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1103 Killing the Past 3 in 1

 Even though he was held down by multiple hands, the ghost fetus still wanted to get close to Chen Ge. The expression on his face slowly changed. Cracks started appeared in his pupils, which looked perfectly normal. Black threads that carried misfortune leaked out of the boy's eyes like tears. They squirreled their way toward the hands that held him back. Chen Ge's employees had blocked the ghost fetus' path, but the latter did not really stop to try to understand why. His shattered pupils remained still on Chen Ge, and he was ready to kill every human and every Specter who dared stand in his way.

The cursed threads wanted to crawl into the employees' bodies, but when they approached the employees, they were bounced back by an invisible force. The curse was unable to take effect. The ghost fetus once again turned to look at the red high heels that were covered in bandages. He sensed a curse of the same origin from the red high heels. The reason the ghost fetus had this kind of feeling was not only because the red high heels had consumed the curse that the ghost fetus had left behind the other doors. It appeared like the reason the red high heels was in her current state had everything to do with that cursed hospital.

The essence of the curse was pain. Using it meant paying a sacrifice. The cause was linked to the consequence. Whenever the curse was used, both parties would be seriously affected by it. The ghost fetus carried multiple sins, but the sacrifice that he had given up for the usage of the curse was perhaps his whole life that had been twisted by despair. But the boy was on a path of no return. Even if he knew that he would sink deeper into the abyss of despair, he would still continue to spread the curse.

Chen Ge still did not know that much about the red high heels' past, but there was one thing that he was very clear about. The 'people' who were familiar with curses were normally accompanied by misfortune. If possible, Chen Ge did not wish for the red high heels to continue using her power anymore. The fight between two Specters who were armed with curses was something extremely scary. The way that they decided who would survive was different from a fight between normal Red Specters.

The fight appeared calm and uneventful on the surface, but the actual battle was happening at places that he would not be able to see. Every single one of the black threads that came out from their bodies carried the most vicious and venomous of curses. Once the thread crawled into one's body, if one did not clear them away in time, the consequences would be unfathomably bad.

Chen Ge also knew about the danger of the curse. Compared to the ghost fetus, he was more worried about his employees' safety. "Work together! Take him down together! Do not hesitate! We must try to kill him now while we still have the chance!"

Determined and direct, there was no compromise and pity in the world behind the door. In this place, it was either the ghost fetus' demise or theirs. Any kindness toward the enemy would be cruelty toward himself.

Hearing Chen Ge's order, the red high heels blocked all the curses. The other few Red Specters held the ghost fetus' body in place, and they prepared for Xiao Bu to deliver the final blow. The employees appeared to have communicated among themselves when they were inside the comic. The Red Specters were very familiar with each other's abilities. They knew that Xiao Bu, who appeared the softest and weakest, was actually the most dangerous Red Specter among all of them.

The red wave washed away the blood fog. Xiao Bu used her own special power for the first time before Chen Ge. The red dress that she was wearing melted together with the blood wave that splashed around her. The gray and black ground was dyed red. Buildings that were constructed fully out of blood vessels crawled up from the ground like giant arms that tried to reach toward the sky.

Li Wan City!

Xiao Bu appeared to be stepping on the entire Li Wan City, and the city forced itself through the black fog, tearing out a piece of red amid the world of blackness. The harrowing wails of endless souls rushed out from the blood wave and bit at the ghost fetus, who was unable to move. Even the buildings started to collapse on top of the ghost fetus' body. The blood vessels pulled taut on the ghost fetus' skin. Xiao Bu intended to use the whole Li Wan City to bury him alive.

The other employees at the haunted house worked flawlessly together. They each found a spot that was left untouched by the crumbling buildings and started to focus their individual attacks. The ghost fetus' body instantly turned dim and twisted. Scars appeared. Before the previous one could heal, more and more scars appeared on the scabs. The cracks in the ghost fetus' eyes had spread to his entire body. He knew that there were many ghosts and Specters hiding inside Chen Ge, but he did not expect them to be so powerful.

The pupils that were about to shatter looked directly at Chen Ge through the endless crowd of baleful Specters and Red Specters. The ghost fetus' expression still had not changed much. His body was slowly being ground down until he was buried under the Li Wan City that was beneath Xiao Bu's feet.

"Is it all over now? Has the boy been torn beyond repair?" The boy who stood on Chen Ge's shadow earlier had completely disappeared, but Chen Ge felt no joy at all. The ghost fetus' reaction was too out of place. He did not put up much resistance. In fact, it could be said that he was taking all the damage head on. "Something's not right."

