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The Human Emperor

Author: Huangfu Qi

Lastchapter: Chapter 1811: Grand Tutor Pei Guangting

Updated: 2020-08-11 05:59

Chapter 1811: Grand Tutor Pei Guangting
Chapter 1810: Attention from All Sides!
Chapter 1809: The Crown of Confucius!
Chapter 1808: The Path of the First Sage!
Chapter 1807: Lost Civilization!
Chapter 1806: Khatabah Emerges from Seclusion!
Chapter 1805: The Hierophant, Khatabah! I
Chapter 1804: Heavens Intent Is Hard to Fathom!
Chapter 1803: Clashing Memorials!
Chapter 1802: Movement from the Confucian Sect!
Chapter 1801: The End of the Rebellion of the Three Princes!
Chapter 1800: Strange Movements!
Chapter 1799: Reinstatement of Office!
Chapter 1798: The Final Notes of the Rebellion of the Three Princes! II
Chapter 1797: The Final Notes of the Rebellion of the Three Princes! I
Chapter 1796: Wang Chong Appears!
Chapter 1795: Sovereign and Subject, Father and Son!
Chapter 1794: Hou Junjis Final Destination!
Chapter 1793: Hoodwinked Hou Junji!
Chapter 1792: The Supreme One, Heaven!
Chapter 1791: The Son of Heavens Sword!
Chapter 1790: The Halo of Spacetime!
Chapter 1789: Su Zhengchen Versus True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1788: The Power of Space!
Chapter 1787: The Final Boss!
Chapter 1786: True Lord Yellow Dragon Appears!
Chapter 1785: The True Dragon Sentinels!
Chapter 1784: Life! Execution!
Chapter 1783: The Tianshu Divine Lord, Dead!
Chapter 1782: Gods Dont Exist in This Old Mans Eyes!
Chapter 1781: Breaking the Promise!
Chapter 1780: The Man in the Bamboo Chair!
Chapter 1779: Bai Hanzhou Is on My Side!
Chapter 1778: Chongsheng Gate!
Chapter 1777: The Formation Is Broken!
Chapter 1776: White Still Has a Move!
Chapter 1775: Youve Already Lost!
Chapter 1774: The Son of Heavens Dragon Guards!
Chapter 1773: Breaking Through the Saint Martial Barracks!
Chapter 1772: Changing Ones Mind!
Chapter 1771: Persuasion!
Chapter 1770: Have You Been Well, Great General?!
Chapter 1769: The Tongluo Mobilize!
Chapter 1768: The Lone Silence Ancestor Battles Huang Tianzhao!
Chapter 1767: Advance!
Chapter 1766: Five Hells God-Devil Slash!
Chapter 1765: Li Siye Battles Duan Zhuyan!
Chapter 1764: The Origin Immortal Formation Activates!
Chapter 1763: A Game of Chess!
Chapter 1762: Meeting with Hou Junji!
Chapter 1761: The Lone Silence Ancestor Appears!
Chapter 1760: Gate Assault!
Chapter 1759: The Origin Immortal Formation Displays Its Might!
Chapter 1758: Formation Versus Formation!
Chapter 1757: The Trap Behind the Center Gate!
Chapter 1756: The Hundred Thousand God-Devil Execution Formation!
Chapter 1755: The Saint Martial Barracks!
Chapter 1754: Attack at the Center Gate! Huang Tianzhao!
Chapter 1753: King Qis Total Defeat!
Chapter 1752: King Qis Plot! II
Chapter 1751: King Qis Plot! I
Chapter 1750: The Moment of Rebellion!
Chapter 1749: A Gruesome Game of Chess!
Chapter 1748: Preparing for Battle! II
Chapter 1747: Preparing for Battle! I
Chapter 1746: The Day of Decision!
Chapter 1745: Assassination and Counter-Assassination!
Chapter 1744: Aerial Battle!
Chapter 1743: Intercepting the Beiting Protectorate Army!
Chapter 1742: Concealed Soldiers!
Chapter 1741: Tongluo Rebellion!
Chapter 1740: Su Hanshan Moves Out!
Chapter 1739: Rotation of Garrisons!
Chapter 1738: The Day Before the Decisive Battle! Old and New War Gods Meet!
Chapter 1737: The Winds Before the Storm!
Chapter 1736: Strange Activity on the Border! II
Chapter 1735: Strange Activity on the Border! I
Chapter 1734: Strange Phenomena in the Heavens!
Chapter 1733: Evening Feast at the Eastern Palace!
Chapter 1732: Reversal! Bai Hanzhous Choice!
Chapter 1731: Curing the Poison!
Chapter 1730: Zhao Fengchen Wins!
Chapter 1729: Sudden Development! Zhao Fengchen Vomits Blood!
Chapter 1728: The Xuan-Huang Link Formation!
Chapter 1727: The Rupture Halo!
Chapter 1726: The Supreme River Formation!
Chapter 1725: Zhuyan Versus Xuanwu!
Chapter 1724: The Great Zhuyan Halo!
Chapter 1723: Zhao Fengchens Choice!
Chapter 1722: The Grand Marshal Challenge Competition!
Chapter 1721: Zhao Fengchen Advances!
Chapter 1720: Duan Zhuyans Strength!
Chapter 1719: Wang Chongs Methods!
Chapter 1718: Loophole in the Rules!
Chapter 1717: The First Round! I
Chapter 1716: The First Prince Arrives!
Chapter 1715: The Imperial Armys Grand Ceremony!
Chapter 1714: The Imperial Palace, the Western Drilling Ground!
Chapter 1713: The Three Grand Marshals of the Imperial Army!
Chapter 1712: Meeting Again with Zhao Fengchen
Chapter 1711: Incident in the Imperial Army!
Chapter 1710: The Underworld Ya Elephant! Defeated!
Chapter 1709: The Pressure of Status!
Chapter 1708: Fumeng Lingchas Show of Strength!
Chapter 1707: General Amnesty!
Chapter 1706: ü-Tsangs Sincerity!
Chapter 1705: Geshu Hans Testament! II
Chapter 1704: Geshu Hans Testament! I
Chapter 1703: The Eastern Palaces Scheme!
Chapter 1702: ü-Tsangs Dread!
Chapter 1701: The Death of a Great General!
Chapter 1700: Big Dipper City in Danger!
Chapter 1699: The Setting Sun Villa Incident!
Chapter 1698: True Lord Yellow Dragon Emerges!
Chapter 1697: The Seal of Finalitys Prophecy!
Chapter 1696: The Seal of Finality!
Chapter 1695: The True World!
Chapter 1694: Unlocking In the Midst of Danger!
Chapter 1693: The Unbelievable Result!
Chapter 1692: The Line of Life and Death!
Chapter 1691: The Frightening Tianfu Divine Lord!
Chapter 1690: The Star Awl of the Southern Dipper!
Chapter 1689: Gandhagaja Crosses the Heavens!
Chapter 1688: The True Face of the High God!
Chapter 1687: Night Raid by the Six-Armed Idol!
Chapter 1686: Progress With the Golden Seed!
Chapter 1685: Exile!
Chapter 1684: Wang Zhongsis Fate!
Chapter 1683: Crown Princes Junior Guardian Wang Zhongsi!
Chapter 1682: The Six-Armed Idol!
Chapter 1681: A Fine Bird!
Chapter 1680: Seizing Kong Wu!
Chapter 1679: Wang Chong Makes Trouble!
Chapter 1678: Entering the Court Once More!
Chapter 1677: Temporary Minister of War!
Chapter 1676: A Tempest in the Court! III
Chapter 1675: A Tempest in the Court! II
Chapter 1674: A Tempest in the Court! I
Chapter 1673: Meng Tu!
Chapter 1672: The Retired Grand Commandant! II
Chapter 1671: The Retired Grand Commandant! I
Chapter 1670: A Meeting of Old Friends!
Chapter 1669: Zhao Fengchen Pays a Visit!
Chapter 1668: The High God!
Chapter 1667: Complete Control!
Chapter 1666: All-Encompassing Heavenly Net!
Chapter 1665: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind!
Chapter 1664: Surging Undercurrent!
Chapter 1663: The Commander Tally!
Chapter 1662: Assassination Attempt on Zhangchou Jianqiong!
Chapter 1661: Su Zhengchen and Hou Junji!
Chapter 1660: Matters of the Past!
Chapter 1659: The Ghost King? Hou Junji!
Chapter 1658: New Information!
Chapter 1657: King Song Awakens
Chapter 1656: Wang Chong Intervenes!
Chapter 1655: King Song in Trouble!
Chapter 1654: News from the Lingnan Circuit!
Chapter 1653: The Lingnan Incident!
Chapter 1652: The Game Begins!
Chapter 1651: Wang Chong and the Ghost King!
Chapter 1650: An Argument Between Princes!
Chapter 1649: Li Heng Saves the Day!
Chapter 1648: Trap!
Chapter 1647: Scouting the Imperial Palace At Night! II
Chapter 1646: Scouting the Imperial Palace At Night! I
Chapter 1645: A New Clue!
Chapter 1644: The Futility of Drawing Water with a Wicker Basket!
Chapter 1643: The Grand Scribe Arrives!
Chapter 1642: Coming Prepared!
Chapter 1641: The King of Foreign Lands Arrives!
Chapter 1640: The Smug First Prince!
Chapter 1639: The Great Buddhist Temple Incident!
Chapter 1638: The Eagle King of Goguryeo, Kim U-Seok!
Chapter 1637: The Unseen Opponent!
Chapter 1636: Revenge on the Plateau!
Chapter 1635: Imperial Minister and War Saint!
Chapter 1634: Suspicion and Fury!
Chapter 1633: Old Eagle in Danger!
Chapter 1632: Wang Chongs Intuition!
Chapter 1631: The Man Who Should Have Been Dead!
Chapter 1630: The Hidden Mysterious Figure!
Chapter 1629: Yinshan Tells a Fortune!
Chapter 1628: A Rebellious Heart!
Chapter 1627: Shock! News on Eunuch Gao!
Chapter 1626: The Key Figure, The Minor Eunuch!
Chapter 1625: Coda!
Chapter 1624: The Dust Settles!
Chapter 1623: Into the Trap!
Chapter 1622: Mending the Fence After the Sheep Have Been Stolen!
Chapter 1621: Twitching Corpse!
Chapter 1620: Eunuch Yins Threat!
Chapter 1619: Jade Consort Xiaos Palace!
Chapter 1618: The Sage Emperors Jade Seal!
Chapter 1617: The Dead Cannot Give Witness!
Chapter 1616: An Unexpectedly Shocking Development!
Chapter 1615: Sudden Shift in the Palace!
Chapter 1614: Catching a Turtle in a Jar! II
Chapter 1613: Catching a Turtle in a Jar! I
Chapter 1612: The King of Foreign Lands Residence
Chapter 1611: The White-Tasseled General, Guo Ziyi!
Chapter 1610: Ishbara Khagan, Grieving and Indignant!
Chapter 1609: Hunting with the Khagan on Mount Sanmi!
Chapter 1608: The Enraged Li Junxian!
Chapter 1607: Public Execution!
Chapter 1606: The Capital Quakes!
Chapter 1605: The Confucian Sect Moves Out II
Chapter 1604: The Confucian Sect Moves Out I
Chapter 1603: Interception and Counter-Interception!
Chapter 1602: Great General Jiudu Fuluo Moving Out!
Chapter 1601: Captured Alive! Returning to the Capital!
Chapter 1600: Punish No Matter How Far! III
Chapter 1599: Punish No Matter How Far! II
Chapter 1598: Punish No Matter How Far! I
Chapter 1597: The News Spreads, the Capital in Shock!
Chapter 1596: Massacre on the Border! Rage!
