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Chapter 35: Martial Spirit Strengthening

 Chapter 35: Martial Spirit Strengthening

The young man and woman leaped at Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey.

Huang Xiaolong sneered as he watched both of them rush at him. With great delight, he materialized the Blades of Asura in his hands, and he slowly mouthed, "Tempest of Hell."

Hundreds of light rays emerged from the blades and gathered into two large vortexes that rotated with intensity. Wails filled the air, causing people's hearts to shiver (as if cold) in fear.

A deep sense of dread overcame both disciples of the Cosmic Star Academy, who by now wanted to withdraw, but it was already too late as the vortexes created by the Tempest of Hell attack had reached them.

"Star Luo Sword!"

"Fathomless Galaxy!"

Seeing the incoming attack, a cold gleam flickered in the young man's eyes and his battle qi surged with a wave of his long sword and he sent out a torrent of sharp lambent stars light which collided with Tempests of Hell. The young girl also swung her sword and launched her own counter attack.

"Clank! Clank! Clank!"

The chain of blasts sounded as if they had exchanged more than one move.

However, the Tempest of Hell didn't slow down at all, and in less than a breath's time had ravaged the many flickering stars and continued towards the bright sword rays.

"Pu!" having been run through by the Tempest of Hell, they both were spun round and crashed into a huge tree several meters away, knocking down the tree and spurting blood from their mouths, as they fell to the ground.

Their clothes had been shredded into tiny strips, and blood ran down from their mutilated flesh as if they had received a hundred slashes. Even their faces weren't spared as fresh blood dripped from the multiple cuts on both of their faces. Although they were in a miserable state, they were still alive.

Huang Xiaolong deliberately chose not to kill them with the first strike; the cuts from the Tempest of Hell attack would cause them to suffer excruciating pain, as it rampaged through their bodies destroying everything from within. Huang Xiaolong wanted them to suffer and experience this kind of agonizing pain.

The pair from the Cosmic Star Academy rolled on the ground in great pain, screaming in agony till they became hoarse.

The Purple-Robed Sword Sect disciples turned towards the source of the screaming, and seeing the tragic sight, they instantly paled.

"What? That wimpy brat is actually that powerful?!" Chen Feng was stricken with disbelief as he stared at Huang Xiaolong, who stood with his Blades of Asura in his hands. it really was hard to believe despite seeing it with his own eyes: A wimpy looking eight or nine-year-old brat actually defeated two peaks mid-Sixth Order warriors!

How could this be! How could there exist such a monster!

Even the revered Sovereign, when he was an eight or nine years old wouldn't be this brilliant!

In the time Chen Feng spent in shock, several screams suddenly erupted. The still dazed Chen Feng turned around and saw that Fei Hou's sword had pierced through the throats of five more disciples while they were distracted.

Chen Feng was rattled and furious at the same time: "What a bunch of idiots! Quickly! call out your martial spirits, and get in the Blood Wolf Killing Array formation." After saying that, a dazzling light exploded from his body, and an enormous wolf emerged behind Chen Feng. Its eyes were the color of red blood, its fur a silver-gray and between there were dark black patterns in between the silver-gray fur.

This was his beast martial spirit, a wolf species: Sky Wolf!

Seeing that Chen Feng had released his martial spirit, the other disciples of the Purple Robed Sword Sect quickly followed suit. All seven disciples' martial spirits were all wolves!

Some of their martial spirits had gold-colored eyes, some had two tails, and some were even entirely pitch black.

Although these disciples martial spirits weren't the same as Chen Feng's Sky Wolf, they were all wolf type spirits.

Even Huang Xiaolong was stunned when he saw this.

They then quickly moved into formation with Chen as the center, before fully releasing their battle qi. Their martial spirits flew towards Chen Feng's Sky Wolf, and a powerful aura broke out from Chen Feng's Sky Wolf as eight wolf martial spirits seemed to have combined together.

In general, people who had similar martial spirits could channel their energies together by using an exercise law or array, multiplying their strength and power.

The aura of these seven Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples and Chen Feng increased at an alarming rate.


Fei Hou was surprised a little; he hadn't expected that these disciples of the Purple Robed Sword Sect could all possessed wolf type martial spirits. But seeing all eight of them had gotten into an array formation, he scoffed and silver light shone from his body like a silver-colored sun, and a Silver River became visible as it wound around Fei Hou. With each turn, the silver light that shone from his body became brighter as the Silver River grew bigger.

"Martial spirit strengthening!" Chen Feng exclaimed in horror when he saw the transformation caused by Fei Hou's martial spirit.

Yes, this was martial spirit strengthening!

And this was Fei Hou martial spirit's supernatural ability!

Fei Hou's Silver River strengthening would allow Fei Hou abilities to become five times stronger, his power increased by half at the same time.

With a five-time boost, Fei Hou's Silver River expanded several meters in width and more than a dozen meters in length.

Once Fei Hou fully merged with his martial spirit with five times boost of power, it was as if he had turned into a Silver River; his bones, skin, and flesh disappeared.

"Attack!" Chen Feng roared while as fear gripped him, and without warning a hand print loomed over Fei Hou and an enormous wolf head stretched its jaws wide open.

"Sky Wolf Palm!"

A majestic Wolf covered the sky and its roar vibrated through the forest.

The seven Purple-Robed Sword Sect disciples also launched attacks at the same time. All of them sent out a wolf head, which was comparatively smaller than Chen Feng's.

Seeing this, Fei Hou's eyes became vindictive, he lifted his arms and sent out strong punch.

"Shattering Heart Fist"

Shattering Heart Fist! As the fist print pierced through the air, something seemed to have cracked.

The eight wolves' head exploded and the eight who launched the attack were shaken and blasted away. Only Chen Feng fared a little better than the others, managing to steady himself after being pushed away by ten meters. When the seven disciples hit the ground, popping sounds could be heard from their bodies, each 'pop' causing them to tremble involuntarily until all seven of them died where they lay.

The same popping sounds could be heard from Chen Feng's body but in his case each time a pop was heard blood spurted out of his mouth leaving him terrified and frightened. What kind of battle skill is this?! He wondered

Without any indication, he turned around and tried to escape!

Seeing this, Fei Hou's body glimmered, and flowed just like a river cutting off Chen Feng's path, then with a twist of his body, Fei Hou pushed Chen Feng back to his original position.

Huang Xiaolong was relieved for they couldn't afford to let Cheng Feng escape. He turned and walked slowly towards the two disciples of the Cosmic Star Academy. Both of them were still rolling on the ground in excruciating pain, blood and dirt smeared all over them made it hard to recognize them.

"I beg you, please, please let me go. The tre...treasure map, I'll give it to you!" said the young man when he saw Huang Xiaolong walking towards them.

Huang Xiaolong said nothing. As he looked at the young man with a cold expression, he used the Blades of Asura in his hand and slit his throat ending his pitiful screams. Terrified, the young girl was about to say something when Huang Xiaolong sent her on her way with a wave of his blade.

After he killed the two from Cosmic Star Academy, Huang Xiaolong recalled the Blades of Asura; he searched and found a piece of map from the young man's body. On the surface of this map, there was a drawing of a monkey!

Comparing the drawing and the little monkey beside him, one thought crossed his mind; such likeness?


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