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Chapter 139: Acme Killings

 Chapter 139: Acme Killings

Mei Sen instantly lunged at Huang Xiaolong with the ten fingers on his palms spread out, shooting black vines out en masse, covering the sky like a thunderstorm and enveloping Huang Xiaolong.

However, watching the overwhelming stretch of black vines rapidly approaching him, Huang Xiaolong gave no indication of dodging. He remained still in the same spot and what further baffled Mei Sen was that Huang Xiaolong actually folded his arms as if... he was admiring his attack?!

Insulted, the killing intent in Mei Sen's eyes soared higher, and the energy fluctuations coming from the black light around his body heightened.

"Little punk, I don't believe whatever hidden trick you use could escape my attack!"

Just as the black vines were about to reach Huang Xiaolong's chest, suddenly, a silhouette flashed while raining down rays of a halberd.

"Heaven's Wrath!"

The many dazzling rays from a halberd repelled Mei Sen's black vines, rebounded from a stronger power. Mei Sen's body couldn't handle the attack, staggering back as his eyes filled with disbelief staring at the person who had just deflected his attack.

"Marshal Haotian!" Mei Sen stared in shock.

The person who deflected his attack was none other than Luo Tong Kingdom's sole Marshal − Haotian!

"You... weren't you supposed to be in Luo Tong Royal City?!" Mei Sen questioned in the next instant.

He had investigated very clearly before making his move, and this time, only Fei Hou accompanied Huang Xiaolong. Moreover, the news that came from the Luo Tong Royal City side also confirmed that Marshal Haotian was in the Marshal Mansion.

Marshal Haotian moved beside Huang Xiaolong and greeted him with a 'Young Lord' before turning towards Mei Sen with a cold sneer, "Who told you I'm in Luo Tong Royal City?" Contempt was obvious in Marshal Haotian's eyes.

Mei Sen's face distorted at the remark.

Marshal Haotian actually accompanied Huang Xiaolong on this trip as well, hidden in the dark!

And they did not get wind of it!

At this moment, Mei Sen finally realized Huang Xiaolong's trump card was never Fei Hou in the first place, but it was Marshal Haotian!

Some distance away, Ning Wang also noticed Marshal Haotian's sudden appearance, his expression also turned extremely ugly. This entire situation was all calculated by Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong!!

What depressed him even more was that Fei Hou's strength seemed to have risen since the time at the Enlightenment Lake. As a Xiantian Second Order, he actually couldn't swiftly kill a Xiantian First Order- this was a great humiliation.

Ning Wang struck a punch out to push Fei Hou back as he himself retreated to a spot in a flash, shouting: "Release the arrows! Aim everything at Huang Xiaolong, I want him dead!" When he finished saying that, a bright light shrouded his entire body like a turbulent gale, and he flew up in an attempt to escape.

If these poisonous arrows could take Huang Xiaolong's life, then that's peachy. If not, there would not be many future opportunities.

With Marshal Haotian's arrival, wanting to kill Huang Xiaolong with a hundred percent surety was already impossible.

Watching Ning Wang abandon him to run away first, Mei Sen was morose and angered at the same time. With his body flashing like a green rainbow, Mei Sen also made a move to run for his life while all the Clear Cloud Pavilion's disciples rained poison arrows down, all targeting Huang Xiaolong.

Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou were startled and quickly returned to Huang Xiaolong's side, rebuffing all the incoming arrows.

"No need to worry about me, chase and kill Ning Wang and Mei Sen- both of them absolutely cannot escape!" Huang Xiaolong said, waving his Blades of Asura. Two turbulent cyclones spun out, sucking in all the poisonous arrows.

Seeing this, both Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou acknowledged his order respectfully. With a flash, both separated in pursuit of their prey.

Marshal Haotian went after Ning Wang.

Fei Hou went after Mei Sen.

Marshal Haotian had diligently practiced the Five Yang Tactic that Huang Xiaolong taught him these past few years, and thus the growth of his strength wasn't slower than Fei Hou, and he had reached the peak of Xiantian Second Order. Furthermore, like Fei Hou, Marshal Haotian swallowed Fire Dragon Pearls and cycad fruits provided by Huang Xiaolong for his cultivation so he was comparable to a Xiantian Third Order.