Chapter 1595: The Construction of the Promised Land!
Chapter 1594: Strange Movements on the Border!
Chapter 1593: Su Zhengchens Instruction!
Chapter 1592: Great Tang War God Su Zhengchen!
Chapter 1591: The Law Code of the Great Tang!
Chapter 1590: The Second Memorial! II
Chapter 1589: The Second Memorial! I
Chapter 1588: The Inheritance of the Confucian Sect!
Chapter 1587: Ambush! The Three Elders of the Northern Sea!
Chapter 1586: King Qi Appears!
Chapter 1585: Imminent Conflict!
Chapter 1584: The Shao Music Dance!
Chapter 1583: Pusan Tuoye!
Chapter 1582: Mass Arrests!
Chapter 1581: The Schemer in the Shadows!
Chapter 1580: Pressing Step by Step!
Chapter 1579: The Furious First Prince!
Chapter 1578: Public Order Squad! II
Chapter 1577: Public Order Squad! I
Chapter 1576: Great Waves!
Chapter 1575: Wang Chongs Movements!
Chapter 1574: Reactions from All Sides!
Chapter 1573: The Rebellion of the Three Princes!
Chapter 1572: The Crime of Plotting Rebellion!
Chapter 1571: Secret Meeting!
Chapter 1570: The Current Situation of the Capital!
Chapter 1569: Returning to the Capital!
Chapter 1568: The Acknowledgement of the Righteous and Evil Paths!
Chapter 1567: One Step to Heaven!
Chapter 1566: Young Master Qingyangs Good Fortune!
Chapter 1565: The Origin Immortal Chiefs Choice!
Chapter 1564: Strangeness with the Origin Immortal Chief!
Chapter 1563: Dragonbeast! The Pursuit of True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1562: The Grateful Earth Mouse!
Chapter 1561: Underground Collapse!
Chapter 1560: Hastily Escaping!
Chapter 1559: The Final Farewell!
Chapter 1558: The Origin Heaven Demon-Sealing Stamp of the Myriad Gods!
Chapter 1557: Plotting Against True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1556: A Clue to Fighting True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1555: Killing the Earth Devil!
Chapter 1554: Earth Devil! III
Chapter 1552: Earth Devil! II
Chapter 1552: Earth Devil! I
Chapter 1551: Inhuman Devil!
Chapter 1550: The Final Mechanism!
Chapter 1549: True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1548: Terrifying Existence! II
Chapter 1547: Terrifying Existence! I
Chapter 1546: Three Crises!
Chapter 1545: The Golden Seed!
Chapter 1544: The Person Outside of Destiny!
Chapter 1543: Reincarnated Myth!
Chapter 1542: The True Inheritance!
Chapter 1541: The Golden Light Barrier!
Chapter 1540: The Young Patriarch!
Chapter 1539: Cleaning Up!
Chapter 1538: The Battle Is Decided!
Chapter 1537: Seven-Inch Immortal Axe!
Chapter 1536: The Power of Lightning!
Chapter 1535: Battle Reversal!
Chapter 1534: The Power of the First Generation!
Chapter 1533: Vitalizing Ember, Awaken!
Chapter 1532: Song Yuanyis Assistance!
Chapter 1531: Life Execution!
Chapter 1530: The Deer Immortal Strikes!
Chapter 1529: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! IV
Chapter 1528: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! III
Chapter 1527: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! II
Chapter 1526: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! I
Chapter 1525: The Origin Immortal Palace!
Chapter 1524: Three Masked Men!
Chapter 1523: Sudden Shift!
Chapter 1522: The Might of the Divine Sword!
Chapter 1521: Fighting Bagushidu!
Chapter 1520: Heaven and Earth Reverse; the Subtle Emerges from the Infinite Void!
Chapter 1519: Elixir and Divine Treatise!
Chapter 1518: Vitalizing Ember!
Chapter 1517: Pulling Out the Sword!
Chapter 1516: The Crime of Killing!
Chapter 1515: One Sword, One Thought!
Chapter 1514: The Pressure of the Origin Immortal Sword!
Chapter 1513: The Origin Immortal Sword Formations Flaw!
Chapter 1512: The Third Generation Takes Action! II
Chapter 1511: The Third Generation Takes Action! I
Chapter 1510: Probing!
Chapter 1509: The Origin Immortal Sword Formation!
Chapter 1508: The First Generation Appears!
Chapter 1507: The Secret of the Earth Sect! II
Chapter 1506: The Secret of the Earth Sect! I
Chapter 1505: The Art of Dark Heaven!
Chapter 1504: The Earthblood Cauldrons!
Chapter 1503: Bagushidus Power!
Chapter 1502: Immortal-Crossing Bridge!
Chapter 1501: Hanging by a Hair!
Chapter 1500: Unexpected Mishap!
Chapter 1499: Walking on Thin Ice!
Chapter 1498: The First Layer of the Origin Immortal Art!
Chapter 1497: Controlling the Third Generation!
Chapter 1496: The Third-Generation Successor! III
Chapter 1495: The Third-Generation Successor! II
Chapter 1494: The Third-Generation Successor! I
Chapter 1493: Masters Trail!
Chapter 1492: Fighting for Every Second!
Chapter 1491: Secret Passage! II
Chapter 1490: Secret Passage! I
Chapter 1489: Imitation Psychic Seal!
Chapter 1488: Close at Hand!
Chapter 1487: The Gonggong Divine Art!
Chapter 1486: The Lone Silence Ancestors Secret!
Chapter 1485: Ancient Underground Palace!
Chapter 1484: The Trayastrimsa Heaven1!
Chapter 1483: Going on the Offensive!
Chapter 1483: Going on the Offensive!
Chapter 1482: Layers of Mystery! III
Chapter 1481: Layers of Mystery! II
Chapter 1480: Layers of Mystery! I
Chapter 1479: The Chief of the Origin Immortal Village!
Chapter 1478: Wolf in Front and Tiger Behind, the Parties Gather!
Chapter 1477: A Lineage of Six Generations!
Chapter 1476: The Successor of the Origin Immortal Art!
Chapter 1475: The Mighty Yellow Scarf Warrior!
Chapter 1474: The Sudden Appearance of the Bamboo Hat Men!
Chapter 1473: Special Green Leaves!
Chapter 1472: The Origin Immortal Villagers!
Chapter 1471: Surviving a Disaster!
Chapter 1470: Fierce Battle with the Darkshadow Spider II
Chapter 1469: Fierce Battle with the Darkshadow Spider I
Chapter 1468: Young Master Qingyangs Advice!
Chapter 1467: The Giant Tree in the Cavern!
Chapter 1466: Bizarre Poison Threads!
Chapter 1465: The Trajectory of Destiny!
Chapter 1464: Ancient Memories!
Chapter 1463: Evil Is Rewarded with Evil!
Chapter 1462: Possession!
Chapter 1461: Backlash!
Chapter 1460: The Other Wang Chong!
Chapter 1459: The Truth Revealed!
Chapter 1458: Night in the Bridal Chamber!
Chapter 1457: The Might of a Single Sword!
Chapter 1456: Wang Chongs Wedding!
Chapter 1455: Gao Xianzhis Situation!
Chapter 1454: Li Junxians Gift!
Chapter 1453: Awakening!
Chapter 1452: The Power of Rebirth!
Chapter 1451: Disaster Does Not Come Alone!
Chapter 1450: Return Like for Like!
Chapter 1449: Baiting a Tiger to Kill a Wolf!
Chapter 1448: Trouble Piling on Trouble!
Chapter 1447: Dragonbeast!
Chapter 1446: The Savage Being Out of the Unknown!
Chapter 1445: Profit from Misfortune!
Chapter 1444: Origin Immortal Formation, Stellar Energy Version!
Chapter 1443: Offering a Helping Hand!
Chapter 1442: Wang Chong Strikes!
Chapter 1441: A Storm of Blades!
Chapter 1440: Ambush in the Darkness!
Chapter 1439: Bottomless Pit!
Chapter 1438: The Unseen Danger!
Chapter 1437: A Display of Divine Abilities!
Chapter 1436: Schemers on All Sides!
Chapter 1435: Opening the Origin Immortal Treasury! II
Chapter 1434: Opening the Origin Immortal Treasury! I
Chapter 1433: Six Together as One!
Chapter 1432: Coercing Song Yuanyi!
Chapter 1431: Bagushidus Gift!
Chapter 1430: An Unexpected Development!
Chapter 1429: The Four Ends Martial Lord Arrives!
Chapter 1428: Wang Chong Displays His Power!
Chapter 1427: Bone Devil Ancestor Wei Wuxie!
Chapter 1426: The Origin Soul, Blood Cicada!
Chapter 1425: The Power of Purging!
Chapter 1424: Breaking Out! II
Chapter 1423: Breaking Out! I
Chapter 1422: Surrounded by Fierce Poisons!
Chapter 1421: The Five Poisons Elder!
Chapter 1420: Full-Scale Manhunt!
Chapter 1419: The Four Ends Martial Lord!
Chapter 1418: The Secret of the Treasure Map!
Chapter 1417: Joining Together Again!
Chapter 1416: The Immortal Lords Prophecy!
Chapter 1415: The Mysterious Stele!
Chapter 1414: The Men in Black Take the Stage!
Chapter 1413: Harvest from Breaking the Formation!
Chapter 1412: Breaking the Formation!
Chapter 1411: The Origin Immortal War Banner!
Chapter 1410: The Universe Puzzle!
Chapter 1409: The Doomsday Altar!
Chapter 1408: The Lost Energy-Absorbing Stones!
Chapter 1407: Under the Same Tent!
Chapter 1406: Summon, Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor!
Chapter 1405: The Art of God and Demon Obliteration Displays Its Might!
Chapter 1404: Frightening Golden Beetles!
Chapter 1403: Sudden Shift in the Formation!
Chapter 1402: Finding the Truth!
Chapter 1401: Preparing to Move Out!
Chapter 1400: Peering into the Formation!
Chapter 1399: The Faction Concealed in the Shadows!
Chapter 1398: Apex Clash! II
Chapter 1397: Apex Clash! I
Chapter 1396: The Five Ancestor Alliance Arrives on the Scene!
Chapter 1395: Fierce Battle!
Chapter 1394: Eternal Spring Emperor!
Chapter 1393: Seeing Through the View Gate!
Chapter 1392: The Formations Shift!
Chapter 1391: Hidden Faction!
Chapter 1390: Bizarre Formation!
Chapter 1389: The Formation Elder Appears!
Chapter 1388: Masters Progress!
Chapter 1387: Master and Disciple Meet!
Chapter 1386: Eastern Turkic King
Chapter 1385: Scramble, the Treasury Opens!
Chapter 1384: The Demonic Emperor Appears!
Chapter 1383: Cheerful and Composed!
Chapter 1382: The Entire Crowd Startled!
Chapter 1381: Theory Versus Actual Combat!
Chapter 1380: Identity Exposed!
Chapter 1379: The One with Better Skill!
Chapter 1378: Evenly Matched!
Chapter 1377: The Real and Fake Are Indistinguishable!
Chapter 1376: The Ghost Prison Art!
Chapter 1375: Battle, Ghost Owl!
Chapter 1374: Three Consecutive Victories!
Chapter 1373: The Conceited Young Master Qingyang!
Chapter 1372: Differentiating Between Real and Fake!
Chapter 1371: The Real and Fake Young Master Qingyang!
Chapter 1370: Conflict Between Righteous and Evil!
Chapter 1369: Martial Artists Gather!
Chapter 1368: The Origin Immortal Mountain!
Chapter 1367: Danger, Song Yuanyis Doubts!
Chapter 1366: Throwing a Rock at Your Own Foot!
