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Chapter 308: Earth Dragon Egg

 Chapter 308: Earth Dragon Egg

The Ghost Domain was located in the northern parts of the Bedlam Lands.

Departing from the City of Myriad Gods to the Ghost Domain, the distance wasn't that far. Two weeks later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the border of the Ghost Domain.

Gazing into the Ghost Domain's land, visible greenish mists permeated the air, fleeting, and laced between the green mists were gray and black energies.

A peculiar death aura washed over him.

Huang Xiaolong quickly initiated his battle qi, forming a protective barrier around himself. Piercing through the thick death aura in front of him, he went inside the layers of green mist.

Inside this Ghost Domain, there wasn't a ray of sunlight, as far as the eye could see, every direction was covered in a twilight darkness.

Huang Xiaolong continued to make his way deeper into the domain, and occasionally, strange shrieks and noises entered his ears.

"Gua~gua~~!" "Guagua!" In a dead tree up ahead, several black crows flapped their wings and flew away.

One hour later, Huang Xiaolong landed at the edge of a green lake. The color of the water was extremely green, so much that it made an eerie feeling creep up one's spine. On the lake's surface, bubbles would float up from its depth, popping and releasing devil qi into the air.

Although there was no sun in the Ghost Domain, there was a blood-red moon hanging in the sky. Beneath its sanguine moonlight, the lake's surface reflected a blood-red glow. At the edge of the lake, a plant that was neither too big nor too small grew, bearing three fruits. The stalk of the plant was black as ink, yet the fruit it bore was an opulent gold, emanating an exotic fragrance.

'I didn't expect to find a Detoxification Fruit here.' A sparkle shone in Huang Xiaolong's eyes and he lifted his foot, stepping towards the plant.

The Detoxification Fruit could resolve a hundred kinds of poison, it was an extremely rare spirit fruit.

However, an entirely greenish-black evil creature emerged from the lake, jaws opened wide, revealing sharp pointed teeth, it pounced on Huang Xiaolong like a brutal predator. Even before its jaw got close, a revolting rotten smell polluted Huang Xiaolong's surroundings.

Watching the creature coming at him, a light flickered in Huang Xiaolong's hand and the Blades of Asura slashed out numerous blade lights, disappearing under the sanguine moonlight.

A strange sounding miserable scream rang out in the lake. Starting from its mouth, the evil creature was split into countless pieces, falling back into the lake, splashing water all over.

This evil creature was a common existence in the Ghost Domain, called a Devil Sprite. To an average Xiantian warrior, it might be slightly troublesome, but to Huang Xiaolong it was not a problem at all.

Picking the three Detoxification Fruits from the plant, Huang Xiaolong threw all three into the Asura Ring and took out the detailed map he bought when he first arrived in the City of Myriad Gods.

Every time the Ghost City appeared, it would be located in close proximity to the Evil Spirits Mountain, thus Huang Xiaolong planned to speed over.

"Evil Spirits Mountain." On the map, Huang Xiaolong managed to pinpoint its location quickly. Calculating roughly, to reach the Evil Spirits Mountain from his current spot would only take three to four days at his speed, whereas there were still seven to eight days until Ghost City appear. There was ample time and he was in no hurry, therefore he decided to first rest before continuing onward.

Surveying the area, Huang Xiaolong's flickered into a blur, appearing on a more veiled spot on top of an ancient tree and sat down. Then, he took out the Jasper Lotus elixir he got from the Eminent Holiness space and swallowed it down.

Huang Xiaolong took a few hours to finish refining the Jasper Lotus.

Just moments after Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, the wind whistled through the air. Turning over to look, Huang Xiaolong saw two middle-aged men in blue robes approaching closer from afar.

"This time, we really made a bountiful harvest on our trip to the Ghost Domain!"

"Haha, you're right. Once we brothers refine this Earth Dragon egg, our chances of breaking through to the Saint realm would increase to nine-tenths!"

Their voices carried by the wind reached Huang Xiaolong's ears.

