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Chapter 313: Ghost King Sutra

 Chapter 313: Ghost King Sutra

Seeing that Sun Haoran too persuaded him not to interfere, Huang Xiaolong shook his head, secretly thinking, 'As a man, what is fear, and what is there to be afraid of?' He wasn't even afraid of Deities Templar, would he bow to a mere City of Myriad Gods?!

When Wu Zhang saw Huang Xiaolong being silent, he immediately assumed that Huang Xiaolong feared the City of Myriad Gods' power and prepared to retreat and he couldn't resist smiling, "This friend could see the truth and make the wisest decision, to preserve oneself is the brightest road..." His words trailed off here, his greedy eyes shifted towards the White Ganoderma with his hands extended out, his meaning evident in the gesture.

But when his hand almost caught the elixir in his hand, halberd images rained down once again. This time, the power of destruction surpassed the last attack, scaring Wu Zhang and causing him to leap back in shock, striking out Big Cutting Palms continuously in an attempt to block.

Wu Zhang retreated again and again until he was several hundred meters back before stopping, a film of sweat trickled down his forehead.

"You!" His expression distorted glowering at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong jeered, "Preservation before principle? When did I tell you that I'm leaving?"

A gloomy light flickered in Wu Zhang's eyes, "Friend really isn't afraid that the family you belong to would perish in calamity due to your folly?"

"That depends if your City of Myriad Gods has the capability." Throwing that sentence, Huang Xiaolong no longer bothered to exchange more words, the Eminent Holiness Halberd hummed, slashing down a thousand zhang long golden black halberd light. Space shook as the long halberd pierced through the air, arriving instantaneously in front of Wu Zhang.

The abrupt change made Wu Zhang's confidence wavered.

"Elusive Dragon Step!"

Without a second thought, Wu Zhang leaped high up from the ground as if he was a flood dragon, barely escaping the thousand zhang golden-black halberd light. A booming sound reached his ears. Turning back, he saw that the palace building structure behind him was cut into two sections right in the middle. Crumbling down to the sides, extending past the structure, dust and sand obscured the view.

Wu Zhang face was ashen watching the result, fortunately, he managed to dodge the attack fast enough, otherwise, he'd be split in two.

While Wu Zhang was still immersed in his lucky escape, bright golden light cast over him. Turning to look, he saw Huang Xiaolong descending on him like a Dragon God. In an upward motion, the long halberd executed another attack. Blinding halberd lights shot straight at him.

"Crimson Blood Palm!" Terrified, Wu Zhang bellowed. His palms doubled in size, turning a blood crimson red, slamming down towards Huang Xiaolong.

Two blood-crimson palm imprints crashed against countless halberd images, shock waves and explosions reverberated in the air.

The powerful impact sent Wu Zhang staggering back when a wayward halberd light flew towards him. Wu Zhang merely caught sight of a bright flash, and the next thing he knew, bursts of pain came from his chest area.

He stared dazedly at his own torso where a halberd was sticking to his chest, penetrating him through and through, the tip coming out from his back.

Huang Xiaolong's expression was cold as he pulled out the Eminent Holiness Halberd before landing on the ground.

Blood fell like rain to the ground from high altitude, as Wu Zhang plummeted.

Sun Haoran was bewildered as he watched Wu Zhang falling from the sky. At this point, he was well aware that Wu Zhang was at the end of his rope, his life not far from being extinguished. He was familiar with Wu Zhang's strength, he was a peak of half-Saint, the City of Myriad Gods' Castellan's second disciple. For centuries, there had never been an opponent that managed to defeat him or strong enough to be a rival.

But now, Wu Zhang actually died in the hands of a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order? Moreover, it was only a matter of several strikes. From the beginning until the end, Wu Zhang never had a chance to resist.

While these thoughts ran past Sun Haoran's mind, on the other side, Wu Zhang struggled to get up slowly. Eyes filled with venomous viciousness, he glared at Huang Xiaolong, his hoarse voice sounded:"You...will...regret this!"

"I'm not one to regret things." Huang Xiaolong's cold gaze directed at Wu Zhang.

Wu Zhang looked at Sun Haoran and back at Huang Xiaolong again, a laugh sounded from his throat, a little helpless, a little lonely, "Worry not, both of you will come down to accompany me soon enough." His body swayed, tumbling to the ground as he uttered his last word, no longer moving.

