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Chapter 247: Not Willing?

 Chapter 247: Not Willing?

It wasn't until the two people closed in within a hundred meters that Huang Xiaolong gradually ended his practice. Converging his Asura Demon Claw flow within his body, Huang Xiaolong scrutinized the two people approaching, one from the front and one behind him.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong had already noticed them the moment they appeared on the other peak, however, because these two were only Xiantian Sixth Order, Huang Xiaolong paid no further attention to them.

By this point, the two middle-aged men halted their steps ten meters away from Huang Xiaolong and stood still.

The scar-faced man's eyes inspected Huang Xiaolong up and down while his lips arched in a friendly smile, "This Lil' Bro, may I know which sect you're from, how shall I address you?"

Although the scar-faced man already planned to capture Huang Xiaolong and force the battle skill out from his mouth, he was in no hurry to do so before he has an idea about Huang Xiaolong's background, for instance, which sect Huang Xiaolong belonged to.

The Sky Magi Sect wasn't weak by the Bedlams' standard, but still, before certain hegemony existences they were no different than an insignificant ant. If ,by chance, this young man was one of those existences' disciple, or worse, a core disciple, the scar-faced man would think twice before making a move.

Otherwise, if he mistakenly provoked a tyrannical existence without knowing, he risked being turned into slag.

Huang Xiaolong already knew what two these were thinking by the look on their faces. Sneering secretly he repeated in a taciturn manner, "Which sect's disciple?"

The horse-faced man revealed a kind smile, "Yes, who knows, maybe Lil' Bro's Master is an old friend of our Master..."

"You think too much, I don't belong to any sect in the Bedlam Lands." Huang Xiaolong cut in, "So, you need not worry about loose ends after killing me."

Both the scar-faced and horse-faced middle-aged men were stunned, neither expected Huang Xiaolong's would be so 'direct.' Exchanging a glance between them, there was faint doubt in their eyes as their attention fell on Huang Xiaolong once again.

Did not belong to the Bedlam Lands?!

Then, where does this young man's confidence come from? Both of them could tell Huang Xiaolong was just a mid-Xiantian Sixth Order, whereas the two of them were late-Xiantian Sixth Order experts. With them joining to attack, this young man had no chance to escape.

"Make your move." While both were still stumped, Huang Xiaolong spoke again, "I'm giving you one chance, letting you make the first move."

Hearing this, the two of them frowned as they stared at Huang Xiaolong, confusion and vigilance spiked as they exchanged another glance. Yet, no one moved.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and smiled sardonically watching these two people's hesitation, "Weren't both of you curious to know if I was practicing a Heaven rank battle skill? I can tell you now, it is indeed a Heaven rank battle skill, and it is not a mere a Heaven rank low-grade battle skill."

Not a mere Heaven rank low-grade! Their eyes shone brightly.

Before they realized what happened, Huang Xiaolong leaped up, his two hands formed into claws and slashed out in opposite directions. From Huang Xiaolong's attack, two huge dark claw shadows tore across space, black fog rolling as a dozen evil wraiths shrieked viciously. The surrounding light was blotted out.

Watching the two huge dark palms targeting them, the scar-faced and horse-faced middle-aged men were alarmed, instantly jumping back to dodge, releasing their battle qi at the same time, aiming a fist to counter Huang Xiaolong's attack.

"Sky Corpse Fist!"

"Feral Undead!"

Both men shouted at the same time.

Their attacks were shrouded in a perceivable death aura, accompanied by a nauseating smell that withered the air, akin to a hundred-year-old rotting corpse laid bare.

In a split second, their fist imprints collided with Huang Xiaolong's palm imprints.

Boom! A loud impact resounded like the crackle of a vengeful thunderbolt. Air currents shook violently, blasting out in all four directions, sand and dust rose as crack lines zigzagged on the peak's surface, deepening into fissures.

What horrified the two men most was that Huang Xiaolong's Asura Demon Claws did not dissipate after the collision, instead they continued towards them.

Just when they wanted to swerve away, the black claw imprints already arrived before them, striking their torso accurately.

Both men plummeted to the ground with a tragic scream, raising another screen of dust and sand.

Poof! Crashing into the ground, blood spurted from their mouth, dyeing the dry yellow soil dark red.

"You, you cannot be!" Two men looked fearfully at Huang Xiaolong, there was shock, disbelief, and discernible fear in their eyes. Both of them were late-Xiantian Sixth Order, yet in a joint attack, they were the ones being gravely injured by the young man!

Huang Xiaolong approached slowly, ignoring the shock on their faces, his cold voice sounded, "Like I've said earlier, I gave you a chance to attack first."

Struggling to get up, they hastily moved back in panic.

"You, what do you want to do?!" Scar-face repressed the fear in his heart, asking Huang Xiaolong aloud.

"What do I want to do?" Huang Xiaolong sneered, "Didn't you want to capture me, and 'ask' me about the Asura Demon Claw skill?"

Having their intentions exposed so plainly, uncertainty flitted past their eyes. It finally dawned on them that Huang Xiaolong already saw through their plan from the very beginning.

The horse-faced man forced an awkward smile, "This Lil' Bro, we, we..."

Before he could finish, Huang Xiaolong's silhouette blurred in a flicker, disappearing in mid-air. In the next instant, he appeared right in front of them, hands poised for another attack, but both men raised their hands in defense half a beat too late, as Huang Xiaolong's palms once again struck their chests, sending them flying.

Two figures slammed into the cliff wall not far away, sliding down with gravel and stones. Huang Xiaolong approached once again, standing in front of two sprawled bodies.

"Lil' Bro, we were wrong, we have eyes but failed to see, I beg, beg you, spare us." The horse-faced middle-aged man cried pitifully with a trembling voice. Regardless if they believed it or not, Huang Xiaolong's strength far surpassed their expectation and their strength. Before Huang Xiaolong, their resistance was futile.

"Spare you?" Huang Xiaolong dawdled, "Not killing you, is a negotiable option."

The two men looked dumbly at Huang Xiaolong, unable to react appropriately. At first, both of them thought they were dead for sure, for it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to spare them. But Huang Xiaolong really wasn't going to kill them?

"You... won't kill us?" Scar-face ventured cautiously.

"That's right." Huang Xiaolong answered, ever indifferent.

The scar-faced man hesitated before saying, "You, want us to submit to you?" There was no other possibility other than this that could make Huang Xiaolong spare them.

Huang Xiaolong nodded nonchalantly, causing the two to contemplate in silence. Huang Xiaolong waited patiently, in no hurry for a decision.

His plan to conquer the Bedlam Lands had to proceed one step at a time, and frankly, he had thought of reigning these two people when they appeared, as the stepping stones to taking over their sect, and with their sect as his base and foundation, spreading out to the entire Bedlam Lands. If these two had no value, they would have died long ago.

"I agree." A short while later, the horse-faced middle-aged man was the first to speak, "I'm willing to submit to you."

Following that, the scar-faced man echoed the same words, willing to submit to Huang Xiaolong.

"Good. Now, release your soul sea, I'm going to brand your soul sea with a soul mark." Huang Xiaolong said while nodding his head.

"Brand a soul mark!" Both men blurted out in shock as their faces turned a shade whiter.

Watching their drastic reaction, Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly, how could he not guessed what these two were thinking earlier. First, they would agree to submit and the second they stepped into the Sky Magi Sect, they would sound the alarm, gathering the sect's forces to siege him.

"What? Not willing?" The look in Huang Xiaolong's eyes sharpened.