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Chapter 281: What Kind of Palm Power Is This?

 Chapter 281: What Kind of Palm Power Is This?

Qin Yang stood in front of Huang Xiaolong, looking at Lifei as he stated: "I am very disappointed." He valued this disciple the most, no wonder he was disappointed.

"I'm giving you one last chance, kill this kid, then kneel down and admit your mistake, Master will pardon you, waiving the death punishment!" Qin Yang's voice sent chills bone deep.

Lifei continued to stand behind Huang Xiaolong, persevering in her silence.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head helplessly, looks like this Qin Yang had no inclination of the situation.

"Step aside." Huang Xiaolong ordered Lifei.

"Yes, Young Lord," Lifei answered respectfully.

Young Lord?! Watching Lifei paying no heed whatsoever to his words, but replying to Huang Xiaolong with such humble respect, referring to the young man as Young Lord, the fury and killing intent erupted in his heart. Momentum soared from Qin Yang's body, as sand and stones scattered and whorled up into the air with Qin Yang as the center. In the next second, everyone saw a gigantic dark silhouette materializing behind Qin Yang, three zhang tall, with four hands and blood-red eyes, as thick black vapor weaved around its bodyㅡthis was Qin Yang's martial spirit, Ghost Shadow.

The Ghost Shadow was another kind of top grade necro-martial spirit.

Summoning the Ghost Shadow martial spirit out, Qin Yang's strong momentum rose further still. This made Jie Dong and Liu Chong that were battling Fan Encheng surprised, all three of them inevitably looked towards Huang Xiaolong's direction.

Gradually, Qin Yang's eyes turned black, tinted with glowing blood-red. "Brat, call out your martial spirit, if not, you might not even have a chance to do so later." Qin Yang glanced at Huang Xiaolong and taunted in a condescending voice of an esteemed senior.

Huang Xiaolong digressed by shaking his head, "No need."

"No need?" Qin Yang was taken aback.

"Correct." Huang Xiaolong added simply, "Against you, there is no need."

Qin Yang was powerful, comparable to the previous Nine Fiend Sect Sovereign Hu Han's strength, despite that, in Huang Xiaolong's opinion, there was no need to summon his martial spirits.

A little more than a month ago, Huang Xiaolong could already defeat Hu Han, and more than one month later, his strength had continued to increase every day, reaching mid-Xiantian Seventh Order.

Huang Xiaolong's words only served to add oil to Qin Yang's already flaring anger, pushing it sky-high! Arrogant!

Qin Yang's robe fluttered fiercely, then his whole body blurred as if turning invisible, at the same time, his martial spirit shone with a dark light, and Qin Yang disappeared in a flicker. Akin to a specter in the darkest of night, he appeared right in front of Huang Xiaolong.

"Go die!"

Qin Yang's blood-red eyes glowered at Huang Xiaolong, spilling with rage and icy murderous intent, both hands spread into palms that aimed straight for Huang Xiaolong's chest.

In Huang Xiaolong's vision, Qin Yang's palms doubled in size inexplicably, turning red as if they were stained with fresh blood, emitting a nauseating smell at the same time. The palms brought with them scorching heat as they pierced forward.

Without hesitation, Huang Xiaolong raised his hands and struck against Qin Yang's bloody palms, but Huang Xiaolong's palm seemed to contain no power at all, soft and bending like the seaweeds in the water, while Qin Yang held disdain in his heart seeing that the ignorant young man dared to underestimate him, to actually counter his attacks with both palms.

"Naive!" Qin Yang's eyes were icy as they looked at Huang Xiaolong. This Blood Spiral Palm's power couldn't be compared with his earlier attack, not to mention, this time he exuded full force. In the entire Blood River City, only the Five Poison Cult's Head of the five chiefs, Liu Minghai, dared to counter this move directly.

Four palms met at in this instant.