Chapter 1365: Identity Doubted!
Chapter 1364: The Men in Black Retreat!
Chapter 1363: The Universe Sundering Art!
Chapter 1362: Unexpected Trouble!
Chapter 1361: Thoughts of Retreat!
Chapter 1360: Golden Giant!
Chapter 1359: The Last Bamboo Hat Man!
Chapter 1358: Not Even a Grain of Dust Disturbed!
Chapter 1357: The Eternal Spring Mantra!
Chapter 1356: A Man in a Bamboo Hat Intervenes!
Chapter 1355: Song Yuanyi Strikes!
Chapter 1354: Scheming Against Ji Andu!
Chapter 1353: Night Raid of the Men in Black II
Chapter 1352: Night Raid of the Men in Black I
Chapter 1351: Hidden Danger!
Chapter 1350: Masters Whereabouts!
Chapter 1349: The Infinity Token!
Chapter 1348: The Lord of the Righteous Alliance!
Chapter 1347: Many Ants Gnawing at the Dragon!
Chapter 1346: Penetrating Gaze!
Chapter 1345: Wang Chong Makes His Move!
Chapter 1344: Surprise!
Chapter 1343: Black General Impermanence!
Chapter 1342: The Black Yin Ancestor!
Chapter 1341: Treacherous Disciple, Ji Andu!
Chapter 1340: Young Master Qingyang!
Chapter 1339: Instruction at a Time of Dire Peril!
Chapter 1338: Pursued by a Sect!
Chapter 1337: Diagram of the Universe!
Chapter 1336: The Righteous Alliance!
Chapter 1335: The Formation Elder!
Chapter 1334: The Frightened Carriage Driver!
Chapter 1333: Playing with Men in Bamboo Hats!
Chapter 1332: The Dread of the Black-Clothed Man!
Chapter 1331: Yang Ren God Art!
Chapter 1330: Confidently Countered!
Chapter 1329: Ambush! The Black-Clothed Men Strike!
Chapter 1328: Liuyao City!
Chapter 1327: Leaving the Capital!
Chapter 1326: The Ten Eastern Islands!
Chapter 1325: News from the Demonic Emperor!
Chapter 1324: Conspiracy in the Darkness!
Chapter 1323: The Fire of Mara!
Chapter 1322: First Buds, the Opening of the Minds of the People! II
Chapter 1321: First Buds, the Opening of the Minds of the People! I
Chapter 1320: Inheriting an Inextinguishable Spirit and Will!
Chapter 1319: Mysterious Meeting!
Chapter 1318: The Duke of Es Invitation Card!
Chapter 1317: Mental Knot! II
Chapter 1316: Mental Knot! I
Chapter 1315: Internal Struggle!
Chapter 1314: Physically and Mentally Spent!
Chapter 1313: A Moment of Darkness III
Chapter 1312: A Moment of Darkness II
Chapter 1311: A Moment of Darkness I
Chapter 1310: Laying Plans!
Chapter 1309: Predicament!
Chapter 1308: Impeachment!
Chapter 1307: Inscription, Benevolence and Righteousness!
Chapter 1306: Master Zhu!
Chapter 1305: The Sage Temple of the Confucian School!
Chapter 1304: Ideological Storm!
Chapter 1303: Penetrating Deep into the Minds of the People!
Chapter 1302: The Law of the Jungle!
Chapter 1301: Wolf and Dog! IV
Chapter 1300: Wolf and Dog! III
Chapter 1299: Wolf and Dog! II
Chapter 1298: Wolf and Dog! I
Chapter 1297: All Sides Watching!
Chapter 1296: Wang Chongs Counterattack!
Chapter 1295: Shaking the World IV
Chapter 1294: Shaking the World! III
Chapter 1293: Shaking the World! II
Chapter 1292: Shaking the World! I
Chapter 1291: Major Historical Event!
Chapter 1290: Might Makes Right!
Chapter 1289: The Change in the Hearts of the People!
Chapter 1288: Khorasan in Danger!
Chapter 1287: A Battle of Paths!
Chapter 1286: The Desires of the People!
Chapter 1285: The Hu Enter the Capital!
Chapter 1284: The Secretariat Advisor Residence!
Chapter 1283: New Development! The Office of Supervision
Chapter 1282: Storytellers!
Chapter 1281: All the Countries Disarm!
Chapter 1280: Yeon Gaesomun
Chapter 1279: Wunu Shibi and the Blackwater Shaman!
Chapter 1278: The Whole Story!
Chapter 1277: Outplayed!
Chapter 1276: The Plot Revealed, Li Junxian!
Chapter 1275: Caught Off Guard!
Chapter 1274: Fierce Debate!
Chapter 1273: The He Qingrong Incident!
Chapter 1272: The Secret History of the Confucian Sec
Chapter 1271: News on Wen Choushu!
Chapter 1270: King Songs Prompt Arrival!
Chapter 1269: The Ruckus Gets Worse!
Chapter 1268: Wang Chong Battles King Qi!
Chapter 1267: Incident at the Penal Court!
Chapter 1266: Shift! Kunwu Training Camp!
Chapter 1265: The Black Symbol, Bird Seal Script!
Chapter 1264: Counterattack!
Chapter 1263: The Confucian Schools Announcement!
Chapter 1262: The Regent First Prince!
Chapter 1261: Consort Taizhens Unease!
Chapter 1260: The Great Tangs Chamberlain of Palace Revenues, a Master at Currying Favor
Chapter 1259: Yang Zhaos Worries!
Chapter 1258: Yang Zhao Pays a Visit!
Chapter 1257: Fearful of Each Other!
Chapter 1256: The Confucian Sect!
Chapter 1255: A Harmonious World!
Chapter 1254: Sounding Each Other Out!
Chapter 1253: Finally Revealed, the White-Robed Confucian!
Chapter 1253: Finally Revealed, the White-Robed Confucian!
Chapter 1252: Floating to the Surface!
Chapter 1251: Zhang Shouguis Gratitude!
Chapter 1250: Personal Letter!
Chapter 1249: A Sword Pointed at Zhang Shougui!
Chapter 1248: Within Reach!
Chapter 1247: The Youzhou Incident!
Chapter 1246: Niu Xiantong!
Chapter 1245: Revealed, the Instigator Behind the Curtain! II
Chapter 1244: Revealed, the Instigator Behind the Curtain! I
Chapter 1243: Wang Chongs Counterattack!
Chapter 1242: Brush Away the Clouds to See the Sun!
Chapter 1241: The News Brought by Li Heng!
Chapter 1240: The Great Tangs Prime Minister, Li Genu!
Chapter 1239: Wang Chong and King Song!
Chapter 1238: Infuriating the Grand Preceptor!
Chapter 1237: Dissolving the Prefectural Armies!
Chapter 1236: Easily Dealt With!
Chapter 1235: Making Trouble!
Chapter 1234: Wang Chong Attends Court!
Chapter 1233: The Phoenix Polishes the Sparrow, and There Is the Origin!
Chapter 1232: The Supreme Sage Emperor II
Chapter 1231: The Supreme Sage Emperor I
Chapter 1230: The First Prince!
Chapter 1229: Entering the Palace to Meet the Divine!
Chapter 1228: Another Meeting with Zhangchou Jianqiong!
Chapter 1227: The King Song Residence, Meeting the Old Butler!
Chapter 1226: The Capital Under a New Sky!
Chapter 1225: The Furious Old Imperial Censor!
Chapter 1224: Challenge!
Chapter 1223: The Undercurrent at the City Gate!
Chapter 1222: Officials Pack the Streets!
Chapter 1221: Spiritual Legacy!
Chapter 1220: Sensational Return to the Capital!
Chapter 1219: The Hope of the Great Tang!
Chapter 1218: Geshu Hans Send-Off!
Chapter 1217: Endless Darkness!
Chapter 1216: The Invisible Storm!
Chapter 1215: Returning to the Capital on Imperial Decree!
Chapter 1214: Shock! Stripping of Military Authority!
Chapter 1213: King of Foreign Lands!
Chapter 1212: Fire God Festival!
Chapter 1211: The High Priests Prophecy!
Chapter 1210: The Third Major Battle!
Chapter 1209: Subduing Bian Lingcheng!
Chapter 1208: Intimidating Bian Lingcheng II
Chapter 1207: Intimidating Bian Lingcheng I
Chapter 1206: The Third Eunuch of the Great Tang, Bian Lingcheng!
Chapter 1205: Sassanid Princess!
Chapter 1204: Pacification and Return to Khorasan!
Chapter 1203: The Fire of Ju Bi!
Chapter 1202: Night Raid, the Black-Clothed People Reappear!
Chapter 1201: The Square Metal Box!
Chapter 1200: The Mysterious Voice!
Chapter 1200: The Mysterious Voice!
Chapter 1199: The Enormous Energy Underground!
Chapter 1198: The True and Fake High Priests!
Chapter 1197: Hyderabads High Priest!
Chapter 1196: Hyderabad Mine!
Chapter 1195: The Mysterious Symbol!
Chapter 1194: The Book of Paimon!
Chapter 1193: The Ancient Elam Dynasty!
Chapter 1192: Managing Khorasan!
Chapter 1191: Agreement, the Khorasan Articles!
Chapter 1190: Dalon Trinling!
Chapter 1189: Coincidentally Sharing the Same View!
Chapter 1188: The Rebel Armys Worries!
Chapter 1187: The Riddle of Destiny!
Chapter 1186: Stratagems in the Snow III
Chapter 1185: Stratagems in the Snow II
Chapter 1184: Stratagems in the Snow I
Chapter 1183: Arabias Predicament!
Chapter 1182: Raid, Arabias Nightmare!
Chapter 1181: Pursuit in the Blizzard!
Chapter 1180: The Little Ice Age, Invasion!
Chapter 1179: Omen, Little Ice Age!
Chapter 1178: Prepare, Another Battle!
Chapter 1177: The Advantage of the Tigris River!
Chapter 1176: Battle, the Three Titans of Black Radiance!
Chapter 1175: Attack Mid-Crossing!
Chapter 1174: Delay? Playing Games!
Chapter 1173: Surrender?
Chapter 1172: Coalition with the Great Tang!
Chapter 1171: Another Two Hundred Million Taels Obtained!
Chapter 1170: Pahlavi Dies!
Chapter 1169: Domineering Assault!
Chapter 1168: Soldiers Encroach Upon the City!
Chapter 1167: Wrathful Arabia!
Chapter 1166: One Billion Taels!
Chapter 1165: The Purpose of War!
Chapter 1164: The Caliphs Fury!
Chapter 1163: War Compensation
Chapter 1162: Killing Ziyad!
Chapter 1161: Breaching Khorasan!
Chapter 1160: Forgetting Each Other Amongst the Lakes and Rivers1!
Chapter 1159: The Glory of a Noble Title!
Chapter 1158: The Convulsing Capital!
Chapter 1157: The Shocked Kingdoms!
Chapter 1156: Samarkand!
Chapter 1155: The Sassanid Dynastys Great General!
Chapter 1154: The Death of Dalun Ruozan!
Chapter 1153: Dalun Ruozans Request!
Chapter 1152: General and Minister!
Chapter 1151: The Death of Huoshu Huicang!
Chapter 1150: The Death of Qutaybah VIII
Chapter 1149: The Death of Qutaybah VII
Chapter 1148: The Death of Qutaybah VI
Chapter 1147: The Death of Qutaybah V
Chapter 1146: The Death of Qutaybah IV
Chapter 1145: The Death of Qutaybah III
Chapter 1144: The Death of Qutaybah II
Chapter 1143: The Death of Qutaybah I
Chapter 1142: Detonating the Myriad Rakshasa Formation!
Chapter 1141: Striking Back in Desperate Straits!