Not long after, Marshal Haotian had caught up to Ning Wang. On the other side, and almost at the same time, Fei Hou blocked Mei Sen's path.

After Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou left, Huang Xiaolong's silhouette flashed as he leaped into the air, and with a swing of his blades, countless blade rays flew out and turned into an angry thunderstorm.

The Tempest of Hell and Tears of Asura lashed out consistently, attacking the Clear Cloud Pavilion's disciples.

The crying sounds from the Tempest of Hell and Tears of Asura were in sync.

Recently, when he was practicing Asura Sword Skill, Huang Xiaolong tried to combine the Tempest of Hell with Tears of Asura by using both moves at the same time, yet did not expect it would succeed. Although the combination wasn't perfect yet, the power more than doubled compared to using each move individually.

It could be seen that under the two spinning cyclones, there was an endless stream of tragic screams resounding from the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples. The disciples that managed to avoid being sucked into the cyclones were pierced through by Tears of Asura, and different sizes of bloody holes covered these disciples' bodies.

Very soon, the original number of over two hundred disciples from the Clear Cloud Pavilion were reduced by half.

Most of these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples were Seventh and Eighth Order warriors. By no means were they Huang Xiaolong's opponent, but it also proved how strong Clear Cloud Pavilion was.

The Clear Cloud Pavilion in Big Dawn County was just a branch.

Then again, Clear Cloud Pavilion had used more than a hundred years to develop. Its forces and the experts under its command were not something a normal family could compare to.

The few lucky disciples that managed to avoid both Tempest of Hell and Tears of Asura were watching in horror as their brother disciples fell to the ground, filling the alley. All of those 'lucky disciples' turned around to flee.

Watching these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples fleeing, Huang Xiaolong's silhouette flashed, and swinging the blades in his hand out, he blocked the two remaining peak late-Tenth Order disciples.

Others could leave, but these two absolutely could not.

Both of them already had half a foot into Xiantian realm and would breakthrough Xiantian realm soon, and to kill these two people at that time would be much more troublesome than now.

Staring at Huang Xiaolong blocking their path, fear crept up their faces. Despite that, they chose not to fight and instead separated, choosing opposite directions to run.

Seeing their reaction, Huang Xiaolong once again leaped up, and his body rotated at high speed in mid-air while the Blades of Asura swung out repeatedly. Streaks of lightning split the air with the roar of lightning flood dragons resounding. In the blink of an eye, both peak late-Tenth Order disciples were hit by lightning, sending them flying.

Huang Xiaolong returned to the ground, and the blades in his hands slashed out, forming twin cyclones spinning towards both disciples.

Being wrapped by the cyclone, both of them were slashed by the many blade rays, and miserable screams resounded in the air. When the Tempest of Hell dissipated, two bloodied bodies plummeted to the ground.

After settling the matter with the two peak late-Tenth Order warriors, Huang Xiaolong swept a glance around at the many different directions the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples were running away in. With a flash, the Blades of Asura in Huang Xiaolong's hands were like a grim reaper's sickle, stealing away these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples' lives.

One by one, these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples tumbled down onto the street.

Crimson blood dyed several streets.

Fortunately, this was a more secluded area of the city, otherwise, the surrounding area's commoners would have been awakened by these people's dismal screams and cries that originated from the Tempest of Hell and Tears of Asura. This was hell on earth.

In the end, from the original two hundred plus Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples, only a little more than twenty of them successfully escaped−a tenth of them!

As for the rest, they laid in puddles of blood, all killed by Huang Xiaolong.

Watching the bodies pile up around him, Huang Xiaolong finally stopped; he noticed that his breath was slightly uneven. After transforming into Asura Body, holding the Blades of Asura, and using Asura Sword Skill to fight and kill, the terrifying aura of slaughter in him became stronger. The desire to kill also grew more frenzied.

When killing, he had a feeling that he truly was an Asura incarnate.