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Chapter 279: Remains From An Ancient God Tribe Master

 Chapter 279: Remains From An Ancient God Tribe Master

"Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother!" Lifei cried out, dashing straight to Zhou Cheng's side. Zhou Cheng's reply was spewing out a mouthful of blood, splattering all over Lifei, his head hung lifelessly as he tumbled to the ground.

Lifei wiped the blood off her face blankly, it felt sticky and slightly warm to the fingers.

"Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother, Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother!" Lifei called out endlessly, but Zhou Cheng wouldn't be giving any more responses.

In the distance, Huang Xiaolong slowly approached.

The sound of Huang Xiaolong's footsteps jolted Lifei back to the present. She spun around, staring at Huang Xiaolong, the blase calm in her eyes was already replaced with apprehension and wariness. She understood Zhou Cheng's strength well, and this young man easily killed him, so vulnerable! Not to mention her, even her Master, the Patriarch of Ghost Shadow Sect couldn't do it.

"You, what do you want?" Lifei bravely snapped at Huang Xiaolong even as he was stepping back.

"Didn't you want to know about my relationship with Sky Magi Sect's Elder Deng Guangliang and Du Xin?" Huang Xiaolong taunted.

Lifei stiffened.

"The truth is, the entire Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School are under my control." Huang Xiaolong continued.

Lifei blanked for a moment, eyes widened in shock as the real meaning dawn on her: "You, you mean...!"

The Black Demon City's new Castellan was Blood Swallow School's Jiang Tianhua, this young man just said the entire Blood Swallow School and Sky Magi Sect were under his control, didn't that mean that the real master of Black Demon City was this black-haired young man?! Impossible!

Back when the Nine Fiend Sect Sovereign Hu Han was rumored to be dead, Black Demon City's sudden change of master had caused the forces in surrounding cities to send people out to investigate the crust of the matter. Her master, Ghost Shadow Sect's Patriarch also felt that there was something amiss. Now, this black-haired young man in front of her said that everything was orchestrated by him behind the scenes?!

Lifei couldn't digest this fact.

"Black Demon City is fully under my control, next would be Blood River City." Huang Xiaolong added, "That is a certainty. Now, I'm giving you two options: one, submit to me, or two, die." At the point when Zhou Cheng attacked, Huang Xiaolong had decided, after all, his next target was to conquer Blood River City, he might as well start laying the groundwork now.

Huang Xiaolong planned to first take over Ghost Shadow Sect, succeeding so would greatly ease the next part of his plan―taking over Blood River City's Five Poison Cult. Frankly, with Huang Xiaolong's current strength, with the addition of Ghost Shadow Sect, destroying and subjugating the Five Poison Cult was not grandstanding.



Lifei's expression changed again and again.

She could tell that this black-haired young man was not lying, and since he dared to reveal the truth, it also meant he wasn't afraid of her escaping. If she tried, she would end up just like her Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother, dead!

Her eyes glanced furtively at Zhou Cheng's corpse on the ground... but, if she submitted, then...!

"You don't have to worry about your Master. Soon, not only your Master, but the whole Ghost Shadow Sect and Blood River City will be under my control." Huang Xiaolong's indifferent voice interrupted Lifei's thoughts.

Lifei studied Huang Xiaolong, from the black-haired young man's facial expression and tone of voice, she detected absolute confidence in conquering everything.

Huang Xiaolong did not add another word after that, only looking at the young woman; it would be best if this girl submitted willingly, otherwise, he had no option but to kill her. For Huang Xiaolong, this didn't affect his plans in taking over Blood River City. Just like how he was when he slowly 'turned' Sky Magi Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School's Elders, unhurried, giving the other side ample consideration time.

Half an incense stick later, Lifei lowered the guard around her soul sea, allowing Huang Xiaolong to brand a soul mark within. Huang Xiaolong was secretly relieved when all was done, Lifei's presence would be beneficial to his future plans in conquering Ghost Shadow Sect.

