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Chapter 152: Three Elders’ Ambush

 Chapter 152: Three Elders' Ambush

Huang Xiaolong's expression was cold as he calmly watched Zhou Teng speeding towards him. Raising his right fist, Huang Xiaolong punched out a Collapse Fist at full force, sending Zhou Teng flying backward.

Zhou Teng spun backward like a limbless tortoise in the air, but he managed to land within the stage area, stumbling awkwardly.

In that split second, Huang Xiaolong's Wing of Demon spread out, and with one flap of the wings he was in front of Zhou Teng. A sharp light glinted in Huang Xiaolong's eyes as his palm struck out without mercy.

"God Binding Palm!"

A brilliant sphere-shaped palm image shot out and thrusted towards Zhou Teng.

Zhou Teng was surprised but there wasn't enough time for him to dodge. In that moment, a black light flickered from the 'sage' word on the tortoise shell behind his back, and with a forceful twist, Huang Xiaolong's God Binding Palm fell atop the black tortoise shell.

Just as with Rongguang and Liu Meijun, all of Zhou Teng's movements became immobilized as he stood there.

Huang Xiaolong's silhouette blurred into action, appearing once again in front of Zhou Teng and attacking with another Collapse Fist at Zhou Teng's chest.

Blood spurted out of Zhou Teng's mouth like a fountain. His body fell to the ground outside the stage area.

Zhou Teng lost!

The spectating crowd was shocked on the spot, eyes staring foolishly at Zhou Teng's body on the ground. Zhou Teng actually lost? The inner courtyard's number one Zhou Teng actually lost so quickly to Huang Xiaolong!

Initially, everyone anticipated a long-drawn-out and intense battle between Huang Xiaolong and Zhou Teng... what an exciting scene that would have been! Reality was a disappointment, however. In fact, it was even more lackluster and dull than when Huang Xiaolong battled Rongguang and Liu Meijun.

It finally dawned on the crowd a short while later that the battle was really over.

Harsh sounds of jeering came from the surrounding crowd.

Basically everyone watching had a contemptuous smirk on their faces looking at the defeated Zhou Teng.

"This is the inner courtyard's number one? What a sucker!"

"That may not be true. Zhou Teng is indeed very strong, but unfortunately his opponent was Huang Xiaolong!"

Loud whispers of various discussions started around the stage.

Though it may have been low whispers, every word entered Zhou Teng's ears loud and clear. He got up from the ground, and a strong hatred and rage took over him as he glared at Huang Xiaolong. The murderous look in his eyes was unmistakable.


He could not accept this! He would not accept this defeat!

"Huang Xiaolong, I'm going to kill you!" Zhou Teng suddenly lunged forward onto the stage and started to attack Huang Xiaolong.

The crowd was shocked at the abrupt turn of events, and all the whispers halted. No one expected that Zhou Teng would disregard Academy rules after being defeated by Huang Xiaolong. He had actually leaped back onto the stage and attacked Huang Xiaolong again?!

On the main platform, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu grew solemn watching this. Then, anger set in.

Watching Zhou Teng come at him with a crazed and frenzied look in his eyes, Huang Xiaolong's gaze turned icy and the Blades of Asura suddenly appeared in his hands.

"Wrath of the Nether King!"

Two slivers of light rumbled like bolts of lightning as they streaked out madly, akin to a thousand stampeding beasts!

Beams of radiant light flashed by.

Hit by Huang Xiaolong's Wrath of the Nether King, Zhou Teng's body shuddered from the impact and was sent flying with tragic screams echoing in the air.

"Zhou Teng!"

"Huang Xiaolong, you dare?!"

The moment Huang Xiaolong injured Zhou Teng, three silhouettes came piercing into the Holy Hall from outside. Arriving in front of Huang Xiaolong like a thunderbolt, all three of them aimed an attack at him at the same time.

Three powerful attacks roused a strong wind. Space rippled so strongly from the force that even the Holy Hall shook.

The people in the crowd turned pale.

Both Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu did not expect such a thing would take place.

"Xie Wei! Jiang Hengyu! Chen Fengli! You dare?!" Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu flew out, wanting to stop them. However, it was obvious to everyone that their actions were too late.

