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Chapter 277: Savage Sanguine Wasteland

 Chapter 277: Savage Sanguine Wasteland

Two days later Huang Xiaolong departed for the City of Myriad Gods, alone. He left Jiang Tianhua, Chen Xiaotian, and Su Meimei behind to defend Black Demon City, should the circumstances arise.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left Black Demon City, in the void several thousand li from Black Demon City, space fluctuated as a figure appeared. This person was none other than Yao Family's Yao Fei.

Yao Fei stood in the air, muttering to himself, "According to Deities Templar's information, that bastard entered the Bedlam Lands, but the Bedlam Lands stretch endlessly for tens of thousands of miles, it won't be easy to find that him."

"Forget it, since that punk is sure to be here, I don't believe he can slip through my fingers this time!"

Yao Fei's silhouette flickered away, whistling through the air, and before long, he arrived at the same battlefield Huang Xiaolong did.

"Such a dense dead spirits cloud!" Even Yao Fei couldn't help exclaiming as he came across the dark red clouds gathering in the sky. However, in the next moment, joy lit up his eyes. A dark light flashed behind him and a giant figure that emanated a fiendish aura, tyranny, and darkness appearedㅡthe top grade twelve martial spirit, Dark Malevolent Sovereign.

When the Dark Malevolent Sovereign appeared, its mouth opened wide and sucked in just like a whale devoured water, the dead spirits cloud spiraled like a twister into its body.

The originally pure black body gradually gained a tint of blood-red glow, making the Dark Malevolent Sovereign look even more fiendish, even more tyrannical and domineering.

It was half a day later when Yao Fei stopped, recalling the Dark Malevolent Sovereign back.

"If it wasn't for the fact I need to search for that little bastard, I could stay and practice in this battlefield and after three years I could break through the Saint realm." An intense, murderous light glinted in Yao Fei's eyes, "But it's not too late to find and kill that little bastard first, and then come back here to practice!" As his sentence ended, his body flickered into a blur, flying in the Black Demon City's direction.

Two hours later, Yao Fei reached Black Demon City.

After entering Black Demon City, Yao Fei simply chose an inn and went in. When he sat down and was about to eat, he heard the people at the table next to him talking.

"I heard that this time, the City of Myriad God's auction will be auctioning a Heaven rank cultivation technique and battle skill!" A middle-aged man wearing a black robe with a skull exclaimed.

"Heaven rank cultivation technique and battle skill?!" The person beside him was amazed.

"That's right, these Heaven rank cultivation technique and battle skill are the Great Thousand Technique and Peerless Wind Breaking Finger!"

"It's actually the Great Thousand Technique? The Great Thousand Technique was the cultivation technique of Holiness Great Thousand Tuo that he cultivated three hundred years ago! It was said that once one cultivated the Great Thousand Technique, they will have the power of Buddhism protecting their body, that's practically comparable to being immortal. That Peerless Wind Breaking Finger was Holiness Great Thousand Tuo's strongest battle skill. A few hundred years ago, numerous Saint realm experts met their ends before Holiness Great Thousand Tuo's Peerless Wind Breaking Finger!"

Listening in on the discussion on the next table, Yao Fei was severely tempted; City of Myriad Gods auction? Great Thousand Technique! Peerless Wind Breaking Finger!

Yao Fei stood up and walked over to the next table, staring at the skull black-robed middle-aged man, asking, "When is the auction at City of Myriad Gods being held?"

The skull black-robe middle-aged man looked at Yao Fei and snorted, "Kid, what did you say? I didn't quite hear you..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Yao Fei pinched his throat, lifting him up from the seat.

"You didn't hear me clearly?" Yao Fei inquired icily.

"HeaㅡI heard, heard you clearly... there are another twenty-eight days until the City of Myriad Gods auction." Dread filled the middle-aged man's eyes as he stammered the information Yao Fei wanted.