Chapter 1140: The Power of the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor!
Chapter 1139: Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor
Chapter 1138: Hanging by a Thread!
Chapter 1137: The Final and Decisive Battle!
Chapter 1136: The Entire Army Retreats!
Chapter 1135: Upgrade, Imperial Great General!
Chapter 1134: The Demonic Emperor Returns Alive!
Chapter 1133: The Ocean Holds All Rivers, a Great Heart Embraces All
Chapter 1132: Rescuing Master!
Chapter 1131: The Veda Sacred Bell!
Chapter 1130: The Death of Dusong Mangpoje!
Chapter 1129: Battle with Dusong Mangpoje!
Chapter 1128: Counterattack! The Arab Nightmare!
Chapter 1127: Reborn in Blood!
Chapter 1126: The Stone of Destinys Warning
Chapter 1125: Unprecedented Crisis
Chapter 1124: Intricately Linked Plans!
Chapter 1123: The Holy Temples Sacred Bell!
Chapter 1122: Fierce Battle of Great Generals!
Chapter 1122: Fierce Battle of Great Generals!
Chapter 1121: Wang Yan in Danger!
Chapter 1120: The End of Duwu Sili! II
Chapter 1119: The End of Duwu Sili! I
Chapter 1118: Break the Cauldrons and Sink the Boats!
Chapter 1117: Wang Chongs Plan!
Chapter 1116: Dalun Ruozans Persuasiveness II
Chapter 1115: Dalun Ruozans Persuasiveness I
Chapter 1114: The World of Energy!
Chapter 1113: Inheritance, the Origin of Energy!
Chapter 1112: The Army Victorious!
Chapter 1111: Strike! Demonic Emperor Old Man!
Chapter 1110: Counterattack! The Black-Armored Guard!
Chapter 1109: Danger! The Nine Dragon Blood War Banner!
Chapter 1108: Duwu Silis Goal!
Chapter 1107: Great General Melee!
Chapter 1106: The Eight Ultimate Sunderings Art!
Chapter 1105: The Demonic Emperor Old Man Versus Qutaybah!
Chapter 1104: The Shock of the Arabs!
Chapter 1103: Revelations Nightmare!
Chapter 1102: The Might of the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner!
Chapter 1101: Unstoppable!
Chapter 1100: The Remolded Great Tang Army!
Chapter 1099: The Dragon Battles Across the Field! II
Chapter 1098: The Dragon Battles Across the Field! I
Chapter 1097: Another Battle!
Chapter 1096: Breaking the Turkic Formation Phenomena!
Chapter 1095: The Next Day, Another Battle!
Chapter 1094: Qutaybahs Order!
Chapter 1093: The Nine Dragon Blood War Banner!
Chapter 1092 - After-Battle Conference!
Chapter 1091: Arabia Retreats in Defeat!
Chapter 1090: Great Generals Move Out!
Chapter 1089: Tongluo Cavalry Versus Revelation Army!
Chapter 1088: The Tongluo Cavalry Arrive!
Chapter 1087: The Invincible Revelation, the Terrifying Army!
Chapter 1086: Revelation Army!
Chapter 1085: The Kings of Cavalry Clash! II
Chapter 1084: The Kings of Cavalry Clash! I
Chapter 1083: The Mamelukes!
Chapter 1082: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies VIII
Chapter 1081: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies VII
Chapter 1080: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies VI
Chapter 1079: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies V
Chapter 1078: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies IV
Chapter 1077: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies III
Chapter 1076: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies II
Chapter 1075: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies I
Chapter 1074: Divine Prison Army!
Chapter 1073: The Divine Martial Army Moves Out!
Chapter 1072: Su Hanshans First Battle!
Chapter 1071: A Battle of Four Armies!
Chapter 1070: The Battle Restarts!
Chapter 1069: Arabias Ally, Dalun Ruozan Arrives
Chapter 1068: Gathering of Elites!
Chapter 1067: Above the Peak of Saint Martial!
Chapter 1066: Qutaybah Retreats!
Chapter 1065: The Demonic Emperor Old Man Appears!
Chapter 1064: A Battle Without Precedent in History VIII
Chapter 1063: A Battle Without Precedent in History VII
Chapter 1062: A Battle Without Precedent in History VI
Chapter 1061: A Battle Without Precedent in History V
Chapter 1060: A Battle Without Precedent in History IV
Chapter 1059: A Battle Without Precedent in History III
Chapter 1058: A Battle Without Precedent in History II
Chapter 1057: A Battle Without Precedent in History I
Chapter 1056: Clash of Armies!
Chapter 1055: Crimson Moon Vanguard!
Chapter 1054: The War Begins!
Chapter 1053: Clash of Titans!
Chapter 1052: War Approaches!
Chapter 1051: The Assault of a Powerful Enemy!
Chapter 1050: Three Sides Gather!
Chapter 1049: Setting Off for Talas!
Chapter 1048: Divine Martial Army!
Chapter 1047: The Sanmi Great General!
Chapter 1046: The Mysterious War Banner!
Chapter 1045: The Great Tangs Dragon Vein!
Chapter 1044: Arabia! The Army Gathers!
Chapter 1043: The Ultimate Martial Army!
Chapter 1042: The Mo Saber Unit Takes Form!
Chapter 1041: Great Distortion Art!
Chapter 1040: The Geniuses of the Tibetan Great Clans!
Chapter 1039: Move Out, Supreme Army!
Chapter 1038: The Final Verdict!
Chapter 1037: Troublemakers at Court! IV
Chapter 1036: Troublemakers at Court! III
Chapter 1035: Troublemakers at Court! II
Chapter 1034: Troublemakers at Court! I
Chapter 1033: The Black Corrosion of the Sun! II
Chapter 1032: The Black Corrosion of the Sun! I
Chapter 1031: Gao Xianzhis Great Generals Heart!
Chapter 1030: Mo Saber Unit1!
Chapter 1029: New Plan!
Chapter 1028: Thunderous Storms in All Directions!
Chapter 1027: The Great Tang Marches into Battle!
Chapter 1026: King Songs Worries!
Chapter 1025: Court Debate!
Chapter 1024: A Shift to the East of the Cong Mountains!
Chapter 1023: A Letter Sent to the Capital!
Chapter 1022: Report from Khorasan!
Chapter 1021: Sassanid Emissary!
Chapter 1020: Well-Mapped Strategy!
Chapter 1019: The Half-Real Half-Fake Formation Phenomena!
Chapter 1018: Dalun Ruozans Smile
Chapter 1017: The Mamelukes and the High Priest!
Chapter 1016: Khorasan
Chapter 1015: The Black Fores
Chapter 1014: News of Victory Arrives at Court!
Chapter 1013: Phase Reward!
Chapter 1012: Scheming Against Each Other
Chapter 1011: Fighting and Scheming Over Pieces of Paper!
Chapter 1010: Pitched Battle!
Chapter 1009: Each With Their Own Plans!
Chapter 1008: Transaction! II
Chapter 1007: Transaction! I
Chapter 1006: Duwu Silis Compromise!
Chapter 1005: The Giant Ape Sweeps Aside All!
Chapter 1004: Dalun Ruozan, the Oriole Stalking Behind!
Chapter 1003: Clash!
Chapter 1002: An Army Approaches the Western Turkic Camp!
Chapter 1001: Discovery!
Chapter 1000: Duwu Silis Ambition!
Chapter 999: The Aftereffects of the Battle!
Chapter 998: Duwu Silis True Goal!
Chapter 997: Absorbing the Giant!
Chapter 996: Forced Retreat!
Chapter 995: The Governor of Iron and Bloods Confusion!
Chapter 994: The Flaw of the Behemoths!
Chapter 993: Strange Signs Amongst the Behemoths!
Chapter 992: Dominating the Battlefield!
Chapter 991: Slaughtering the Skyquaking Giants!
Chapter 990: The Armor of Bhemah!
Chapter 989: The Death of Masil!
Chapter 988: Fighting the Governor of Iron and Blood!
Chapter 987: Counterattack Against the Arabs!
Chapter 986: Reversing the Tides of Battle!
Chapter 985: Asmodais Fury
Chapter 984: The Eye of the Demon God!
Chapter 983: Discord Amongst the Behemoths!
Chapter 982: Unthinkable Art, Blazing Sun!
Chapter 981: Darkness! The Abyssal World!
Chapter 980: The Psychic World!
Chapter 979: Psychic Energy, the Art of Beast Taming!
Chapter 978: Behemoth Fusion Art!
Chapter 977: Shadow Pierce!
Chapter 976: Battle Between Psychic Energy Experts!
Chapter 975: Psychic Energy Expert!
Chapter 974: The Crazed Masil!
Chapter 973: Unbending Resolve! II
Chapter 972: Unbending Resolve! I
Chapter 971: Duwu Silis Killing Intent!
Chapter 970: The Tide of Behemoths!
Chapter 969: Brigadier General Banahan Joins the Battle!
Chapter 968: Defend the Giant Ballista!
Chapter 967: Ghareeb Hassam
Chapter 966: The King of Giants!
Chapter 965: The Gangke King Enters the Fray!
Chapter 964: Wushang Cavalry Versus Skyquaking Giants!
Chapter 963: The Threat of the Skyquaking Giants!
Chapter 962: Giants! Meteors Plunge From the Heavens!
Chapter 961: Before the Battle, the Hidden Danger!
Chapter 960: Sound the Horns! The Skyquaking Army!
Chapter 959: Step Onto Stage, Giant Ballista! III
Chapter 958: Step Onto Stage, Giant Ballista! II
Chapter 957: Step Onto Stage, Giant Ballista! I
Chapter 956: Golden Bow, Release the Mighty Arrow!
Chapter 955: Crisis, Sign of Collapse!
Chapter 954: The Fire of Lu Wu!
Chapter 953: Danger, Behemoths Strike!
Chapter 952: Behemoths: The Terrorizer and the Destroyer!
Chapter 951: Giant Ballista!
Chapter 950: Wang Chongs Hidden Move!
Chapter 949: Behemoth Battle III
Chapter 948: Behemoth Battle II
Chapter 947: Behemoth Battle I
Chapter 946: The Behemoths Attack!
Chapter 945: The Descent of a Myth!
Chapter 944: The Behemoth Army!
Chapter 943: A Long-Distance Clash!
Chapter 942: The Stupefying Truth!
Chapter 941: Dalun Ruozans Bewilderment!
Chapter 940: After the Battle
Chapter 939: Night Battle IV
Chapter 938: Night Battle III
Chapter 937: Night Battle II
Chapter 936: Night Battle I
Chapter 935: Predicting the Enemy V
Chapter 934: Predicting the Enemy IV
Chapter 933: Predicting the Enemy III
Chapter 932: Predicting the Enemy II
Chapter 931: Predicting the Enemy I
Chapter 930: Darkness Descends; the Undercurrent Surges!
Chapter 929: Generals Gather, Strategic Deliberations III
Chapter 928: Generals Gather, Strategic Deliberations II
Chapter 927: Generals Gather, Strategic Deliberations I
Chapter 926: Wang Chongs Warning!
Chapter 925: A Clash of Powerhouses!
Chapter 924: The Eastern Front Withdraws, the Western Front Begins!
Chapter 923: Battle of Great Generals! II
Chapter 922: Battle of Great Generals! I
Chapter 921: Godking Yama!
Chapter 920: The Celestial Wolf Great General!
Chapter 919: Wang Chongs Art of War!
Chapter 918: Huoba Sangye!
Chapter 917: Wushang Versus Mutri!
Chapter 916: Move Out, Mutri Great Cavalry!
Chapter 915: The Skanda Halo!
Chapter 914: Shamask!
