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Chapter 306: Battling Saint Realm

 Chapter 306: Battling Saint Realm

Zhao Chen snickered, "You actually plan to battle me?" His tone was full of ridicule.

Standing some distance away, Steward Feng and the rest of Zhao Chen's subordinates shook their heads hearing that Huang Xiaolong had no plans to escape.

"Has this kid's brain gone cuckoo? Does he really plan to battle our Young Lord?" Zhao Chen's subordinates snickered amongst themselves.

"I think he's scared silly by our Young Lord! Perhaps he knew there's no chance of escaping, that's why he didn't plan to run." One of them laughed.

Listening to his subordinates' discussion, Zhao Chen waved a hand at them, signaling them to stop, before turning back to Huang Xiaolong, "Don't say I didn't give you a chance, summon your martial spirit, I'll even give you two hands handicapped. If you can force me to retreat half a step, I will let you leave."

Zhao Chen then stood with both his hands clasped at his back, anchored akin to Mt. Tai. Judging from his stance, he planned to stand there and let Huang Xiaolong attack unhindered.

"Really?" Huang Xiaolong remained stoic. Suddenly, a strong burst of evil energy surged around him as streams of fiendish Asura qi spread in the yard like tidal waves. A powerful atmosphere soared to the sky from Huang Xiaolong's body.

Steward Feng and his group saw a pool of terrifying fiendish energy gathering above Huang Xiaolong's head, condensing into a demonic cloud.

This greatly shocked everyone present. Only when a person's evil qi accumulated to a certain degree could it condense out a demonic cloud, the requirements were so strict that even some Saint realm evil cultivators failed to reach this extent.

'What kind of battle qi does this Huang Xiaolong cultivate?!' Even Zhao Chen was slightly taken aback.

The Wings of Demon extended from Huang Xiaolong's back, mysterious runic patterns glimmering on their surface, emanating a biting chill.

"Well, at least you have something to look at," Zhao Chen looked at the demonic cloud above Huang Xiaolong, laughing in a carefree manner, "I just wonder if your battle strength is as good."

Although he sensed that the atmosphere from Huang Xiaolong wasn't weak, it wasn't enough for him to pay any real heed.

Within a split second, Huang Xialong made his moveㅡboth of his hands shaped into claws and struck down on Zhao Chen. Terrifying evil qi transformed into wraiths, baring sharp fangs and pointed claws, as the giant claw imprint pierced the air onto Zhao Chen. Before the claw imprint struck Zhao Chen, the furious draft wind caused Zhao Chen's robe to flutter madly. In the distance, other than Steward Feng, the rest of the subordinates could not withstand the violent energy and were forced to retreat.

Merely the secondary force raised by the claw imprint contained such might!

Zhao Chen was honestly shocked at the power of the claw imprint, the saint force surged from his body, creating an energy barrier around him.

Just as the barrier formed, the Asura Demon Claw slammed onto the surface. A booming explosion rendered the air, splitting the eardrums of Zhao Chen's subordinates.

Before the watchful eyes of Steward Feng and the rest, their Young Lord, who had his hands behind his back, shook and was pushed back.

One step!

Two steps!

Three steps!

Zhao Chen retreated a total of three steps before coming to a stop. At the same time, the Asura Demon Claw and the qi barrier dissipated, their energy exhausted.

Zhao Chen looked at the three footprints he made on the ground in disbelief; these three footprints were left by him? He, a Saint realm expert, was actually pushed back by a tiny, insignificant Xiantian!!

His subordinates drew in a sharp cold breath seeing this result, especially the four half-Saints amongst them, these four were shocked to the core. They knew very well the extent of a Saint realm warrior's strength and defense. Even if Zhao Chen stood unmoving, allowing the four of them to attack together simultaneously or separately, Zhao Chen wouldn't move an inch.

But now! Their stupefied gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong; didn't this mean that Huang Xiaolong was far stronger than the four of them combined?! Still, the black-haired young man standing in front of them was undeniably a mid-Xiantian Tenth Order.

