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Chapter 153: Academy Number One

 Chapter 153: Academy Number One

Below the stage, Third Year Class Three teacher Chen Xiaojing nearly dislocated his jaw as he stared dumbfoundedly at the three people−Xie Wei, Jiang Chengyu, and Chen Fengli−who were defeated by Huang Xiaolong.

The legs of the pale-faced youth and one of the inner courtyard disciples gave out from the sight of what had just happened to the extent that they nearly knelt on the ground.

Those students who ridiculed Huang Xiaolong for winning first place during previous years because his opponents were being lenient were shivering in their pants as if they contracted epilepsy, twitching unnaturally.

Silence permeated throughout every nook and cranny of the Holy Hall.

Watching Huang Xiaolong's silhouette on the stage, the young girls' hearts were jumping around like a naughty fawn, issuing sounds of 'putong putong' like a wardrum in their ears.

If the sparkling lights from these girls' eyes were gathered together and launched, it would probably have the power to electrocute a boar to death.

After what seemed like a long time had passed, the Holy Hall broke out in an unprecedented thunderous applause and cheers.

By this point in time, Xie Wei, Jiang Hengyu, and Chen Fengli managed to get themselves up from the ground. The way the three of them looked at Huang Xiaolong was now full of fear.

The Huang Xiaolong that they never put in their eyes, a little rascal that in their opinion could not even win the class's first place was actually this monstrous!

Their faces were extremely ugly as the loud cheers and praises echoed in their ears.

"Xie Wei, Jiang Hengyu, Chen Fengli; the three of you actually ignored the Academy's established rules! As Elders, not only did you interfere with the competition between students, you even attacked Huang Xiaolong, a student of the Academy!" Sun Zhang was truly angered this time and reprimanded the trio.

Xie Wei looked at Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu, sneered and said, "So what? Sun Zhang, even if you want to expel us you must call for an Elders meeting first!"

As an Elder of the inner courtyard, regardless of their crime, they could only be punished after a decision was reached in the Elders' meeting. Not even Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were able to supersede the authority of the Elders and arbitrarily decide their punishments.

After having this pointed out, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu's faces turned sullen.

A proud complacent smile emerged on Xie Wei, Jiang Hengyu and Chen Fengli's faces.

However, at that moment, Huang Xiaolong slowly walked towards them.

The proud beam on their faces stiffened and paled.

"Huang Xiaolong, what are you doing?" Xie Wei snapped at Huang Xiaolong while trying his best to conceal the fear he was feeling inside.

Jiang Hengyu also barked, "You actually disrespected an inner courtyard Elder. You even attacked and injured us! Just you wait, you'll absolutely be expelled!"

The fact of the matter was that the three of them had interjected in the Academy students' competition. They ambushed Huang Xiaolong in a three on one battle, and now they shamelessly argued that Huang Xiaolong had no respect for elders, injured them, and actually wanted to expel Huang Xiaolong from the Academy!

Huang Xiaolong's placid tone matched his expression, "Really? But, the three of you don't seem to have enough authority to expel me!"

To expel a student, whether they be students of the normal classes or the inner courtyard, it fell under Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu's responsibility and authority.

Xie Wei and the other two's minds went blank.

Just now, they indeed forgot about this matter.

Huang Xiaolong continued to approach the three of them.

Seeing this, Xie Wei, Jiang Hengyu, and Chen Fengli actually retreated in a flustered manner.

"Huang Xiaolong, you dare to ignore the rules?!" Xie Wei once again put up a brave front, trying to deter Huang Xiaolong, but it was all for naught. Before Xie Wei could finish, the ebony Wing of Demon on Huang Xiaolong's back flapped. In less time than it took to blink, Huang Xiaolong had reached Xie Wei, and a fist struck the right side of his face. Xie Wei's head nearly swung back from the impact, causing his entire body to fly out.

Next, Huang Xiaolong walked towards Jiang Hengyu and Chen Fengli as fear distorted their faces.

"Huang Xiaolong, use your words! If you have something to say, we can discuss it peacefully, don't act recklessly!" The two blurted out.

Discuss peacefully? Don't act recklessly? Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly. Palms slammed out, striking the two in the chest and sending them flying out at the same time.

The boiled up atmosphere in the Holy Hall instantly became quiet.

