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Chapter 304: Back to City of Myriad Gods

 Chapter 304: Back to City of Myriad Gods

The wind howled sharply...

It was a beat later that Fenggong was jolted to his senses, looking at Huang Xiaolong.

Impossible! How could a trifling mid-Xiantian Tenth Order block his half-Saint fist force! How could he be the one pushed back!

He refused to believe!

Suddenly, Fenggong bellowed sharply, a purplish-black energy flow surged from his body as a Six-horned Devil Scorpion emerged behind him and he soul transformed immediately.

Black and purple streaks covered Fenggong's face, making him look ferocious and terrifying.

"Devil Scorpion in The Sky!"

Fenggong leaped into the air, both hands shaped into claws, launching an attack on Huang Xiaolong, akin to a giant devil scorpion.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong dared not underestimate the opponent, swiftly transforming into the Asura Physique. The Wings of Demon extended from his back and his silhouette disappeared in a blur as he initiated his battle qi. Also shaping his hands into claws, Huang Xiaolong confronted the enemy with a similar attack.

Instantly the area was filled with surging devilish air, condensing into many howling wraithsㅡAsura Demon Claw's first move, Laments of Thousands of Demons!

Upon breaking through to Xiantian Tenth Order, Huang Xiaolong's Asura Demon Claw could form a solid entity, materializing fifty to sixty wraiths at one go. The momentum was a hundred times more whelming than before his pre-rift adventure.

Listening to the wraiths howling, Fenggong felt an icy coldness creep up his heart.

However, at this point, his Devil Scorpion claw and Huang Xiaolong Asura Demon Claw collided. The rebound force felt like a tsunami, forcing Fenggong to stagger backward. Seizing this opportunity, Huang Xiaolong sent another palm in Fenggong's direction, the power of the palm overlapped and multiplied, sending golden halos that spread out continuously, looming over the earth.

God Binding Palm!

Fenggong was shocked watching the golden halos coming out from Huang Xiaolong's palm. Almost simultaneously, he felt the airflow around him being vacuumed away, while his limbs and body were shackled by numerous invisible chains.

Apprehension rose rapidly in Fenggong's heart. He pushed his battle qi with a frenzy, wanting to free himself from these invisible shackles, but what made him frantic was that the more he struggled, the tighter these chains seemed to bind him!

Sensing Huang Xiaolong getting closer, he was afraid, frantic, and angry.

"Boundless Qi Explosion!" Fenggong's eyes turned red, his battle qi suddenly resonated and a series of explosions rang in the air. Just when Huang Xiaolong was about to strike again, Fenggong finally succeeded in escaping the binds, quickly raising both his arms to block Huang Xiaolong's palms.

Once again, Fenggong was repelled back in embarrassment, his face turned a shade whiter. By the time he stopped, he had retreated several hundred meters, panting heavily, he looked at Huang Xiaolong with shock and intense terror.

'Just now, what was that battle skill?!' If it wasn't for him using a desperate method, forcefully executing the Boundless Qi Explosion, perhaps by now, he would already be...!

Huang Xiaolong was not surprised that Fenggong managed to escape the God Binding Palm's restriction, because if a half-Saint didn't have at least that much strength, then he couldn't be called a half-Saint.

However, when Huang Xiaolong prepared to continue attacking, Fenggong shouted anxiously: "Stop!"

Fenggong looked at Huang Xiaolong, both of his arms were numbed with pain. Although the total time they actually exchanged moves was only several breaths, he was already afraid. A fear as if he was fighting an actual Saint realm expert wrapped around his heart.

But Huang Xiaolong acted like he did not hear anything, leaping up, the force of both fists blasted out. Fists imprints shielded the sky, intangible and surreal, extremely profound.

The Great Void Divine Fist! This was the first time Huang Xiaolong used it against an enemy.

Watching giant fists imprints fill the sky, Fenggong leaped back, dodging. At the same time, his palms struck out intermittently towards the sky, blasts and explosions rang high up one after another. Even so, the Great Void Divine Fist still landed on Fenggong's chest.

