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Author: Shen Jian

Lastchapter: Chapter 905: The Hellion Tower and Path to Hell

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Chapter 905: The Hellion Tower and Path to Hell
Chapter 904: To The City of Devils
Chapter 903: Join Up, Not Going
Chapter 902: Is Huang Xiaolong Already Dead?
Chapter 901: The Beitang Family’s Group Doesnt Believe
Chapter 900: You Are Huang Xiaolong!
Chapter 899: Hounding Yelu Chufei
Chapter 898: Qin Yi Arrives
Chapter 897: They Are Finally Here
Chapter 896: Descending On The Martial Spirit World
Chapter 895: Terminating the Blood Contrac
Chapter 894: The Dan River and Sacred Dan Temple
Chapter 893: Alchemist Grandmaster Union Grand Competition
Chapter 892: Huang Xiaolong’s Grand Wedding
Chapter 891: Really Won The First Place!
Chapter 890: Doesn’t Your Face Turn Red Telling Lies Like This?
Chapter 889: Could His Son Really Protect Himself?
Chapter 888: All Dead
Chapter 887: Wang Na’s Death
Chapter 886: You Dare Disrespect Institute Principal Wang Na?
Chapter 885: Returning To The Black Tortoise Galaxy
Chapter 884: The Fortune Gate Elder
Chapter 883: Peerless Genius
Chapter 882: Divine World Messenger
Chapter 881: Huang Xiaolong Must Die!
Chapter 880: Instalment Ceremony
Chapter 879: The First Place
Chapter 878: Divide Equally?
Chapter 877: Is It Because of the Azure Dragon Divine Fire?
Chapter 876: The Mysterious Great Lord
Chapter 875: Which Of You Wants To Die First?
Chapter 874: Activating the Central Formation
Chapter 873: Hand Over The Key
Chapter 872: Encountering Wangu Yanhui
Chapter 871: You Wuye
Chapter 870: The Highest He Could Reach Is The 8th Place
Chapter 869: Entering The Top Ten
Chapter 868: The Center of Attention
Chapter 867: Cheering Out Loud
Chapter 866: Finding the Lightning Gods Cultivation Dwelling
Chapter 865: Too Weak
Chapter 864: Ancient Lightning Gods Cultivation Dwelling
Chapter 863: The First Place Belongs To None Other Than Wangu Yanhui
Chapter 862: Three Supreme Rank Godheads
Chapter 861: Breakthrough to Highgod Realm
Chapter 860: The Emergence Of An Extraordinary Treasure?
Chapter 859: Condensing A Godhead
Chapter 858: Slowly Dimmed
Chapter 857: A Terrified Xiang Mingzhi
Chapter 856: Finding Xiang Mingzhi
Chapter 855: Did Not Let Him Down
Chapter 854: Another One
Chapter 853: Not A Hallucination
Chapter 852: Truly Good News
Chapter 851: You Must Have Seen Wrongly
Chapter 850: Touching The Top Three Thousand
Chapter 849: A Megapolis
Chapter 848
Chapter 847: Better Used As Cannon Fodder
Chapter 846: The Overflowing Lightning World
Chapter 845: The Tournament Begins
Chapter 844: Coincidentally Running Into Xiang Mingzhi
Chapter 843: Heres 500 Billion
Chapter 842: Pretending To Be Rich?
Chapter 841: Testing Bone-age
Chapter 840: Give Me Your Spot
Chapter 839: Rushing to the Eternal Galaxy
Chapter 838: Seven Years Later
Chapter 837: Yelu Tianfeng
Chapter 836: Astounding Prizes
Chapter 835: An Edict From the Divine World
Chapter 834: Conquering The Neighboring World Surfaces
Chapter 833: The Heavenly Mountain Taken Away
Chapter 832: Refining the Central Formation
Chapter 831: The Central Formation
Chapter 830: The Heavenly Gods Dwelling
Chapter 829: Transformation Of The Soul
Chapter 828: White Tiger Divine Fire
Chapter 827: Trapped
Chapter 826: The Peak of the Heavenly Mountain
Chapter 825: The White Tiger Divine Fires Whereabouts
Chapter 824: Flee
Chapter 823: Alarming The Old Devils
Chapter 822: Searching For the Demonic Devil Bead
Chapter 821: Entering The Devil Cave
Chapter 820: The Devil Cave
Chapter 819: Gaunt Devil
Chapter 818: Crimson Devil City
Chapter 817: Devil Domain Mainland
Chapter 816: "Its Pill King Huang Xiaolong!"
Chapter 815: A Fragment of the Heavenly Gods Godhead
Chapter 814: Beitang Zi
Chapter 813: Zhu Family Ancestor
Chapter 812: I Want To Eat You Up
Chapter 811: Amazing Leg Skill
Chapter 810: This Is For You
Chapter 809: Firmament Divinity Mainland
Chapter 808: Wintry North World
Chapter 807: Could It Be That Mysterious Lord?
Chapter 806: Tangible Soul Attack
Chapter 805: Suppressing the Condensation of a Godhead
Chapter 804: Dominate the Boundless Galaxies
Chapter 803: Actually Not Dead?
Chapter 802: Death God Lake
Chapter 801: Xiang Mingzhi Advances To Highgod Realm
Chapter 800: Twenty-Three Highgod Realm Masters
Chapter 799: Evil Ghost Ancestor Dead!
Chapter 798: Three People Joining Forces
Chapter 797: Evil Ghost Ancestor
Chapter 796: Astonishing Countless Highgod Realm Masters
Chapter 795: Recruiting Highgod Realm Masters
Chapter 794: Mirage King
Chapter 793: Zhu Chu Actually Lost
Chapter 792: Merely Qualified To Carry His Shoes
Chapter 791: Kill Huang Xiaolong
Chapter 790: He Looks Like Zhu Chenyi?