Subsequently, Lifei shared everything she knew about Ghost Shadow Sect's situation truthfully, not withholding information. One hour later, Lifei ended her report.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, the information from Lifei clearly outlined the Ghost Shadow Sect's internal situation to Huang Xiaolong, and the Ghost Shadow Sect's Patriarch should be an early Xiantian Eighth Order, comparable to Hu Han, the previous Nine Fiend Sect Sovereign. Apart from the Patriarch, there were four Xiantian Seventh Order experts, while the mid-levels Xiantian went up to about thirty over people.

However, what came as a surprise was that the Ghost Shadow Sect's Patriarch actually nurtured a group of ghost shadow death messengers, thirty-eight people in total. Each one was at least a Xiantian Fourth Order and above, and the strongest was a peak late-Xiantian Sixth Order. When he requested Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow Sect to investigate Ghost Shadow Sect, this piece of information wasn't included.

Still, water runs deep, it seems this Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch was such a character, from Lifei's report, Ghost Shadow Sect's true force wasn't that much weaker compared the owner of Blood River City, Five Poison Cult. Huang Xiaolong also found out from Lifei that Ghost Shadow Sect and Tornado Valley had secretly allied to deal with Five Poison Cult, and were in the midst of planning an attack in recent days to replace Five Poison Cult's status in Blood River City.

A light shone in Huang Xiaolong's eyes.

"What were you two doing her in the Savage Sanguine Wasteland?" Huang Xiaolong asked.

"We were tasked by Master to look for someone called Fan Encheng." Lifei answered, "This person has with him a part of map left behind by a God Tribe master from the ancient era."

"A partial map left behind by a God Tribe master from the ancient era!" Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

"Yes." Lifei asserted, "Apart from me and Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother, Master, Senior Apprentice-Brother and Third Junior Apprentice-Brother are also here, in the Savage Sanguine Wasteland area. We pursued separately; Master on his own, me and Sixth Junior Apprentice- Brother in one team while Senior Apprentice-Brother and Third Junior Apprentice-Brother formed another team."

A part of a map left behind by an ancient God Tribe master! Huang Xiaolong could barely contain the joy in his heart. This map could very likely be a map to their hidden dwelling. Moreover, he didn't expect for the Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch to be here as well!

At this time, something shook around Lifei's waist, and she took out a small jade tablet.

"Senior Apprentice-Brother is calling us!" Taking out the jade tablet, Lifei glanced over it and informed Huang Xiaolong, "It must be that Senior Apprentice-Brother has located that Fan Encheng!"

"Go, bring me there now!" Huang Xiaolong stood up abruptly.

"Yes, Young Lord!" Lifei promptly set off in the direction of her Senior Apprentice-Brother, leading Huang Xiaolong.

Both of them rushed over at breakneck speed, and about twenty minutes later, they arrived at a valley that vibrated with energy fluctuations that indicated a fight was taking place.

Huang Xiaolong and Lifei leaped to the air, entering the valley, speeding towards the direction of the fight. Getting closer to the location where the fight was taking place, Huang Xiaolong and Lifei came upon two middle-aged men wearing Ghost Shadow Sect's disciple robes attacking an old man clad in a green robe.

Those two Ghost Shadow Sect disciples were undoubtedly Lifei's Senior Apprentice-Brother Jie Dong, and Third Junior Apprentice-Brother Liu Chong, whereas the old man in green was Fan Encheng.

Huang Xiaolong could tell at a glance, although Jie Dong and Liu Chong were attacking together, they did not gain the upper hand, however, Fan Encheng wasn't able to dominate the battle either.

Hearing the sounds of whistling wind, all three turned around.

"Second Junior Apprentice-Sister!" "Second Senior Apprentice-Sister!

Seeing it was Lifei, both Jie Dong and Liu Chong were ecstatic, but somewhat astonished when they noticed Huang Xiaolong's presence.