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Chapter 276: City of Myriad Gods

 Chapter 276: City of Myriad Gods

"That's right, Big Bro, Black Demon City must be in a mess right now, it is our most opportune time to attack and capture Black Demon City as ours!" Second Bro Liu Ding echoed the same thoughts.

Liu Minghai's brows scrunched together as he turned to the side looking at Third Bro Liu Wu, "Who is Black Demon City's new Castellan?"

"It is the Blood Swallow School's Doyen, Jiang Tianhua. The word around is, Jiang Tianhua and Chen Xiaotian allied themselves, launching a surprise attack on the Nine Fiend Sect when they least expected, killing Hu Han." Third Bro Liu Wu replied.

Liu Minghai fell into a pensive ponder. Seeing this, the other four people kept silent.

A brief moment later, Liu Minghai looked up asking, "Did Su Meimei submit to Jiang Tianhua?"

"That's right, Big bro." Third Bro Liu Wu confirmed, but he paused for a second before adding, "I don't know what method this Jiang Tianhua used, to be able to persuade Chen Xiaotian to ally with him, even successfully steering Su Meimei into betraying Hu Han, swearing allegiance to him! Other than Su Meimei, other Nine Fiend Sect Elders also submitted to Jiang Tianhua, and because of this, Jiang Tianhua and Chen Xiaotian could join hands, easily killing off Hu Han!"

Liu Minghai shook his head, saying: "I'm afraid this matter may not be as simple." The other four people were surprised.

"Big bro, are you saying there is another force behind Jiang Tianhua?" A thought flashed in Third Bro Liu Wu's mind.

Liu Minghai nodded, "If my guess is right, it should be so. Otherwise, Jiang Tianhua could not have persuaded Chen Xiaotian to ally with him in such a short time and make Su Meimei and the Elders betray Hu Han." The four people exchanged a glance between themselves.

"Big bro, then what should we do now?" Second bro Liu Ding asked openly.

Liu Minghai said in a solemn voice, "Send people to investigate, confirm if there is any other force supporting Jiang Tianhua. If the answer is yes, the other side would have subsequent moves, therefore we must be vigilant and prepare in advance. If there is none...!" At this point, a bloodlust light gleamed in Liu Minghai's eyes, "We must make our move before other cities take action, capture Black Demon City firsthand!"

"Yes, Big bro!" All four others answered at once.

"Apart from that, pay attention to Ghost Shadow Sect's Patriarch, lately, they have been very close with people from Tornado Valley. If Ghost Shadow Sect harbor any intentions, annihilate them!" Liu Mingbai sentenced with a hard edge in his voice.

The four others answered affirmatively.

The scene happening in Blood River City took place with little difference in the cities surrounding Black Demon City. Even though Hu Han was dead, no one acted recklessly, instead, sending their people out to investigate clearly if there was another force supporting Jiang Tianhua in the shadows, and which Bedlams force it was.


Within the walls of Black Demon City's Castellan Mansion, Huang Xiaolong was listening to Jiang Tianhua, Chen Xiaotian, and Su Meimei's report about the neighboring cities' actions and response after getting news of Hu Han's death, nodding his head.

There were a total of six cities spreading out inside a ten thousand miles area and each city's forces were more or less at the same level as Black Demon City, some were marginally stronger, some weaker. After listening to the trio's report, Huang Xiaolong inquired about the power distribution and the related forces in those six cities.

All three reported to the best of their knowledge. Several hours later, Huang Xiaolong had a much clearer idea about these six neighboring cities.

"Blood River City." Huang Xiaolong repeated to himself. Having an understanding of the forces in the surrounding cities, Huang Xiaolong decided that his next goal would be Blood River City, for the situation in Blood River City was similar to Black Demon City.

In Black Demon City, there were Nine Fiend Sect, Blood Swallow School and Sky Magi Sect, three forces coexisting, whereas in Blood River City there were the Five Poison Cult, Ghost Shadow Sect, and Tornado Valley, three major forces, with Five Poison Cult at the helm.