Chapter 789: Was Just Killed By Someone
Chapter 788: Perfection Stage Late-Tenth Order God Realm
Chapter 787: The Hundred Spirits Beast Kings Sealed Torso
Chapter 786: Searching For The Hundred Spirits Beast Kings Sealed Body
Chapter 785: Ascending to the Divine World
Chapter 784: What Are You Thinking?
Chapter 783: Legacy Inheritor
Chapter 782: Late-Tenth Order God Realm?!
Chapter 781: Are You Stronger Than He Feifan?
Chapter 780: Stage Battle
Chapter 779: Saint Mother Yao Chi Arrives
Chapter 778: The Banquet Begins
Chapter 777: Lu Cong
Chapter 776: Jiang Hanzhi
Chapter 775: Encountering the Jiang Family Patriarch
Chapter 774: A Horrified Wang Na
Chapter 773: Saint Mother Yao Chis Birthday Banquet
Chapter 772: Could It Be, Youve Already Broken Through to Ninth Order God Realm?
Chapter 771: Feng Yang Exits Seclusion
Chapter 770: The Mysterious Great Lord
Chapter 769: Jia Xiangtian Sent Flying
Chapter 768: He Plans To Take On My Palm Strike?
Chapter 767: The Ascending Moon Old Mans Real Strength?
Chapter 766: Everyone Has A Share
Chapter 765: Dumbfounded Ascending Moon Old Man!
Chapter 764: Finally Back!
Chapter 763: Nothing But A Fool!
Chapter 762: So Many Wan Familys Masters!
Chapter 761: The Wan Family
Chapter 760: More Than Ten Thousand God Realm Demonic Beasts
Chapter 759: Subjugating Three Great Highgod Realm Masters
Chapter 758: Six Hundred Billion!
Chapter 757: The Phoenix Clan Submits!
Chapter 756: You Dare Hit My Face!
Chapter 755: Using A Single Palm
Chapter 754: Dragon Emperor Regains His Freedom
Chapter 753: Integrating With The Vermilion Bird Divine Fire
Chapter 752: Vermilion Bird Divine Fire!
Chapter 751: Entering the Phoenix Volcano
Chapter 750: If You Can Withstand One Palm Strike From Me
Chapter 749: The Phoenix Clan Alerted!
Chapter 748: Could something have happened to Master?
Chapter 747: Capturing the Fire Scaled Beast
Chapter 746: Taming A Tenth Order God Realm Demonic Beast
Chapter 745: Firecloud Mountain
Chapter 744: First Exchange With The Highgod Advancement Lists First Ranker
Chapter 743: Highgod Advancement List
Chapter 742: Entering The Fire World
Chapter 741: Fire Worlds Phoenix Volcano
Chapter 740: Not Worthy To Be My Opponent
Chapter 739: Celebration Ceremony
Chapter 738: He Feifan Breaks Through to Highgod Realm
Chapter 737: Refining the Hundred Spirit Beast Kings Giant Arms
Chapter 736: A Hundred Zhang Tall Demonic Beast Body
Chapter 735: A Space Filled With Demonic Qi
Chapter 734: Hundred Spirits Beast King
Chapter 733: Youre not Cheng Huaian!
Chapter 732: Golden Mountain World
Chapter 731: Demonic Beast Clans Attacks
Chapter 730: Tenth Order God Realm
Chapter 729: Entering the Vermilion Bird Institute Library
Chapter 728: Youre Telling Me To Scram?
Chapter 727: Qi Qianqian
Chapter 726: Entering the Vermilion Bird Institute
Chapter 725: Arriving at the Vermilion Bird Galaxy
Chapter 724: Searching for the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire
Chapter 723: Refining the Black Lotus
Chapter 722: Who Dares To Bully My Disciple?
Chapter 721: You Might As Well Stay
Chapter 720: Highgod Realm Master
Chapter 719: Ninth Order God Realm
Chapter 718: Locating the Heavenly Gods Blood Pool
Chapter 717: Black Dungeon Tarragon
Chapter 716: Broken Sword Sect
Chapter 715: Heavenly Gods Blood Pool
Chapter 714: Heavenly Mountain
Chapter 713: Mastering the Black Tortoise Divine Fire
Chapter 712: Annihilating the Nether Ice Palace
Chapter 711: Integrating With the Black Tortoise Divine Fire
Chapter 710: Chaos Space
Chapter 709: The Black Tortoise Divine Fire Is Not At The Bottom Of The Sea
Chapter 708: How Is That Persons Strength?
Chapter 707: How Many People Does The Other Side Have?
Chapter 706: Searching For The Black Tortoise Divine Fire
Chapter 705: Could It Be, These Two Know Each Other?
Chapter 704: Arriving In Peace Emperor World
Chapter 703: You Bunch of Idiots!
Chapter 702: To Peace Emperor World
Chapter 701: He... Seems To Be That Huang Xiaolong?
Chapter 700: Returning To The Huang Clan Manor
Chapter 699: Obliterate Them!
Chapter 698: Senior, Do You Know of The Li Family?
Chapter 697: Big Trouble
Chapter 696: Definitely Capture Them Alive!
Chapter 695: Fussing Over A Trivial Matter
Chapter 694: Changes In The Martial Spirit World
Chapter 693: Returning to Martial Spirit World
Chapter 692: Clues About The Black Tortoise Divine Fires Whereabouts
Chapter 691: The Terror of Azure Dragon Divine Fire
Chapter 690: Are You Certain?