Chapter 913: A Cavalry Struggle for Dominance!
Chapter 912: Formation Phenomena!
Chapter 911: The Celestial Wolf Illusory Formation!
Chapter 910: The Three Great Cavalry Forces: Wushang Versus Celestial Wolf!
Chapter 909: Containing the Great Generals!
Chapter 908: Wang Chong Strikes! The Bane of the Battlefield Halo!
Chapter 907: Sharp Edge, the General Stars of Deflecting Blade Manor!
Chapter 906: The Arabs Urgent Assault!
Chapter 905: Wang Chongs Countermeasures!
Chapter 904: The Wise Ministers Stratagems!
Chapter 903: The Terrifying Dalun Ruozan!
Chapter 902: The Iron Beast Army!
Chapter 901: The Number Three Man, Xi Yuanqing!
Chapter 900: The Battle Begins!
Chapter 899: Open Scheme!
Chapter 898: Turko-Tibetan Alliance!!
Chapter 897: The Celestial Wolf Great General!
Chapter 896: A Meeting of Cunning Foes!
Chapter 895: The Second Defense Line!
Chapter 894: The Final Decision, Fight!
Chapter 893: Calamity on the Doorstep
Chapter 892: An Invisible Clash of Scouts!
Chapter 891: A Map of the Continent!
Chapter 890: Dalun Ruozan Appears!
Chapter 889: Lingering Echo! II
Chapter 888: Lingering Echo! I
Chapter 887: The Death of Wanhe Peiluo!
Chapter 886: Doomsday for the Karluks!
Chapter 885: The Desperate Battle of a Cornered Beast!
Chapter 884: Wanhe Peiluos Rage!
Chapter 883: An Astonishingly Brilliant Mind for Strategy!
Chapter 882: The Arab Commander-in-Chief!
Chapter 881: The Bakr Cataphracts of Arabia!
Chapter 880: Wang Chong, Exchanging Blows Through the Air!
Chapter 879: A Meeting of Protector-Generals, Gao Xianzhi!
Chapter 878: The Arabs, Defeated! III
Chapter 877: The Arabs, Defeated! II
Chapter 876: The Arabs, Defeated! I
Chapter 875: Vicious Battle, Clash of East and West!
Chapter 874: Charge, Battle Against the Arabs!
Chapter 873: Arrival at the Battlefield!
Chapter 872: Talas, the Final Step!
Chapter 871: Contact, the First Aerial Battle!
Chapter 870: The Twin Walls of the Empire, Feng Changqing!
Chapter 869: Suiye City!
Chapter 868: Backhanded Trick, Secretly Controlling the Karluks!
Chapter 867: Talas, the Army Departs!
Chapter 866: Warning, Fall of a Great General!
Chapter 865: The Fate of the Anxi Protectorate Army!
Chapter 864: The Last Step, the Meteoric Metal Arrives!
Chapter 863: Court Debate, Decision! II
Chapter 862: Court Debate, Decision! I
Chapter 861: Two Hundred Thousand Warhorses!
Chapter 860: Dalun Ruozan, Washed Free of Attachments!
Chapter 859: ü-Tsang, the Royal Capitals Prison!
Chapter 858: News on the Hyderabad Ore!
Chapter 857: Intimidation! Kill the Chicken to Warn the Monkeys!
Chapter 856: Sworn Enemies, the Saka!
Chapter 855: The Kings of Mercenaries!
Chapter 854: Hiring the Gangke Tribe!
Chapter 853: Scouring the Turkic Steppe
Chapter 852: Taking the Roads of ü-Tsang!
Chapter 851: Inconceivable Countermeasure!
Chapter 850: The Crisis of Talas!
Chapter 849: Sudden Change in Anxi!
Chapter 848: The Rules of Great Generals
Chapter 847: Consolidating Qixi! II
Chapter 846: Consolidating Qixi! I
Chapter 845: Gudu Li, Die!
Chapter 844: Brutal Suppression!
Chapter 843: Soldiers Approach Qixi!
Chapter 842: Lowly, Lowly Hulayeg!
Chapter 841: The Blackwater Shaman!
Chapter 840: Sword Pointed at Arabia!
Chapter 839: Adjustment of Strategies!
Chapter 838: Dusong Mangpoje and the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple!
Chapter 837: Earthquake! Winds Stir, Clouds Gather! II
Chapter 836: Earthquake! Winds Stir, Clouds Gather! I
Chapter 835: The World Stunned—the Youngest Protector-General!
Chapter 834: Qixi Protector-General! Wang Chong?
Chapter 833: Ishbara Khagan of the Western Turks!
Chapter 832: Captive, the Turkic Fourth Prince?!
Chapter 831: Crushing Victory!
Chapter 830: The Death of the Black Wolf Yabgu!
Chapter 829: Fierce Battle at the Armory! II
Chapter 828: Fierce Battle at the Armory! I
Chapter 827: Ambush, the Black Wolf Yabgu!
Chapter 826: The Qixi Armory, the Ideal Opportunity!
Chapter 825: The Western Turks Black Wolf Yabgu!
Chapter 824: Court Debate, Selection of Protector-General! III
Chapter 823: Court Debate, Selection of Protector-General! II
Chapter 822: Court Debate, Selection of Protector-General! I
Chapter 821: A Candidate for Qixi Protector-General!
Chapter 820: Fumeng Lingchas End! II
Chapter 819: Fumeng Lingchas End! I
Chapter 818: The Plot Exposed, the Dagger is Drawn—Fumeng Lingchas Fury!
Chapter 817: Tempest, Fumeng Lingchas Oath of Fealty!
Chapter 816: Making Trouble, the Trump Card!
Chapter 815: Fumeng Lingchas Confidence!
Chapter 814: Storm!
Chapter 813: The Xueyang Palace Incident!
Chapter 812: Strategies Devised in the Tent!
Chapter 811: King Song Moves!
Chapter 810: Clan Alliance!
Chapter 809: Wang Chong Wins Out!
Chapter 808: Long-Distance Clash! Wang Chong! Fumeng Lingcha!
Chapter 807: Unexpected Development!
Chapter 806: Sounding Out!
Chapter 805: Mobilization!
Chapter 804: The Beginning of a Major Incident!
Chapter 803: Mission Reward, Road of Awakening!
Chapter 802: Cement Road II
Chapter 801: Cement Road! I
Chapter 800: Progress on the Slurry Road!
Chapter 799: Fumeng Lingchas Ambition!
Chapter 798: Fumeng Lingchas Unease!
Chapter 797: The Western Regions Quake!
Chapter 796: An Intangible Clash with Fumeng Lingcha!
Chapter 795: Dusong Mangpoje, Escaping Without a Trace!
Chapter 794: The Death of Dayan Mangban! II
Chapter 793: The Death of Dayan Mangban! I
Chapter 792: Dusong Mangpojes Fear! II
Chapter 791: Dusong Mangpojes Fear! I
Chapter 790: The Last Battle!
Chapter 789: Fumeng Lingchas Choice!
Chapter 788: Defeat!
Chapter 787: The Second Layer, the Vast Heaven Earth Art!
Chapter 786: The Heart of the Great Bon Is Broken!
Chapter 785: Clash of Champions!
Chapter 784: The Heart of the Great Bon!
Chapter 783: Fierce Battle!
Chapter 782: Ten Charges, Ten Victories!
Chapter 781: A Clash of the Strongest Cavalry!
Chapter 780: The White Braves, the Great Bon Formation!
Chapter 779: Dayan Mangban Attacks!
Chapter 778: Karmic Battle Armor!
Chapter 777: Preparations for the Second Wave!
Chapter 776: Major Victory!
Chapter 775: Dust Explosion!
Chapter 774: The Cunning Dayan Mangban!
Chapter 773: A Meeting of Enemies
Chapter 772: Long-Distance Standoff!
Chapter 771: The Great Army Attacks!
Chapter 770: Explosive Rage! Dayan Mangban Moves Out!
Chapter 769: The Death of Buluhu!
Chapter 768: Defeating the Mountain Army!
Chapter 767: Baiting the Mountain Army!
Chapter 766: Buluhus Mountain Army
Chapter 765: The Alarmed Qixi Protectorate
Chapter 764: Aerial Battle over the Plateau!
Chapter 763: Activity on the Plateau!
Chapter 762: The Great Tang Warhorse Mission!
Chapter 761: The Twin Walls of the Empire!
Chapter 760: A Letter Flying to Anxi!
Chapter 759: The Strength of an Entire Country!
Chapter 758: A Method for Dealing with Altitude Sickness!
Chapter 757: After Action Report!
Chapter 756: Dayan Mangbans Rage!
Chapter 755: Zhangzhung Wiped Out!
Chapter 754: First Battle III
Chapter 753: First Battle! II
Chapter 752: First Battle! I
Chapter 751: Before the Battle!
Chapter 750: Assault on Tsongkha Zhangzhung Camp!
Chapter 749: Heaven Pillar Mountain, Secret Path to the Plateau!
Chapter 748: Eagle Team! II
Chapter 747: Eagle Team! I
Chapter 746: A Contest of Daring!
Chapter 745: Shock!
Chapter 744: Ten Thousand High-Quality Turkic Warhorses!
Chapter 743: News from Hulayeg
Chapter 742: The Return of the Wushang Cavalry!
Chapter 741: Dayan Mangbans Counterattack
Chapter 740: Fumeng Lingchas Fury
Chapter 739: Frightening Away Dayan!
Chapter 738: Fierce Battle with Dayan Mangban III
Chapter 737: Fierce Battle with Dayan Mangban II
Chapter 736: Fierce Battle with Dayan Mangban I
Chapter 735: The Threat to Qixi!
Chapter 734: Dayan Mangban!
Chapter 733: Ballista Team
Chapter 732: Counterattack
Chapter 731: Attack on the City!
Chapter 730: The White Braves!
Chapter 729: Cavalry Attack!
Chapter 728: Hidden Danger!
Chapter 727: The Threat from the Plateau!
Chapter 726: Fumeng Lingchas Warning III
Chapter 725: Fumeng Lingchas Warning II
Chapter 724: Fumeng Lingchas Warning I
Chapter 723: Warhorse Transaction Concluded!
Chapter 722: Hulayegs Pitfall!
Chapter 721: The Largest Horse Transaction in History!
Chapter 720: Hulayeg, the Number One Turkic Horse Merchant!
Chapter 719: The Crucial Qixi!
Chapter 718: One-Night Miracle II
Chapter 717: One-Night Miracle! I
Chapter 716: The City of Steel III
Chapter 715: The City of Steel II
Chapter 714: The City of Steel I
Chapter 713: Going Forward with Ones Dreams!
Chapter 712: Recruitment Successful III
Chapter 711: Recruitment Successful II
Chapter 710: Recruitment Successful I
Chapter 709: Danger! Wushang Village Chief!
Chapter 708: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse IV
Chapter 707: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse III
Chapter 706: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse II
Chapter 705: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse I
Chapter 704: Refusal, the Chief of Wushang Village!
Chapter 703: Mission, Grand Marshals Summons!
Chapter 702: Experts as Thick as Clouds!
Chapter 701: Defeating Huang Botian!
Chapter 700: Stone General, Huang Botian
Chapter 699: Wang Chong Strikes!
Chapter 698: Qin Qicheng, the Great Divine Ape
Chapter 697: Wushang Village III
Chapter 696: Wushang Village II
Chapter 695: Wushang Village I
Chapter 694: Li Siyes Problems!
Chapter 693: Information on Talas!
Chapter 692: Yuan Shusong
Chapter 691: Victory and Defeat II
Chapter 690: Victory and Defeat! I
Chapter 689: Palace Debate!
Chapter 688: Li Hengs Disaster!
Chapter 687: Du Zhiqi!
