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1104 She Is Stepping on a Blood Red City 2 in 1

 Ever since the black shadow showed up, the ghost fetus' expression had been different. This was the first time he had shown a smile on his face. The corners of his lips were turned up as he looked at the monster that covered up the sky, looking like a child who was waiting for praise from his parents.

"The past? The monster's name is the Past?" Even though Chen Ge had been paying close attention to the ghost fetus, but the current situation had gotten fully out of his control. All the plans and tricks appeared so harmless and pointless before the ten years of preparation that had gone into the Demon God's set up. The giant shadow in the sky suppressed all the buildings behind the door. The ground started to crack, and the floor was sinking downward. The other monsters that hid in the shadow dispersed to save themselves. Echoes of harrowing screams filled the air.

The giant body hidden in the black fog continued to press down until Chen Ge finally saw it for what it really was. This monster by the name of the Past had a horrifying appearance. It was like a cicada that was about to crawl out from its giant shell. Its body was made up from shredded flesh. It contained various human body parts as well as innumerable abandoned and forgotten memories. The ginormous upper body leaned steadily on the top of the two main buildings from Jin Hwa Apartments. Behind its body, it was dragging a shell that was even larger than all of Jin Hwa Apartments combined.

The monster appeared to be trying to crawl out from its shell, but how could the Past abandon its shell so easily?

Its body was running with black-colored blood. The wounds were like gaping maws, and every monster that was unlucky enough to get too close would be torn open by the mouths and then consumed by them. With each consumption of the monster, its body would grow slightly bigger. It appeared that the monster wanted to use this method to grow big enough to break its shell from the inside, but the shell had joined to its flesh. It had already become part of its body. No matter what it did, it was unable to shake off that heavy and restrictive shell.

Sinking in the past and unable to move forward, every person and every memory that constructed its body was continuously torturing itself. In the end, it was this curious combination that created this strange amalgamation of a monster. The shell of the past grew into the flesh, but the surface still maintained the shape of a human. But with a slight movement, the shell would cut the body, and the wounds would bleed out black blood. The giant monster had overshadowed all the buildings. It had no actual facial features to speak of, but there was a child situated at the middle of its head. The child's body was bitten by multiple human faces and held in place by many arms. He was deep inside the monster's head. He had a face that looked identical to Xiang Nuan's.

"Xiang Nuan!" A heart-wrenching scream came out of Jin Hwa Apartment's Block A. Wen Qing's shout shattered the stunned silence of the night. Everyone present heard her cry and scream, but no one dared respond. The heart-breaking voice was a great contrast to this world that fed on cruelty; it was clear that she did not belong to this place.

After the boy who stood behind Chen Ge heard Wen Qing's voice, the smile on his face disappeared. A trace of emotion that should not have been present crossed his eyes, but he soon returned to normal. When everyone was on high alert, the boy suddenly reached out and rushed toward Chen Ge without warning. His eyes tore open, and black blood leaked out from all of the boy's orifices. His body suddenly picked up speed. The speed was at least ten times faster than before. Instantly, he broke through Chen Ge's employees' shield. It appeared like he would do anything to grab hold of Chen Ge!

The boy's hands touched the blood vessels left behind by the employees. This time, his hand easily passed through the layers of them. The face locked in an ugly grimace rammed past Xiao Bu and the red high heels. He had paid everything just to touch Chen Ge!

His body was shredded by the sharp blood vessels. His face was torn open, and black blood dropped to the ground, but one of his arm successfully breached through the employees' defense and reached Chen Ge's face. The fingers that were covered in black blood started to break out in wounds. The maggot-like curses crawled out of the wounds and slithered toward Chen Ge's eyes. They wanted to crawl into his eyes.

"The former me! Look closely! This will be your future body!" the boy shouted loudly at the monster in the sky. Xiang Nuan, who was encased deep in the monster's head, appeared to have a focus in his eyes, which were previously soulless, after he heard the boy's voice. In the dark pupils, the curse threads wiggled like worms. Xiang Nuan turned to look at where Chen Ge was standing. At the same time, the whole upper body of the giant monster moved as if the monster had set its target on Chen Ge as well.

Exhausting everything, the boy's finger that was coated in black blood finally managed to touch Chen Ge. Just as the sticky liquid was about to make contact with Chen Ge's eyelash, an extremely overpowering presence swept all over Jin Hwa residential area like a lashing whirlwind!

The calm shadow started to boil, and gray soil bubbled with blood. The black fog around Chen Ge was dispersed as if a Demon God had opened her eyes!

Not only the monster in the sky, even Chen Ge himself was surprised. Everything had happened too suddenly.