Chapter 689: Give Me Some Face
Chapter 688: Pill Tribulation!
Chapter 687: Xiang Mingzhis Successful Refinement!
Chapter 686: Xuanji Treasure
Chapter 685: And If You Lose?
Chapter 684: Begin The Refinement
Chapter 683: Ancestor Mountaingoat
Chapter 682: Senior Brother Huang
Chapter 681: Master!
Chapter 680: You All Better Leave Quickly
Chapter 679: Who Said He Passed the Assessment?
Chapter 678: Refining Without A Furnace
Chapter 677: The Alchemist Assessment?
Chapter 676: Azure Dragon Divine Fire
Chapter 675: No Need To Kneel
Chapter 674: My Father Is Lin Pinghai
Chapter 673: Destroyed
Chapter 672: Departing to Royal Pill City
Chapter 671: The Ascending Moon Old Mans Return
Chapter 670: God Ranking List Battle
Chapter 669: Trouble?
Chapter 668: Seal Off the Wintry North World
Chapter 667: You Wont Have That Chance
Chapter 666: Begging For a Spanking
Chapter 665: Promotion To Elder Position
Chapter 664: Penalize Huang Xiaolong
Chapter 663: Contribution
Chapter 662: Consecutive Breakthroughs to God Realm
Chapter 661: Why Are Both of You So Afraid Of Him?!
Chapter 660: I Thought It Would Be A Trillion
Chapter 659: Xiang Mingzhi Is Also Participating
Chapter 658: Ascending Moon Old Man Leaving
Chapter 657: One Kick, As Hard As You Can
Chapter 656: Throw Them Out!
Chapter 655: Sister
Chapter 654: Cant Afford
Chapter 653: A Meeting
Chapter 652: Refining the Godhead
Chapter 651: Alchemist Grandmaster Competition?
Chapter 650: Rank Five Godhead
Chapter 649: Have You Heard?
Chapter 648: Greeting Senior Ascending Moon
Chapter 647: So Full
Chapter 646: Fallen In Love With This Old Man?
Chapter 645: Who Dares To Harm My Disciple?
Chapter 644: Turned Into An Idiot
Chapter 643: Huang Xiaolongs Return
Chapter 642: Hes Nothing But A Dog of A God
Chapter 641: Attacking the Golden Dragon Peak
Chapter 640: Jiang Yus Breakthrough
Chapter 639: Baldy Zhang
Chapter 638: How Should I Address You?
Chapter 637: Huang Xiaolongs Headaches
Chapter 636: This Is Your Great Blessing!
Chapter 635: I Finally Found It!
Chapter 634: Meeting Ascending Moon Old Man
Chapter 633: Reuniting With Shi Xiaofei
Chapter 632: Not Going To Scram?
Chapter 631: Godhead Strata
Chapter 630: The People Coming Over Are Very Powerful
Chapter 629: Send Him A Big Gift
Chapter 628: Sneak Attack
Chapter 627: Rising Sea Ascending Moon Divine Pellet
Chapter 626: Three Hundred And Forty Billion Seem A Bit Little
Chapter 625: Forged Gambling Receipt
Chapter 624: Collecting Gambling Wins
Chapter 623: Bagua Trigrams Formation-Palace of Nine Halls
Chapter 622: I Want Them All
Chapter 621: You Should Give Us Some Compensation
Chapter 620: Beauty Dengs Brilliant Plan
Chapter 619: Will Not Let It Slide At That
Chapter 618: All Dragons League
Chapter 617: Opening A Cultivation Cave
Chapter 616: Soft Eggs Can Never Be More Than Soft Eggs
Chapter 615: Burst It With One Kick!
Chapter 614: The Arena Boils Over! Astounded!
Chapter 613: Get Out of the Rising Dragon Arena
Chapter 612: I Want Your Hailstone Treasure
Chapter 611: All Nine Of You Attack Together
Chapter 610: Need You Lording Over?
Chapter 609: Must Have Grown Restless From Waiting
Chapter 608: A Super Huge Bet
Chapter 607: Fifth Order God Realm
Chapter 606: Refining a Highgod Realm Divine Dragons Beast Core
Chapter 605: Our Zhu Familys Possession
Chapter 604: Savager Than A Primordial Fierce Beast
Chapter 603: Blazing Stonedragon Beast
Chapter 602: To Capture God Realm Demonic Beasts
Chapter 601: Well Leave As We Please
Chapter 600: Slave
Chapter 599: Fourth Order God Realm
Chapter 598: Are You An Idiot?
Chapter 597: Earth-Shaking Exorbitant Price
Chapter 596: True Dragon Kings Beast Cores
Chapter 595: Hard to Swallow This Indignity!
Chapter 594: Offer You A Cup of Tea
Chapter 593: A Life For A Life
Chapter 592: I Shall Kill You First
Chapter 591: Hate Being Threatened The Most
Chapter 590: Problem Arises!
Chapter 589: Opening the Hailstone Treasure
Chapter 588: He Wont Get Away
Chapter 587: Venturing In To The Hailstone Treasure
Chapter 586: Getting Closer To The Treasure
Chapter 585: Highgod Advancement Tournament
Chapter 584: In the Depths of Hailstone Forest
Chapter 583: Darksprite Poison Owl
Chapter 582: No Hurry
Chapter 581: Dare To Kill?
Chapter 580: Hailstone Mainland
Chapter 579: Treasure
Chapter 578: Controlling Sword With Qi
Chapter 577: Only Break Your Arms
Chapter 576: Azure Dragon Institute
Chapter 575: Ten Billion!