The eyes that held contempt and disdain, the lips that arched back in a smug sneerㅡall vanished the moment his palms collided with Huang Xiaolong's palms, being replaced with shock, disbelief, and a hint of denial. Those seemingly soft and weightless palms gave Qin Yang an apprehensive feeling as he felt the powerful frigid energy.

The collision resounded with a booming explosion, echoing in the valley.

Qin Yang staggered back from the impact, leaving a long trail deep footprints on the ground as he tried to steady himself. He stared down his own hands, astonished to see a layer of inky-purple ice forming over his palm. An extreme frigid energy spread into his body through his palms, making Qin Yang shiver involuntarily.

"What kind of palm power is this?!" Qin Yang blurted out in shock.

His Spiral Blood Palm was a Yang fire-based skill, a natural nemesis of anything Yin and cold, but instead, he was the one being overwhelmed in the end. Moreover, he found out that his battle qi failed to suppress the frigid energy inside his body.

In fact, what Huang Xiaolong used earlier was the Ethereal Palmㅡlaced with Asura battle qi and Asura frigid energy. Huang Xiaolong's Asura Tactics had reached the peak of fourth level, greatly enhancing the extreme chill contained in the Asura qi. Disregarding Qin Yang, even a mid-Xiantian Eighth Order would find it difficult to suppress Huang Xiaolong's Asura qi.

Successfully pushing Qin Yang back, Huang Xiaolong's body blurred, reappearing within a few meters of Qin Yang, a finger pointed at him. Thick gray fog rolled, accompanied by strange shrill shrieks; a finger imprint flew out from the thick gray fog, stabbing Qin Yang's chest.

The Absolute Soul Finger!

An implausible fear birthed in Qin Yang's soul, evident in his eyes as he watched the finger imprint piercing towards him. He quickly retreated, and at the same time, the Ghost Shadow hovering above him flashed brightly, activating the soul transformation.

At first, he had thought that he could deal with Huang Xiaolong easily, therefore he did not soul transform. But now he didn't have the luxury to choose. Soul transforming at the fastest speed, his strength rose to another level, with black vapor swimming around him. Two additional arms grew out from Qin Yang shoulders, bulkier than his own arms, ten long fingers equipped with nails that were more similar to ten sharp daggers, glimmering a dark red glow.

The two new additional arms extended out, ten sharp nails spun to block Huang Xiaolong's Absolute Soul Finger, another thunderous blast rang out and sparks flew in all directions. Qin Yang only knew that his ten fingers and two arms were numb from the impact. He quickly checked his condition only to find blood dripping out from all ten fingers. This greatly enraged him and astonished him at the same time.

This pair of ghost arms grew after he fused with his martial spirit Ghost Shadow, they were harder than steel even when compared to blades and swords tempered from cold steel. Warriors of the same level could merely leave a slight white mark on these arms of his, but even so, they failed to block Huang Xiaolong's single finger attack!

His judgment clouded by rage, Qin Yang hollered and rampaged forward instead of retreating. His long nails slashed out like ten sharp blades, glowing strangely red, cutting down on Huang Xiaolong.

At this time, a cold light glinted and two black blades appeared in Huang Xiaolong's hands. The Blades of Asura appeared and swung out, countless blade lights were seen rotating out, forming an eerie red eyeball in the air.

Eye of Reincarnation!

The eerie red eyeball continued to rotate, shooting out sharp blade lights, totally blocking Qin Yang's attack, but it did not stop there, the red glow shone brightly, expanding. Very quickly, it covered a large area, stunning Qin Yang with a momentary dizziness.

Shaping both of his hands into claws, Huang Xiaolong slashed towards Qin Yang across the voidㅡAsura Demon Claw, Lament of Thousands of Demons.

Screams of wraiths echoed in the valley, scaring the four other people. All of them turned their heads to look and saw a dazed Qin Yang, under the Eye of Reincarnation's influence. Failing to dodge, the claws slashed down vertically on Qin Yang's torso, "Poof!"

Qin Yang buckled back, crashing straight into a mountain cliff wall some distance away, tumbling down to the ground.