Earth Dragon egg! Judging from these two men's conversation, it seems they got their hands on an Earth Dragon egg!

The Dragon Race had become extinct long ago, Huang Xiaolong didn't expect that a dragon egg could have survived up to now.

A dragon egg contained pure dragon essence, and this pure dragon essence was not something the spiritual energy fish Huang Xiaolong refined could compare with.

If...! Huang Xiaolong's heart raced wildly, immediately standing up. With a leap, he was already blocking in front of the two men.

"Who?!" Chen Naiming and Du Xinjie were startled at the sudden appearance of the young man in front of them, quickly gathering battle qi, preparing for battle.

"Hand over the Earth Dragon egg!" Huang Xiaolong did not waste time blabbing nonsense, directly stating his purpose.

Chen Naiming and Du Xinjie's eyes narrowed. Observing longer, both of them noticed that Huang Xiaolong was merely a mid-Xiantian Tenth Order, both instantly relaxed, breathing out in relief.

"Your mother, I thought 'who could it be', but it's merely a small mid-Xiantian Tenth Order." Chen Naiming laughed at Huang Xiaolong, but in the next moment, his expression turned grim: "Brat, what did you say just now?"

A small mid-Xiantian Tenth Order actually dared to rob two half-Saints?

Du Xinjie snickered sinisterly, "Just now this brat said he wants our Earth Dragon egg." His voice was thick with ridicule.

Both men once again burst out laughing.

"You're right, we indeed have an Earth Dragon egg." Chen Naiming stared at Huang Xiaolong, sneering, he said, "Brat, are you sure you are strong enough to take it from us?"

"Why talk so much nonsense with this brat, kill him and be done with it." Du Xinjie said.

"No rush. We're idle anyways, we could spend some time to play with this little brat." Chen Naiming said to Huang Xiaolong, "Little brat, if you kneel down obediently, eat up that pile of beast dung, and make an oath to serve us brothers, I might be in a good enough mood to spare your life. Perhaps, I might even be generous enough to give you some Earth Dragon eggshells."

A finger pointed at a large of black dung not far away, not knowing what kind of evil beast or creature it came from. An extremely large pile, reaching to an adult's waist.

Du Xinjie laughed heartily, "I'm only afraid the Earth Dragon eggshell is too hard for you and you can't digest it."

An Earth Dragon's eggshell was harder than a ten thousand year cold iron. Imagining the scene where the brat in front of him gnawed miserably on a piece of Earth Dragon eggshell, Du Xinjie couldn't help laughing.

However, as he laughed merrily, a blurry shadow shot out, and Huang Xiaolong arrived in front of him in an instant. Du Xinjie was startled, a cold light reflected in his pupils and the next thing he knew was the icy pain coming from his neck.

Du Xinjie touched his neck, feeling the warm blood seeping through his fingers.

"You!!" He stared at Huang Xiaolong wide-eyed in disbelief.

The gaze in Huang Xiaolong's eyes was phlegmatic, his palm landed a strike on Du Xinjie's chest at lightning speed, sending him crashing to the ground a few meters away, falling exactly on that waist-high pile of unknown dung. His legs twitched in the air a few times before losing all actions.

Huang Xiaolong shifted his attention on Chen Naiming: "It's your turn now."

Only at this moment did Chen Naiming recover from his shock after watching Du Xinjie being attacked, he was unable to hide the shock and trepidation in his eyes.

"Little brother, no! Senior!" Chen Naiming blurted out in a stuttering voice. However, he merely managed these few feeble words before Huang Xiaolong's fist connected, burying him in the same waist-high pile of dung.

Huang Xiaolong looked icily at the two bodies.

It didn't take long for Huang Xiaolong to find the spatial rings of the two men, and in Chen Naiming's spatial ring, there was a giant egg that was as tall as two people stacked head to feet. On the surface of the egg were rows and rows of dense mysterious runic patterns. Huang Xiaolong sensed the terrifying energy contained inside the egg.