The three people making a joint attack on Huang Xiaolong were the very same three elders who objected to Huang Xiaolong's admittance to the inner courtyard−Xie Wei, Jiang Hengyu, and Chen Fengli! Both Xie Wei and Jiang Hengyu were Zhou Teng's Master.

Huang Xiaolong looked at these three people attacking him. The expression on his face remained calm and cold. They thought they had hidden themselves well enough, but in fact, Huang Xiaolong had noticed their presence from early on. At his current peak late-Tenth Order strength, his perception had enhanced greatly, extending over three hundred meters. Not even an early Xiantian realm expert could escape his senses.

Just when these three people's attacks were about to hit Huang Xiaolong, a majestic echo of a dragon's roar resounded, shaking the Holy Hall's roof. Everyone saw a black Primordial Divine Dragon hovering behind Huang Xiaolong. In a split second, Huang Xiaolong soul transformed.

A layer of black dragon scales instantly covered the surface of Huang Xiaolong's skin. Sharp dragon bone spikes grew out of his hand, similar to a daunting set of black thorns.

The black dragon head tattoo that emerged on his back roared towards the sky, emitting endless coercive might.

There were no whites in Huang Xiaolong's eyes as they had suddenly turned an obsidian black. By this point in time, the three attacks arrived.

Those fully black eyes emanated iciness as they swept across the three people's faces. Then, his hands formed two fists, and he swung toward Xie Wei.

"Overconfident!" Xie Wei scoffed, running his battle qi as his fists also rushed out like a flash flood.

Bang! Four fists collided together, and in that instant, Xie Wei's face changed to shock, followed by fear.

"You!" Before he could finish, his arms bent and his arm bones splintered, piercing out from his flesh and skin. A painful wail rang out as he was thrown out just like his disciple Zhou Teng before him, crashing heavily to the ground outside of the stage.

Right at that moment, Chen Fengli and Jiang Hengyu's attacks landed on Huang Xiaolong's torso.

However, both were shocked when they discovered that the hand they used to hit Huang Xiaolong's torso felt like it struck an indestructible steel wall. Instead, the rebounding force began vibrating up their hand, bringing intense pain to their hand and arm!

"How about it? Surprised?" Huang Xiaolong's detached and icy eyes looked at both of them, but neither could react. He then sent both of his palms out faster than lightning, landing squarely on their chests.

Spitting blood as both of them were repelled, they fell outside the stage and rolled until they came to a stop beside Xie Wei's body.

The crowd watching this was stupefied at the turn of events.

From the moment Zhou Teng violated Academy rules and attacked Huang Xiaolong after losing, to the next moment Xie Wei, Jiang Hengyu, and Chen Fengli appeared, attacked were then repelled by Huang Xiaolong, less time had passed than it takes to blink. This change was so fast and so sudden that no one processed it quickly enough to react. Perhaps it would be better to say that no one was able to accept what they just witnessed!

Watching Xie Wei, Jiang Hengyu, and Chen Fengli injured by Huang Xiaolong birthed an indescribable shock in the hearts of every individual.

This trio were Elders of the inner courtyard!

Moreover, Xie Wei was a Xiantian First Order expert!

Although Jiang Hengyu and Chen Fengli were at peak late-Tenth Order, their strength was not something someone like Zhou Teng could compare to. Even so, these three people were defeated one at a time by Huang Xiaolong!

The most frightening thing of all was that Xie Wei, as a Xiantian First Order expert, actually had no power to resist Huang Xiaolong!

Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu who were rushing to aid Huang Xiaolong halted halfway, nearly falling down from midair as they watched Huang Xiaolong deal with Xie Wei, Jiang Henyu, and Chen Fengli within the blink of an eye.

Rapidly stabilizing their balance, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu came over and stood on the stage.

Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu's eyes were sparkling, laced with a faint hint of awe as they looked at Huang Xiaolong. Yes, awe. This even included Sun Zhang who was a Xiantian Second Order expert.

Neither of them ever heard of anyone who could defeat Xiantian experts when they were at peak late-Tenth Order!

The gap between a peak late-Tenth Order warrior and Xiantian First Order expert may look negligible, but in actuality, the gap between the two levels of strength was like heaven and earth. It was even larger than when comparing an early Ninth Order warrior to a peak late-Tenth Order warrior. Therefore, it was simply impossible for a peak late-Tenth Order warrior to defeat a Xiantian First Order expert!