Huang Xiaolong let the Eminent Holiness Halberd return to his arm. Approaching Wu Zhang's corpse, he found his spatial ring and took it. His spiritual sense swept inside and detected many spirit pellets, and elixirs. In a deeper corner of the space, Huang Xiaolong found two pieces of grade one spirit stones.

The spirit pellets were mostly of grade eight and grade nine, if this was before, Huang Xiaolong would have been delighted, however, these grades of items couldn't enter his eyes now. As for elixirs, in Huang Xiaolong's Asura Ring were elixirs over thirty-thousand-year-old.

Still, having beats not having any time, thus Huang Xiaolong threw the spatial ring into his Asura Ring. Looking at Wu Zhang's corpse, with a wave of his hand, a lump of true essence fire fell on the corpse, incinerating the body before one could blink. In the end, only a pile of gray ashes remained.

Witnessing the terror of that spark of flame, Sun Haoran swallowed nervously. Once again, his knowledge of things was challenged. He had never seen or heard of this before, what kind of flame condensed out of battle could qi contain such power?!

The physical body of a half-Saint was undoubtedly strong, so strong that it couldn't be burned by an average battle qi flame, not even the hairs on the skin surface of a half-Saint's body, thus one should forget about incinerating the whole body.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and walked towards Sun Haoran.

Only then did Sun Haoran wake up from his daze, stuttering a little, "Ma-many thanks for B-Brother's help. This saving grace, I, Haoran, will remember in my heart." Facing Huang Xiaolong again, there was reverence in his eyes, even he failed to notice the subtle changes in his demeanor.

Sun Haoran's words made Huang Xiaolong smile. Shaking his head, he said, "No need, I've already said that I'm just repaying Senior He's favor. Now, swallow this White Ganoderma, I'll help you heal your injuries."

"Yes!" Sun Haoran accepted, not daring to refuse. Thus, Sun Haoran swallowed the White Ganoderma, whereas Huang Xiaolong ran his battle qi, both palms pressed against Sun Haoran's back, aiding Sun Haoran in refining the medicinal benefits of the elixir. With Huang Xiaolong's help, three hours later, Sun Haoran had fully absorbed the medicine.

"Many thanks, Brother!" Sun Haoran once again cupped his hands in thanks towards Huang Xiaolong. After refining the White Ganoderma, he found out that not only had all his injuries healed, even the hidden injuries of old wounds disappeared, and his battle qi was more vigorous than before.

"Don't mention it." Huang Xiaolong asked, "Do you know where Senior He is at this time?"

Sun Haoran shook his head, "I was separated from Master and the other apprentice brothers, I don't know where Master or my Brothers could be, but, judging from what Wu Zhang said before, that Luo Wujun is planning something detrimental to Master. Master must be in a dangerous situation now!" Sun Haoran became anxious.

"Let's leave this place first." Huang Xiaolong suggested.

Sun Haoran nodded in agreement. With that, both flew off, leaving the scene.

"This time, when the Ghost City appeared, did both Senior He and Luo Wujun come here?" While flying, Huang Xiaolong asked.

"Yes, other than my Master and Luo Wujun, Senior Yang Yi from Imperial Saber City and Ghost Bear Senior Wang Kun are also here." Sun Haoran added, "Because there is a rumor saying that this time, the sutra that Senior Ghost King cultivated would appear in the Ghost City!"

Saber Emperor Yang Yi!

Ghost Bear Wang Kun!

Huang Xiaolong was astounded, four of the ten Bedlam Lands' top ten experts were present! It couldn't be guaranteed that none of the remaining six did not come either, it was only that Sun Haoran didn't know.

"Is this Ghost King Sutra that powerful?" Huang Xiaolong asked.

The Ghost King Sutra actually attracted four of Bedlam Lands' top experts here! Experts of He Yunxiong's level definitely didn't lack top grade cultivation techniques.

Sun Haoran nodded solemnly, "The Ghost King Sutra is indeed powerful. The Sutra is divided into ten stages, and according to legends, as long as one cultivates until the ninth stage, they would be invincible and have unimaginably long lifespans, to the point of immortality."