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Chapter 203: This Matter Won’t Be Forgiven So Simply

 Chapter 203: This Matter Won't Be Forgiven So Simply

"Yes, it was Huang Xiaolong!" Guo Fei interjected!

Guo Shiwen looked over to Chief Steward Zhang Yue with a baffled expression, Huang Xiaolong's name was strange to his ears.

Zhang Yue took a small step forward, explaining to him, "Huang Xiaolong is this year's Imperial City Battle first place winner. Patriarch was away for some time, hence you have no impression of him."

Some time ago, Guo Shiwen went out to handle some business at an external Million Treasure House branch and had just come back recently. Being busy day in and day out with the family business, he hadn't had the time to pay attention to these things. But then again, with his identity, he didn't need to follow events such as the Imperial City Battle closely. In his eyes, the Imperial City Battle was nothing more than a game for kids."

"This year's Imperial City Battle first place?" a tiny frown appeared on Guo Shiwen's forehead, "I heard that Xie Family's little kid, Xie Puti, also took part this year?"

"Yes indeed. In this year's Imperial City Battle, Xie Family's Xie Puti also took part." Zhang Yue replied respectfully. "But, in the last round, Xie Puti lost to Huang Xiaolong. This Huang Xiaolong's talent is quite amazing, he has superb twin martial spirits!"

"What? Superb twin martial spirits!" Guo Shiwen was stunned.

"Yes, and both of his superb twin martial spirits are a Primordial Divine Dragon. One is the Black Dragon, and the other is a Blue Dragon that has never been seen before!" Zhang Yue added.

"A never seen before Blue Dragon!" Guo Shiwen's eyes narrowed inexplicably.

"Dad, on the the street just now Huang Xiaolong humiliated us, nearly crushing our throats!" Guo Zhi swiftly cut in, "We cannot let that mongrel bastard Huang Xiaolong off!"

Guo Shiwen looked at the two of them. Suddenly, he clapped his palms together, sending out two spheres of flames that spiraled into their chests. The dark black handprint that Huang Xiaolong left on their body disappeared at rapid speed.

Feeling the pain in their chests disappear, Guo Zhi and Guo Fei were overjoyed.

"Where are Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan?" Guo Shiwen asked Zhang Yu, "Go and summon them here."

"Yes, Patriarch!" Zhang Yue answered with respect.

Hearing this, an uneasy hesitation showed on Guo Zhi's face as he said, "Dad, Steward Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan, just now, they, they...!"

"Spit it out!" Guo Shiwen's frown creased deeper.

Guo Zhi nearly jumped out from his skin, "We ran into Huang Xiaolong in the streets, later, the two stewards also came. They are still there now!"

"They're still there?" This puzzled Guo Shiwen and Zhang Yue. Both were unable to catch the meaning behind those words.

Being the focus of Guo Shiwen and Zhang Yue's gaze, Guo Fei stammered out an explanation, "Both the stewards, Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan, were wounded. They, they are still lying there. I'm not sure if they're still alive."

"What?!" Guo Shiwen and Zhang Yue both exclaimed in shock with widened eyes.

Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan were wounded and still lying on the streets, and the brothers was unsure if they were dead or alive?!

Guo Zhi and Guo Fei cast their head down, too scared to face Guo Shiwen's expression.

"Was it a bodyguard beside Huang Xiaolong?" Guo Shiwen questioned in a surly tone.

"Yes, one of Huang Xiaolong's bodyguards." Guo Zhi hurried to answer, describing Zhao Shu's facial features to his father.

When Guo Zhi finished, Guo Shiwen and Zhang Yue exchanged a look.

"How did Huang Xiaolong's bodyguard wound Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan?" Guo Shiwen asked another question.

"Huang Xiaolong's bodyguard waved his hand a single time and a giant palm print appeared in the sky above, swatting down on Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan. Then, both stewards were directly buried into the ground." Guo Fei said.

"What?! You're saying the other side just used a single wave of his hand?" Guo Shiwen and Zhang Yue were shocked once again.