Chapter 574: Sacred Grade Immortal Spirit Stone
Chapter 573: Divine Fort Residence
Chapter 572: Servants Are Not Allowed In Here
Chapter 571: Talked For An Entire Night?
Chapter 570: Were Fifth Order God Realm Masters
Chapter 569: Annihilate The Huang Clan Manor From Top To Bottom
Chapter 568: Masters From the Ying Family
Chapter 567: Returning To The Martial Spirit World
Chapter 566: Leader of the Inner Disciples Great Ten
Chapter 565: Buying A Manor
Chapter 564: Youre Definitely Going To Regret This!
Chapter 563: This Kids Going To Be Crippled
Chapter 562: Occupied By Another
Chapter 561: You Said Your Junior- Apprentice Brother Took First Place?
Chapter 560: Still, Only One Move!
Chapter 559: Wang Biaoyuans True Strength!
Chapter 558: Allow Me to Make the First Move?
Chapter 557: A Sigh
Chapter 556: Challenging Huang Xiaolong
Chapter 555: A Spot Within the Top Five Is Already Not Bad
Chapter 554: Advancing to Second Order God Realm
Chapter 553: Stepping Into Hell
Chapter 552: Summoning The Gates of Hell
Chapter 551: Breakthrough to God Realm
Chapter 550: Refining Innate Spiritual Embryo
Chapter 549: New Disciple Task
Chapter 548: Ancestor Gudu
Chapter 547: The Grand Apprenticeship Ceremony
Chapter 546: Reckless Act
Chapter 545: You Already Refined All of Them?!
Chapter 544: Apprenticeship
Chapter 543: About Thirty Years?
Chapter 542: Anyone Else Wants to Come Up?
Chapter 541: Query
Chapter 540: The Battle For First Place
Chapter 539: Fourth Place Already!
Chapter 538: Third Day of Assessment
Chapter 537: Second Day of Assessment
Chapter 536: Changes To The Top Ten Ranking
Chapter 535: Hunting God Realm Demonic Beasts
Chapter 534: First Encounter With Gudu Leng
Chapter 533: Day of Assessment Approaching
Chapter 532: Divine Artifact
Chapter 531: Are You Sure Youre Not Auctioning?
Chapter 530: Test Result
Chapter 529: Tortoise Boundarys Apparition
Chapter 528: Black Warrior City
Chapter 527: Exchanging Currency
Chapter 526: Arriving In the Central Starfield
Chapter 525: Innate Spiritual Embryo
Chapter 524: Three Thousand Unique Physiques
Chapter 523: Central Starfield
Chapter 522: Leaving the Martial Spirit World
Chapter 521: Black Warrior Institutes Top Ten
Chapter 520: Black Warrior Institute
Chapter 519: Unifying the Martial Spirit World
Chapter 518: Demon Sword Hall
Chapter 517: One Gentle Palm Strike
Chapter 516: Someone the Likes of You Is Capable of Killing Our Temple Preceptor?
Chapter 515: Black Tortoise Galaxy
Chapter 514: Ying Tians Death
Chapter 513: Firmament Jade Emperor Heavenly Physique?
Chapter 512: Star Sword Sect
Chapter 511: Soul Binding Needle!
Chapter 510: Young Noble Absolute Kill
Chapter 509: Half-Step God Realm Demonic Beasts
Chapter 508: Destination: Dead Sea Gorge
Chapter 507: Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi
Chapter 506: Changes in the Dragon Pearl
Chapter 505: Unifying Starcloud Continent
Chapter 504: Terrorized By the Killings
Chapter 503: Half A Step God Realm
Chapter 502: Who Dares to Act Recklessly, Seeking Death!
Chapter 501: This Way Is Much Better
Chapter 500: Firstly, Annihilate Asura’s Gate
Chapter 499: Return to Asuras Gate!
Chapter 498: Unifying The Ten Directions Continent
Chapter 497: Kill Huang Xiaolong!
Chapter 496: Deities Templar’s Li Lu Appears
Chapter 495: Green Devil Nefarious Poison Liquefying Technique!
Chapter 494: A Wastrel Like You
Chapter 493: The Tribes and Clans Join Hands
Chapter 492: He’s Lord Beast God?!!
Chapter 491: Let You Live A Few More Days
Chapter 490: Running Into Old Acquaintances
Chapter 489: Assembling in Nine Dragons City
Chapter 488: Ape Deity Herculean Strength Scripture
Chapter 487: Seeing the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey Again
Chapter 486: Give You Double Reward
Chapter 485: Captured For Temple Master’s Pleasure
Chapter 484: Just Huang Xiaolong Alone?
Chapter 483: Will Annihilate All Beastmen Tribes
Chapter 482: Second Hall Master’s Deific Prowess
Chapter 481: You Used Ten Moves
Chapter 480: Submit
Chapter 479: Don’t Accidentally Kill Him
Chapter 478: I Will Make You Regret This
Chapter 477: Beast God Heritage
Chapter 476: Entering the Beast God Shrine
Chapter 475: Let Me Try
Chapter 474: ‘Little Worm’
Chapter 473: Elf Grand Elder’s Welcome
Chapter 472: You Stay Here
Chapter 471: Entering the Dwarven City Again
Chapter 470: Nine Dragons Temple
Chapter 469: If You Can Defeat Me
Chapter 468: Huang Xiaolong Is the Beast God
Chapter 467: Have All of Them Remain Here Forever!
Chapter 466: Protect the Liege Lord Beast God
Chapter 465: I Don’t Kill A Nameless Face
Chapter 464: New Beast God?
Chapter 463: Scram For Me Now!
