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Chapter 257: Greeting the Young Lord!

 Chapter 257: Greeting the Young Lord!

Huang Xiaolong understood what Du Xin wanted to say, but he shook his head saying "No need." The time wasn't ripe for him to take action yet.

Du Xin and Deng Guangliang were shocked and confused inwardly, but no longer dogged the issue.

"Young Lord, Chen Xiaotian is starting to feel suspicious, if we do not act swiftly now, when he finds out the truth of the matter, I'm afraid..." Deng Guangliang approached closer and cautioned.

"There is still some time before he can determine anything." Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, nonchalantly saying, "No need to worry, you just focus on watching Chen Xiaotian's movements and await my orders. Well, both of you leave now."

"Yes, Young Lord!" Both of them answered, saluted, and withdrew somberly.

After the two had left, Huang Xiaolong resumed his practice.

Chen Xiaotian would need some time to excavate the truth, and before that, Huang Xiaolong had to strive to break through into late-Xiantian Sixth Order.

It won't be too late to act after that!

Of course, most of Huang Xiaolong's confidence came from the fact that most of the Sky Magi Sect's Elders were under in his control, so he was in no rush to confront Chen Xiaotian at this moment.

Swallowing a drop of Geocentric Buddha Elixir, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in the Ten Buddha Formation, enveloped by spiritual energy from the netherworld, ancient Buddhist energy, as well as true dragon qi.

Days passed, and soon, fifteen days went by.

Huang Xiaolong, who was cultivating in the center of the Ten Buddha Formation, suddenly shook. Three bright glows flew out from his body like a tyrannical tornado, powerful winds blasting around inside the temple hall.

In Huang Xiaolong's meridians and Qi Sea, the netherworld battle, qi, true dragon battle qi, and ancient buddha battle qi coursed through every part of his body, surging with vitality.

Late-Xiantian Sixth Order, he succeeded!

Huang Xiaolong got up, standing in the center of the formation, a hundred corporeal hands fanned out from his body as Buddhism power formed a protective vigor qi, giving off a golden light, as if he was the reincarnation of the Ancient Thousand-Hand Buddha. With Huang Xiaolong's current comprehension of the Godly Xumi Art, he could project one hundred and sixty arms, and he could also divide his body into a dozen Buddha avatars.

Only some time later did Huang Xiaolong stop, the surging battle qi inside his body calmed down gradually as he breathed out foul qi from his mouth.

Finally, he had broken through late-Xiantian Sixth Order and the time had come to either subdue or clear out Chen Xiaotian. The time had come to have full control over the Sky Magi Sect in his hands.

Huang Xiaolong's body flickered into a blur and exited from the Godly Xumi Temple.


Sky Magi Sect headquarters' grand hall.

Chen Xiaotian sat on the throne on top of the dais with a gloomy expression. The subordinate he sent out to investigate about his third disciple Lin Yu came back to report that Lin Yu wasn't killed by Blood Swallow School's Deputy Cui Ming.

His two disciples were audacious enough as to lie to him!

What nerves!

He instructed the subordinate beside him, "Go call Elder Gao Qing and Elder Wu Honggang over to the grand hall. If they dare to resist, kill them without mercy!"

"Yes, Sect Leader!" The subordinate acknowledged respectfully and left the grand hall.

These people were death warriors Chen Xiaotian personally trained and each member of the group was a Xiantian warrior. Alone, they might not be Gao Qing or Wu Honggang's opponent, however, with more than thirty of them together, it was impossible for either Gao Qing or Wu Honggang to escape the capture.

When the squad of death warriors left, Chen Xiaotian remained sitting in the throne, pondering sullenly. Both Gao Qing and Wu Honggang were his disciples, he knew their characters well. Unless there was someone instructing them at his back, they wouldn't dare to deceive him.

Furthermore, recently, he sensed there was something amiss within the Sky Magi Sect, but he couldn't put his finger on it. This feeling made him uneasy.

Perhaps, capturing Gao Qing and Wu Honggang could help him make sense of things. Chen Xiaotian deduced the best he could.

However, a sudden miserable wail interrupted Chen Xiaotian's thoughts.

