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Chapter 261: Begin Swallowing the Blood Swallow School

 Chapter 261: Begin Swallowing the Blood Swallow School

"Later on, when our Doyen achieves major completion in his Undying Devil Physique and Devil Tribulation Finger, killing Chen Xiaotian will take nothing more than a flick of a finger." Li Yunhua laughed blatantly.

The moment Li Yunhua's laughter rang out, a cold snort sounded from the void. It came too abruptly, startling the two Blood Swallow School Elders. Alerted, both turned, backs facing each other as they scanned the surroundings warily, barking: "Who is it?! Roll out here!"

Before the vigilant eyes of Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang, two silhouettes emerged from the void, Huang Xiaolong and Chen Xiaotian, revealing themselves to Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang.

"Chen Xiaotian!" Both Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang were so shocked seeing one of the two people was Chen Xiaotian that they exclaimed aloud.

Even though both of them ridiculed how useless and vulnerable Chen Xiaotian would be in front of their Doyen, deep down they understood that regardless of their opinions, Chen Xiaotian was a peak late-Xiantian Seventh Order expert, one of the hegemons of Black Demon City.

Whereas the two of them were only late-Xiantian Sixth Order.

Almost immediately, Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang's keen eyes noticed that Chen Xiaotian was actually walking half a step behind a black-haired young man, humble in demeanor, his body slightly lowered at the waist. Their sight hastily shifted onto Huang Xiaolong in astonishment.

Huang Xiaolong looked at them with cold nonchalance, "Kill Chen Xiaotian? Swallow the Sky Magi Sect?" Without waiting for a reply, Huang Xiaolong looked over to Chen Xiaotian, "I'll leave them to you, as long as they still have one breath hanging at the end."

Chen Xiaotian's eyes lit up hearing that and thanked Huang Xiaolong respectfully, "Thank you, Young Lord!" Earlier, when he heard them saying that if the Blood Swallow Sect's Doyen, Jiang Tianhua, wanted to kill him it would only take the effort of wriggling a finger, Chen Xiaotian had been suppressing the anger boiling in his veins. Because there was no order to act from Huang Xiaolong, he dared not charge ahead on his own. Now, with Huang Xiaolong's order, Chen Xiaotian shot forward with great élan, launching attacks on Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang at the same time.

"Young Lord?!" Catching the crucial term Chen Xiaotian used to address the black-haired young man standing in front of them, Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang couldn't believe their ears. Before they could figure out what was happening, Chen Xiaotian's attack already reached in front of them.

Jarred back to their senses, both men raised their arms in defense. However, relying on their late-Xiantian Sixth Order strength, they were no match for Chen Xiaotian at all. In the first wave of attack, Chen Xiaotian already displayed his Windfist Flowing Fire Palm. A palm and fist combination, instantly suppressing Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang until they were unable to put up the slightest resistance, crashing down to the ground. Wind force blasted gravel and rock debris everywhere.

"Chen Xiaotian, stop!" Spitting out blood from his mouth, Li Yunhua hollered anxiously. Liu Liyang was angry and just as shocked as Li Yunhua.

Chen Xiaotian's feet landed gently on the ground. A contemptuous snicker sounded from his throat as he struck out another Windfist Flowing Fire Palm onto the two men's chest. Throughout the battle, Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang were given no chance to summon their martial spirits out to soul transform. Screams reverberated in the air as bodies tumbled harshly on the jagged ground, sending rocks and dust flying everywhere. At the end, Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang slammed heavily against two large boulders and slid down.

Huang Xiaolong's order stated that it was fine as long as they still had a breath in them, therefore, Chen Xiaotian did not hold back. Every attack was ruthless, venting fierce rage, pounding it into the two punching bags. Chen Xiaotian did not stop there, he sent them up to the air once again and continued to assault Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang in a torrent of fists and palms.

Ten minutes later, Li Yuhua and Liu Liyang sprawled half dead on the ground, turning into a pair of unrecognizable bloodied pulps, unable to even move their little fingers. Although Chen Xiaotian's attacks were ruthless, they were well-measured, guaranteeing that Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang would not die accidentally.

"Good, it's enough." Huang Xiaolong who had been watching at the side the entire time finally spoke.

Only after hearing Huang Xiaolong's order did Chen Xiaotian stop attacking, retreating respectfully behind Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong slowly strode towards the two bloodied men, peering down at their blood-stained swollen faces, he said, "I know you're very curious about my identity, you will know very soon. Let me tell you frankly, the Sky Magi Sect is already under my control now; Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, and all the Sky Magi Sect Elders have all submitted to me."