Chapter 462: Running Into the Lion Tribe
Chapter 461: Entering the Poison Dragon Valley
Chapter 460: Beastmen Tribes Congregation
Chapter 459: I Support Leibert!
Chapter 458: I Object!
Chapter 457: Rebellion & Usurpation
Chapter 456: Unqualified
Chapter 455: Liege Lord Beast God
Chapter 454: Lowly Human
Chapter 453: Beast God Sacrificial Rite
Chapter 452: And If I Don’t?
Chapter 451: This Roast Meat Is Not Bad
Chapter 450: Stellar Thunder Canyon
Chapter 449: Dwarf Race
Chapter 448: Magus
Chapter 447: The Elf Forest
Chapter 446: My Big Uncle Is Young Noble Divine Dragon!
Chapter 445: Refining Another Primordial Divine Dragon
Chapter 444: Poison Dragon Valley
Chapter 443: Back to Blessed Buddha Empire
Chapter 442: Refining A Primordial Divine Dragon
Chapter 441: Look at the Stars
Chapter 440: Where’s Shao Dongjian?
Chapter 439: Back To The Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
Chapter 438: Thank You For Your Hospitality
Chapter 437: Our President Invites Thee
Chapter 436: Our President Is Not In
Chapter 435: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
Chapter 434: Death God’s Sword
Chapter 433: Godly Xumi Art!
Chapter 432: Death God’s Sinister Technique
Chapter 431: It’s The Young Lord!
Chapter 430: Notify The Young Lord
Chapter 429: Frontal Assault
Chapter 428: Not Even Qualified to Carry His Shoes?
Chapter 427: Congratulations, Young Lord
Chapter 426: Shi Xiaofei’s Whereabouts
Chapter 425: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 424: Qin Family
Chapter 423: Arriving in Treasure City
Chapter 422: I Will Take Revenge!
Chapter 421: Still Considered Tactful
Chapter 420: What Are You Considered As?
Chapter 419: Surrender the Murderer
Chapter 418: Breaching Entry Into the Castellan Manor
Chapter 417: Why Are You Here Only Now?!
Chapter 416: A Hero Wants to Save the Beautiful Damsel in Distress?
Chapter 415: Refining the Asura Bloodline
Chapter 414: An Asura from Hell?
Chapter 413: Won’t Dare to Make a Move on Our Qi Family
Chapter 412: Grand Martial Exchange
Chapter 411: Taking Control of Asura’s Gate
Chapter 410: Such A Nice Fragrance!
Chapter 409: Sovereign Chen Won!
Chapter 408: Definitely has Given Birth Before
Chapter 407: Sovereign’s Divine Might!
Chapter 406: Can Evolve?
Chapter 405: We Have Been Waiting A Long Time for You
Chapter 404: You’re Finally Here!
Chapter 403: None of You Can Escape!
Chapter 402: Arriving At the Center Oblast
Chapter 401: Mister Luo Yun!
Chapter 400: Hurry, Notify the Castellan
Chapter 399: Whatever Request?
Chapter 398: Having Something Appraised
Chapter 397: Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm
Chapter 396: Big Event
Chapter 395: Why, Why So Fragile to Beating?
Chapter 394: It’s the Fairest
Chapter 393: The Age Definitely Can’t Be Wrong
Chapter 392: Aowu Shop
Chapter 391: Arriving at Starcloud Continent
Chapter 390: Asura Sword Skill, the Eighth Move
Chapter 389: Cosmos God Cult
Chapter 388: Poison Corpse Scarabs’ Evolution
Chapter 387: Blood River War Chariot
Chapter 386: Kill To Silence
Chapter 385: Small Child
Chapter 384: Twelve Forms of the Dragon God
Chapter 383: Deities Templar’s Forces
Chapter 382: Junior Brother!
Chapter 381: He Is Young Noble Divine Dragon
Chapter 380: I Know Who He Is!
Chapter 379: Looks Impressive But Has No Substance…
Chapter 378: To the Blessed Buddha Temple
Chapter 377: Blessed Buddha Temple
Chapter 376: Still Soft Tofu?
Chapter 375: Soft Tofu
Chapter 374: Passing Through the Blessed Buddha Empire
Chapter 373: Deities Templar Temple Preceptor, Ying Tian
Chapter 372: Yao Shan’s Death
Chapter 371: Poison Corpse Scarabs’ Battle Might
Chapter 370: Swear Allegiance to Deities Templar?
Chapter 369: Cancel Your Tryout Eligibility!
Chapter 368: Peace Emperor World
Chapter 367: Asura Order
Chapter 366: Three Years Later
Chapter 365: Refining the Dragon Pearl
Chapter 364: All Sides Snatching
Chapter 363: Dragon Pearl
Chapter 362: Entering the Dragon Tomb
Chapter 361: Dragon Tomb
Chapter 360: Great Dragon Saber
Chapter 359: Dragon Palace
Chapter 358: Dragon Blood Crystal
Chapter 357: The Ancient Dragon Clan Ruins, Found!
Chapter 356: Subduing the Poison Corpse Scarabs
Chapter 355: Poison Corpse Scarabs
Chapter 354: Heavenly Treasure Resurface In the World
Chapter 353: Not One of Them Leaves
Chapter 352: Huang Xiaolong!
Chapter 351: Guarantee That You Can’t Stop Heaping Praises
Chapter 350: I’ll Take Them All
Chapter 349: Ruins of the Ancient Dragon Clan
Chapter 348: Beast God Scepter
Chapter 347: You Broke Through Half-Saint?
Chapter 346: Tearing Into Saint Realm
Chapter 345: The Origin Forest
Chapter 344: Fabled Scimitar Sect
Chapter 343: Come At Me, Anytime.
