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Chapter 289: The Ancient Herculean King

 Chapter 289: The Ancient Herculean King

"A piece of jade left behind by the ancient God Tribes!?" Huang Xiaolong was slightly astonished. Why were relics related to the ancient God Tribes surfacing one after another lately?!

"Moreover, I heard this piece of jade was left behind by the ancient Herculean King!" At this time, the discussion at the table nearly continued.

"Ancient Herculean King! This, how can it be!" The friend exclaimed in awe.

Huang Xiaolong too found it incredible and hard to believeㅡthere were six great kings during the ancient times, and the Herculean King was one of the stronger ones amongst the six kings. Thus, a piece of jade left behind by the ancient Herculean King was priceless, but someone actually brought it out to be auctioned?!

"Perhaps the auction house is deliberately fabricating fake news to heat up the auction? Who would take out the Herculean King's jade to auction? Unless that person is a fool!" Another person interjected full of doubt.

"No one is clear about this, rumor says that the auction house was bequeathed by a masked person to auction the jade. All three high-level City of Myriad Gods senior appraisers have examined the jade and agreed unanimously that the jade is the same one the Herculean King had with him at all times, called the Herculean King Jade."

"A jade that the Herculean King had with him at all times, Herculean King Jade?!" Shock washed over everyone. The Herculean King Jade was noted in some ancient text manuals claiming that the Herculean King Jade contained the Herculean King's cultivation technique, whoever could comprehend it would have the power to flip mountains and overturn seas.

Qin Yang, Lifei, and the rest were just as shocked that the Herculean King Jade appeared in this time's auction.

"Young Lord, it is truly a pleasant and unexpected surprise that we would come across the Herculean King Jade in the auction!" Qin Yang said excitedly, and went on with respect, "If Young Lord could obtain that Herculean King Jade, at that time..."

At this point, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand at Qin Yang, Qin Yang immediately stopped what he was saying seeing Huang Xiaolong shaking his head. Though the rumor was extremely tempting, claiming that the jade recorded the cultivation technique of the Herculean King, despite that, for someone like Huang Xiaolong that had the Asura Sword Skill, Godly Xumi Art, and Body Metamorphose Scripture, the allure failed to stoke his interest.

Furthermore, being auctioned, the piece of jade was sure to garner tough competition from many strong and powerful experts, even if Huang Xiaolong successfully bid for it, he lacked the power to protect the jade.

A short while later, the dishes were served. Finishing quickly, Huang Xiaolong and his group paid and left the restaurant.

Next, Huang Xiaolong went inside a shop and spent a hundred thousand gold coins to procure a detailed map of the Bedlam Lands. Studying the map, Huang Xiaolong was surprised to find that even this detailed map did not pinpoint the location of Four Seas Mountain. Left with no option, Huang Xiaolong visited a bookstore and bought several books related to the Bedlam Lands, returning to his room to study.

There were three more days until the auction, thus other than practicing, Huang Xiaolong spent all his time pouring over the books. After going through more than a dozen books, as well as his own study, Huang Xiaolong deduced that the mountain called Broken Tiger Rift somewhere close to the City of Myriad Gods was once the Four Seas Mountains he was searching for.

"Broken Tiger Rift." Huang Xiaolong said aloud.

Having a target location in mind, Huang Xiaolong exited the City of Myriad Gods, speeding in the direction of Broken Tiger Rift. Broken Tiger Rift was not far from the city, thus Huang Xiaolong could leave and return in half a day's time. But, he went to scout alone, leaving the four others in the city.

Three hours later, Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of a tall mountain that bore a close resemblance to the shape of a tiger. Taking out the map, he checked the surroundings to confirm that it was indeed the Broken Tiger Rift. In the middle of the mountain, there was a large rift that made it look like a tiger that was cut into halves from afar, thus the name Broken Tiger Rift.

With a quick flicker, he landed atop of Broken Tiger Rift's peak, spreading his spiritual sense out to survey the area. But after one hour of practically searching every inch of the mountain, there was no harvest.

"Did I make a mistake in my deduction?" Huang Xiaolong doubted.

Huang Xiaolong's eyes searched around, in the end, his gaze fell on the large rift separating the mountain into two sections. Other than going down this rift, he had nearly flipped the mountain over. Coming to one side of the rift's edge, he looked down. Even relying on Huang Xiaolong's keen eyesight, he only managed to see as far as twenty meters down, further down was nothing but a stretch of darkness.

Extending one of his hands out, he sucked a several meter tall boulder nearby over, throwing it down into the rift. Despite waiting for a long time, Huang Xiaolong did not hear the echoes of the boulder crashing.

"This?!" Huang Xiaolong was dumbstruck, eyes flickering.

Judging from afar, this Broken Tiger Rift was at most several hundred meters tall. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't take long for a stone to reach the bottom after being thrown from such a height, issuing echoes of a crash, but now, there was actually no echo!

Did the rift connect to the underground? Otherwise, it was illogical for the boulder to not reach the bottom by now. Huang Xiaolong stood there pondering for some time, in the end, he still decided to go down the rift.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong leaped off the edge, diving into the rift, initiating battle qi and internal force to control his falling speed. Passing a hundred meters down, Huang Xiaolong's range of view only extended ten meters around him. He continued to drop when a sudden chilly wind rose from the bottom of the rift, striking his skin, Huang Xiaolong felt as if he was slashed by a cold sword and his flesh was slightly stinging from the pain.

Huang Xiaolong was truly shocked. Since he had broken through the Xiantian realm, especially after entering high-level Xiantian, his skin was extremely tough, even surpassing most average Xiantian Eighth Orders' toughness, and had no fear towards the general swords and spears. Not forgetting that the Asura qi flowing inside his body was of extreme Yin and extreme cold, but he felt pain from a cold wind that came from the bottom of a rift? What kind of cold wind was this?!

While Huang Xiaolong was immersed in his thoughts, another gust of cold wind blew up and he quickly twisted his body away, barely dodging the cold wind. Controlling his speed, his vigilance peaked. The lower he got, the presence of the cold wind became more common, frequent, and bigger.

In the beginning, it was one or two gusts, as he fell lower, it rapidly increased to ten, then twenty, so much that Huang Xiaolong had no choice but to project out his Asura battle qi to create a protective Vigor Qi barrier that wrapped around his body. Nevertheless, strands of cold wind eroded through the barrier, causing Huang Xiaolong much discomfort.

Passing six hundred meters, Huang Xiaolong had no choice but transform into the Asura Physique, at the same time summoning the black dragon, fusing as one. At one thousand meters, Huang Xiaolong summoned the blue dragon and soul transformed. Despite all these, Huang Xiaolong felt like the blood in his body was frozen stiff, unable to flow.

One thousand two hundred meters later, Huang Xiaolong was forced to stop to catch his breath. Raising one hand, he struck a side of the rift wall and drilled into the cave mouth, using more than an hour's time, he finally made it back to the rift top with great relief. Broken pieces of ice fell off his body with a small shudder.

It seems I can only check this place out after the auction. Huang Xiaolong looked downward at the bottomless rift, thinking to himself.

The sky was already dark and tomorrow was the day of the auction, he needed to rush back to the city.

He had a feeling, at the bottom of the rift, there should be a different world.