Chapter 686: Strange Activity in the Palace, the Fifth Prince! II
Chapter 685: Strange Activity in the Palace, the Fifth Prince! I
Chapter 684: Kunwu Training Camp, Developments!
Chapter 683: Overarching Strategy, Cement! II
Chapter 682: Overarching Strategy, Cement! I
Chapter 681: The Third Plan!
Chapter 680: All-Embracing, the Largest City!
Chapter 679: The Strongest in the World, the Wushang Cavalry!
Chapter 678: Operating a City!
Chapter 677: Fief!
Chapter 676: Counterattack II
Chapter 675: Counterattack I
Chapter 674: Imparting the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!
Chapter 673: The Demonic Emperor Old Man Steps Onto Stage!
Chapter 672: Driving a Tiger to Swallow a Wolf!
Chapter 671: Lu Wus Beast Transformation!
Chapter 670: Enemy Discovered!
Chapter 669: Finding a Clue!
Chapter 668: The Enraged Little Sister
Chapter 667: Lu Wu III
Chapter 666: Lu Wu II
Chapter 665: Lu Wu! I
Chapter 664: Meeting Second Brother Wang Bei Again
Chapter 663: Assassination! II
Chapter 662: Assassination!
Chapter 661: A New Plan!
Chapter 660: The Taibai Immortals Pavilion!
Chapter 659: Camel Bells on the Qixi Road!
Chapter 658: Courtesy Before Force!
Chapter 657: Paying a Visit to the Xu Clan!
Chapter 656: Each With Their Own Axe to Grind!
Chapter 655: The Gathering of Foreign Powers!
Chapter 654: The Mountain of God!
Chapter 653: The Son of Heavens Disciple!
Chapter 652: The Sage Emperor of the Great Tang!
Chapter 651: The Title of Marquis!
Chapter 650: Audience at Court III
Chapter 649: Audience at Court II
Chapter 648: Audience at Court I
Chapter 647: Court Debate
Chapter 646: Another Meeting with Su Zhengchen II
Chapter 645: Another Meeting with Su Zhengchen I
Chapter 644: The Whole Town Turns Out!
Chapter 643: Returning to the Capital!
Chapter 642: King Song Arrives!
Chapter 641: The Start of Everything, Zhang Qiantuo II
Chapter 640: The Start of Everything, Zhang Qiantuo I
Chapter 639: The Shocked Border! II
Chapter 638: The Shocked Border! I
Chapter 637: The Capital Astir! II
Chapter 636: The Capital Astir!
Chapter 635: Black Arrow!
Chapter 634: After the Battle!
Chapter 633: Coda!
Chapter 632: The Decisive Battle! The Defeated Mengshe–ü-Tsang Army!
Chapter 631: The Decisive Battle! The Tricked Geluofeng!
Chapter 630: The Decisive Battle! Burning the Granaries!
Chapter 629: The Decisive Battle! Clear-Headed, After the Berserk Madness!
Chapter 628: The Decisive Battle! Exhaustion!
Chapter 627: The Decisive Battle! Imperial Martial Realm!
Chapter 626: The Decisive Battle! Surge in Strength!
Chapter 625: The Decisive Battle! The Second Berserker Syndrome!
Chapter 624: The Decisive Battle! The Whole Front Collapses!
Chapter 623: The Decisive Battle! The Terrifying Duan Gequan!
Chapter 622: The Decisive Battle! Xianyu Zhongtongs Unease!
Chapter 621: The Decisive Battle! The Final Battle!
Chapter 620: The Decisive Battle! The Final Negotiation!
Chapter 619: The Decisive Battle! A Forced Choice!
Chapter 618: The Decisive Battle! Water Source on the Mountain!
Chapter 617: The Decisive Battle! Dalun Ruozans Plight!
Chapter 616: The Decisive Battle! The Strike of Mighty Miracle!
Chapter 615: The Decisive Battle!
Chapter 614: The Decisive Battle! Xu Qiqins Predicament!
Chapter 613: The Decisive Battle!
Chapter 612: The Decisive Battle! Wang Chongs Hidden Move!
Chapter 611: The Decisive Battle! Deliberations!
Chapter 610: The Decisive Battle! A Single Phrase!
Chapter 609: The Decisive Battle! Meat Grinder!
Chapter 608: The Decisive Battle! The Mighty Miracle God!
Chapter 607: The Decisive Battle! A Great Generals Fight!
Chapter 606: The Decisive Battle! The Dragon Son Corps!
Chapter 605: The Decisive Battle! The Skyquaking Army!
Chapter 604: The Decisive Battle! A Clash of Ten Thousand Generals III
Chapter 603: The Decisive Battle! A Clash of Ten Thousand Generals! II
Chapter 602: The Decisive Battle! A Clash of Ten Thousand Generals! I
Chapter 601: The Decisive Battle! Dalun Ruozans Plan!
Chapter 600: The Decisive Battle! Lethal Point and Danger!
Chapter 599: The Decisive Battle! Wang Chongs Difficulties!
Chapter 598: The Decisive Battle! Mutual Night Raids!
Chapter 597: The Decisive Battle! The Great Ministers Night Probe!
Chapter 596: The Decisive Battle! The Plan to Break Elephants!
Chapter 595: The Decisive Battle! The Elephants Weak Point!
Chapter 594: The Decisive Battle! The Danger of Wang Chong!
Chapter 593: The Decisive Battle! Besieged by Elephants!
Chapter 592: The Decisive Battle! The White Elephant Corps!
Chapter 591: The Decisive Battle
Chapter 590: The Decisive Battle! Both Sides Display Their Strategies!
Chapter 589: The Decisive Battle! A Vague Exchange of Sharp Words!
Chapter 588: The Decisive Battle! Geluofengs Killing Intent!
Chapter 587: The Decisive Battle! Ballistae Show Their Might!
Chapter 586: The Decisive Battle! A Duel of Tactics!
Chapter 585: The Decisive Battle! Threat!
Chapter 585: The Decisive Battle! Threat!
Chapter 584: The Decisive Battle! The King of Black Iron!
Chapter 583: The Decisive Battle! Tumi Sangzha!
Chapter 582: The Decisive Battle! Arabian Kerosene!
Chapter 581: The Decisive Battle! Dalun Ruozans Counterattack!
Chapter 580: The Decisive Battle! A New Wave of Offense!
Chapter 579: The Decisive Battle! The Unspoken Challenge
Chapter 578: The Decisive Battle! Longqinba Retreats!
Chapter 577: The Decisive Battle! The Death of Jiaosiluo!
Chapter 576: The Decisive Battle! Dalun Ruozans Hidden Move!
Chapter 575: The Decisive Battle! Jiaosiluos Panic!
Chapter 574: The Decisive Battle! Deaths Scythe!
Chapter 573: The Decisive Battle! The Wind Blows, Generals Clash!
Chapter 572: The Decisive Battle! Annan, Iron Spear Luo!
Chapter 571: The Decisive Battle! ü-Tsang Begins to Move!
Chapter 570: The Decisive Battle! Facing a Dilemma!
Chapter 569: The Decisive Battle! The Highest Level of the Art of War!
Chapter 568: The Decisive Battle! Old Foe!
Chapter 567: The Decisive Battle! Duan Wuzong Strikes!
Chapter 566: The Decisive Battle! The Second Wave of Fighting!
Chapter 565: The Decisive Battle! Initial Victory!
Chapter 564: Walking into a Trap! Both Sides Sound Each Other Out!
Chapter 563: The Decisive Battle! The Whitestone Corps!
Chapter 562: The Battle Begins!
Chapter 561: Meeting! Dalun Ruozans Probe!
Chapter 560: The City of Miracles! Wang Chongs Fighting Intent!
Chapter 559: The Decisive Battle! Prelude!
Chapter 558: Dalun Ruozans Insight!
Chapter 557: Dalun Ruozans Judgment! The Astonishing Result
Chapter 556: The Attention of Mengshe and ü-Tsang! The Enemy Targeted by All!
Chapter 555: The Final Plans! The Quarrel in the Tent!
Chapter 554: Meeting With an Old Friend! Zhang Shouzhi!
Chapter 553: Yuanfeng Mountain! Wu of Hans Edict to Open Dian!
Chapter 552: A True Man! The Calm Before the Storm!
Chapter 551: The Sage Emperors Intentions! The Storm Over the Capital!
Chapter 550: The Capital! The Unfathomable Mind of the Emperor!
Chapter 549: Planning! A Long-Distance Clash!
Chapter 548: Retreat! Huoshu Huicangs Killing Intent!
Chapter 547: Ambush! Alliance Between Wang Yan and Xianyu!
Chapter 546: Breaking the Encirclement! The Transfer of Authority
Chapter 545: Plot! Luring the Tiger From the Mountain!
Chapter 544: Confrontation! The Invisible Contest!
Chapter 543: The Fierce Tiger Leaves the Gate! Huoshu Huicangs Strike
Chapter 542: Constantly on the Run! Wang Chongs Harassing Attacks!
Chapter 541: Transformation! Martial General Halo!
Chapter 540: Impact! Tibetan Versus Tibetan
Chapter 539: Ambush! The Easily Frightened Jiaosiluo!
Chapter 538: Besieging the Enemy to Defeat Reinforcements1! Wang Chongs Resolve!
Chapter 537: Xianyu Zhongtong in Peril!
Chapter 536: Argument! Zhangchou Jianqiongs Token!
Chapter 535: Turning Point! The First Victory!
Chapter 534: Controlling the Battlefield! Wang Yan Appears!
Chapter 533: The Crown Prince of Mengshe Zhao! The Geng Metal Halo!
Chapter 532: Hidden Danger! Fengjiayi!
Chapter 531: The Swordfanged Beast,Jiaosiluo!
Chapter 530: Turning Point! Counterattack! (III)
Chapter 529: Turning Point! Counterattack! (II)
Chapter 528: Turning Point! Counterattack!
Chapter 527: Taking Command of the Army! The Astonishing Retreat!
Chapter 526: Stabilizing Morale!
Chapter 525: Crisis! The Unconscious Wang Fu!
Chapter 524: Chaos! The Army in Danger! (II)
Chapter 523: Chaos! The Army in Danger!
Chapter 522: The Empires Southwest! The Battle in the Rainstorm!
Chapter 521: An Abrupt Downpour!
Chapter 520: The Dark Clouds Hang Overhead! The Capitals Anxiety!
Chapter 519: The Superior General Breaks the Enemys Schemes!
Chapter 518: Silk Bag! A Sheep Dead from Plague!
Chapter 517: A Private Worry! Provisions!
Chapter 516: Laying Plans! The Battle to Come!
Chapter 515: Leaping Dragon Spear! The Strength of the Profound Martial Realm!
Chapter 514: Major Victory!
Chapter 513: Major Battle (IV)
Chapter 512: Major Battle (III)
Chapter 511: Major Battle (II)
Chapter 510: Major Battle! (I)
Chapter 509: Tibetan Reinforcements! Two Become One!
Chapter 508: The Five Tiger Generals! Bachicheng!
Chapter 507: The Situation in the Southwest! A Powerful Foe!
Chapter 506: Meeting! Commandant Xu!
Chapter 505: Warning! Danger of Obliteration!
Chapter 504: Bon Kha! The Secret Manual of the Great Snow Mountain!
Chapter 503: Killing in Three Moves!
Chapter 502: Six-Armed Ksitigarbha Vajra Guardian!
Chapter 501: The Unbreakable Arrowhead!
Chapter 500: ü-Tsang! Ksitigarbha Secret Art!
Chapter 499: Cavalry! Impact!
Chapter 498: The Call of War!
Chapter 497: Decision! Strike First!
Chapter 496: Tension! As Nimble as Fire!