By this point, Zhao Chen returned to his senses and had an ugly expression on his face, glowering at Huang Xiaolong. He was actually forced back by a Xiantian warrior, if word got out, he would be treated as the butt of a joke in the Bedlam Lands.

The longer he looked at Huang Xiaolong, the more intense the killing intent in his eyes grew. Never before had he ever felt such a strong urge to kill someone. Zhao Chen walked towards Huang Xiaolong step by step, the blue flames shrouding his body dancing wildly.

"What, didn't you say you would give me a handicap of both hands?" Watching Zhao Chen walking over with a ferocious expression, Huang Xiaolong taunted. "Now you don't intend to give any more handicaps?"

Zhao Chen halted, his expression grim. Indeed, that was what he said earlier... Not only would he not use his hands, but if Huang Xiaolong could force him back half a step, he would let Huang Xiaolong go.

As thick as his skin was, Zha Chen couldn't help feeling a burning heat rising to his cheeks. However, surpassing all these was his killing intent towards Huang Xiaolong.

"Blue Polar Ice Flame!" Zhao Chen sprinted forward, his palm slapping down aiming at Huang Xiaolong. Blue flames overcast the yard, but, just as the flames were about to engulf Huang Xiaolong, his silhouette vanished into thin air.

The blue flames landed on the stone mountain where Huang Xiaolong stood previously, shattering it into powder.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong escaping his attack once again, his face was extremely gloomy.

Zhao Chen spread out his spiritual sense wanting to find Huang Xiaolong, but was alarmed by the powerful energy fluctuations behind him. Without a second thought, Zhao Chen twirled around and struck his palm out. Despite his swift reaction, his palm attack still fell on empty air. Again, Huang Xiaolong's figure was nowhere to be seen.

Breaking through to mid-Xiantian Tenth Order, Huang Xiaolong was able to use his martial spirit's ability, Space Concealment, with ease, and the duration of the concealment in the space pocket had increased to slightly more than one minute.

Fully utilizing his martial spirit's ability, Huang Xiaolong continued to conceal and attack repeatedly. In the eyes of Steward Feng's group, their Young Lord was indirectly turned into Huang Xiaolong's combat practice dummy, standing there and counterattacking only when Huang Xiaolong attacked.

Combining both of Huang Xiaolong's main martial spirits' abilities, Space Concealment and Phantom Shadow, his speed reached an unimaginable level, akin to a daylight phantom. Only Steward Feng, who was a Saint realm managed to capture the blurry images left behind, whereas the several half-Saints only saw an illusory flash of black light. Those late-Xiantian Tenth Orders had it even worse, for they could see nothing at all.

Zhao Chen stood still. He was furious, he didn't expect that a careless moment of underestimating Huang Xiaolong would lead to him suffering several hits.

"Blue Sea Devouring the Heavens!" Zhao Chen bellowed.

The blue flames shrouding Zhao Chen transformed into a sea of blue fire, blocking the sky, expanding over the entire area of the courtyard. Everything in its path was incinerated to ashes, including the stone walls and chairs in the compound.

Steward Feng, Qin Yang, and the rest swiftly retreated until they were outside the courtyard's perimeter. Under the pressure of this sea of blue fire, Huang Xiaolong was forced to reveal himself.

"Star Burst Fist!" Seeing that he successfully forced Huang Xiaolong to appear, Zhao Chen launched a decisive attack, punching towards Huang Xiaolong. The blue flames were bright like a shooting star in the night sky. Arching over the air, the flames arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong and exploded instantly, releasing a terrifying destructive power that spiraled in his direction.

Huang Xiaolong shot out an Earthen Buddha Palm and visions of Buddha statues filled the yard in an aureate glow, colliding against the power of destruction.

Even so, the large collision impact sent Huang Xiaolong reeling backward, flying in the air for a dozen meters, when he stabilized himself, Zhao Chen's attack was already incoming. With no time to think, Huang Xiaolong reacted, punching out with his fist.

Giant fist imprints overcast the sky, intangible yet real the next moment, mysterious and profound.

The Great Void Divine Fist!