The two heavily injured and weakened Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang that couldn't even lift a pinky, suddenly snapped their eyes wide open, staring at Huang Xiaolong, as great waves of shock hit their hearts.


This black-haired young man had full control over the Sky Magi Sect?! Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, and all Sky Magi Sect Elders had all submitted to him?!

Their minds buzzed.

A brief moment later, two pairs of eyes fell on Chen Xiaotian's body. It was hard to believe, yet judging from Chen Xiaotian's earlier behavior in front of Huang Xiaolong, that respectful demeanor that was no different than a slave, Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang knew that Huang Xiaolong was speaking the truth.

However, how did this black-haired young man make Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, and the Sky Magi Sect's Elders submit to him? Why didn't the Blood Swallow School or Nine Fiend Sect receive any wind of something so big!?

"I'm giving you two a choice. One, like Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, and the others, submit to me, or two, death." Huang Xiaolong added.

Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang's expressions tightened.

"You're dreaming if you want us to submit!" Li Yunhua glared ferociously: "Impossible! Kid, kill us if you want, our Blood Swallow School will never let you go. Not only you, our Blood Swallow School will destroy the entire Sky Magi Sect!"

Huang Xiaolong's face sank. He shook his head, there'll always be some people that weren't aware of the direction in which the wind blows, then...! A hint of coldness shone in Huang Xiaolong's pupils, a finger pointed out as he raised his hand. Dark gray fog rolled out like rumbling storm clouds, strange dark creatures issued wails from its depth that pierced at the soul. A terrifying force burst out from the thick dark gray fog, enveloping Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang.

The Absolute Soul Pearl's heritage skill, the Absolute Soul Finger!

The appearance of the gray fog and the strange cries petrified Li Yunhua. Just as he was about to beg for mercy, the Absolute Soul finger imprint already pierced through the middle of his brows. Liu Liyang saw everything clearly from the side; the finger imprint pierced through his comrade's eyebrows and out from the back of his head. Blood and brain matter splattered out.

Li Yunhua stiffened, mouth agape as he tumbled sideways to the ground.

Liu Liyang's heart shivered staring at Li Yunhua's body and then at Huang Xiaolong again. He didn't expect Huang Xiaolong to be so decisive and ruthless, giving no second chances.

As these thoughts crossed Liu Liyang's mind, Huang Xiaolong slowly turned to him with piercing eyes, like a pair of swords. At this precise moment, a great shadow loomed over Liu Liyang's heart, body, and soul.

"I can give you time to reconsider. Think well before deciding, don't learn from him, opening his mouth recklessly." Huang Xiaolong then added: "But there's only one chance, live or die."

Liu Liyang's expression turned ugly beneath the blood stains.

Huang Xiaolong instructed Chen Xiaotian, "Deal with his corpse." Of course, Li Yunhua's corpse couldn't be left anywhere, all traces of evidence had to be erased.

"Yes, Young Lord!" Chen Xiaotian answered. A great suction force came from his palm and Li Yunhua's lifeless body flew up into the air. Then, Chen Xiaotian's fire battle qi burned brightly as he struck a Flowingcloud Fire Palm on Li Yunhua's corpse, incinerating it to gray ashes that scattered on the ground in just moment. Barely any time passed for the dust and sand blown by the wind to cover all traces.

Liu Liyang's expression turned from bad to worse, watching with his own eyes as Chen Xiaotian destroyed the evidence and the remains of Li Yunhua.

"I, am willing to... submit!" As the last traces of Li Yunhua's gray ashes disappeared, Liu Liyang made his decision.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, ordering Liu Liyang to release his soul sea for him to brand his soul sea with a soul mark.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong talk about branding his soul sea, another surge of tidal waves crashed at Liu Liyang's heart, but he had no other options. In the end, he obediently did as he was told, releasing his soul sea, allowing Huang Xiaolong to place his soul mark.

When all was done, Huang Xiaolong secretly breathed in relief, Liu Liyang's submission signaled the first step of incorporating Blood Swallow School and Sky Magi Sect.

Because Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang left Black Demon City on a task to look for the Bedeviled Spirit Bead in the Death Domain, their actions were safe. The Blood Swallow School's Doyen, Jiang Tianhua, wouldn't be suspicious for at least three to four months.

And within these three to four months, Huang Xiaolong had to make his way inside the Blood Swallow School before Jiang Tianhua became suspicious.