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Chapter 103: Running into Bandits

 Chapter 103: Running into Bandits

The pretty young woman laughed and said, "Senior Fei Hou did you forget? Seven years ago, you saved me. My name is Chen Li." She pointed at the mountains in front of them: "That year, it was at that mountain area that you saved me!"

When the pretty woman said that, Fei Hou had a flashback; seven years ago, he wanted to enter the Silvermoon Forest to kill a Stage Ten Demonic Ghost Eye Spider, and when he passed by here, he came across a group of black-clothed men besieging a group of master and servants. Seeing the situation, he lend a little assistance and saved the victim. Just as he was about to leave, the other side said their name was Chen Li.

In fact, at that time, this Chen Li was only a fifteen, sixteen-year-old girl; after seven years, there were some changes to her features and body, so Fei Hou can't be blamed for not remembering.

"So it was you!" Fei Hou was pleasantly surprised.

"It is me, Senior Fei Hou!" Seeing Fei Hou remember her, happiness shone on Chen Li's face.

Meeting Fei Hou after seven years gave Chen Li a feeling of reuniting with an old friend.

"Senior Fei Hou, where are you heading to?" Chen Li opened her mouth and asked.

Fei Hou replied: "My Young Master and I are heading to Yuwai Royal City."

At this point, Fei Hou introduced Huang Xiaolong: "This is my Young Lord."

"Young Lord?!" Chen Li was startled as she looked at Huang Xiaolong.

That year, when Fei Hou saved her, judging from the way he killed those black-clothed men, he should be a Tenth Order expert. But now, he actually referred to the fifteen to sixteen-year-old young man in front of him as Young Lord?

Huang Xiaolong noted Chen Li's expression, grinned and said, "Just call me Huang Xiaolong."

Chen Li realized her blunder, immediately said, "Oh, so it is Young Master Huang." She looked at Fei Hou, "Senior Fei Hou, I'm also going to Yuwai Royal City and since it is in the same direction, how about we go together?"

Fei Hou turned towards Huang Xiaolong, seeking his opinion.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. They were not far from the Yuwai Royal City, and there were still a dozen more days until Fei Hou grandson's wedding day; since there was no hurry, traveling together was not an issue.

Fei Hou only nodded after Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Seeing Fei Hou agree, joy surfaced on Chen Li's delicate face.

However, at this time, an old man that seemed to be in his sixties stepped up and interjected: "Miss, this isn't proper; we don't know these two people's backgrounds and to have met with them here is too much of a coincidence."

Chen Li's brows creased together, "What do you mean by not knowing their background? Senior Fei Hou is my life savior!"

The old man persisted, "Miss, it is hard to see through a person's heart, it's better we..."

"Enough, no need to say more." Chen Li snapped.

Seeing this, the old man stopped.

Chen Li looked embarrassedly at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou, "Young Master Huang, Senior Fei Hou, this is my family's steward, Liu Mu; he was just worried about my safety so his speech was offensive. I hope Young Master Huang and Senior Fei Hou don't mind."

"No harm." Huang Xiaolong shook his head but he glanced meaningfully at Liu Mu; he felt this Liu Mu trying to dissuade Chen Li to allow Fei Hou and him going to the Yuwai Royal City together was not as simple as it seemed.

Since it was like this, Huang Xiaolong's curiosity was stoked. What goal does this Liu Mu have?

Thus, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou traveled onwards with Chen Li's party.

Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou were riding on Russet horsebacks.

Russet horses were the Martial Spirit World's common mounts.

The Russet horse also belonged to the horse family, but it had much better speed than normal horses.

One day passed and the sky turned dark and Chen Li suggested for the party to stop for the night in the forest. Huang Xiaolong had no objections. However, when the bonfire was lit and everyone was about to sit down and rest, a wave of vibrations came from the mountain path ahead. Clearly, a large number of people riding on mounts were rushing towards them.

Chen Li and her original party were stunned, jumping up from their seats.

Soon, a band black-clothed men riding on various different types of beast mounts and horses appeared before the party. There were quite a number of them, reaching over a hundred with an aggressive atmosphere and from the looks of it, they were directed at this particular party.

Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou exchanged a look and both stood up.

When those black-clothed men arrived at the camping site, they immediately spread out and surrounded everyone in a circle.

"What do you want to do?" Chen Li already paled.

"Want to do what?" A middle-aged, one-armed man who seemed to be the Bandit Head smirked lecherously at Chen Li, "Brothers, tell me, what do you want to do!"

Hearing this, the bandits around broke out in crude raucous laughter.

"We want to kill people!"

"We want women!"

Over a hundred bandits laughed wickedly −proud, arrogant, complacent, even a sense of euphoria before an impending massacre.

"This place is close to Kang City, and the Kang City Castellan is my father's best friend! If you dare...!" Chen Li shouted but before she even finished, the one-armed man broke out in fit of laughter, "Kang City's Castellan? I am so scared~~ah." As he was saying this, he used his only hand to pat his chest as if frightened by the threat, causing his cronies to break in another bout of laughs.

Chen Li's small face turned green and red.

"Go, kill the men and bring the women away!" At this point, the Bandit Head ordered.

"Yes, Head!"

A dozen bandits drew their blades and approached Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou, and Chen Li's several bodyguards, slashing down.

Sharp rays of blade lights shimmered beneath the moonlight.

Chen Li's several guards retreated in panic.

Fei Hou stared at the several bandits closing in on him and Sovereign and a cold sneer appeared on his face; both hands waved out and a long sword was already in his hand. The long sword's sharp rays flashed, and screams came from the bandits' throats. Heads flew and headless bodies tumbled to the ground.

The sudden screams startled the people around, turning towards the origin.

The one-armed Bandit Head's arrogant, complacent smirk stiffened on his face and his eyes narrowed.

"All of you retreat!" He barked the order towards the remaining bandits around Fei Hou.

Hearing this, all of them quickly stepped back.

"Can I know this warrior's name? This matter is not related to you, and for your safety, I advise you not to meddle in other people's affairs." The one-armed Bandit Head said condescendingly from above as he urged his mount forward, looking down at Fei Hou. His eyes cast a gloomy glance at Liu Mu at the side, carrying a hint of question and shock.

That Liu Mu secretly shook his head.

Although the two of them communicated subtlety, it did not escape Huang Xiaolong's eyes.

Fei Hou did not reply; instead, he snarled: "Roll down here!" As his voice sounded, lightning strikes down and instantly struck the one-armed Head Bandit. Screaming painfully, he fell to the ground.


The bandits around were shocked, and they immediately gathered around in a protective circle.

The Bandit Head struggled awkwardly to get up from the ground, his face dirtied with soil and mud; he glared at Fei Hou while his heart felt both anger and fear. A sharp light glinted in his eyes.

"Kill! Kill off this old dog!" His hand waved, bellowing the order.

He doesn't believe this person could fight against a hundred of them!

Unless, of course the other side was a Xiantian realm expert.

But, he believed his luck was not that rotten to come across a Xiantian expert here.

The bandits rushed towards Fei Hou.

Fei Hou's eyes swept across these bandits, his face turning cold. A bright light flashed, and a twenty-meter long silver river appeared. This was Fei Hou's martial spirit.

After Fei Hou broke through to the Xiantian realm, the Silver River martial spirit was wider, longer, and more compact. Dazzling silver light flickered in the dark forest.


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