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Chapter 197: Li Lu Appears!

 Chapter 197: Li Lu Appears!


After the goatee middle-aged man withdrew, Yao Fei mumbled to himself, "What does that punk hope to achieve from entering the inner division grounds? Still, in order to attract this little punk, Wuhen was actually willing to use his Golden Token... He really places a high importance on him! I also heard this kid has been getting along well with Xie Puti."

"But Huang Xiaolong, do you think that by being tied together with Duan Wuhen and the Xie Family, I wouldn't dare to kill you?"

"I'll make sure you understand the terrifying consequences of offending me, Yao Fei!"

Yao Fei voiced icily, words reverberating above the yard.

Every time he recalled the scene in front of Wind Facing Hall where Huang Xaiolong told him to kneel down and admit wrong in public, Yao Fei could hardly control his soaring murderous intent.

Huang Xiaolong!!

The gleam in Yao Fei's eyes was like sharp blades.

At this time Huang Xiaolong, who was roaming around in the inner division area, walked in front of a pagoda.

The pagoda reached a hundred zhang in height and was divided into several different levels, spiraling up from the bottom in a spherical shape. Peculiar drawings were painted on the surface of each wall on every level.

There were humans, beasts, mountains, seas, and some strange looking plants.

Looking at this pagoda, a light of familiarity shone in Huang Xiaolong's eyes. Judging from the shape, the pagoda in front of him had an uncanny resemblance to the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

A voice suddenly sounded behind him, "This is the Battle Skill Pagoda. Duanren Emperor had it made in order to imitate the Linglong Treasure Pagoda. Inside is laid with a Spirit Gathering Array. Cultivating battle qi inside is highly beneficial."

Huang Xiaolong turned around to see who was behind him. The person that spoke was a young man wearing azure clothes. He wore the same azure color from head to toe and had a golden badge that represented being an inner division disciple of Duanren Institute. He seemed to be about twenty-seven to twenty-eight years of age.

Made to imitate the Linglong Treasure Pagoda? No wonder its appearance was so similar to the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

"I'm called Liu Jianyu." The azure-robed young man smiled and introduced himself.

"Huang Xiaolong." Huang Xiaolong reciprocated.

"You're THAT Huang Xiaolong?! The one with superb twin dragon martial spirits, Huang Xiaolong?" Liu Jianyu couldn't hide his shock hearing Huang Xiaolong's name.

"So, you're Huang Xiaolong." Liu Jianyu chuckled, appearing really happy as his hand reached out to Huang Xiaolong while he approached closer, "I've wanted to get to know this year's Imperial City Battle champion, being hailed as Duanren Empire's most talented monstrous genius since its establishment, the Divine Dragon Young Noble."

"Divine Dragon Young Noble?" Huang Xiaolong was confused. He too reached out his hand to clasp the other's hand.

With a shake, both release their hands.

Liu Jianyu explained, "I don't think you know. Now, people already likened you to Wuhen, Heartless, and the rest of the five Young Nobles rank, calling you Divine Dragon Young Noble. Now, Duanren Empire no longer has five Young Nobles, but rather six."

"Six Young Nobles!" Huang Xiaolong shook his head wryly.

He didn't expect he would be coined with a nickname such as Divine Dragon Young Noble and become a part of this so-called six Young Nobles of Duanren Empire.

"But... you're not an inner division student, yet still managed to enter?" Liu Jianyu asked.

"I have the Golden Token." Huang Xiaolong replied, precise and short.

Since the matters about the Golden Token would definitely be conveyed from the mouths of those guards, there was nothing to conceal.

Liu Jianyu was genuinely shocked at this piece of information. He stared at Huang Xiaolong with obvious disbelief on his face for a good while before laughing it off, "This Golden Token must've been given to you by Young Noble Wuhen? I didn't expect Young Noble Wuhen to willingly to let you use the Golden Token."

Hearing what the other party said, Huang Xiaolong neither confirmed nor refuted. He just smiled in silence instead.

If he said the Golden Token had come from Duan Ren, and that he had unlimited usage of it, not only would Liu Jianyu likely find it hard to believe, but the entire Duanren Empire would have the same reaction.

Of course, two people were excluded from thisㅡDuan Wuhen and Cheng Jian.