Since Huang Xiaolong decided on his next target, he instructed Jiang Tianhua, Chen Xiaotian, and Su Meimei to watch Five Poison Cult, Ghost Shadow Sect, and Tornado Valley's movements and seek an opportunity to take action.

After instructing them with that task, Huang Xiaolong looked at Jiang Tianhua, "Find out if there are any cities in the Bedlam Lands auctioning grade one spirit stones."

"Grade one spirit stones..." Though Jiang Tianhua was curious why Huang Xiaolong was looking for grade one spirit stones, he dared not show his curiosity, only answering 'yes' with respect.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and the trio withdrew away.

When they left, Huang Xiaolong once again entered the Xumi Temple hall to cultivate.

Recently, his spiritual force improved tremendously and he hoped to reach the second level of the Ancient Puppetry Art at the earliest possible. At that time, it would greatly help him, whether it was against his enemies or people he wanted to rein in, expanding his forces. And Huang Xiaolong's Body Metamorphose Scripture had reached the final stage, Hanging Tail Form.

It wouldn't be long before Huang Xiaolong completed the entire twelve stages, entering minor perfection stage to form an inner core in his body. The inner core births true origin energy by absorbing spiritual energy at all times, and the true origin energy was brimming with vitality, never dissipating. With the presence of true origin energy, Huang Xiaolong's cultivation speed became faster. Therefore, most of his time and effort were spent on practicing the Ancient Puppetry Art and sometimes the Asura Sword Skill other than the main Godly Xumi Art and Body Metamorphose Scripture.

On some occasion, Huang Xiaolong would make time to return to the battlefield he was at when he first arrived in the Bedlam Lands to practice the Asura Demon Claw by absorbing the dead spirits cloud accumulated in the sky above. During this time, Huang Xiaolong's Asura Demon Claw's first move, Lament of Thousands of Demons, improved more than it had in these past few years.

Half a month went by.

On this day, Jiang Tianhua came in to report, "Young Lord, this subordinate found out that one month later, there's an auction in the City of Myriad Gods offering grade one spirit stones."

"Oh, City of Myriad Gods." Huang Xiaolong repeated the name.

The City of Myriad Gods was one of the ten largest cities in the Bedlam Lands, ranked in the second place, right below Sin City.

The City of Myriad Gods was an old city left behind by the ancient races and God Tribes, one of the ten hegemony existences in the Bedlams. No one knew the city's real strength, only that its Castellan became a Saint realm expert many years ago.

"Yes, Young Lord. Other than grade one spirit stones, I heard the City of Myriad Gods auction will also be offering a Heaven rank cultivation technique and a battle skill." Jiang Tianhua continued with his report.

"Heaven rank cultivation technique and battle skill." Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

Jiang Tianhua added, "Moreover, they are mid-grade Heaven rank cultivation skill and battle skill. The cultivation technique seemed to be called Great Thousand Technique, and the battle skill's name is Peerless Wind Breaking Finger."

Great Thousand Technique? Peerless Wind Breaking Finger? Huang Xiaolong nodded. He had heard Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu mention these two techniques before.

It was going to be very lively at the City of Myriad Gods with the auction of these much coveted Heaven ranked cultivation technique and battle skill.

"Make the preparations, I will set off to the City of Myriad Gods in two days." Huang Xiaolong pondered briefly and ordered Jiang Tianhua.

From Black Demon City to the City of Myriad Gods, with Huang Xiaolong's current speed, he still needed a month's time to arrive, at least.

Jiang Tianhua nodded and continued to report the recent movements of Blood River City's Five Poison Cult, Ghost Shadow Sect, and Tornado Valley.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, reminding Jiang Tianhua to defend Black Demon City well in the time that he's not around, paying close attention to the surrounding cities' movements.