he might be. He didn't expect that not only Huang Xiaolong came to Ghost City, he entered the Ghost King Palace and even reached up to this point!

Detecting the killing intent in Zhao Chen's eyes, Huang Xiaolong sneered sardonically. Under many pairs of watchful eyes, Huang Xiaolong and the giant ghost Feng Yang landed on the square.

Because Feng Yang was covered from head to toe in a black brocade robe, hiding his physical body and leaving only his eyes and mouth, as well as converging all of his ghost aura as per Huang Xiaolong's instructions, no one doubted this big giant of a 'man' to be anything other than human.

Landing around the square, Huang Xiaolong took another quick look at the people present. Other than the City of Myriad Gods' forces, there were Blood Dragon City, Imperial Saber City, and Green Ghost City's disciples.

Out of top ten of Bedlam Lands' forces, four of them were in front of Huang Xiaolong. However, the disciples of Millennium City were nowhere to be seen. A few days prior, after Huang Xiaolong broke out from the ghost array, he was separated from Peng Feng and Sun Haoran, after not seeing them here, Huang Xiaolong was wondering if they were still alive or dead.

The quick glance around gave Huang Xiaolong an idea about the strength of the forces gathered there.

Early level Saint realm, four in total. Most of them were like Zhao Chen, early First order Saint realm. This result made Huang Xiaolong feel slightly at ease.

Whereas disciples from Blood Dragon City, Imperial Saber City, and Green Ghost City also breathed in relief seeing that Huang Xiaolong was only a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order.

"Hehe, Huang Xiaolong, you didn't expect to run into me here, did you?" Zhao Chen snickered sarcastically, leading Steward Feng and his subordinates over.

In the blink of an eye, Steward Feng and the other guards had Huang Xiaolong and giant ghost Feng Yang encircled in the middle, closing all possible escape routes.

The rest of the people there noticed that Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Chen knew each other, and furthermore, had a grudge. Everyone stood on the sides, waiting in anticipation for a good show.

"Huang Xiaolong? Which sect does this fool come from? He's so stupid to offend Zhao Chen." Blood Dragon City's Li Qiuping said with feelings of schadenfreude.

Li Qiuping was the Second Senior Brother to Li Li and Du Huagang that Huang Xiaolong killed earlier at the Ghost Temple. At this time, Li Qiuping was still unaware of this fact.

"I wonder how Zhao Chen is going to end this kid later." A middle-aged man with big eyes and thick brows from Green Ghost City chuckled. This man was Green Ghost City's Castellan, Ghost Bear Wang Kun's eldest disciple, Guo Dehui.

"I say, Zhao Chen won't let this kid die so fast, he's probably going to play for a little while, and when he gets bored, that kid will die." A young woman, who was quite pretty, standing beside Li Qiuping spoke this time.

This young woman was Li Qiuping's Third Junior Sister, Wang Lin, Third Senior Sister to Li Li and Du Huagang.