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Chapter 251: An Impetuous, Death Seeking Slave!

 Chapter 251: An Impetuous, Death Seeking Slave!

It was a beautiful sunny weather the next day!

Huang Xiaolong was nursing a cup of wine in the mansion's main hall. Du Xin and Deng Guangliang had both gone out to invite their three Junior Brothers to the planned banquet. Huang Xiaolong believed the two of them could perform this task well.

While Huang Xiaolong was taking pleasure from the wine in his hand, sounds of footsteps and laughter were heard outside the main hall.

"Eldest Senior Brother, you're too kind to invite us several Junior Brothers personally. Sending a servant to inform us would've been enough. Do you think the three of us would dare refuse an invitation from you?"

Listening to these voices, Huang Xiaolong knew Du Xin and Deng Guangliang had returned. The one who had just spoken was one of their Junior Brothers.

"What is Junior Brother saying? Amongst so many disciples, Master favors Junior Brother Lin the most, us two Senior Brothers still need your help to say some good things in front of Master for us!" It was Du Xin who spoke.

"Hehe, no problem."

Just as that voice ended, Huang Xiaolong saw Du Xin and Deng Guangliang leading three young men wearing Sky Magi Sect Elder's robes, stepping into the main hall.

Upon entry, the trio saw Huang Xiaolong sitting in the hall, leisurely sipping on wine and could not help feeling dumbfounded.

After a brief moment of gaffe, all three regained their reason.

"Which dog cojones of a slave dares to sit in the master's main hall drinking wine!" One of them bellowed with anger.

Apparently, he had mistaken Huang Xiaolong for an audacious mansion servant.

"Eldest Senior Brother, isn't that slave acting too fearlessly? He dared to saunter into the master's place and drink wine when you were out!" Another one seconded.

"Since it's like this, this Junior Brother shall teach this impetuous death seeking slave on behalf of two Senior Brothers!" The last of the trio exclaimed righteously and his body blurred away in the next moment, striking a punch towards Huang Xiaolong.

A fist imprint shattered the void, emanating a burst of nauseating smell like that of a rotting corpse that spread inside the hall.

This was the same move that Du Xin and Deng Guangliang had tried to attack Huang Xiaolong with before, on the hill, the Sky Corpse Fist. But this person's attack power paled significantly compared to Du Xin and Deng Guangliang.

Watching that person aim a punch his way, Huang Xiaolong snickered coldly. According to Du Xin's description, this person should be Lin Yu, Chen Xiaotian's most favored disciple.

Lin Yu, a peak-late Xiantian Fifth Order.

Huang Xiaolong watched without moving, waiting until the fist got closer, then he simply lifted a hand and countered with a casual palm strike, clashing against the opponent's fist head on.

From Huang Xiaolong's palm strike, a myriad of Buddha statues emerged beneath the floorboards in various appearances. A pure aureate light shone as Buddhism energy brightened the entire hall space, and at the same time, a great spiritual pressure enveloped everyone in the main hall, flooding the four directions.

This was Huang Xiaolong's self-created battle skill, Earthen Buddha Palm.

The space high above shook violently all of a sudden.

The rest found it hard to believe as they watched the Sky Corpse Fist being crushed under Huang Xiaolong's palm, and the golden palm, which embodied the multifarious Buddha statues, slamming hard into Lin Yu's chest.

Lin Yu screamed, his body spun around, crashing into one of the main hall's stone walls, but not before shattering the wooden door, scattering wood pieces all over the floor.

A deathly silence filled the messy main hall.

The other two, Gao Qing and Wu Honggang's eyes almost popped out of their sockets watching their Third Senior Brother Lin Yu being smashed to the floor with a blood-stained body.

Third Senior Brother Lin Yu was defeated so pitifully by just one palm strike from a slave?! Their first natural reaction was disbelief, how could a slave be this powerful!

Their subsequent reaction was: this black-haired young man was probably not their Senior Brothers' mansion slave. It was impossible for a slave to have that kind of strength.

The two couldn't help but seek confirmation from Du Xin and Deng Guangliang.

"Big Senior Brother, who is this person? Is he also a guest of yours? How dare he injure Senior Brother Lin Yu so heavily!" Gao Qing sounded shocked and angry at the same time.

Before Gao Qing's words could finish, both of them saw Du Xin and Deng Guangliang approach the black-haired young man with respect, bowing their upper body in salute, greeting: "Young Lord!"