Liu Jianyu chatted with Huang Xiaolong for a while before separating.

Although Liu Jianyu did not mention it, Huang Xiaolong guessed he was a member of Duanren Empire's Liu Family.

The Liu Family might not compare to Xie Puti's Xie Family, but it was still a big family in Duanren Empire after all, just marginally lower in status when compared to Guo Tai's Guo Family.

Huang Xiaolong had a favorable opinion towards Liu Jianyu, just as he did with Guo Tai. Both of them didn't have that reckless arrogance belonging to younger generation nobles from big families.

After separating with Liu Jianyu, Huang Xiaolong continued to 'roam' around the inner division.

Another day passed without any reaction from the Linglong Treasure Pagoda and God Binding Ring inside Huang Xiaolong's body.

Huang Xiaolong left the inner division grounds when night descended, returning back to Southern Hill Estate.

As for the person sent to keep an eye on Huang Xiaolong, he reported to Yao Fei and said that Huang Xiaolong only wandered around mindlessly. Yao Fei frowned.

"Wandered aimlessly around the perimeter?" Yao Fei tried to think of Huang Xiaolong's possible aim.

"Young Noble, is it possible the brat was just curious about the inner division and wanted to enter to take a look around?" At this time, a guard took a step forward and suggested.

But before he could finish, Yao Fei's palm struck him, sending that guard flying to a corner of the room.

"What do you think?" Yao Fei mocked, his icy voice sounding impatient.

This caused the guard to hit his own mouth repeatedly as repentance.

"Contact Jin Mu, have him come back." Yao Fei turned around and instructed a different guard beside him.

That guard hesitated briefly before saying, "Young Noble, we lost contact with Senior Jin Mu two days ago. It seems Senior Jin Mu has... gone missing!"

"What? Missing?!" Yao Fei's eyes glowered.

"Yes. Senior Jin Mu went missing just like Senior Zhang, the last thing we know is that the both of them were in Southern Hill Estate." That guard confirmed.

The Senior Jin Mu mentioned by Yao Fei was the silver-haired old man refined by Huang Xiaolong using the Linglong Treasure Pagoda two days ago.

"Already missing for two days, why did you only inform me about this right now?" Yao Fei became enraged and struck that guard, sending him flying.

The rest of the guards were trembling in fear.

"Scram, go investigate what happened!" Yao Fei roared.

"Yes, Young Noble!"

The group of guards fled in panic.

The glint in Yao Fei's eyes sharpened: "Huang Xiaolong!"

At this time in Southern Hill Estate, Huang Xiaolong stood in the middle of his yard. The internal force in his body flowed, slowly shrinking his bones, he had seemingly grown shorter by half a head. Judging from physical appearance, Huang Xiaolong appeared to be only one meter tall at most, not much different compared to a seven to eight-year-old child.

When he successfully shrunk his bones to one meter in height, the bones in his body started to issue cracking sounds as he grew back to his original height of about six feet.

This was: Bone Shrinking Art.

Before this, his internal force had yet to break into the Xiantian realm, thus this Bone Shrinking Art wasn't that useful. But he had been practicing this ever since his internal force broke into the Xiantian realm, allowing the bones in his body to shrink and enlarge naturally. In the future, Huang Xiaolong could change his physical appearance and facial features. This would prove to be greatly convenient and useful in the future.

This was something that battle qi cultivation could not provide. Not even a Saint or God Realm expert could do what he did.

The night passed quietly.

When dawn approached, Huang Xiaolong stopped his practice for the night. Leaving Southern Hill Estate through the front entrance, Huang Xiaolong suddenly stiffened. He stopped and stared dazedly at the person in front of him.

There stood a familiar figure!

Li Lu!

It was actually the Li Lu who was taken away by that beautiful woman from Deities Templar.

Li Lu wore a white dress, her slightly red-rimmed eyes stared at Huang Xiaolong. Compared to three years ago, her small face lost the naivety and naughtiness that used to be there, replaced with a magnificent charm and stunning beauty. Every movement and smile could shake a person to their core. She was much taller than three years ago, and much more developed as well.

Huang Xiaolong rubbed his eyes, afraid it was just his hallucination.