Chen Xiaotian raised his head, looking dumbfounded. This voice sounded like the same subordinate he had just ordered to bring Gao Qing and Wu Honggang over!

In the next instant, a series of tragic wails echoed inside the hall, the latter screams becoming clearer as the distance became closer to the grand hall.

Hearing the consecutive miserable screams, Chen Xiaotian snapped to attention. His face turned slightly pale as an overpowering ominous dread filled his heart.

These series of tragic screams all came from the squad of death warriors he sent out moments ago, as well as the guards around the grand hall. All of them were his most loyal subordinates and forces.

'Did someone launch an attack on Sky Magi Sect?' Chen Xiaotian was doubtful.

The Blood Swallow School?! Or Nine Fiend Sect?!

In Black Demon City, only these two forces had the ability to do so.

Just when Chen Xiaotian was about to step out from the grand hall to check out what was happening outside, he saw one of the guards run in drenched in blood.

"Sect Leader, run quickly!" When the words were out of his mouth, the guard tumbled to the floor, no longer moving.

Chen Xiaotian looked ugly. Before he could make the next move, several guards' bodies were thrown into the grand hall, on each of these guards' chest was a glaring crimson handprint.

"Blood Palm!" Chen Xiaotian's eyes glowered at the sight.

Blood Palm was a high-grade battle skill of the Sky Magi Sect, only those with the position of Elder and above were allowed to learn this skill.

At this point, a wave of people rushed into the grand hall. Chen Xiaotian turned around to look and he saw Geng Ken strolling in, clad in an ember red robe, with a group of Sky Magi Sect Elders trailing behind him, including his two disciples, Gao Qing and Wu Honggang. The very same ones which he had just ordered his subordinates to capture, were amongst the Elders entering the hall with Geng Ken.

Not only that, even his eldest and second disciple, Du Xin and Deng Guangliang walked into hall, following half a step behind Geng Ken.

Chen Xiaotian's expression likened the dark brewing storm.

"Geng Ken, what are you doing?!" Overcoming his shock, Chen Xiaotian actually became calmer, admonishing Geng Ken.

Stopping six to seven meters in front of Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken had a cold, condescending look on his face. Sneering, he said, "What do you think?"

As Chen Xiaotian's eyes swept over Gao Qing, Wu Honggang, Du Xin, Deng Guangliang, and the majority of the Sky Magi Sect's Elders, he suddenly threw his head back in exaggerated laughter. Halting just as abrupt as his laughter started, Chen Xiaotian glowered coldly at Geng Ken, "Little midget, looks like I, Chen Xiaotian underestimated you. But, it won't be easy if you want to sit on the Sky Magi Sect Leader's place!"

Chen Xiaotian was pondering who was the one directing Gao Qing and Wu Honggang from behind, but seeing Geng Ken, he had already pegged that mastermind to be none other than Geng Ken.

It wasn't just a day or two since Geng Ken nursed the ambition of taking the Sky Magi Sect's Sovereign position.

However, neither Geng Ken or any of the Sky Magi Sect Elders spoke a word. Instead, all of them turned around and retreated to the side, opening a wide berth of space in the middle, with their heads lowered in respect, towards the entrance.

Before Chen Xiaotian's confused expression, a black-haired young man emanating domineering aura walked into the hall with fluttering steps.

"We greet the Young Lord!" Geng Ken and the present Sky Magi Sect Elders knelt down in salute, their voices rising high, shaking the spacious hall.

Chen Xiaotian's eyes were wide, filled with confusion and shock as he observed the black-haired young man.

Huang Xiaolong walked into the Sky Magi Sect's grand hall, his face remained impassive even as he saw Geng Ken and the Elders kneeling in salute, "Stand up."

"We thank the Young Lord!" Geng Ken and the rest stood up after giving thanks.

Huang Xiaolong strolled leisurely until he was in front of Chen Xiaotian.

Only at this moment was Chen Xiaotian jolted back to the present and it dawned on him that he erred in his earlier conclusion. The person behind Gao Qing and Wu Honggang wasn't Geng Ken!

Who is this black-haired young man?!