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Chapter 119: Kill Them All!

 Chapter 119: Kill Them All!

Three Nine Phoenix Valley Elders arrived on the scene, their faces were distorted with anger seeing the lifeless bodies of their valley disciples scattered on the ground.

"Valley Lord!" The three of them walked up behind the middle-aged man.

And that middle-aged man's identity was none other than the Nine Phoenix Valley's Valley Lord, Lei Tianxing.

Lei Tianxing glowered at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou, "Speak, why did you kill my Nine Phoenix Valley's disciples?"

"Why?" Huang Xiaolong repeated with contempt: "Because they damn well deserved it!"

The four people's faces darkened, looking gloomy.

"Valley Lord, slay them!" Killing intent rose to the peak in one of the Elder's eyes.

Lei Tianxing's eyes remained focused on Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou, and then he spoke: "You go take care of that kid!" A finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

"Yes, Valley Lord!" The same Nine Phoenix Valley Elder acted quickly, and before one could blink he was already in front of Huang Xiaolong, whereas Lei Tianxing and the other two Elders joined forces against Fei Hou.

"Wretched kid, go die!" The Nine Phoenix Valley Elder's eyes were scarlet, thrusting his long sword out with a light that flashed faster than quicksilver.

In the group of deceased disciples, two of them were his personal disciples. Moreover, one of the two was also his nephew.

Watching the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder rushing over and thrusting with his sword, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and the Blades of Asura appeared. With a swing, two gale cyclones shot out, twisting and spinning endlessly.

This Nine Phoenix Valley Elder was a Tenth Order expert. However, he was at early Tenth Order; just an iota stronger than Yang An.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong resorted to using the Asura Sword Skill from the first attack.

The Tempest of Hell's two spinning cyclones pulverized the sword rays coming from the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder. Huang Xiaolong appeared in front of him in an instant. Evidently, that Elder did not believe his powerful attack would be countered effortlessly by a fifteen to sixteen-year-old punk. He was caught a little off guard.

"Storm Lightning Sword!"

The Nine Phoenix Valley Elder suddenly shouted and the long sword in his hand swung out.

Several sword rays rumbled out carrying faint sounds of wind and lightning that one would hear during a thunderstorm, roaring on the mountain peak.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong leaped up, his body began twirling in mid-air, and at the same time the Blades of Asura swung out repeatedly. A streak of lightning flashed, splitting the ground and turning into a flood dragon that sped towards the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder.

The Nine Phoenix Valley Elder swiftly retreated in a panic but was still one step too late. The lightning flood dragon struck him, causing a thunderous blast to resound from his chest; his whole body flew back. His entire chest was charred black, emitting the smell of barbecued meat.

But, just as he was blasted back, another lightning flood dragon streaked towards him, dishing out a second hit, sending him flying in another direction.

One month earlier, after the battle with Yang An, Huang Xiaolong's understanding of the Asura Sword Skill's fourth move made tremendous progress. This one month of practice not only enhanced his power but when attacking, its movements were strange and unpredictable, making it hard to defend against.

In the next moment, ten more lightning flood dragons crashed onto the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder's body. When Huang Xiaolong floated back to the ground, that Nine Phoenix Valley Elder was charred from head to toe. Hardly a spot could be found that wasn't covered in black, looking as if he had just dashed out of a furnace. Slim streaks of lightning residue snaked all over his body.

A slight commotion swept through the many experts watching from afar.

"Who is that kid? When did such a monstrous kid appear? He is so young! Not even a Nine Phoenix Valley Elder is his opponent!"

"I heard that one month ago, a kid surnamed Huang defeated Yang An, and he was also someone around sixteen years old. Could that be him?!"

"No doubt about it!"

Three people - Lei Tianxing and the two Elders were battling Fei Hou when they heard their companion's tragic wail. When they turned around, what they saw inevitably shocked them.

At first, Lei Tianxing thought that the Tenth Order, Nine Phoenix Valley Elder could swiftly take care of Huang Xiaolong, then quickly back them up afterwards so the four of them could deal with Fei Hou.

In his opinion, although Fei Hou was stronger than him, he was still the same level as him - Xiantian First Order. With four people combined, they would have a high chance of killing Fei Hou.

