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Chapter 175: Imperial City Battle 7

 Chapter 175: Imperial City Battle (7)

When the second day of competition began, half of the people went up to draw lots, which also included Huang Xiaolong.

The number Huang Xiaolong drew was thirty-one.

Number thirty-one: Flowing Tune Kingdom's Cheng Fusheng-this was Huang Xiaolong's first opponent for the day's battle.

When Chen Fusheng found out his first opponent was Huang Xiaolong, Cheng Fusheng's nerves grew taut.

By now, everyone was of the impression Huang Xiaolong had the strength to enter the top ten. Other than Xie Puti, Yanggang, Huang Xiaolong, Pang Yu, Cui Li, and Dai Shanni were opponents these kingdoms' geniuses were most unwilling to fight at this juncture.

The number Xie Puti drew was one!

Again, many wondered if it was a coincidence or actually the intention of Duanren Empire.

However, after yesterday most believed it was a purposeful act.

Number one!

This was building momentum for Xie Puti.

Inevitably, many would subconsciously link the number one to the first place winner. Therefore, Duanren Empire was discreetly implying the person Duanren Emperor acknowledged as the champion of the Imperial City Battle this year would be none other than Xie Puti

Watching Xie Puti draw the number one stick and the heated discussions coming from all around, Huang Xiaolong remained calm and unperturbed.

Xie Puti's first opponent was Huang Yiping from the Scarlet Pearl Kingdom.

They shared the same surname, Huang Yiping and Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Yiping's cultivation was not weak, reaching mid-Xiantian First Order.

In this year's competition, there was a total of one thousand three hundred and sixty-two people, with two hundred and fifteen among them being Xiantian realm experts.

After the elimination on the first day, the one hundred remaining had proven their strength, and all of them were Xiantian realm experts.

Every year, those who successfully entered Duanren Institute were Xiantian experts. Throughout history, people that managed to enter Duanren Institute while still at the Houtian realm were scarce in number.

The moment Huang Yiping stood on the stage, he summoned his martial spirit and soul transformed in the same instant, launching an attack towards Xie Puti in the most straightforward manner.

Huang Yiping displayed a low-grade Earth rank battle skill named Earth Razing Finger.

In general, there weren't many finger-based battle skills available, and a low-grade Earth rank finger-based battle skill was even more rare.

Huang Yiping's finger targeted Xie Puti as if it was the tip of a sharp blade, leaving a mark across the stage floor and raising a screen of stone-riddled dust on the stage as he moved.

These ten battle stages were made of a kind of rock granite that average weapons couldn't even scratch, yet Huang Yiping did just that by using his finger. The power of this attack was evident.

However, just as Huang Yiping's finger attack was about to stab Xie Puti, Xie Puti raised his palm, instantly ceasing Huang Yiping's motions. His palm struck forward: "Get down!"

Phoenix fire erupted like a volcano, spilling out like raging waves of lava.

Huang Yiping turned white, staggering backwards repeatedly until he reached the edge of the battle stage. Both his palms suddenly struck forward, and borrowing the rebound force, his body flew out of the battle stage.

Huang Yiping-lost!

Even if they already knew the result, seeing how effortless Xie Puti defeated Huang Yiping still triggered a wave of shock in the hearts of many geniuses below the stage. Outside the battle stage arena, the crowd's excitement instantly grew to a frenzy.

After a short period of time, the first group of ten that included Xie Puti finished their turns. Next came the second group, then the competition quickly moved on to the third group in which Huang Xiaolong was participating.

Since Huang Xiaolong's number was thirty-one, he too headed towards stage number one.

Standing on the stage, Huang Xiaolong faced his opponent, Chen Fusheng, who was on the other side with an aloof and indifferent attitude. Chen Fusheng was tall, reaching a height over six foot two, close to two meters. His four limbs bulged and he had dense coarse hair covering his skin, similar to beastmen.

From Chen Fusheng's outward appearance, either his parents or ancestor were likely beastmen.

"Huang Xiaolong, although I know I'm not your opponent, I will not throw in the towel." Cheng Fusheng looked at Huang Xiaolong, the apprehension in his eyes gradually receded and was replaced with a surging desire for battle.

