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1106 He Has a Name; Its Xiang Nuan

 The giant Past blocked before everyone. No matter what, everyone had deal with the Past. After its first fight with Zhang Ya, the Past's body was slowly changing. The black threads made from multiple memories and blurry shadows joined together to form thick limbs that extended in four directions, becoming a prison that trapped everyone inside the residential area.

The Past's upper body, which looked like a giant cicada, started to crack like it breaking through the cocoon. The fluttery cicada wings melted into the black fog. The fog that had been blown away earlier thickened again. The monster's wings appeared to have the power to attract the black fog.

The sky was sealed, and to make matters worse, the ground was becoming unsafe as well. The Past's lower body was sunken into the ground. The shell covered in ghost faces dragged on the ground. Old shell continued to peel, but whenever that happened, new shell grow out of the exposed location soon enough. Compared to the upper body, the monster's lower body was more akin to a person's normal understanding. It was unable to be shaken off. No matter how hard one tried to forget about it, it would continue to return.

This happened again and again until a wounded monster was left behind. The monster's name should be 'I', but he was unable to refer to himself as the Past.

Painful faces appeared on the gray ground. A strange sound came from the inner core of the ground. It sounded like a beating heart. The faceless doctor had many ways to deal with the rag doll because he was familiar with all of the rag doll's powers. Even at its prime, the doctor would be able to hold the rag doll back, but now there was a new monster behind the door-the Past. The cursed hospital knew that the ghost fetus would have a hidden power, but they probably did not expect the ghost fetus to voluntarily join together with the monsters from the black fog. As a Demon God from the cursed hospital, he was more familiar with the scariness of the monster compared to Chen Ge.

It is impossible to bring Patient 0004 back alive now. He must have figured out the hospital's plan, so he blocked that option from the very beginning.

When the faceless doctor was fighting the rag doll, he still had time to think about other things.

Patient 0004's obsession is the pursuit of bliss, but he has been misdirected by Patient 0011 to believe that he will gain bliss once he becomes a human being. From the beginning, his path was wrong, so he is destined to fail.

The faceless doctor kept getting close to the rag doll.

Since I cannot bring Patient 0004 back alive, the other option is to shatter its soul and eliminate this unstable variable. The patient that the hospital really cares about is Patient 0001. Everyone else is just a replacement. The director will forgive me for doing this, but how am I supposed to kill Patient 0004?

One of the faces on the clothes glanced at Chen Ge. The face grimaced in hatred.

Join forces with him? Impossible! Compared to Patient 0004, the desire to kill him is stronger. The desire has overridden everything. Blast it, if I ran into him outside the door, I wouldn't have to worry so much.

The sky and ground kept changing. The rag doll stopped the faceless doctor while Zhang Ya stayed beside Chen Ge. Both Demon Gods did not leave the residential area. Everything was within the ghost fetus' calculations. The beating heart sound came from under their feet, and it started to match the rhythm of Chen Ge's own heartbeat. Each powerful beat caused extreme discomfort to Chen Ge. He gripped his chest tightly, but it was to no avail. Not only him, every Red Specter and monster from the fog inside the residential area felt the same negative effect. Everyone's heart was disrupted by the sound that came from underground.

Chen Ge looked around him. His employees' bodies started to change for the worse.

Even the Red Specters' hearts are influenced!

This was especially clear on the red high heels, who had consumed most of the ghost fetus' curses. The bandages on her body had almost all fallen apart, and the curious black pattern on her skin was bleeding like wounds that were branded on her body.

If you have taken something from the ghost fetus, now is the time to pay him back with interest. The monster plans to swallow everyone!

The sky was joined to the earth. The Past had enveloped the whole of Jiu Hong Apartments and Jin Hwa Apartments. Multiple curses twined together to morph into a black rain. Zhang Ya, stepping on the red sea, took on most of the pressure. She could not spare any energy to protect the other employees.

The black rain showered down. Chen Ge immediately took out the comic to summon back all his employees. Before the Demon Gods, normal Red Specters were just dead weight. Only Top Red Specters could be of some use. With the employees inside the comic, even though they had been saved from the corruption of the curse, their hearts were still affected.

After decades of preparation, the ghost fetus had finally initiated his plan. The first move was to be his last. He had calculated everything. This prison formed using the Past's body was tightening and strengthening. Now, only a Demon God could escape, but both Demon Gods present were held back. Even Xiao Bu, who was one step away from being a Top Red Specter, was unable to shake off the negative influence.

The heartbeat from underground assimilated itself to everyone's heartbeat. Every time it beat, it would grip at everyone's heart.

How did he manage to do this?

If this continues, my employees will be in serious trouble. They cannot hold on much longer.

Chen Ge did not look well. Even Red Specters were struggling, much less the normal Specters.

The heartbeat's coming from underground. To locate the heartbeat, I will have the find the heart that is hidden underground.

The sky was howling with a black storm. The curse that the ghost fetus had gathered for ten years lashed at everything behind the door. It was impossible to shield against the rain and then to find the heart at the same time. Even Zhang Ya could not manage that.

I cannot be a dead weight to Zhang Ya. It is because she needs to guard before me that she cannot evade the rain freely. She can only take it head on. Facing such a huge monster, that is not a wise choice.

The ghost fetus had probably calculated that as well. Chen Ge was still a human, so the ghosts on him would have to suffer the giant monster's attacks to protect him. In a way, he was Zhang Ya's weakness. However, could the same not be said of the ghost fetus?

The ghost fetus' plan was perfect, but he did not calculate for Wen Qing also entering the door.

The rag doll's missing arm should have been sent back to Jin Hwa Apartments' Block A. Every other building is crumbling, but that building alone is unaffected. The ghost fetus, or rather, Xiang Nuan is protecting Wen Qing.

Once a person had something they needed to protect, their weakness would be exposed. This was the only crack in the ghost fetus' perfect plan, and this crack was the last trace of humanity he had left.

"Zhang Ya, go to that tallest building!" Chen Ge shouted. But before he moved, the faceless doctor had already darted toward Block A. This Demon God from the cursed hospital had observed this anomaly as well. Initially, he was held back by the rag doll, but the rag doll did not fight him head on. It mostly just avoided the doctor's attacks. However, once the doctor moved toward Block A, the rag doll dragged its broken body to stop him.

Chen Ge saw this clearly. Wen Qing was probably the only person the ghost fetus still wished to protect.

Actually, he already has a family, but he just hasn't realized it himself.

Chen Ge was reminded of the first time he encountered Wen Qing and Xiang Nuan. Wen Qing would take Xiang Nuan to Eastern Jiujiang Dam every day. Wen Qing always accompanied Xiang Nuan, but Xiang Nuan was looking for the obsession that was buried deep inside the hole at the bottom of the dam. The hole was filled with numerable mud statuettes of Chen Ge's parents. They seemed to represent the ghost fetus' past desire for familial warmth.

It could not let that obsession go. The pair of eyes stared at the dark and still surface of the water, but it did not realize that there was already someone willing to accompany him by his side.