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1105 Too Close

 The battlefield behind the door had been split into the two parts. The faceless doctor and the rag doll appeared to be cautious and limited their fighting to a smaller range. Zhang Ya and the 'Past', however, did not hold back at all. They could not care less about what would happen to this world. They did not care that more monsters would be drawn over. Once they made their move, they would not stop until one of them was dead. After the first collision, Zhang Ya became the focus of everyone's attention.

With her every appearance, she became stronger than before. Even when facing the enormous 'Past' alone, she did not take even a step back. But as her power increased, so did the mystery surrounding her. There appeared to be some kind of connection between her and the red city. The Past's first attack was neutralized by Zhang Ya. A long wound was left on its body. It was the result from that first attack.

Countless people's memories were shredded, but Xiang Nuan, who was embedded in the Past's head, was still looking as confused as ever. His eyes had no soul inside them as if he had no idea what he was doing, but he was unceremoniously staring at Zhang Ya and Chen Ge.

This monster does not feel pain, and it does not appear clever enough to contemplate anything too complicated. Even though it's powerful, it's unwieldy and hard to control. Why would the ghost fetus create a monster like this?

The battle went into a stalemate. Chen Ge was situated at the center of the storm, but he was not worried. He was focused on a question that had been troubling him-what was the ghost fetus' goal? The black phone had told him to prevent the ghost fetus' birth because once the ghost fetus was born, he would definitely die, but what exactly did the ghost fetus need to do to get born?

Chen Ge failed to deduce the answer from the ghost fetus' preparation. Be it the broken rag doll or the 'Past' above them, they were not the complete version of the ghost fetus.

My once shadow appears to have split itself into multiple versions of itself. It wants to be reborn, so it should need to gather all the split versions of itself back into a ready body.

When Zhang Ya was fighting the 'Past', most of the buildings were broken. The walls of the buildings collapsed around them, the crumbled blocks appeared to fall irregularly, but actually, it would seem like they had subtly surrounded Jin Hwa Apartments and Jiu Hong Apartments.

Chen Ge had a very bad feeling. The cursed hospital had a very good chance of knowing the ghost fetus would probably be reborn on this day. They had been waiting for this day to come because they wanted to use the least amount of effort to accomplish their goal. And the ghost fetus itself had escaped from the cursed hospital. It had learned a lot from Doctor Gao. It was not a Specter that was dominated by brute force and hatred. It not only knew how to think, it also had a complete yet twisted and sick worldview. The ghost fetus would anticipate the arrival of the cursed hospital on this day, but it did nothing to stop them.

Chen Ge's eyes calmed down.

Let's imagine I am the ghost fetus, and I am hiding behind the door. I have prepared for over a decade for this day, so I definitely do not want any disturbance at this crucial moment. Thus, I must do everything within my power to stop the cursed hospital from entering the world behind the door.

With the rag doll and the 'Past' as well as many original tenants, the ghost fetus could already deal with two Demon Gods at the same time before his time of rebirth. With that kind of power, it should not have been hard to him to seal up the blood door, but the ghost fetus did not do it. Be it Chen Ge or the faceless doctor, they did not encounter any resistance when entering this door. It felt like the ghost fetus was purposely letting them in.

Nine children represented nine different powers that were taken away. If it was another person who entered those children's worlds, most of them would not have been able to resist the seduction of power, like Jia Ming and the cursed hospital. None of them would give up the chance to take part of the ghost fetus' power. In the face of such rewards, they would enter one door after another until they arrived at Xiang Nuan's world.

The weakened ghost fetus that they anticipated did not exist, but what they would find were two monsters that rivalled the power of a Demon God. The death of the intruders would return the ghost fetus' power to him. If everything went successfully, the ghost fetus would have a perfect rebirth. But did the ghost fetus need to undergo such a big risk just to take back the powers that it had lost?

Chen Ge looked at the 'Past', which was still growing. The monster blocked out the sky and loomed over the two residential areas. Its shell dragged on the ground, and it had involuntarily joined together with the ground.

Blocking out the sky and joining to the ground, the monster wants to envelope everything and everyone inside the whole residential area!

A maddening thought appeared in his mind. Chen Ge narrowed his pupils.

The ghost fetus' plan couldn't be to consume both Demon Gods, could it?

In Chen Ge's mind, a Top Red Specter was already a very scary presence. He was stunned by the ghost fetus' plan.

The door pusher's power is doubled behind their own door. The ghost fetus must have prepared everything already. His ten years of work was all for this day.

Chen Ge and the cursed hospital were looking for the ghost fetus, but at the same time, the ghost fetus was waiting for them behind the door. Taking in a deep breath, Chen Ge tried to make himself calm down. He did not really expect the ghost fetus' real plan to be to swallow everything, but equally, the ghost fetus probably did not expect Zhang Ya to have become so powerful.

I finally understand the true meaning of the words that the shadow told me at Li Wan City. His presence was to make me show all my trump cards, to test my limits! The shadow was sent by the ghost fetus to me as a test!

As a Demon God, the ghost fetus knew many things. He did not give much attention to the current Chen Ge. At most, Chen Ge was only one of his nine chosen candidates, one of the things he needed to make the perfect body.

It was not that long from the death of the shadow at Li Wan City to the birth of the ghost fetus, so the ghost fetus predicted that my ability would not have evolved too much during this short period, but he greatly underestimated Zhang Ya.

Zhang Ya, who had been hibernating, became the only variable, one that neither the ghost fetus nor Chen Ge's parents had predicted!

If Zhang Ya was still a Top Red Specter, if she was still wounded, then she would have had trouble dealing with this enormous 'Past'.

Chen Ge's back was soaked in cold sweat.

So, the ghost fetus planned everything. He believed I'd be weaker than the cursed hospital, so he directly used the powerful and scary 'Past' to deal with me, to take me out of the battle as soon as possible. If I die, everything that I have will become the soil on which the ghost fetus will grow. By then, the monster from the cursed hospital will be no threat to him. Being consumed by the ghost fetus would be a matter of time.

Consuming two Demon Gods at the same time just for his perfect rebirth, the ghost fetus' madness was hard to imagine, but the scariest thing was how close he was to succeeding, just that one step away.