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Chapter 278: Don’t Dodge If You’ve Got Guts

 Chapter 278: Don't Dodge If You've Got Guts

When the two people were close enough for Huang Xiaolong to make out their features clearly, he was surprised. The other side consisted of a man and a woman; if Huang Xiaolong remembered correctly, the woman was the Ghost Shadow Sect's disciple. Huang Xiaolong saw her once when he first arrived in Black Demon City. At that time, Sky Magi Sect's Elder Deng Guangliang told him that this woman was very likely the Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch's disciple.

"Second Senior Apprentice-Sister, there's someone over there." The man was heard saying to the woman, a finger pointing at Huang Xiaolong.

Though the night was dark, with blood-colored mist clouding the vision, Huang Xiaolong had a campfire burning, which made his location all the more obvious.

The woman looked over in Huang Xiaolong's direction, but it seemed her eyesight was slightly worse than Huang Xiaolong's, being unable to discern his features clearly. After briefly hesitating, she said, "Let's go over and have a look." and flew straight toward Huang Xiaolong.

Less than a hundred meters from Huang Xiaolong, the woman finally saw his face clearly, and showed a surprised expression: "Him?" evidently, the woman too remembered Huang Xiaolong, even though she only caught sight of him once.

"Second Senior Apprentice-Sister, you know this person?" The man asked out, baffled by her reaction.

The woman nodded her head, explaining, "A few months ago, I saw this person in Black Demon City, he was together with Sky Magi Sect's Elder Deng Guangliang and Du Xin."

By this point in time, both of them landed in front of Huang Xiaolong, not too far away.

Elder Deng Guangliang was correct when he said this woman was likely to be the Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch's disciple, not only that, she was the most doted on by the Patriarch. Her name was Lifei.

The Ghost Shadow Sect's Patriarch had twelve disciples in all, Lifei was second in seniority, but amongst the twelve disciples of Ghost Shadow Sect's Patriarch, she was the strongest. The man was also one of Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch's disciples, ranked sixth in seniority, named Zhou Cheng.

The instant Zhou Cheng heard of Sky Magi Sect's Elders Deng Guangliang and Du Xin, killing intent glinted in his eyes. Two years ago, his ring and index fingers on his left hand were broken by Deng Guangliang and Du Xin.

"Brat, what is your relationship with Sky Magi Sect's Deng Guangliang and Du Xin?" Zhou Cheng approached Huang Xiaolong, his face frosty.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, "What my relationship with Deng Guangliang and Du Xin is, I'm not obliged to tell you."

Zhou Cheng's eyes narrowed with malice, no further words were spoken as a sudden deep scarlet glow broke out from his body. When the glow dimmed, a large sword hovered above Zhou Cheng's head; with the large sword's appearance, a silvery steel-like glimmer shrouded Zhou Cheng's body. A turbulent sirocco swirled straight at Huang Xiaolong.

Lifei did not expect Zhou Cheng to attack Huang Xiaolong so suddenly, her mouth opened wanting to stop her junior-apprentice brother, but it was already too late, she could only watch Zhou Cheng's sword light engulf Huang Xiaolong. Lifei sighed and shook her head as she watched things unfold on the side. Sixth Junior-Apprentice Brother Zhou Cheng's martial spirit possessed the strongest attacking powerㅡGreat Earth Giant Sword, combined with a high-grade Earth rank battle skill, Whirlwind Sword Tactic, even a late-Xiantian Sixth Order expert would be troubled facing Zhou Cheng. She could already imagine the scene where Huang Xiaolong was split into two by the giant sword.

It was a pity, she had wanted to find out from Huang Xiaolong how Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School allied together to defeat Hu Han, and finally swallowing the Nine Fiend Sect. When she first met him, both Deng Guangliang and Du Xin were walking behind him, proving that his status should be quite high, perhaps he had some inside information.

As the sword light engulfed Huang Xiaolong entirely, Zhou Cheng, in truth, was somewhat surprised that it was so easy to kill this person. It occurred to Zhou Cheng that this young man must have some skills since he dared to come to a place like the Savage Sanguine Wasteland alone. He didn't expect that Huang Xiaolong failed to receive one move from him.