"Zhang Ya?" Turning back, Chen Ge looked at his own shadow. In that bottomless darkness, it appeared to be someone looking gently and softly at him. This was a gaze that had not been felt by Chen Ge before. It was unclear whether it was because Zhang Ya had gained access to a wider range of emotions after she became a Demon God or this was the aftereffect of the memory that Chen Ge had experienced with her in Yu Jian's world.

When Chen Ge was focusing on his own shadow, the faceless doctor who was not far away gave out a startling scream. The development there was completely different from what was happening to Chen Ge. The coat that he was wearing appeared to come to life and wrapped tightly around him. The human faces started to tear into the faceless doctor's body like it was a free-for-all feast until all traces of life had dissipated from the doctor's physical body. His whole body was covered in blood, and the coat that was made of human faces became his new layer of skin.

Different wounds started to surface on the face that did not have any facial features. The presence that radiated off the faceless doctor was now completely different from before. Currently, all the monsters at the residential area were attracted by Zhang Ya and Chen Ge. The faceless doctor made use of this opportunity to make his move. After he showed up, he made the determination to go after the ghost fetus' heart. The heart specimen that was stuck with nails appeared to be something very important. The Demon God on the faceless doctor had decided to show himself just to take it back as soon as possible. The faceless doctor finally did not hold back. Every face on his body gave off the presence of a Red Specter. With their combined effect, he pushed through the black fog easily.

The broken rag doll was about to regain its heart, so naturally, it would not allow the faceless doctor to do what he wanted, but it was too weak to stop the faceless doctor. They were now on completely different power levels!

Seeing as the nailed heart was about to be taken away, the rag doll suddenly had a smile appear on its face. It tore off its left arm voluntarily. This appeared to be some kind of signal. After the left arm was torn off, this world behind the door started to crumble. The buildings teetered, and the ground shook. In the space between Jiu Hong Apartments and Jin Hwa Apartments, a body that was stuffed with trash, cotton, toys, and pictures crawled out from the ground. This appeared to be the body that the rag doll was missing!

After the body crawled out, it was as if some kind of barrier had been lowered. The black fog rushed madly into the residential area. The buildings from Jiu Hong Apartments that were situated at the fringe were easily knocked over by this surging wave. The chain effect continued, and the other buildings were shaking precariously. The rag doll's body appeared to be the foundation of the whole world behind the door. When it had left the ground, it meant that the foundation of this world had been shaken.

Two legs, the head, the body, and the right arm-the rag doll appeared to have returned to its most original form in its memory. It had turned back to the poor child who had just escaped to Jiu Hong Apartments and was desperate to use the trash heap to form its own body. The shadow had lived for a long time inside the rag doll's body, so the rag doll possessed its most painful and despairing memories and experiences. In the world behind the door, both despair and pain represented a great store of power.

The presence that surrounded the rag doll was no weaker than the faceless doctor's. It had given up maintaining the stability of this world behind the door. It had taken back most of its body, other than its left arm. The rag doll appeared to purposely place its left arm back into Jin Hwa Apartments Block A. It had abandoned the whole world, but it would do anything to protect that one building.

The button that was sewn on the face was twined together by blood vessels. The eyeball that nobody knew where it came from was showing the extreme evil within humanity. The rag doll had suffered all the pain of the shadow, and it had also inherited the most powerful ability of the shadow-the power to curse.

The faceless doctor obviously knew the rag doll very well. He did not give the rag doll any chance to make a sound. Before the rag doll's body had fully crawled out from the ground, he had already made his move. As the Demon God from the cursed hospital, it was no coincidence that he was familiar with dealing with curses. The black fog was replaced by black threads. All the monsters that were unlucky enough to wander within a hundred meters of their fight would be torn apart for some unknown reason, and each death was more harrowing than the one preceding it. They had such horrible deaths.

The faceless doctor was locked in a match with the rag doll that had lost its left arm. Chen Ge's situation was not looking so good either, but one would not be able to tell that from Chen Ge's expression and mannerisms. As the exterior of the buildings around them started to peel, more and more 'people' started to run out from the buildings. Some of them should be people from Xiang Nuan's memory, while others had the same face. They looked just like younger versions of Chen Ge.

These children were like mud dolls that someone had made when they were bored. All of them possessed a small part of the ghost fetus' memories. Each child carried a different chapter of the ghost fetus' past. The ghost fetus appeared to have been sharing his pain with others, so he had created so many 'Chen Ge's. But at the same time, this also showed just how much he desperately wanted to become Chen Ge. The deeper the resentment, the harder it would be to turn back. The tragedy that happened to the ghost fetus was heavily related to the resentment that he carried with him. Of course, without this resentment, he would not have become a Demon God in the first place.