The red Li Wan City under Xiao Bu's feet was a heavy contrast to the black fog that surrounded them. The strange shadows among the black fog were soon attracted by the red and started to head their way.

"Xiao Bu!" Chen Ge had Xiao Bu pull back the blood wave. As the blood disappeared, the monsters inside the black fog also gradually lost interest. When the red completely disappeared, Chen Ge saw a small shadow walk out from one of the buildings that was not far away. His brows started to crease. The shadow was wavering in the blackness of the fog. The distance between him and Chen Ge was slowly closing. Even with the aid of his Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge could not capture his real appearance.

Several seconds later, endless blood vessels suddenly enveloped Chen Ge. His employees were all ready for a big battle. They stared behind Chen Ge. Chen Ge had already sensed that something like this would happen. He turned back to look, and the boy who looked just like him when he was younger had reappeared, and he was standing atop his shadow just like before.

"Another one? Can he not be killed?" Chen Ge appeared to see the young version of himself in the ghost fetus. He saw the child who could not be killed no matter what. "No, these boys are probably not the ghost fetus' real persona. It is not that he cannot be killed; it is just that I have not found the real him."

The boy behind Chen Ge wanted to grab him. His shattered pupils kept staring at Chen Ge's face. The fact that he had been killed earlier did not seem to have left any impression on the body. What happened earlier repeated itself. The ghost fetus was stopped by the employees so that he was unable to get close to Chen Ge. Chen Ge did not dare stay too far away from his employees, and thus, they entered into a stalemate.

"It is not untrue that the ghost fetus wants to take over my physical body, but I have a feeling there is a bigger conspiracy at work here. He seems to be purposely buying time. The ghost fetus did say that the ghost fetus will be born tonight, but it did not specify how it would be born. Now I only know that his birth will definitely be related to me, and if I do not stop him, I will be one hundred percent dead."

The threat of certain death made it so that Chen Ge had to be extra careful. Even if his employees had broken through the barrier of the world behind the door, he had to be careful at every single moment. This door was different from every other door that he had entered before. All his experience from the other doors would not prove much use to him there.

"Looks like I will have to go and find the cursed hospital and see how they are doing at the moment."

Chen Ge chose to voluntarily interact with the cursed hospital, but he would definitely keep a safe distance away from them. After all, they both knew that neither party could wait for the other to die.

"After killing this ghost fetus, other children might come out from the other buildings. I might as well bring him with me to find the people from the cursed hospital." Chen Ge's original plan was to reap the rewards while the ghost fetus fought with the people from the cursed hospital, but with the ghost fetus tailing him so closely, he was not given the chance to do that at all. "If you wish to follow, then so be it. Come along now."

The boy wanted to get close to Chen Ge, but he was stopped every time by Chen Ge's employees. They put their lives on the line to keep the ghost fetus at bay. The conflict between the black curse and the red blood caused quite a stir. It had attracted the attention of the some of the monsters inside the black fog. Perhaps this was one of the ghost fetus' plans. He wanted to make use of Chen Ge to distract part of the pressure that came from the black fog and use Chen Ge to help him clear away some of the monsters inside the black fog.

To prevent that from happening, Chen Ge had his employees limit the range of their fight. He wanted them to keep the fight as contained as possible. Chen Ge's side had become completely hostile toward the ghost fetus. The ghost fetus was familiar with the abilities of Chen Ge's employees, and Chen Ge also realized how unoptimistic the ghost fetus' current situation was. Before his birth, he did not have the power to handle the whole situation.

The world behind the door had sunk into complete chaos. The numerable large shadows in the black fog were attacking the bigger buildings. All the buildings inside the residential area were seriously shattered. Among them, the most damaged one was Jin Hwa Apartments Block B. Most of the sound came from there as well. It should mean that the people from the cursed hospital were around that building. With his employees leading the way, the black fog was unable to get close to Chen Ge. He was protected in the middle of a veil of red mist. He studied the monsters that flickered in and out of the shadows through the fog.

As intense as this moment was, Chen Ge had a feeling that he was taking a stroll through the zoo. The monsters from the black fog were completely different from the monsters that resided in the red world. They looked scarier and more absurd. A normal person probably would not have dreamed about them even in their strangest nightmare.

"If the ghost fetus was not following me, I would have been able to catch some monsters to conduct some experiments. But it does not matter. Even if I cannot bring these monsters out with him, I have now gained some understanding of their features and personalities. In the future, perhaps I can build them with my own two hands. A manmade nightmare might not be less authentic than a real nightmare."