"Pathetic, so you're nothing but a weakling!" Zhou Cheng sneered coldly.

But just at his voice sounded, a beam of glaring blade light soared skyward, exuding an aura of annihilation, tyranny, and destruction as it instantly pulverized Zhou Cheng's sirocco sword light. The Whirlwind Sword Tactic was broken, bursting like a bubble and dissipating.

The surroundings fell into immediate silence.

Lifei, standing on the side, was dumbfounded staring at Huang Xiaolong holding the Blades of Asura in his hands.

A dark crimson-black energy wound around Huang Xiaolong where he stood, as it surged out in all direction like a tsunami, emanating a scary aura of slaughter that was enough to make hearts palpitate with fear.

Both Lifei and Zhou Cheng's faces tightened feeling the tyrannical atmosphere and terrifying slaughter aura, especially Zhou Cheng, the look on his face was extremely bleak. Disregarding Lifei, Huang Xiaolong slowly walked toward Zhou Cheng.

Watching Huang Xiaolong approaching, Zhou Cheng awakened from his daze, "Kid, unexpectedly you indeed have some skills, but it's better this way, more interesting. If you died merely from one move, I won't feel satisfied killing you." Bloodlust sparkled in Zhou Cheng's eyes, the Great Earth Sword spun rapidly above his head, releasing a mysterious power.

His strength was amplified by this mysterious power and Zhou Cheng's atmosphere climbed up at dramatic speed, becoming one third stronger than he was at the beginning. This was Zhou Cheng's martial spirit innate ability, similar to Fei Hou's Silver River martial spirit strengthening ability, both could enhance the owner's battle qi strength, however, the enhancement rate was slightly weaker than Fei Hou's.

Bellowing at the top of his lungs, Zhou Cheng's body basked in resplendent sword light rays, transforming into a giant sword and launching another attack at Huang Xiaolong, arriving right above Huang Xiaolong's head in the next moment, cutting down with full force. The giant sword hadn't arrived, yet the force was enough to raise stones to the air as they crumbled into stone dust.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the giant sword cutting down on him, but he did not receive it head on. Steering away with Phantom Shadow, Huang Xiaolong left behind a blurred image, dodging the attack with ease.

Barely dodging the attack, a thunderous explosion came from the spot where Huang Xiaolong stood a split second ago. Looking back, the giant sword left a hundred meter gash on the ground, opening a cliff. The whole small hill tremored, raising a curtain of dust several meters high.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong dodge his second attack, Zhou Cheng was upset, "Kid, don't dodge if you've got guts!" Before Zhou Cheng's voice ended, the figure in front of him flickered. Huang Xiaolong appeared within the close distance of a few meters from him, pupils glinting with a hint of iciness. His hands swung out the blades bereft mercy and hesitation.

Multiple blade lights turned into many chains, enveloping the surrounding space, overwhelming, radiating an aura of death.

Death God's Chain!

Zhou Cheng was startled, his body swerved to the side, wanting to dodge, but despite his quick response, he found that no matter which direction or angle he turned to, there was no way to escape the pursuing chains. Suddenly, his movements were restricted, Zhou Cheng looked down and saw chains upon chains coiled around his body like hell serpents. A frigid energy that felt like it originated from hell seeped into his body through these nasty chains, invading his body like the venom of ten thousand serpents.

Zhou Cheng's shrill scream rendered the night air.

Lifei stood blankly on the same spot. Everything happened too fast, the confident Zhou Cheng had just cut an abyss on the hill, yet faster than the blink of an eye, the situation was flipped over. Lifei quickly composed herself and was about to help Zhou Cheng when all the chains returned from all sides and angles, piercing right through Zhou Cheng's body.

Lifei, who was about to help, stiffened. Time seemed to stop as well.

Zhou Cheng's eyes rounded wide, bending his head to look at his perforated body filled with bloody holes. Losing all strength, he plummeted down to the ground.

"You!" Zhou Cheng pointed at Huang Xiaolong.