"Young Lord?!" Gao Qing and Wu Honggang were dumbfounded as they stared at Huang Xiaolong.

What did Du Xin and Deng Guangliang call this young man? Young Lord?!

What is happening here?! Neither one of them could figure out the situation fast enough.

"Both of you did well." Huang Xiaolong spoke a word of praise to Du Xin and Deng Guangliang.

Joy spread across Du Xin and Deng Guangliang's face hearing Huang Xiaolong's praise. Quickly bowing again in gratitude, "Many thanks for Young Lord's praise, this is something we subordinates should do."

Something we subordinate should do?! Gao Qing and Wu Honggang finally understood what was going on. Both were spitting fire from their eyes as they glowered at Du Xin and Deng Guangliang. Their faces distorted horribly with anger. If they still could not figure out what happened by now, they should just end their lives by jumping off a cliff.

"Du Xin, Deng Guangliang, both of you actually betrayed the Sky Magi Sect, submitting to another master?!" Gao Qing pointed a finger at Du Xin and Deng Guangliang's noses in an admonishing manner.

These words made Du Xin and Deng Guangliang snicker in satire.

"Young Lord will take over the Sky Magi Sect sooner or later. Not only the Sky Magi Sect, in fact, the entire Black Demon City will soon fall under Young Lord's hands!" Du Xin sneered, "I advise you three Junior Brothers to kneel down and submit to Young Lord now, swear your allegiance. Otherwise, it would be too late to feel regret later."

Gao Qing burst into a manic laughter hearing this. A finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong with a face full of contempt, "This little colt wants to take over our Sky Magi Sect? Control the entire Black Demon City?" His laughter reverberated as if it was the funniest joke in the world.

Not only Gao Qing, even Wu Honggang smirked at Du Xin's proclamation.

The truth was, they couldn't be blamed for suspecting Huang Xiaolong's chances in the matter. Their Master, Chen Xiaotian, had sat in the position of Sky Magi Sect's Sovereign for more than a hundred years and yet had never been able to fully control the sect in his hands. They dared to claim a mere young man could achieve what their Master couldn't?

As for taking over the Black Demon City, that was akin to an impossible fantasy.

Watching the two snickering in mockery, Huang Xiaolong paid no heed and walked towards them at an unhurried pace.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong coming towards them, Gao Qing and Wu Honggang were startled. It finally dawned on them at this very moment the most crucIal point of all, regardless if Huang Xiaolong could control the Sky Magi Sect and Black Demon City, for now, if Huang Xiaolong wanted their lives, neither one of them was capable of escaping.

As if by agreement, both Gao Qing and Wu Honggang each flicked out a poison pellet in Huang Xiaolong's direction, and skidded backward, turning into two groups of yellow mist, wanting to escape. But, just as both of them leaped back, they caught sight of Huang Xiaolong, who blurred into multiple images, with numerous illusionary arms coming out of his back.

Two miserable screams echoed as the two were slapped to the ground.

Poof! Blood spurted from their mouths as they raised their heads, looking fearfully at Huang Xiaolong.

What was that battle skill just now?!

Gao Qing and Wu Honggang were not the only ones shocked, Du Xin and Deng Guangliang watching from the side felt cold shivers down their spine.

"I'm giving you one last chance: die, or swear allegiance to me." Huang Xiaolong's cold voice rang.

At this moment, Lin Yu, the first person struck by Huang Xiaolong, got up slowly from the floor. Rage colored Lin Yu's eyes as he glared at Huang Xiaolong and spat the blood in his mouth at him, "Pehh, want us to submit to you? Little punk, who do you think you are, do you dare to kill us off? Don't expect to leave Black Demon City alive if you lay a finger on us!"

Lin Yu's fearlessness stemmed from having support behind him, he truly believed that Huang Xiaolong didn't dare to kill them.

"Really?" A strong killing intent exploded in Huang Xiaolong's pupils. In one swift action, he had moved beside Lin Yu, two cold lights glinted and vanished just as fast.

Lin Yu clutched at his throat, turning slowly sideways, a finger numbly pointed at Huang Xiaolong. Red, warm blood spurted endlessly out from his throat.

"You, could, could it be..." He still refused to believe, Huang Xiaolong dared to kill him in Black Demon City!