Chapter 495: Discovery! A Thousand-Man Enemy Army!
Chapter 494: The Movements in the Southwest!
Chapter 493: The First Battle! Sweep Away Everything! (II)
Chapter 492: The First Battle! Sweep Away Everything! (I)
Chapter 491: Encounter!
Chapter 490: Rapid Advance Over One Thousand Li!
Chapter 489: Crisis! Scaling Ladders!
Chapter 488: Move Out! The Southwest!
Chapter 487: The Crucial Point! Lion City!
Chapter 486: The Final Preparations Before the War!
Chapter 485: King Song, Vaguely Beginning to Understand!
Chapter 484: The People in Panic!
Chapter 483: Bad News Spreads!
Chapter 482: The White Lion Great General, We Tadra Khonglo!
Chapter 481: The Capital Quaking!
Chapter 480: Discussion in the Hall (II)
Chapter 479: Discussion in the Hall (I)
Chapter 478: Old Eagles Worries!
Chapter 477: Simulating the Southwest!
Chapter 476: Agitating the Capital! (II)
Chapter 475: Agitating the Capital! (I)
Chapter 474: A Snowstorm of Letters!
Chapter 473: Wang Chong Leaves the Prison!
Chapter 472: Grievous News from the Southwest!
Chapter 471: The War Begins!
Chapter 470: The Last Try!
Chapter 469: Wang Chongs Request!
Chapter 468: The Court Debates!
Chapter 467: The Furious Capital!
Chapter 466: The Insane Wang Clan!
Chapter 465: The Jailed Wang Chong!
Chapter 464: The Calm Before the Storm (II)
Chapter 463: The Calm Before the Storm (I)
Chapter 462: Upheaval (II)
Chapter 461: Upheaval! (I)
Chapter 460: Aftershocks!
Chapter 459: Bitterness!
Chapter 458: Fermentation!
Chapter 457: The Last Word of Advice!
Chapter 456: Wang Jiuling!
Chapter 455: The Death of Ashina Sugan!
Chapter 454: Zhang Shouguis Absolute Power!
Chapter 453: The Farmer and the Viper!
Chapter 452: Almost Within His Grasp!
Chapter 451: Zhang Shougui!
Chapter 450: Andong Protector-General!
Chapter 449: Destiny
Chapter 448: Stalemate!
Chapter 447: The Rebel Soldiers of Youzhou!
Chapter 446: The Worlds Interference!
Chapter 445: Hunting Down An Yaluoshan!
Chapter 444: A Lifelong Enemy!
Chapter 443: An Intent to Kill!
Chapter 442: An Yaluoshan!
Chapter 441: Storm!
Chapter 440: A Prologue!
Chapter 439: Wang Chongs Condition!
Chapter 438: The Last White Stone Reverses the Victory!
Chapter 437: Xu Qiqin Achieves Victory!
Chapter 436: Suppressing Wang Chongs Chess Style (II)
Chapter 435: Suppressing Wang Chongs Chess Style (I)
Chapter 434: Xu Qiqins Final Challenge!
Chapter 433: Plans for the Southwest!
Chapter 432: Persuading Li Siye!
Chapter 431: The Final Attempt!
Chapter 430: Li Siyes Harsh Question!
Chapter 429: The Third World Constraint!
Chapter 428: Elder Cousin, Younger Cousin!
Chapter 427: Good News from the Snowstorm!
Chapter 426: A Brand New Reward!
Chapter 425: The Scripture Depository Plan!
Chapter 424: Harvest!
Chapter 423: Lobbying Successful!
Chapter 422: Lobbying (II)
Chapter 421: Lobbying (I)
Chapter 420: Meeting Taizhen in Yuzhen Palace!
Chapter 419: One Game Ends and Another Game Begins!
Chapter 418: The Gathering of Dragons!
Chapter 417: The Surprising Truth!
Chapter 416: Sharpness Revealed!
Chapter 415: Killing the ü-Tsang First Prince!
Chapter 414: Fight!
Chapter 413: Wang Chong Steps Forward!
Chapter 412: The Hearts of the People
Chapter 411: The First Prince of ü-Tsang
Chapter 410: Countermeasures!
Chapter 409
Chapter 408: Going Down the Mountain
Chapter 407: The Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art!
Chapter 406: Black Dragon Zhaos Treasure Map!
Chapter 405: Li Siyes First Battle!
Chapter 404: Wang Chongs Counterattack!
Chapter 403: The Hyderabad Ore Is Stolen!
Chapter 402: Qixi!
Chapter 401: Framing!
Chapter 400: News on the Hyderabad Ore!
Chapter 399: Cultivation Recovered!
Chapter 398: Wang Liang Weeping in Joy!
Chapter 397: News from the Ocean!
Chapter 396: The Warning from the Great General of the Sui!
Chapter 395: Suspicion
Chapter 394: Provocation!
Chapter 393: The Furious Xu Qiqin!
Chapter 392: Subduing Xu Qiqin, Part Two
Chapter 391: Subduing Xu Qiqin!
Chapter 390: Huang Qian-ers Feelings!
Chapter 389: Resolution!
Chapter 388: Invincible Great General Li Siye (2)
Chapter 387: Invincible Great General Li Siye!
Chapter 386: Fairy of Dainty Hands
Chapter 385: The Victor Hailed and the Defeated Damned, Such is the Way of the World!
Chapter 384: Huang Clans Compensation!
Chapter 383: The Relationship Between Clans!
Chapter 382: Traitor!
Chapter 381: Returning to the Capital!
Chapter 380: Zhao Qianqiu’s Bamboo Tube!
Chapter 379: Heavily Wounded!
Chapter 378: Ambushed!
Chapter 377: Geshu Hans Threat!
Chapter 376: Interrogation!
Chapter 375: Victorious!
Chapter 374: Ambush!
Chapter 373: Clash of Troops!
Chapter 372: Start of Battle!
Chapter 371: Mapping Out the Strategy!
Chapter 370: Tibetan Scouts!
Chapter 369: Scarlet Tassel Spear!
Chapter 368: Capturing the Scouts!
Chapter 367: The Tibetan Cavalrymen at the Top of the Mountain
Chapter 366: Longxis Big Dipper Army!
Chapter 365: Analyzing the Circumstances!
Chapter 364: The Third Gathering Point!
Chapter 363: The Third Mission!
Chapter 362: Great Harvest!
Chapter 361: The Trove of the Iron Cloak Highwaymen!
Chapter 360: Identity Exposed!
Chapter 359: Slaying Zhou An!
Chapter 358: Slaying Iron Cloak Li!
Chapter 357: Final Opportunity!
Chapter 356: Last Operation!
Chapter 355: Reversing the Tides!
Chapter 354: The Fearsome Iron Cloak Li!
Chapter 353: Iron Cloak Li Makes a Move!
Chapter 352: Ambush!
Chapter 351: Falling Prey!
Chapter 350: The Other Hand of the Iron Cloak Highwaymen
Chapter 349: Suspicions!
Chapter 348: Second Mission From The Royal Court!
Chapter 347: Sudden Assault!
Chapter 346: Crossing Blows!
Chapter 345: Wang Chongs Edge!, Part Two
Chapter 344: Wang Chongs Edge!, Part One
Chapter 343: Charge!
Chapter 342: Fight!
Chapter 341: Great Danger! (2)
Chapter 340: Great Danger! (1)
Chapter 339: Danger!
Chapter 338: Iron Cloak Technique!
Chapter 337: Hidden Secret!
Chapter 336: Bai Silings Astonishing Strength!
Chapter 335: Assassin!
Chapter 334: Bai Silings Insight!
Chapter 333: Red-Eyed!
Chapter 332: Superior!
Chapter 331: Spying!
Chapter 330: The Stunned Xu Gan and Huang Yongtu!
Chapter 329: Conflict!
Chapter 328: The Sharp Bai Siling!
Chapter 327: Start of the Operation
Chapter 326: Drill Training!
Chapter 325: The First Assembly Point
Chapter 324: Official From the Chamberlain of Dependencies
Chapter 323: Trial
Chapter 322: Halo of Dusk Stallion!
Chapter 321: Xu Qiqin!
Chapter 320: New Winds (2)
Chapter 319: New Winds!
Chapter 318: Persuasion!
Chapter 317: Meeting Big Uncle!
Chapter 316: Deep Night!
Chapter 315: The Changes in Li Heng!
Chapter 314: Blood Reformation!
Chapter 313: Reshaping Li Heng!
Chapter 312: The Future Corrupted Minister!
Chapter 311: The Future Emperor of Great Tang!
Chapter 310: Retaliation!
Chapter 309: Coercion!
Chapter 308: Princess Ni Huang!
Chapter 307: War of the Princes!
Chapter 306: Chaos At the Deflecting Blade Manor!
Chapter 305: Revelation of the Spirit Vein!
Chapter 304: Mister Taijia!
Chapter 303: Hung On a Flagpole!
Chapter 302: Eight Steps of the Furious Flood Dragon!
Chapter 301: Tongluo Secret Art!
Chapter 300: Duel Between the Two Tigers!
Chapter 299: The Hostile Hu!
Chapter 298: Dusong Mangpoje!
Chapter 297: Zheng Xuans Plan!
Chapter 296: Deflecting Blade Manor
Chapter 295: Wang Chongs Followers!
Chapter 294: Returning to Kunwu Training Camp
Chapter 293: Su Hanshans Secret!
Chapter 292: Saving Su Hanshan!
Chapter 291: Confrontation!
Chapter 290: Su Hanshan!
Chapter 289: Killing Intent!
Chapter 288: A Trap!
Chapter 287: The Masked Man Outside Duke of Liu’s Residence
Chapter 286: Wang Chongs Ambitions
Chapter 285: Bulk Purchase From the Royal Court!
Chapter 284: Probing Zhang Wentuo!
Chapter 283: The Criminal of Great Tang, Zhang Wentuo
Chapter 282: True Martial Small Dipper
Chapter 281: Imperial Army Supplies Purchase
Chapter 280: The Royal Courts Logistical Officer, Li Qingyou!
Chapter 279: Bureau of Works, Zhang Shouzhi!
Chapter 278: Xian Strategist, Zhi An!
Chapter 277: Wang Chongs Goal!
Chapter 276: Blood Banquet!
Chapter 275: The Respect Of The Jiannan Commanders
Chapter 274: Warning the Protectorate!
Chapter 273: The Crux, Xianyu Zhongtong!
Chapter 272: Big Uncles Wisdom!
Chapter 271: The Banquet Starts!
Chapter 270: A Heavyweight of the Empire, Zhangchou Jianqiong!
Chapter 269: Zhangchou Jianqiongs Banquet Invitation!
Chapter 268: Elder Xiang!
Chapter 267: Little Sisters Secret!
Chapter 266: Three Followers!
Chapter 265: The Unfathomable Old Butler!
Chapter 264: King Sosurim!, Part Three
Chapter 263: King Sosurim!, Part Two
Chapter 262: King Sosurim!, Part One
Chapter 261: Old Woodsman
Chapter 260: An Arrow!
Chapter 259: Battle of the Profound Martial
Chapter 258: Collapse!
Chapter 257: Encirclement of the Monastery
Chapter 256: Scouting!
Chapter 255: Plotting in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 254: Huge Merit!
Chapter 253: The Goguryeons Treasure
Chapter 252: Huge Harvest
Chapter 251: The Expert of the Bureau of Military Personnel and Bureau of Punishments Back Then!
Chapter 250: The Goguryeons Secret Tunnel!
Chapter 249: Yet Another Helper!
Chapter 248: The Legend of the Bureau of Punishments, Ma Yinlong!
Chapter 247: Royal Jade Pavilion!