Issuing a muffled grunt, blood spurted from Fenggong's mouth in large amounts, while his body was thrown back like a broken kite. When he managed to crawl to a stand, he saw Huang Xiaolong holding a long halberd in his hands. With a shake, the long halberd stabbed at him, raising layers of big waves akin to seas flipping over. Failing to dodge, Fenggong was pulled into the crashing waves of energy, blasting his robe into pieces.

Before Fenggong crashed to the ground, a long halberd appeared out of nowhere, piercing through his chest with the tip coming out from the back, a sharp pain burst from his chest. Fenggong stared dumbly at the long halberd stuck in his chest, his eyes traveled along the halberd length to the other end, where Huang Xiaolong stood.

Both of them landed the ground. And Huang Xiaolong pulled out the Eminent Holiness Halberd.

Fenggong wobbled unsteadily more than a dozen steps, barely able to keep his body from swaying. Blood flowed endlessly from the hole in his chest even as his hands clutched at it. Feeling his own blood seeping out uncontrollably, Fenggong suddenly smiled; a smile that held forlorn despair.

"May I know, in whose hands I fell?" Fenggong looked at Huang Xiaolong, each word wheezed out painfully.

"Huang Xiaolong." Huang Xiaolong replied coldly.

"Huang Xiaolong?" Fenggong's feeble voice repeated the name, at the end, his body fell the same time as his voice.

"I forgot to tell you, I got this Eminent Holiness Halberd from below too." Huang Xiaolong said, looking condescendingly at Fenggong.

Fenggong's eyes gradually dimmed and closed. A half-Saint died in the hands of a mid-Xiantian Tenth Order!

In the distance, watching his Master's demise, Dai Li was struck dumb. In truth, Huang Xiaolong's battle with Fenggong, from the beginning to the end, lasted merely a dozen breaths' time. Everything happened so fast that Dai Li had a hard time processing what took place right before his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong strode over in Dai Li's direction, jolting Dai Li awake from his shock to the gravity of his situation.

"You!" There was only terror in his eyes other than terror. His feet moving backward woodenly, Dai Li was suddenly at a loss.

While Dai Li was still in a daze, Huang Xiaolong's long halberd snaked to the front, piercing Dai Li's chest in one quick strike before being pulled out.

It was exactly high noon at this time, and underneath the bright sunlight, the Eminent Holiness Halberd glinted with a noble halo, there was not a drop of blood on the length of its blade. Huang Xiaolong returned the halberd to his arm after appreciating it briefly.

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong had removed two spatial rings and burned the two bodies. Disappearing in a flicker, he headed towards the City of Myriad Gods.

'It's been seven months, I don't know if Yao Fei, that scourge, is still in the City of Myriad Gods' A sharp light glinted in Huang Xiaolong's eyes at the thought of Yao Fei. 'Hopefully, Yao Fei hasn't left the city!'

There was also that Zhao Chen!

However, Huang Xiaolong had doubts regarding Zhao Chen. He firmly believed that he didn't offend Zhao Chen before, thus there was no grudge to speak of. But, why do Zhao Chen want to deal with him? Moreover, it was as if this Zhao Chen knew him.

Huang Xiaolong sped through the air, appearing like a line of azure light cutting across space. One hour later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the City of Myriad Gods.

Back in the City of Myriad Gods, Huang Xiaolong first headed to the courtyard where Qin Yang and the rest were.

The moment Huang Xiaolong appeared at the City of Myriad Gods' city gates, within a manor on the south side, Zhao Chen was the first to receive news of Huang Xiaolong's appearance. Hearing his subordinate's report, Zhao Chen looked icily at Steward Feng, stating, "Didn't you say we have people watching that courtyard twenty-four hours a day, that Huang Xiaolong did not take a step out from that yard?! Now that he returned from outside the city, how do you explain this?!"

A film of cold sweat dotted Steward Feng's forehead, not knowing how to answer.

Huang Xiaolong left the City of Myriad Gods, when was this?! He truly did not know.

Zhao Chen sneered, "I didn't expect that kid to return again after leaving. Since you dared to return, then this time around, you shouldn't even dream to leave the City of Myriad Gods ever again! After dealing with you, it's time to make that trip to Ghost City."