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Chapter 249: Ghost Shadow Sec

 Chapter 249: Ghost Shadow Sect

With Du Xin and Deng Guangliang following behind him, no one dared to look for trouble with Huang Xiaolong, otherwise, there would have been a dozen instances of people coming to welcome Huang Xiaolong with 'kind' intentions in the new city.

The whole time, from Huang Xiaolong's observation, the majority of these Black Demon City residents emanated a strong killing aura and a heavy blood scent. Of course, most of them possessed quite a high battle qi cultivation. Even the little kids running around in the streets exuded a feral temperament.

No doubt, those who managed to survive in the Bedlam Lands were no easy characters. In the Bedlam Lands, you couldn't afford to be kind!

"BeBeg, I beg you, don't kill me!" Just as Huang Xiaolong continued to walk calmly, up ahead on the same street, a disturbance took place. Looking over, Huang Xiaolong met with the scene of a brawny man kneeling on his knees, crying for mercy before a woman.

This woman had her back towards Huang Xiaolong, hence he wasn't able to make out her features. Still, this woman's back was a scenery in its own right; tall and slender, with scandalous curves.

While the brawny man was on his knees begging for mercy, the woman slowly unsheathed her longsword from the scabbard hanging around her waist. The blade reflected the sunlight, glinting a chilling azure-emerald light.

Watching the woman's action, fear took over the brawny man, knocking his head against the street intensively as he continued to beg, "Don't kill me, I know my wrongs, I won't dare anymore!"

At the precise moment that man's voice fell, the woman's wrist turned, the longsword in her hand made a dazzling curve and the brawny man's pleading cries halted forever. A finger raised halfway to point at the woman, but the man's body swayed to the side, tumbling to the street. Only then did blood spurt out from the man's throat, painting a canvas of red on the pavement.

Pedestrians gathered some distance away, watching like a spectating crowd at a performance, there were sounds of talking and laughter as if this kind of event were the norm for them.

After killing the brawny man, the woman didn't even spare a glance at his corpse, she turned away and left without a word. When she turned around, Huang Xiaolong caught a glimpse of the woman's faceㅡbeautiful, but icy.

As the woman was leaving, her eyes swept past Huang Xiaolong's face. There was a momentary shock when she caught sight of Du Xin and Deng Guangliang right behind him, but it was only for a moment and was gone when she brushed past Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong's heart tightened: this woman was not so simple, her strength was on par with him, at least, a Seventh Order.

"That woman is probably someone from the Ghost Shadow Sect." After the woman was out of sight, Du Xin stepped closer to Huang Xiaolong and explained.

"Ghost Shadow Sect?" Huang Xiaolong puzzled.

"Yes, Young Lord. The Ghost Shadow Sect's power in the Bedlam Lands is not weaker than our Sky Magi Sect. To be honest, they are slightly stronger than us." Deng Guangliang added, "The Ghost Shadow Sect's Sovereign is a Xiantian Eight Order expert, and that woman earlier should be Ghost Shadow Sect Sovereign Gui Ying's disciple. Their headquarters is located in Blood River City, not far from our Black Demon City."

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

Blood River City is it? Mn, after he took control of Black Demon City, the cities surrounding Black Demon City would be next

Soon, Du Xin and Deng Guangliang brought Huang Xiaolong to their mansion.

Having a personal mansion in a main city such as Black Demon City was a symbol of strength and power. In general, only mid-Xiantian experts with status, such as Du Xin and Deng Guangliang, could own personal land in Black Demon City. Xiantian experts with lower cultivation and status, at most, could own a small courtyard.

Entering the mansion, the servants and guards greeted Du Xin and Deng Guangliang respectfully as they moved towards the main hall.

In the main hall.

Huang Xiaolong sat in the center main seat. He had ordered both Du Xin and Deng Guangliang to assemble all the mansion's servants and guards to the main hall. Understanding Huang Xiaolong's intentions, both of them executed Huang Xiaolong's order without question.

