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1043 Who Can I Share This With?

 Back in the classroom, Chen Ge returned to his seat.

"Bro, are your eyes red?" Du Ming noticed that Chen Ge was feeling rather down. "Were you dumped?"

"I understand why you are so unpopular even though your results are so good." Chen Ge ignored Du Ming. He turned his head away and started to think about another problem. Even behind the door, Zhang Ya was still protecting him. In the situation earlier, a new teacher did not side with the head of discipline but protected her own student. That was quite touching.

"In Yu Jian's world, other than his family, only that teacher was helping him. Now that I am going through his experiences, the only person that I can rely on the most is Zhang Ya." Chen Ge tried to keep his head up. He was reliving Yu Jian's life, but the people around him were not Yu Jian's family but his family from his own memory. "A lucky person spends his whole life healed by his childhood. An unlucky person spend his whole life healing his childhood.

"Even though we're going through the same thing, a different upbringing and environment can change a person's future. He wants me to experience his despair, but I wish to show him that everything is possible with hope. Before the reality collapses and the sea of blood overwhelms everything, I will try my best to help him. The ghost fetus never intended to help him. I must instill that message into his mind."

The second period was finally over. Chen Ge leaned on the desk, looking out at Li Wan City. His brain had split the town into four sections based on the four corners-north, south, east and west. If he could not find Yu Jian at the school, then he would search the city one corner after another. The bell rang again. Chen Ge finally straightened up. He opened the English textbook.

"Even after so many years, I still can't understand a single sentence from this."

With Zhang Ya's voice filling his ears, Chen Ge held his chin in one hand, and for the first time, he did not think about escaping from school. The students could see quite clearly that Zhang Ya's gaze kept wandering subconsciously over to Chen Ge's seat. There was apology and worry in her eyes. Finally, the bell rang; it was lunch break. Chen Ge's home was quite far away from school. When he was young, he did not have the habit of going home early for lunch, and he did not intend to change that. When the bell rang to announce the break, Chen Ge walked out from the classroom. He carried the backpack and walked down the corridor alone to head to the rooftop.

The sky in Yu Jian's world was always covered in clouds, and there was never any sun. Chen Ge stood on the rooftop. He used Yin Yang Vision and studied all the students below him. "Where is he hiding? This is his world but he is nowhere to be seen."

Chen Ge distinctly remembered the voice of a man when he first entered the door. That person should be Yu Jian. "Trapped in the abyss of despair, he should be desperate for a savior as well."

When he was thinking, Chen Ge heard the door behind him open. Zhang Ya appeared at the door. She was surprised to see him. Then she walked over with a light yellow lunch box. "Aren't you going home?"

"Not so soon. What about you? Why are you here at noon?"

"The canteen is too noisy. I prefer to eat in silence. Besides, the scenery here is beautiful, and no one will come disturb me." Zhang Ya walked to his side, and her eyes trailed to his backpack. "Are you still thinking about what happened this morning? I apologize for that. We weren't being considerate. Sorry."

"It's fine. If anything, I need to thank you. If not for your help, I would be in that old baldie's claws already."

"Old baldie?" Zhang Ya did not expect such a colorful description of Mr. Si from Chen Ge. She almost burst out laughing, so she turned her head to the side. Chen Ge was not paying attention to Zhang Ya but focused on the students below, and his brows creased. The school was almost empty, but Yu Jian was not to be seen.

"You seem to have many things on your mind. If you don't mind, would you like to share some of them with me? You might feel better after sharing them with another person." Zhang Ya's voice was mellifluous, like a chime in the wind.

"Don't mind me. You'd better finish your food before it gets cold." Chen Ge turned back to look at Zhang Ya. She was kind and gentle. If that tragedy did not happen, she would have been living a happy life.

"Do you want some? The canteen auntie has given me too much. I can't finish it alone." Zhang Ya probably wanted to get to know Chen Ge better so that she could help him better.

"It's fine, don't mind me!" Chen Ge was acting like a child. He ran to the other side and looked down the roof. A common person would not understand Chen Ge. They would not know what he was doing. In other people's eyes, Chen Ge was filled with anxiety, and there was a maturity about him that did not fit his age. All the students had left. The school was empty, but Chen Ge still had not spotted Yu Jian.

"Where could he be hiding? Do I really need to turn Li Wan City upside down? Do I have enough time? The people around me are getting visibly tired as time passes. I'm sure bad things will happen soon." Chen Ge was worried, but that did not help at all.

He carried his backpack and turned around. He noticed Zhang Ya sitting on the chair by the wall and staring at him.

"Sorry for making you worried." Chen Ge would never hurt those who only wanted the best for him. He walked toward Zhang Ya and sat down beside her. The items left on the roof were mostly defective. That was why they had been moved there.

"If you have any trouble, you really can share it with me. Perhaps I can help you." Zhang Ya was being too kind. Such people existed in the real world, and they were often the first to get hurt. Being near Zhang Ya, even behind the door, Chen Ge felt weirdly safe. He put down the backpack that he had been carrying and sidled toward Zhang Ya.

"I'm looking for a person. His name is Yu Jian."

"Why are you looking for him?"

"Because he is the source of all the misfortune here, and I have some things to tell him."

"The source of misfortune?" Zhang Ya did not get what Chen Ge was saying. "Has he done something to you or your family?"

"No, I just want to help him." Chen Ge did not know how to explain it. He had met many such occasions in real life. He was the one who entered the world of the supernatural. He could not share what he saw with others; he had to carry the burden alone. Even now, even though he knew Zhang Ya was not real, he still could not bring himself to say anything.

"Actually, I am quite tired myself." Chen Ge leaned on Zhang Ya's shoulder and closed his eyes, feeling the wind on his face.

Zhang Ya initially wanted to move away, but seeing that strangely familiar face, she did not have the heart to do so.