After the employees showed up, Chen Ge' nerves that had been pulled taut relaxed slightly. He turned back to look at the ghost fetus. The boy was like a shadow. He had been following Chen Ge, like a stubborn fly that refused to be chased away.

As Chen Ge moved toward Jin Hwa Apartments Block B, the ghost fetus did try to resist violently a few times, but he was brought down by the employees every time. He failed to harm Chen Ge, but that did help Chen Ge confirm his suspicion. The ghost fetus did not wish for Chen Ge to go there. Perhaps he was worried that Chen Ge might work together with the people from the cursed hospital. The sound of fighting became clearer in his ears. The color of blood also became more obvious in the black fog. When Chen Ge arrived, he too was shocked by the scene that he was greeted with.

There was a man who had no face that stood at the entrance to Jin Hwa Apartment's Block B. His whole face only had a ghastly scar that cut through it vertically, giving it the look of the number '1'. He was wearing a coat that looked like a doctor's coat. It was not a normal doctor's coat, however, because not only was it dyed completely red, the coat was also sewn together by many human faces. Upon closer inspection, each of the human faces was still moving and talking.

What is that thing? It does not appear to be a Specter, but nor does it look like a living human.

Chen Ge realized that the presence given off by the man was completely different from a normal Red Specter. It was very hard to describe, but there was one thing that was certain. The presence was extremely powerful. Even Xiao Bu and the red high heels did not wish to get too close to him if necessary. The man with the doctor's coat also noticed Chen Ge's arrival. He turned his body. The slanted scar on his face somehow felt like it was 'looking' at Chen Ge as more blood gushed out from it.

"Chen... Ge!" A voice instantly exploded in Chen Ge's mind. He took several steps back. It was not until he realized that the ghost fetus was just right behind him that Chen Ge quickly stopped himself. At that moment, Chen Ge's heart was rolling with giant waves. He did not expect the monster that he had not encountered before to be able to say his name so clearly the first time they met.

Is this monster the doctor that once treated me?

The scenario of the nightmare mission at Jiang Yuan Apartments entered his mind. The voice in Chen Ge's memory was different from this monster's voice. There was nothing similar about them at all.

Other than the doctor that first treated me, are there other doctors that are familiar with me from the cursed hospital?

The man was able to call him out by his name at first glance, and there was an almost sadistic and twisted hatred in the voice. This proved that their relationship did not stop at a surface level of recognition. They were definitely more than mere acquaintances. Perhaps the doctor that was missing his face turned into his current state because of Chen Ge or something to do with Chen Ge.

How come it feels like no one wants to see me at all? Everyone has some reason to hate me, even though I have done technically nothing!

Although Chen Ge did not plan to work with the people from the cursed hospital to begin with, the attitude of this strange doctor only confirmed his decision further. If not for the heavy pressure given by the ghost fetus, perhaps the two of them would have been locked in a deathmatch already.

The faceless doctor had probably broken through the barrier of the world behind the door earlier than the red high heels, but he was not in a good condition. His body was pierced through by many threads of thin black lines. With every movement of his body, black blood would squirt out from the holes. The long and slow torture caused the scar on his face to contort in a horrible grimace. Every face on his coat was screaming. Some of them were in extreme pain, and others were biting on the doctor's physical body.

The doctor can't be a living human, can he?

The more Chen Ge looked at this, the more horrified he felt. With his Yin Yang Vision, he could still differentiate between a Specter and a living person. The monster doctor before him was a creature of flesh and doctor. His physical feature was also similar to a normal person.

Is the thing that is giving off the horrible presence not the man But his coat?

A Red Specter was called a Red Specter because they were surrounded by an air of resentment. Hatred and despair morphed into soluble blood that made up their bodies. But the Red Specter on the faceless doctor was different from any of the Red Specters that Chen Ge had encountered. Even though it was red, it was made up from many different human faces. It was incredibly scary. Its strange appearance did remind Chen Ge of how Zhang Ya looked like when she morphed into a Demon God. When he was at the School of the Afterlife, many ghost shadows appeared on Zhang Ya's bloody dress. They were all the Red Specters that she had consumed before.

Could the faceless doctor be an object of possession? The real final trump card that the cursed hospital has is the 'Demon God' that is actually hiding inside the red doctor's coat that's made up of human faces?