But now!

The charred burnt Nine Phoenix Valley Elder struggled to stand up, and because he was gravely burned from head to toe, only the whites in his eyes were distinguishable.

Deep in his eyes was fear, wrath, and an even stronger killing intent.

As a Nine Phoenix Valley Elder, an early Tenth Order expert, he was actually defeated by a tenderfoot in public!

"Great Earth Bear!"

Roaring at the top if his lungs, a bright light enshrouded his silhouette as a mammoth of a bear emerged behind him - his martial spirit.

In the next moment as he prepared to soul transform, a coruscating black light rippled out from Huang Xiaolong's physique, exuding a powerful aura of slaughter. Two mighty black wings erupted from his back and spread out, transforming into a volitant black light that shot towards the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder.

"Wrath of the Nether King!"

Huang Xiaolong's eyes were icy as the Blades of Asura that were in his hands swung out without mercy.

Right away, two blade rays rushed out like an angry volcanic eruption, akin to a giant herd of stampeding beasts shaking the earth!

Fear and despair reflected in the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder's eyes when he saw the bright blades' lights, and the Wrath of the Nether King slammed onto his chest. Knocking him more than a hundred meters away, the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder let out a miserable scream. As he landed, his body continued to roll through the dirt due to the immense force.

Once he came to a stop, he jerked a few times, then all signs of life dissipated shortly thereafter. Two enormous bloody holes were seen on his chest, revealing his shattered internal organs.

Watching the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder's miserable ending, the spectating warriors in the surrounding area took in a sharp breath of cold air.

Lei Tianxing and the remaining two Elders were furious.

The truth was, the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder was too careless; he took Huang Xiaolong as nothing but a sixteen-year-old tenderfoot. No matter how powerful this punk might be, he could not compare to his strength, so he did not summon his martial spirit right away. If the Nine Phoenix Valley Elder summoned his martial spirit and soul transformed immediately at the beginning... to kill him, Huang Xiaolong would have needed to exert quite a bit of effort. At the very least, the Elder would have lasted much longer than he did.

After finishing one of the Nine Phoenix Valley's Elder, Huang Xiaolong turned his attention to the battle on the other side where Lei Tianxing and the other two Elders were contending with Fei Hou. Huang Xiaolong's silhouette flashed, and his twin blades launched an attack aimed at one of the Nine Phoenix Valley Elders.

He could see that this particular Elder was the weakest amongst the three: a mid-Tenth Order. As long as he was able to separate one from the group, Fei Hou could then deal with the other two quickly.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong rushing towards him, that Nine Phoenix Valley Elder dared not make the same mistake of underestimating a kid. His long sword attacked Huang Xiaolong first.

The pressure on Fei Hou dropped significantly with Huang Xiaolong restraining one of the Nine Phoenix Valley Elders. The Silver River martial spirit instantly strengthened seven times, pushing Fei Hou's strength up! Seconds later, using a Heart Shattering Fist, Fei Hou shattered the last remaining Nine Phoenix Valley Elder's internal organs and subsequently concentrated his attack on Lei Tianxing, the Valley Lord of Nine Phoenix Valley.

The Nine Phoenix Valley Lord was also a Xiantian First Order warrior, the same as Fei Hou. However, how could his strength compare to Fei Hou after the martial spirit strengthening ability multiplied seven times over? That time, Yang Dong, a Xiantian Second Order warrior, only fought to a tie with the boosted Fei Hou.

Under Fei Hou's onslaught of aggressive attacks, the Nine Phoenix Valley Lord stumbled back again and again without so much as a chance to catch his breath.

He wanted to call a truce, but being barraged with attacks from Fei Hou, there was no time to speak.

A short while later, Lei Tianxing wobbled awkwardly after receiving a Heart Shattering Fist from Fei Hou.

"Stop!" The Nine Phoenix Valley Lord cried out urgently.

However, Fei Hou already raised his sword, pointing towards the sky, and slashed down in Lei Tianxing's direction. One flowering sword ray after another bloomed in the air, brushing past his body.

The Nine Phoenix Valley Lord's actions stagnated.