When all the servants and guards arrived, each was shocked noticing the person sitting in the center main seat was a stranger to them, while Du Xin and Deng Guangliang stood on each side.

With all of them gathered, Du Xin briefly introduced Huang Xiaolong to the servants and guards. Of course, it was done with obscuring details of Huang Xiaolong's background. Mainly stating that Huang Xiaolong was to be referred to as Young Noble Huang, seeing him was no different than seeing him or Deng Guangliang in person, and to be shown the same respect.

Although many were curious and doubtful at the same time about Huang Xiaolong, no one dared to ask, only obediently following orders.

Huang Xiaolong scanned the many faces of these servants and guards and spoke slowly, addressing their curiosity "I know all of you are curious about my identity, but I hope you understand clearly what should be said and what shouldn't be said! Whoever dares to leak a word of this outside this main hall, discussing my identity, if it reaches my knowledge, they will be killed on the spot! Do you understand?" Huang Xiaolong released a sharp, murderous aura from his body, enveloping the entire main hall in a whelming pressure.

Enveloped by the chilling murderous aura, all the servants and guards felt as if they fell into a thousand year ice abyss, fear filled their eyes as all of them swiftly got down on their knees, each claiming they dare not whisper a word. At that moment, they realized, this Young Noble Huang was stronger than their masters.

Watching the group of servants and guards on their knees, Huang Xiaolong nodded, satisfied with their response. Allowing them the stand, Huang Xiaolong waved them away, "You can leave, return to whatever you should be doing."

Everyone answered in unison and hurried to withdraw from the main hall.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his gaze from the leaving servants. He wasn't done controlling the Sky Magi Sect, therefore he didn't wish to expose his existence in Black Demon City so early, attracting Chen Xiaotian and Geng Ken's suspicion. It would be too much work. He believed that with his warning earlier, there wouldn't be any loose lips amongst these servants and guards, unless someone tortured them.

Of course Huang Xiaolong could use soul marking to control them, however, every time he used this method, it greatly consumed his spiritual force. And overusing the method had side effects, which would be detrimental to his future cultivation. Hence, unless it was necessary, Huang Xiaolong wouldn't exhaust his spiritual force this way.

"Young Lord, what should we do next?" After everyone had left the main hall, Deng Guangliang inquired of Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the two of them, saying: "No hurry, I will tell you what to do when the time comes."

Both replied yes with respect.

A tiny glow shone from Huang Xiaolong's hand as he took out two spirit pellets from the Asura Ring, "These two are grade six spirit pellets." With that, he flicked the two pellets towards Du Xin and Deng Guangliang's palm.

Instantly, an enticing fragrance wafted into Du Xin and Deng Guangliang's noses.

"Grade six spirit pellets!" Both exclaimed in surprise looking at the pellet in their hands. Even in the Bedlam Lands, grade six spirit pellets were hard to come by.

"Young Lord, this, is rewarding us?" Du Xin wasn't sure and ventured with caution.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, "Perform well in the future, you'll have many more of these grade six spirit pellets." Although Huang Xiaolong branded their soul seas with his soul marks, forcing them to have no other choice but to listen to his orders, Huang Xiaolong was someone who had clear distinctions between reward and punishment. With those deserving to be rewarded, he would not be stingy.

Moreover, to others, refining grade six pellets was a difficult task, but it didn't apply to Huang Xiaolong, who had the Thousand Beasts Cauldron inside the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

"Many thanks, Young Lord! We will definitely carry out all of Young Lord's orders, doing our best effort for Young Lord unto our dying day!" Du Xin and Deng Guangliang knelt down and kowtowed as they vowed.

The words spoken were honest and heartfelt.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and allowed them to take their leave for now. He would be giving them instructions later. Huang Xiaolong already had a plan on how to take over the Sky Magi Sect.