Chapter 246: Origin Energy Tier 9, Hundred Steps Divine Fist!
Chapter 245: Continuous Breakthroughs!
Chapter 244: Zhangchou Jianqiongs Ambitions!
Chapter 243: First Blood of True Martial Realm Expert!
Chapter 242: One-eyed Fatty, Halo of Bog
Chapter 241: Phantom Steps!
Chapter 240: Steady Rise in Cultivation!
Chapter 239: Little Yinyang Art, Assassination!
Chapter 238: The Assassination that was Brought Forward Half a Year
Chapter 237: Assembly Point of the Goguryeons
Chapter 236: Target Found!
Chapter 235: Miyasame Ayaka’s Return!
Chapter 234: Unsolvable Mystery
Chapter 233: Yang Zhao Arrives!
Chapter 232: Sword Qi of Slaughter
Chapter 231: Progress On All Sides!
Chapter 230: The Unchangeable Tides!
Chapter 229: Zhangchou Jianqiong Comes to the Capital!
Chapter 228: Big Uncle Requests a Meeting
Chapter 227: Basic Swordsmanship Training
Chapter 226: Deng Mingxin’s Deal!
Chapter 225: The Vexed Zheng Xuan!
Chapter 224: Letters
Chapter 223: Guo Feng and Chai Zhiyi!
Chapter 222: Cleaning Up the Aftermath
Chapter 221: Art of God and Demon Obliteration!
Chapter 220: The White Stone’s Secret!
Chapter 219: Do You Dare to Accept Our Challenge?
Chapter 218: Exchanging Fists
Chapter 217: Expanding the Fruits of Success!
Chapter 216: Aiding Vermilion Bird Peak
Chapter 215: Defeat of the Goguryeons!
Chapter 214: Halo: Bane of the Battlefield
Chapter 213: Danger!
Chapter 212: True Martial Realm Halo!
Chapter 211: Impetus!
Chapter 210: Snowball!
Chapter 209: Retaliation!
Chapter 208: Hope!
Chapter 207: Countermeasure!
Chapter 206: The Turk Master Archers!
Chapter 205: True Enemy Invasion!
Chapter 204: Zhao Qianqiu’s Way of Teaching!
Chapter 203: Assault in the Middle of the Night!
Chapter 202: The Best Future Marshal!
Chapter 201: Hexad Arms Technique!
Chapter 200: Zhuang shi and Chi Clan!
Chapter 199: The Three Great Troops of Great Tang
Chapter 198: Su Hanshan!
Chapter 197: Chen Burang
Chapter 196: Passed!
Chapter 195: Ten Directional Lightning Fingers
Chapter 194: Challenge
Chapter 193: Changing Fate!
Chapter 192: Future Great General!
Chapter 191: The Hidden Instructor
Chapter 190: Marchioness Yi’s Warning!
Chapter 189: Marchioness Yi!
Chapter 188: Kunwu Training Camp
Chapter 187: Set Off, The Three Great Training Camps!
Chapter 186: Second Brother, Wang Bei!
Chapter 185: The Greatest Arrangement of His Current Life!
Chapter 184: Zhang Munian’s Secret!
Chapter 183: Wang Chong’s Future Followers!
Chapter 182: Iron Meteorites on the Islands Overseas!
Chapter 181: Treading on Water, White-hoofed Shadow!
Chapter 180: A White Stone!
Chapter 179: Wang Chong’s Sworn Brother
Chapter 178: Yang Zhao Requests For Poem!
Chapter 177: Wang Chong Is Released (2)
Chapter 176: Wang Chong Is Released (1)
Chapter 175: Gift From the Mysterious Prisoner!
Chapter 174: The Mysterious Prisoner!
Chapter 173: The Sage Emperor’s Verdict!
Chapter 172: Eunuch Gao!
Chapter 171: The Sage Emperor’s Intentions
Chapter 170: Wang Chong’s Unexpected Discovery!
Chapter 169: War God of the Current Era
Chapter 168: Rattling the World!
Chapter 167: Imperial Prison!
Chapter 166: Wrath of the Han
Chapter 165: Wang Chong Is Imprisoned!
Chapter 164: Placeholder
Chapter 163: Uproar Throughout the Entire Court!
Chapter 162: Taiji Palace!
Chapter 161: Wang Chong Faces the Emperor!
Chapter 160: A Gale Blows!
Chapter 159: Face Off Between Su Zhengchen and Demonic Emperor Old Man!
Chapter 158: Myriad Spirit Sea Art!
Chapter 157: Underlying Dangers!
Chapter 156: Bone Perceiving!
Chapter 155: Wang Chong Acknowledges a Teacher!
Chapter 154: Trial of Life and Death!
Chapter 153: Demonic Emperor Old Man?
Chapter 152: Bizarre Happenings!
Chapter 151: Investing in the Zhang Clan (2)
Chapter 150: Investing in the Zhang Clan (1)
Chapter 149: Preparations!
Chapter 148: Zhou Wen!
Chapter 147: Clue to the Demonic Emperor Old Man!
Chapter 146: Wang Chong’s Wish!
Chapter 145: The Clash Between the Old And New Grand Marshal!
Chapter 144: Su Zhengchen Appears!
Chapter 143: Perilous Circumstances!
Chapter 142: Uninvited Guest!
Chapter 141: Great Saber: Death’s Abyss!
Chapter 140: Uncle Grooming Log!
Chapter 139: The Pinnacle Technology, Tempering!
Chapter 138: Progress in the Chess Match!
Chapter 137: Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!
Chapter 136: Teacher?
Chapter 135: Descending From the Mountains!
Chapter 134: Miyasame Ayaka’s Submission!
Chapter 133: Take Down!
Chapter 132: Back Thrust!
Chapter 131: The Powerful Li Zhuxin!
Chapter 130: Origin Energy Tier 7!
Chapter 129: The Future 【Training Base】
Chapter 128: The Truth Exposed!
Chapter 127: I Wasn’t Aware of Your Highness’s Beauty!
Chapter 126: Lord, Why Has Modesty Replaced Your Arrogance?
Chapter 125: Song of Purity and Peace!
Chapter 124: Change in the Yuzhen Palace!
Chapter 123: Home of the Adventurers!
Chapter 122: Recruiting Experts!
Chapter 121: Convincing King Song!
Chapter 120: Second Persuasion to King Song
Chapter 119: Origin Energy Might
Chapter 118: Mister Yin Shan!
Chapter 117: King Song Loses Influence!
Chapter 116: Change in the Royal Court!
Chapter 115: True Progress!
Chapter 114: Six-fingered Zhang!
Chapter 113: Mysterious Alchemist Organization!
Chapter 112: Ire of the Barbaric God
Chapter 111: Yao Clan’s Father and Son!
Chapter 110: Another Angle!
Chapter 109: Wang Chong Pays Respect to King Song!
Chapter 108: King Song Offers His Blessings!
Chapter 107: Capturing a Sparrow!
Chapter 106: Subduing the Enemy With a Single Move!
Chapter 105: Bone Forging Pill!
Chapter 104: Xu Shao!
Chapter 103: Yuzhen Palace!
Chapter 102: Love for the Country!
Chapter 101: Elders’ Recognition!
Chapter 100: Autonomous Military District!
Chapter 99: Regional Commanders!
Chapter 98: Humility!
Chapter 97: Tariffs!
Chapter 96: Circumstances (3)
Chapter 95: Circumstances (2)
Chapter 94: Circumstances (1)
Chapter 93: Test!
Chapter 92: The Imperial Army Instructor Plan!
Chapter 91: Taboo of the Wang Clan!
Chapter 90: Patriot!
Chapter 89: The Old Master’s Secret!
Chapter 88: The Wang Clan!
Chapter 87: Obnoxious Big Aunt!
Chapter 86: Four Quarters Embassy!
Chapter 85: Consort Taizhen
Chapter 84: The First World Constraint!
Chapter 83: Spectre Steps
Chapter 82: Assassin in the Study!
Chapter 81: Assassination in the Middle of the Night!
Chapter 80: Assassins from Charax Spasinu!
Chapter 79: Wang Chong’s Ambitions
Chapter 78: News on Zhao Fengchen!
Chapter 77: Rich!
Chapter 76: Su Bai Gets Jailed!
Chapter 75: World’s Number One Swordsmith
Chapter 74: Palace Aide of the Censor-in-chief
Chapter 73: Loaded!
Chapter 72: Aides of the Court of Judicial Review
Chapter 71: Su Bai Is Treating!
Chapter 70: Zhang Munian
Chapter 69: Yao Feng’s Killing Intent!
Chapter 68: Tuoba Guiyuan!
Chapter 67: Wang Chong Accepts a Disciple?
Chapter 66: Military Chess Formation
Chapter 65: Su Zhengchen!
Chapter 64: Center of Attention
Chapter 63: Clan Head of Cheng Clan
Chapter 62: The Future
Chapter 61: Double Rejection!
Chapter 60: Fiery Competition!
Chapter 59: Powerful!
Chapter 58: Astounding Skills
Chapter 57: In the Bluebottle Pavilion!
Chapter 56: The Final Day!
Chapter 55: Rejection!
Chapter 54: The Future Imperial Army Marshal
Chapter 53: The Appearance of the Imperial Army!
Chapter 52: Gamble on the Sword Duel
Chapter 51: Charax Spasinu Merchant, Mosaide
Chapter 50: Placating the Sindhu Monks
Chapter 49: Zhang Cong and Zhang Jian’s Unease
Chapter 48: The Four Great Swordsmithing Clan’s Contempt
Chapter 47: Wang Chong’s Plan
Chapter 46: The World’s First Wootz Steel Weapon
Chapter 45: The Futuristic Tempering Technology
Chapter 44: Secret Exposed
Chapter 43: 5 Rewards
Chapter 42: Stone of Destiny
Chapter 41: Yao Clan’s Old Master
Chapter 40: An Act of Wonderment
Chapter 39: Revealing One’s Edge
Chapter 38: Acknowledged By the Clan
Chapter 37: The Furious King Qi
Chapter 36: Outburst in the Capital
Chapter 35: Pioneering Cold Forging
Chapter 34: Wei Clan’s Forge
Chapter 33: Dragon Bone Art
Chapter 32: Wang Chong’s Self Confidence
Chapter 31: The Capital’s Zhang Clan
Chapter 30: King Song’s Bestowment
Chapter 29: Madam Wang’s Discipline
Chapter 28: 1700 Gold Taels
Chapter 27: Su Bai’s Scheme
Chapter 26: Borrowing a Chicken to Lay Eggs
Chapter 25: Wang Chong’s Childhood Playmate
Chapter 24: Eight Gods Pavilion
Chapter 23: Cousins Playing Out a Show
Chapter 22: Cousin Zhu Yan
Chapter 21: An Astonishing 90 000 Taels!
Chapter 20: The Unconventional Right to Distribution
Chapter 19: Hyderabad Ore
Chapter 18: Foreign Sindhi Monks
Chapter 17: Wang Chong’s Discovery
Chapter 16: Uproar
Chapter 15: Opportunity to Strike it Rich
Chapter 14: Lu Ting’s Words
Chapter 13: Yao Guang Yi’s Doubt
Chapter 12: Discerning
Chapter 11: Wang Chong Persuades His Father
Chapter 10: Teaching Yao Feng a Lesson
Chapter 9: Escalating Chaos
Chapter 8: Wrecking Havoc at Vast Crane Pavilion
Chapter 7: Taunting Yao Feng
Chapter 6: Vengeance of a Gentlemen
Chapter 5: Number One Expert of the Wang Clan
Chapter 4: Crisis of the Wang Clan
Chapter 3: Changing Myself
Chapter 2: Reincarnated to a Human
Chapter 1: The Downfall of the Central Plains