"It's true, that bodyguard just used one move!" Guo Fei answered honestly.

The atmosphere in the big hall suddenly became stagnated.

Guo Shiwen paced back and forth, and no one dared to make a sound.

After what seemed like a long time, Guo Zhi walked up and muttered cautiously, "Dad, we cannot let this matter be forgiven!"

Guo Shiwen looked at his sons, his words were spoken slowly through his lips, "Of course we won't let this matter be forgiven so simply!" He, as the recognized Guo Family successor had both of his sons humiliated and wounded in public. Where would the Guo Family's face be if he let this matter go?

At that time, Zhang Yue stepped forward as well, "Patriarch, if the other side needed only one palm to wound Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan gravely, then he is very likely a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order expert, someone very close to breaking into Saint realm."

Guo Shiwen scoffed, "So what if he is a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order expert." A ruthless light flickered in his eyes as he said, "Even if he is a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order expert, he dared to injure my son. There is only one ending, death!"


A powerful aura burst out from Guo Shiwen's body.

At the same time in Yao Manor.

Yao Fei's expression was extremely gloomy as he listened to his subordinate's report.

"What is the name of that middle-aged man that wounded Chen Qingfeng and Lu Yifan?" Moments later, Yao Fei asked.

A middle-aged man in an indigo robe came forward, "According to this Subordinate's investigation, he is called Zhao Shu."

The man who responded was Yao Fei's left and right-hand man, his name was Xiao Teng.

"Zhao Shu." Yao Fei repeated the name.

Xiao Teng moved closer, adding: "Young Noble, this Zhao Shu is probably very close to breaking into Saint realm."

"It seems, Jin Mu and Zhang Fei's death are related to this Zhao Shu person." Yao Fei snickered, "Peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order? No wonder Huang Xiaolong was so arrogant."

"Young Noble, with regards to Huang Xiaolong, should we... ?" Xiao Teng hesitated.

"A mere peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order expert. Our Yao Family has a foundation that was built over two thousand years ago, would we be afraid of a greenhorn that's wet behind the ears?" Yao Fei scoffed, "Regardless of what identity that Huang Xiaolong has, people who have offended me will suffer the same consequences, and that is to die miserably."

"Continue sending people to watch over Huang Xiaolong's movements!"

"Yes, Young Noble!"

Deep in the silent night.

Huang Xiaolong stood in his yard. The scene of Li Lu being taken away once again replayed in his mind.

"Ao Baixue!" His knuckles turned white as he thought of the words Ao Baixue said.

There was barely seven years left before the next Deities Templar's disciple selection. And one of the conditions to become a Deities Templar disciple was to reach Xiantian Tenth Order.

Xiantian Tenth Order!

Monstrous though Huang Xiaolong's talent might be, and as fast as his cultivation speed was, there was no way he could advance to Xiantian Tenth Order in seven years!

Was there no other way? Huang Xiaolong's brows locked together.

"Sovereign!" Suddenly, Zhao Shu's voice sounded.

"Come in." Huang Xiaolong calmed himself and answered.

"Sovereign, did you need something from me?" Zhao Shu asked after he stepped in.

"Zhao Shu, do you know of any method that could help me break through to Xiantian Tenth Order within seven years?" Huang Xiaolong asked directly.

Hearing this, Zhao Shu sighed secretly in his heart. He could easily see through his Sovereign's intention. Shaking his head, Zhao Shu said, "Sovereign, there's no way, unless..."

"Unless what?" Huang Xiaolong swirled around and his eyes lit up.

"Unless Sovereign can spend time cultivating in Divine World." Zhao Shu said.

"Divine World!" Huang Xiaolong blanked for a second before shaking his head with a bitter smile. This was something impossible. Only Deities Templar knew the space tunnel to enter Divine World, and according to what Zhao Shu explained previously, it required several peak late-Saint Tenth Order experts working together with an ancient array before a tunnel could be opened.

Then, out of nowhere, a thought struck Zhao Shu and he blurted out: "There's another way, maybe it could... !"