A dazzling light subsequently burst out from his body as a brilliant red, long sword that was enveloped by a layer of azure flame appeared, floating above his head.

This was Chen Fusheng's martial spirit, Azure Flame Sword!

This variation type grade ten martial spirit was infinitely close to a superb talent martial spirit.

Without wasting time, Chen Fusheng soul transformed instantaneously after summoning his martial spirit. Multiple sword lights continuously swirled around his body. These were blade lights that burned with an azure flame!

Chen Fusheng's body blurred into afterimages as he shot forward as if he was a long sword, reaching the front of Huang Xiaolong figure almost instantly, then launched an attack.

"Azure Flame Sword Formation!"

Chen Fusheng swung out with both of his hands.

In that split second, multiple sword lights merged into a huge Azure Flame Sword. The Azure Flame Sword spun in the air, creating a cross-shaped sword formation as it flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Fusheng was a mid-Xiantian First Order expert. The level of his attack was on par with Huang Yiping's Earth Razing Finger, the person who fought against Xie Puti earlier.

All eyes were staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, including Xie Puti. He too wanted to see how Huang Xiaolong was going to break Chen Fusheng's attack.

No matter how strong Huang Xiaolong's physical defense was, it was impossible for him to fully receive this attack using his body alone.

Huang Xiaolong watched as Chen Fusheng executed his attack, the Azure Flame Sword that was flying in his direction. He clenched his fingers into a fist and punched out using a Collapse Fist onto the center of the rotating Azure Flame Sword Formation.

From Huang Xiaolong's attack, space seemed to wrinkle like a crumpled blanket from the force as his fist piercing through the air.

BOOM! A thunderous explosion resounded and the Azure Flame Sword Formation shattered, sword light splinters ricocheting violently in all directions. The trajectory of Huang Xiaolong's punch continued to shoot forward, striking Chen Fusheng on the chest. One solid punch landed heavily.

A low grunt escaped Chen Fusheng's throat as his body inverted before he was thrown out and then landed on the ground outside the battle stage.

Chen Fusheng-lost!

Even Fei Hou would have difficulty taking a full blow of Collapse Fist from the current Huang Xiaolong, what more a mere Chen Fusheng.

A second after Chen Fusheng fell to the ground, loud cheers and applause erupted from the spectators outside the battle stage.

Xie Puti looked on calmly after seeing this result, whereas Yanggang and Pang Yu's expressions were ugly to the extreme.

Huang Xiaolong returned to his seat after walking down from the stage.

Cui Li looked at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated expression. After hesitating, she spoke: "Xiaolong, how about you make a trip to Yao Manor this evening?"

"To Yao Manor?" Huang Xiaolong was baffled as he looked over to Cui Li.

Cui Li said, "Go and apologize to Heartless Young Noble."

Go apologize!

Huang Xiaolong frowned, shaking his head inwardly. Even though this irritated him, he understood she was saying this for his benefit. Thus, he did not say anything else.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong keep silent, Cui Li did not pursue the matter and could only resort to sighing to herself in her heart.

Soon, the first round of battles ended with fifty people eliminated. Lots were drawn once again to decide the upcoming round of opponents.

After the second round elimination, there were twenty-five people left. With an odd number, the same rule as the first day applied-the person who drew the blank stick would get to sit out, entering the next round. The person who drew the blank stick was still Xie Puti.

Very quickly, the list of names for the top ten came out.

As per everyone's expectation, Xie Puti, Yanggang, Huang Xiaolong, Pang Yu, Cui Li, and Dai Shanni had all made it onto list. The remaining four people were Jin Desheng, Jiang Damin, Han Dong, and Hu Zhi. These four people possessed a top grade ten martial spirit, and all four of them were at peak late-Xiantian First Order cultivation levels!

The curtain fell on the second day's competition.

The third day would be the decisive battle for first place. It was also the most exciting battle, the fight between the strongest ten!

Outside the battle arena, the crowd slowly dispersed. When the crowd lessened, Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, Yu Ming, and Fei Hou made their way back to the inn.

However, just as the four of them arrived at the inn, the inn owner came out running to them with an embarrassed look. The owner looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, "Young Noble Huang, many apologies, I'm afraid you cannot stay here anymore."

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