Chapter 342: Cripple Your Own Two Legs
Chapter 341: Teach Them How To Behave?
Chapter 340: Refining the Supreme Ghost Flag
Chapter 339: Absorbing the Ghost King Dan
Chapter 338: Begin, Refining the Ghost King Ring
Chapter 337: Back To Duanren Imperial City
Chapter 336: Senior Huang
Chapter 335: The Holy Maiden of Deities Templar
Chapter 334: This Monster!
Chapter 333: Able To Contend With Me?
Chapter 332: Even If Given Wings… Won’t Be Able To Escape
Chapter 331: Deities Templar Appears Again
Chapter 330: God Killing Fist!
Chapter 329: Unable To Rescue?
Chapter 328: Back in Luo Tong Kingdom
Chapter 327: Return to Duanren Empire
Chapter 326: Ghost King Dan and Ghost King Sutra
Chapter 325: The Fourth Floor
Chapter 324: The Third Floor
Chapter 323: Entering the Ghost King’s Cultivation Cave
Chapter 322: Giant Ghost Feng Yang’s Might
Chapter 321: Battling Zhao Chen Again
Chapter 320: Ghost King’s Cultivation Cave
Chapter 319: Blood Pact Mandate
Chapter 318: Giant Ghost That Reached Saint Realm Cultivation
Chapter 317: Underground Palace
Chapter 316: White Phoenix
Chapter 315: I Hope You Can Think It Over Clearly
Chapter 313: Ghost King Sutra
Chapter 312: What If I Intervene?
Chapter 311: Ghost King Palace
Chapter 310: Stepping into Ghost City
Chapter 309: Refining the Earth Dragon Egg
Chapter 308: Earth Dragon Egg
Chapter 307: Ghost City Appeared
Chapter 306: Battling Saint Realm
Chapter 305: Why Should I Run ?
Chapter 304: Back to City of Myriad Gods
Chapter 303: Let Me Experience the Strength of a Half-Saint Realm
Chapter 302: Have You Heard of Heavenly Treasures?
Chapter 301: Eminent Holiness Halberd Sutra
Chapter 300: Divine Grade Spirit Pellet
Chapter 299: At the Bottom of the Cold Spring
Chapter 298: Refining the Spiritual Energy Fish
Chapter 297: Tree of the Divine World
Chapter 296: Fish of Natural Spiritual Energy
Chapter 295: Beneath the Rift
Chapter 294: Back to Explore Broken Tiger Rift
Chapter 293: So, It Was Like This…
Chapter 292: Our Young Lord Wants to See You!
Chapter 291: Life Soul Grass
Chapter 290: Meeting Yao Fei Again
Chapter 289: The Ancient Herculean King
Chapter 288: Arriving in the City of Myriad Gods
Chapter 287: Godly Xumi Art Resurfaced!
Chapter 286: Summoning the Giant Puppets
Chapter 285: Great Demonic Yin Sound
Chapter 284: Poison Saint Sect
Chapter 283: Saber Imperial City
Chapter 282: Four Seas Mountain
Chapter 281: What Kind of Palm Power Is This?
Chapter 280: Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch
Chapter 279: Remains From An Ancient God Tribe Master
Chapter 278: Don’t Dodge If You’ve Got Guts
Chapter 277: Savage Sanguine Wasteland
Chapter 276: City of Myriad Gods
Chapter 275: Unifying Black Demon City
Chapter 274: Killing Hu Han
Chapter 273: Empty
Chapter 272: Annihilate the Sky Magi Sect!
Chapter 271: Where’s the Young Sovereign?
Chapter 270: Young Lord!
Chapter 269: Nosy
Chapter 268: Taking Over Blood Swallow School
Chapter 267: Undying Devil Physique
Chapter 266: Eye of the Yellow Spring
Chapter 265: You Think This Is A Joke?
Chapter 264: Jiang Tianhua Paying A Visit
Chapter 263: Chen Xiaotian’s Too Presumptuous
Chapter 262: Ally with Sky Magi Sect?
Chapter 261: Begin Swallowing the Blood Swallow School
Chapter 260: Death God’s Chain
Chapter 259: Taking Control of Sky Magi Sect
Chapter 258: Battling Chen Xiaotian
Chapter 257: Greeting the Young Lord!
Chapter 256: Chen Xiaotian’s Suspicion
Chapter 255: No Medicine for Regret
Chapter 254: Who Allowed You to Leave?
Chapter 253: Geng Ken’s Doubt
Chapter 252: Eye Of Hell
Chapter 251: An Impetuous, Death Seeking Slave!
Chapter 250: Controlling the Giant Puppets
Chapter 249: Ghost Shadow Sect
Chapter 248: Black Demon City
Chapter 247: Not Willing?
Chapter 246: Shall We Entertain this Kid?
Chapter 245: Entering the Bedlam Lands
Chapter 244: Breakthrough Xiantian Sixth Order!
Chapter 243: Promoted to Holy Maiden
Chapter 242: Formless Poison
Chapter 241: Under Brutal Siege
Chapter 240: Something Really Happened!
Chapter 239: Ancient Puppetry Art
Chapter 238: The Bedlam Lands
Chapter 237: Snow Wind Continent’s Number One Beauty
Chapter 236: Chen Tianqi’s Suspicion
Chapter 235: Young Noble Huang!
Chapter 234: Wounded My Xiao’er
Chapter 233: Back In Duanren Imperial City
Chapter 232: Weren’t You a Xiantian Third Order?!