Waiting until the man finished, Yao Fei exerted pressure in his hand. With the twist of his wrist came the sound of bones breaking. Yao Fei threw the middle-aged man's body to a corner of the inn, his neck looping to the side with no signs of breathing. Evidently, his neck was broken.

Yao Fei glanced at the four people that shared the same table with the middle-aged man. Facing Yao Fei, the four of them retreated hastily in panic, but Yao Fei lost interest in them after killing the middle-aged man, instead, he turned around, disappearing in a flicker. Leaving Black Demon City's gates in seconds, his goal was the City of Myriad Gods.

"Great Thousand Technique." Sparks of black flames danced briefly in Yao Fei's eyes. According to his knowledge, the person who created this Great Thousand Technique three hundred years ago, the Holiness Great Thousand Tuo also possessed a dark element martial spirit. With this Great Thousand Technique, his battle qi cultivation would enhance with the speed of ten thousand li in a single leap, the day he breaks through to the Saint realm was just around the corner.

Saint realm!

Hence, this time, he absolutely had to get the Great Thousand Technique! Regardless if it was through the auction or through other means!

While Yao Fei was rushing towards the City of Myriad Gods, on another side of a wasteland, a figure flickered, hovering in midair. This was exactly Huang Xiaolong, who was journeying to the City of Myriad Gods.

Huang Xiaolong surveyed the wasteland below, taking out a map from his sleeves.

"This should be the Savage Sanguine Wasteland." Huang Xiaolong studied the map, talking to himself.

This Bedlam Lands map was something Huang Xiaolong asked Jiang Tianhua to prepare and although it wasn't very detailed, it marked most of the important locations. Amongst them was this Savage Sanguine Wasteland.

The Savage Sanguine Wasteland was one of the stranger places in the Bedlam Lands. According to legend, tens of thousands of years ago, there was a massive city on this land, but two Saint realm experts battled here, causing mass destruction the city. A ruined city and both Saint realm experts fallen on this piece of land, in the last hundred thousand years, not a single leaf of grass could grow here.

Putting back the map, Huang Xiaolong looked at the darkening sky and landed on a small hill in a quick sway. It was already late, thus he decided to stay here for the night before continuing tomorrow.

On the small hill, Huang Xiaolong's palm faced upward as a strong suction force appeared, gathering a stack of dead wood, a fire lit up with a single point of his finger. After building the fire, Huang Xiaolong initiated the Instant Recovery martial ability, instantly recovering his depleted battle qi and internal force to full vigor.

As Huang Xiaolong's strength continued to rise, all three of his martial spirit abilities' power grew stronger with him.

Then, Huang Xiaolong spent some time practicing the Asura Tactics and the Body Metamorphose Scripture. As the night grew darker, the brilliant moonlight diffused like an ocean of blood mist over the Savage Sanguine Wasteland.

Since the two Saint realm experts had fallen here many thousands years ago, once night descended, this ocean of blood mist would appear, thus the name Savage Sanguine Wasteland appeared.

"Half a month left to the City of Myriad Gods auction." Huang Xiaolong calculated the time.

This trip to the City of Myriad Gods was solely for first grade spirit stones. The city was a monument left behind by ancient God Tribes, in the areas and space around the City of Myriad Gods were dwellings left behind by some God Tribes experts. Huang Xiaolong wanted to try his luck and see if he could find one of these abandoned mansions. In general, there would be grade ten spirit pellets or even Heaven grade spirit pellets.

Counting the time, Deities Templar's next disciple selection was no more than three years away. Huang Xiaolong's cultivation speed had always been amazing, yet it was still a far cry from breaking through to Saint realm within a three year period... unless he could find the legendary grade ten spirit pellet or Heaven grade spirit pellet.

Although the area around the City of Myriad Gods had numerous ancient God Tribes experts' hidden spaces, he people that managed to find one were few and far between, the chances less than one in a thousand.

Right at this time, a wind piercing sound traveled to Huang Xiaolong's ears. Turning around to look, he saw two people flying in his direction at high speed.