When a normal person saw the faceless doctor, they would be scared witless by his appearance. They would spend time further contemplating the existence of this thing.

But Chen Ge was different. He had literally spent his every living moment with Zhang Ya, so he knew some secrets about Demon Gods and Top Red Specters.

When the faceless doctor dies, it is probably the moment the Demon God on him will appear.

Currently, the faceless doctor was punctured by many cursed threads, and the human faces on the coat were consuming his flesh, but the man appeared like he could still hold on for quite some time. The monster appeared to experience this kind of pain and torture often. His pain threshold and curse resistance were extremely high.

It is hard to imagine that such a monster who literally has his face wiped away is still a living person. The voice that filled up my brain earlier was filled with resentment. Could it be because I am somehow related to the reason he is in his current state? Perhaps this doctor encountered me in Jiujiang a long time ago, but he failed to complete that mission that was bequeathed upon to him by the cursed hospital, and he was given some sort of punishment because of it.

Chen Ge had no impression of these things at all. To be fair, he was feeling quite out of sorts about the whole arrangement as well.

The younger version of myself could not be killed no matter what, but if no one had tried to kill, how did they even find out that version of myself is unkillable? They must have attempted many different methods to kill me. To be able to be heartless enough to do that to a child, these people can barely be called human.

A loud noise came out from the interior of Jin Hwa Apartments' Block B. While the faceless doctor was distracted by Chen Ge, the few faces on his coat that were closer to his chest were instantly torn apart by some kind of force. The scream of pain echoed in the black fog. It was also then that Chen Ge discovered there was another monster residing at Jin Hwa Apartments Block B.

It was a rag doll with only four limbs and one head. Its legs were stuffed with trash and bones, its arms were both filled with the dried bodies of small birds, and the head was fitted with cotton that was dyed red with blood and blackened meat. It had two eyes. One of them was a black button that was sewn onto the face, and the other was an eyeball that was bloodshot. The rag doll appeared to have not found its body yet. Numerous cursed threads bound its four limbs and head together. The monster guarded the entrance to Jin Hwa Apartments Block B. What the rag doll and the faceless doctor were fighting over was the specimen of a heart that was punctured with nails.

The way the people from the cursed hospital treated the candidates chosen by the ghost fetus was different from Chen Ge. They had murdered Nie Xin in cold blood and taken the ghost fetus' power that was related to its 'heart' for themselves. Unfortunately, they had brought that same power into this door, so the ghost fetus was coming back to claim its power for itself. When ghost on the faceless doctor was still limited by the rules of the world behind the door, the ghost fetus had probably stolen the heart. The thing that appeared to be a Demon God on the doctor had exhausted plenty of energy to stop it, but it had still failed to stop the ghost fetus. It only managed to keep the faceless doctor barely alive.

When the limitation was broken, the faceless doctor and the Demon God on him started to actively search for the ghost fetus. They knew that this moment before the ghost fetus' birth was the period when he was the weakest. The cursed hospital had probably known of the ghost fetus' plan all along. They had not done anything because they wished to use the least amount of effort to kill the ghost fetus or recapture the ghost fetus.

Both parties knew of each other's bottom line. The battle between them might appear to be horrid and ghastly, but Chen Ge had a feeling both parties still had some reservations. They had not given it their all yet.

The ghost fetus is a Demon God, but he only sent out a broken rag doll in his place for now. The human face coat is probably a Demon God as well, but the thing is hidden even deeper than the ghost fetus. Lastly, there's Zhang Ya...

Chen Ge turned back to look. The boy was standing on his shadow, but Zhang Ya gave no reaction. This was completely unlike the Zhang Ya that Chen Ge knew.

"It appears like all three Demon Gods are waiting for something..." He was lost in thought when the ground started to shake. All the buildings behind the door started to tremble, and the black fog around them had thickened least ten times over!

"What's happening?" Chen Ge tilted his face upward to look, and his mouth fell open from surprise. Within the black fog that enveloped everything like a black sea, there was a shadow appearing that was larger than both Jin Hwa Apartments and Jiu Hong Apartments combined!

The suffocating presence made itself known immediately. Everyone present could feel the danger that it represented.

The faceless doctor and the broken rag doll stopped fighting. Even the boy who had been following behind Chen Ge also lifted his head. At that moment, every person and ghost was looking up at the black sky.

No one was speaking. It was not until the giant black shadow was about to press against the tallest building at Jin Hwa Apartments that the boy behind Chen Ge finally had a change to his expression. He started to smile.

"The past has finally arrived."