Chapter 231: Combining Four Treasures into One
Chapter 230: Practising on Godly Mt. Xumi
Chapter 229: Refining the Godly Mt. Xumi
Chapter 228: Clues of Godly Mt. Xumi’s Location
Chapter 227: Searching for Godly Mt. Xumi
Chapter 226: Entering Buddha Cavern
Chapter 225: Meeting Shi Fantian
Chapter 224: Astonished!
Chapter 223: Reaction from the Blessed Buddha Altar
Chapter 222: Blessed Buddha Altar
Chapter 221: Journeying to the Blessed Buddha Empire
Chapter 220: Yao Manor’s Annihilation
Chapter 219: Crashing Yao Manor
Chapter 218: Deities Templar Appearing Again
Chapter 217: Duanren Emperor Rushes Over
Chapter 216: Saint Realm Expert?
Chapter 215: Guo Family’s Ancestor Exits
Chapter 214: All Of You Must Die Here!
Chapter 213: Heartless Hall
Chapter 212: Soul Mandate
Chapter 211: Permutations
Chapter 210: Terrifying Valley
Chapter 209: Searching for Absolute Soul Pearl
Chapter 208: Saint Pavilion Opens
Chapter 207: Eye of Reincarnation
Chapter 206: Saint Pavilion
Chapter 205: Are You Alright?
Chapter 204: Then My Surname’s Not Guo
Chapter 203: This Matter Won’t Be Forgiven So Simply
Chapter 202: What Exactly Happened?
Chapter 201: My, Chen Qingfeng’s Methods
Chapter 200: Just Now Was A Misunderstanding
Chapter 199: A Paltry Little Huang Family Pissant
Chapter 198: Ao Baixue
Chapter 197: Li Lu Appears!
Chapter 196: Divine World
Chapter 195: News of Deities Temple
Chapter 194: Body Dividing Technique
Chapter 193: Investigating the Absolute Soul Pearl’s Whereabouts
Chapter 192: Amusement District
Chapter 191: I’ll Leave Your Doglife
Chapter 190: New Students Signing In
Chapter 189: Duanren Institute Term Begins!
Chapter 188: The Connection Between Zhao Shu and Duan Ren
Chapter 187: So, the Little Monkey Has Grown Up
Chapter 186: Insolent!
Chapter 185: Refining a Xiantian Expert
Chapter 184: Buying Southern Hill Estate
Chapter 183: Imperial City Battle (15)
Chapter 182: Imperial City Battle (14)
Chapter 181: Imperial City Battle (13)
Chapter 180: Imperial City Battle (12)
Chapter 179: Imperial City Battle (11)
Chapter 178: Imperial City Battle (10)
Chapter 177: Imperial City Battle (9)
Chapter 176: Imperial City Battle (8)
Chapter 175: Imperial City Battle (7)
Chapter 174: Imperial City Battle (6)
Chapter 173: Imperial City Battle (5)
Chapter 172: Imperial City Battle (4)
Chapter 171: Imperial City Battle (3)
Chapter 170: Imperial City Battle (2)
Chapter 169: Imperial City Battle (1)
Chapter 168: Can I Sit Here?
Chapter 167: The Imperial City Battle Begins!
Chapter 166: Unable to Find Out?
Chapter 165: Promptly Arriving in Duanren Empire
Chapter 164: Second Layer of Linglong Treasure Pagoda
Chapter 163: Battle Qi Breakthrough–Xiantian Realm
Chapter 162: About to Break Through Xiantian Realm?
Chapter 161: No Escape for Huang Xiaolong
Chapter 160: Heavily Surrounded from all Directions
Chapter 159: Passing Through Southern Cliffs City
Chapter 158: Journeying to Duanren Empire
Chapter 157: The God Binding Ring’s Previous Master
Chapter 156: Zhao Shu and Yu Ming’s Arrival
Chapter 155: An Engagement between Huang and Guo Family
Chapter 154: Internal Force Breaks Through Xiantian Level
Chapter 153: Academy Number One
Chapter 152: Three Elders’ Ambush
Chapter 151: Battle for the Academy’s Number One
Chapter 150: Ice Silkworm Delusion Palm
Chapter 149: This is Like Scratching an Itch for Me
Chapter 148: Lin Han Landed a Punch!
Chapter 147: No Mercy
Chapter 146: Taking the Class’s First Place?
Chapter 145: News of Yu Ming
Chapter 144: Bidding War for Geocentric Esne!
Chapter 143: Meeting Yang An Again
Chapter 142: Going to the Auction
Chapter 141: Million Treasures Auction
Chapter 140: Eliminate from the Root
Chapter 139: Acme Killings
Chapter 138: “You Go Kill Huang Xiaolong!”
Chapter 137: Clear Cloud Pavilion Moves in for the Kill
Chapter 136: You Dare?
Chapter 135: Lock Up?
Chapter 134: Clear Cloud Pavilion’s People
Chapter 133: Heading To Big Dawn County
Chapter 132: Clear Cloud Pavilion Troubles
Chapter 131: Kill Southern Cliffs City Castellan
Chapter 130: Running into Big Sword Sect Disciples
Chapter 129: Hunting for Iron Crocodiles
Chapter 128: Meeting Jiang Teng Again
Chapter 127: Li Lu Left
Chapter 126: Huang Min and Li Lu Missing
Chapter 125: Attacking the Tenth Order
Chapter 124: Li Residence Obliterated
Chapter 123: Heavenly Treasure: God Binding Ring
Chapter 122: Heavenly Treasure Found!
Chapter 121: Hunt!
Chapter 120: Spirit Beast!
Chapter 119: Kill Them All!
Chapter 118: Crawl from Here
Chapter 117: Duan Wuhen
Chapter 116: Duanren Empire Intervention
Chapter 115: A Heavenly Treasure is About to Appear!