People from all directions were looking towards one spot.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the three people groaning on the floor, he slowly walked towards them again.

Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu exchanged a glance, neither spoke, immersing themselves in the comfort of watching a good show.

These three held the position of inner courtyard Elder for too long. With Prime Minister Wu Feng as their backer, they had never given the two of them any face. Thus, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were dissatisfied with them for a long time.

Xie Wei noticed Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu standing at the side with their arms folded across their chests and enjoying the show. He became exasperated and angered: "Sun Zhang, Xiong Chu, as the Principal and Vice-Principal of the Academy, how can you just stand and watch an Academy student attack an inner courtyard's Elder?! When the Elders' meeting is called, I will propose to have you two removed from your positions!"

Sun Zhang sniggered, "Oh really? Pardon me, I did not see anything."

Did not see? Xie Wei, Jiang Hengyu, and Chen Fengli choked in anger seeing Sun Zhang actually lie without blinking. At this moment, they had just received a taste of Sun Zhang's shamelessness!

Huang Xiaolong came to a stop in front of them; the three of them struggled to stand up.

Just as they managed to get up, each was sent flying again with kicks from Huang Xiaolong.

Crashing to the ground, Chen Fengli was clutching at his chest with a hideous grimace.

"It's broken!" He hissed.

Huang Xiaolong's kicks were performed with great force and contained a trace of the Asura Sword Skill's frigid qi, torturing the three of from within.

Watching the three once revered experts jerk in pain on the ground, the disciples from the inner courtyard, such as the pale-faced youth, became ashen with horror.

At this time, Sun Zhang finally spoke, "Xiaolong, let me deal with the three of them." After all, he could not really stand and watch Huang Xiaolong really kill them without doing anything, especially when there were so many students present.

Everyone's eyes were watching.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

The truth was, he never planned to kill the three of them.

However, after this, even if they didn't die, they were basically half crippled.

Just now, Huang Xiaolong sent the Asura frigid cold qi into their Qi Sea. Even if they could suppress it for the time being, they would not be capable of expelling it from their bodies.

With this, the Academy's annual competition drew to a close.

Huang Xiaolong won first place in Third Year Class Three, Third Year first place, and overall Academy number one!

Next year, Huang Xiaolong will represent the Cosmic Star Academy in the Duanren Empire's Imperial City Battle.

Imperial City Battle!

The event ended and the prizes were awarded. Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu presented two Spirit Dans to Huang Xiaolong, and as everyone was leaving, they requested for Huang Xiaolong to stay behind and gave him another two high Grade Five Spirit Dan.

In all the previous years they had always given him one pellet, but this year, Huang Xiaolong actually received two!

High Grade Five Spirit Dan. Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were rarely willing to take these for their own cultivation, so it goes to show how much emphasis they were putting on Huang Xiaolong.

Both of them hoped Huang Xiaolong would enhance his strength as much as possible before the Imperial City Battle began.

Before Huang Xiaolong left, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu said, "Xiaolong, although you are at a stage where after you soul transformed you were able to defeat Xie Wei, you must know the number of students that participate in the Imperial City Battle every year come from thousands of different kingdoms. Those that are stronger than Xie Wei are not scarce in number. Some of them possess talent and strength that does not lose out to you. Remember well, never underestimate an enemy."

Xiong Chu also provided some advice, and the content was roughly the same as Sun Zhang's since he hoped Huang Xiaolong would not let the win go to his head, causing him to grow arrogant and impertinent.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong left the two of them.

Xiong Chu watched Huang Xiaolong's back as he walked away, comforted and lamenting at the same time, "I wonder what result Xiaolong can get during the next Imperial City Battle?"

Sun Zhang responded seriously, "Top ten shouldn't be a problem, but number one might be a little far. One must realize, the amount of monstrous geniuses in Duanren Empire is no small number."

When Huang Xiaolong stepped into Tianxuan Mansion, the entire mansion broke out in cheers and liveliness.

This year, not only did Huang Xiaolong snatch the individual year's first place, he even won the Academy's overall number one!

Representing Cosmic Star Academy in the Duanren Empire Imperial City Battle meant representing the Luo Tong Kingdom when participating, and this was the highest honor and glory! In the past, Huang Peng and Su Yan dared not even dream of such a possibility.