All the children and the original tenants of this world behind the door charged at Chen Ge. But not only them, even Chen Ge's own employees had difficulty getting close to him at this moment. The children's memories appeared to be connected to the monster that was looming over them. Every single one of them gave everything that they could to try to grab at Chen Ge. They wanted to slather Chen Ge's body with the black blood that leaked out from their bodies. After every single one of them died, they would repeat the same sentence to the giant monster in the sky.

"The former me! Look closely! This will be your future body!"

When the body of the last boy was decimated and morphed into a puddle of blood, the giant monster that loomed over the entire residential area finally decided to make its move. The body that was made up countless memories and torn flesh started to reach downward. An impressive amount of power was pressing down on Chen Ge. It felt like the entire sky was falling, and Chen Ge was Atlas trying to hold it up.

"The ghost fetus is that scary?"

Even though the faceless doctor's power was not as powerful as Zhang Ya at the School of the Afterlife, he was already way more powerful than a normal Top Red Specter. He was able to wave away the black fog easily with the sweep of his hand, so that proved undeniably that he was a Demon God. However, the rag doll's broken body was able to stand on the same level as the faceless doctor, which also indirectly proved that the rag doll had reached the level of a Demon God. But the scary thing was that the rag doll was just a part of the ghost fetus' power. The monster that the ghost fetus called the 'Past' was the real trouble here.

The ghost fetus had been preparing for years behind the door. The monster appeared to have been combined with his past, and it was created by forcing it to consume the other monsters inside the black fog. Even though the monster did not seem to possess much sentience, and it lacked its own consciousness. From the absurd sky that literally blocked off the sky, one could tell that this was not an easy enemy to defeat. As powerful as a Red Specter was, they would be unable to deal with 'the past'.

Standing before the 'Past', it appeared like one was facing the whole world. If Chen Ge only had his employees with him at this time, he probably would have chosen to give up. He would have ordered his employees to abandon him and try to find ways to survive and then escape from this world. But the reason he was still standing there was because of the shadow behind him. The ghost fetus was once his shadow, and Zhang Ya was now his shadow. The ghost fetus represented the past while Zhang Ya represented the present and the future.

This showdown had been destined since ten years ago. Only by killing the 'past' would one have the chance to chase after the future. If one was unable to walk away from the past, the future would forever be out of grasp. When no one dared approach Chen Ge, that giant shadow covered the entire sky that was above Chen Ge. A giant gap appeared on the face of the 'Past', and multiple memories were torn apart. The 'Past' wanted to consume Chen Ge in one gulp!

Xiang Nuan, who was deeply encased in the 'Past's head, looked at Chen Ge blankly, but suddenly, his gaze moved away from Chen Ge to the spot behind Chen Ge like his line of sight was attracted by something there. That was the spot where the ghost fetus had been standing earlier. Blood was boiling like crazy.

With Chen Ge as the center, all the surrounding ghosts and Specters were knocked and pressed to the ground by a powerful blood wave. Even the rag doll and the faceless doctor who were fighting among themselves were affected by this sudden turn of events, but the blood wave did not seem to care about what it was doing.

The giant 'Past' was like a sky that was falling while the shadow behind Chen Ge was like a blood sea that spread over the horizon. In the world filled with black fog, the sky and sea had clashed together!

The whole world was shaking. Blood rain started to fall from the sky, and it washed away plenty of the black fog. When people came to, they finally saw the new figure that had appeared to stand before Chen Ge.

The red dress was fluttering in the wind! Under the dress was a bottomless sea of blood!

"Zhang Ya!" The familiar back entered Chen Ge's eyes. The person from Yu Jian's world and the person before him now overlapped together. It felt incredibly surreal to Chen Ge. He raised his hand before finally deciding to put it down again. He knew now was a crucial moment where their life and death would be decided, and he also knew how precarious his condition was at that moment.

There is a new change to Zhang Ya's body again. She did not use black hair like she used to in the past. The dress that she is wearing now has even more patterns of Specters' faces, and the blood sea that is under her feet...

Using his Yin Yang Vision, the more Chen Ge looked, the more surprised he became. Zhang Ya was not stepping on a blood sea at all. Among the redness, Chen Ge could make out the outline of multiple buildings.

She seems to be standing atop a red city! Is she borrowing the power of that red city?

Chen Ge had found out from the old headmaster of the School of the Afterlife that Zhang Ya knew a path that could lead deep into the red city, and Zhang Ya herself had been to the center of the red city.