Chapter 114: The Vision Manifestation of Heavenly Treasure Appears!
Chapter 113: Leaving In Embarrassment
Chapter 112: The Yang Family’s Arrival!
Chapter 111: Of Course We Won’t Let It End Like This!
Chapter 110: Kaiser Lion Transformation
Chapter 109: Yang An is Here!
Chapter 108: What, Do You Dare to Do Something To Me?
Chapter 107: Really Is the Patriarch’s Old Man?
Chapter 106: "I’m His Old Man!"
Chapter 105: Running Into Each Other Again
Chapter 104: Slander and Trust
Chapter 103: Running into Bandits
Chapter 102: The Yuwai Kingdom
Chapter 101: Breakthrough ? the Ninth Order
Chapter 100: Yu Ming Missing
Chapter 99: This Freak of a Man!
Chapter 98: Wings of Demon
Chapter 97: Four Years Passed
Chapter 96: Arrest Him
Chapter 95: The Martial Ning Family
Chapter 94: Strange Little Town
Chapter 93: Class Advancement Test
Chapter 92: Opening the First Layer of Linglong Treasure Pagoda
Chapter 91: Breakthrough to the Seventh Order
Chapter 90: Wrath of the Nether King
Chapter 89: Back to Tianxuan Mansion
Chapter 88: Are There So Many Coincidences?
Chapter 87: Let Them Eat at the Floor Below
Chapter 86: Huang Ming and Sons, Killed
Chapter 85: Gifted to Me
Chapter 84: Eldest Uncle is Wrong
Chapter 83: What Thingy is Big Sword Sect!
Chapter 82: Roll Out Here!
Chapter 81: Dad Was Wounded!
Chapter 80: Mishap in the Eastern Courtyard
Chapter 79: Huang Xiaolong Goes Home
Chapter 78: Heavenly Treasure List Number One
Chapter 77: Heavenly Treasure
Chapter 76: Asura’s Gate Headquarters
Chapter 75: Pagoda
Chapter 74: Cultivating In The Dragon Flame Valley
Chapter 73: The Academy Competition Comes to An End
Chapter 72: Huang Xiaolong’s Martial Spirit
Chapter 71: Call Out Your Martial Spirit
Chapter 70: Unwilling to Throw in the Towel Without A Fight
Chapter 69: Not Necessarily
Chapter 68: King Lu Zhe
Chapter 67: The Academy’s Annual Competition Begins
Chapter 66: Should Be A Tie
Chapter 65: Return to the Royal City
Chapter 64: Just One Sword Strike
Chapter 63: Underground Giant Tree
Chapter 62: Poison Blood Palm
Chapter 61: Eradicate the Marshal’s Mansion?
Chapter 60: Isn’t he your Illegitimate Son?
Chapter 59: Receive Huang Xiaolong as a Disciple?
Chapter 58: You Didn’t Understand My Meaning?
Chapter 57: What Kind of Heaven-defying Talent is this?
Chapter 56: Four Breaths?
Chapter 55: Challenge All New Students!
Chapter 54: New Students Assessment
Chapter 53: Bet
Chapter 52: Throughout?
Chapter 51: Something Big Happened!
Chapter 50: Dare to Hurt Young Master!
Chapter 49: Ought to be beheaded!
Chapter 48: Revoked Qualifications
Chapter 47: Sovereign Throughout!
Chapter 46: Imperial City Battle
Chapter 45: Meeting Li Lu Again
Chapter 44: Stolen From Our Auction House
Chapter 43: Duanren Empire
Chapter 42: Xiantian Warrior
Chapter 41: Who Dares to Hurt My Junior Brother!
Chapter 40: Junior Brother’s in Trouble!
Chapter 39: Marshal’s Not In?
Chapter 38: At The Delicious Restaurant!
Chapter 37: Notify The Duke’s Mansion
Chapter 36: Luo Tong Royal City
Chapter 35: Martial Spirit Strengthening
Chapter 34: Framed
Chapter 33: Asura Demon Claw
Chapter 32: Fei Hou’s Martial Spirit
Chapter 31: Silvermoon Forest
Chapter 30: Leaving Huang Clan Manor
Chapter 29: Asura Sword Skill – Second Style
Chapter 28: The Peak of Late-Tenth Order!
Chapter 27: This is Truly Fair
Chapter 26: Fear?
Chapter 25: The Annual Clan Assembly is Here Again!
Chapter 24: Protecting Loved Ones
Chapter 23: Making an Exhibition of Oneself
Chapter 22 : Just a Lowly Slave, What Qualifications?
Chapter 21: Asura’s Gate Disciple
Chapter 20: Li Mu’s Celebration
Chapter 19: Body Metamorphose Scripture – Fourth Stage
Chapter 18: Battle Skill Training
Chapter 17: Only Huang Wei Is Going In
Chapter 16: Breakthrough Fourth Order
Chapter 15: A Slipped Of Hand
Chapter 14: Second Order Warrior!
Chapter 13: Hit Until Your Dad Can’t Recognize You!
Chapter 12: The Annual Clan Assembly Begins
Chapter 11: How Did You Advanced To First Order?
Chapter 10: Thousand Year Old Leirion Heart Grass
Chapter 09: Sabers of Asura
Chapter 08: Fortuitous Adventure at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 07: An Odd Valley
Chapter 06: It Is Useless to Beg Me!
Chapter 05: Wants To Cripple Both Of My Arms?
Chapter 04: The Annual Clan Assembly
Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong is Excluded
Chapter 02: Grade Seven Martial Spirits?
Chapter 01: Snow Wind Continen