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1035 The Child Chosen by the Ghost Fetus

 Nurse Yu gave this serious consideration as she glanced at her son's room before she came clean on the thing that had happened to Yu Jian. "Yu Jian has not met his father. I raised him alone. The child was a very precocious one; he never made me worried. As a nurse, I have a busy work schedule, so I had to leave him alone for most of the time.

"One day, he started to refuse to communicate with me. Out of guilt, I bought him many things to compensate and encouraged him to go on play dates. The first accident happened when he was seven. I got a call from a neighbor when I was at work. He said that Yu Jian had gotten into a fight with his kid and almost blinded the kid's eyes. I was so angry when I heard that. I came back and gave Yu Jian a good smacking, but when I was doing that, he was glaring at me with this out of body gaze filled with hatred.

"He was crying but soundlessly. He did not plead but kept on glaring at me with that unsettling gaze as if questioning why I was beating him.

"But that was only the beginning. The kid seems to hate communicating with others. When he was in the presence of other kids, he would change into another person with the goal of destroying other people's happiness. It got slightly better after he got to school, but still, no one was willing to be his friend. His personality became more agitated, isolated. He would say fewer than five sentences to me a day. After he got into high school, he barely spoke to me. In fact, whenever I appeared in his sight, his gaze would glaze over with annoyance."

At this point, Nurse Yu choked on her words. She felt like she had failed as a mother.

"Your son is easily-angered and solitary. He also wanted to blind others during a play date. He seemed to be hating everyone around him, including you." Chen Ge frowned. He felt like Yu Jian was so far the person who acted the most similarly to the ghost fetus that he had encountered. They would be maddened by other people's happiness and indulge in destroying other people's joy. This was extremely psychotic, but it was not unheard of. For example, if two kids found a beautiful butterfly at the same time, one of them would gasp in its beauty while the other would reach out to tear off its wings.

Chen Ge had no idea when the ghost fetus encountered Yu Jian. From the décor at the place in the old city, Yu Jian was probably the child who cooperated the most with the ghost fetus, so the latter had probably been hibernating in Yu Jian while completing the curse in the old city.

"After Yu Jian got into high school, that was the darkest moment of my life. He refused to talk to me at all, but he spent his time doing something alone. When I hit him or scolded him, he never retaliated, only staring at me coldly. It was not how one would view one's family. Perhaps from a certain moment, he had stopped viewing me like that. It was also then that he started to stay out late and eventually ran away from home. For him, I've searched Jiujiang who knows how many times already.

"Perhaps he hated me from his core. No matter how many times I found him, he would still leave me the next day. During that period, he got into a lot of trouble, some incidents even involving the police. After the school day ended, he stopped coming home at all. I knew this couldn't continue any longer. I contacted a private academy famous for their strict rules and enrolled him in it even though it cost me a lot.

"In a new environment, Yu Jian's situation seemed to improve, and that gave me a renewed hope in life. But that only lasted for a few months before the school called me in. The parents of the kids in his class had petitioned for Yu Jian to be expelled. At the time, I was flustered. I tried to ask why, but Yu Jian refused to say anything.

"In the end, I found out from the headmaster that the students all said that Yu Jian was mentally unstable. They exaggerated his supposedly insane actions, and of everyone in his vicinity, only his class teacher was on his side. I burnt through my savings at the time and used a lot of time and money before I finally persuaded the headmaster to allow Yu Jian to stay.

"But things just did not work out. During the second year, Yu Jian's class teacher was fired due to certain reason, and that very same afternoon, Yu Jian left the academy. He came back home, shut himself in his room, and sheltered himself from the world.

"When I went to school to help him finish the suspension procedure, I found out what had happened. The class teacher was the only person who treated Yu Jian well, but someone started a nasty rumor that it was because she was seducing him. Then part of the parents started a rumor, and thus, the teacher was forced to find a new job." Nurse Yu looked at the closed bedroom door. After a long silence, she said, "After hearing the real reason, I was not mad. If anything, all I felt was tired. I stopped struggling and surrendered. I admitted that Yu Jian is different from normal kids and stopped forcing him to fit the common mold."

"Has he stayed at home since he ran away from school?" Chen Ge memorized everything that Nurse Yu had said. It might prove useful behind the door.

"At least every time I come home, he's in his room, so I don't think he would be connected to any murder case."

"Okay, I believe I have everything I need." Chen Ge stood up to walk toward the room. "Do you have a key? I wish to meet him."

"That's fine, but I hope you won't say anything to agitate him." Nurse Yu took out a ring of keys from her handbag. She kept a spare key for Yu Jian's bedroom on her. The two came to the door, and Nurse Yu opened it. When the door was pushed open a gap, Chen Ge was hit was a stinging smell. He held his hand over his nose out of instinct, but Nurse Yu beside him did not seem to smell anything strange.

So far, this is the smelliest room that I've been in outside of the door.

Chen Ge used Yin Yang Vision to look into the room. Outside his expectations, there was no pile of garbage or overthrown clothes, only many piles of used manuscripts. The paper covered the floor, the bed, and the table. They were filled with unfinished sentences, and most of them made no sense. Amid the sea of paper stood a barefooted man. He did not wear anything and was as thin as a rail.

Seeing someone come in, the man did not respond. He raised his two hands, which were just skin and bone, and continued to write on his script.

"I'm so sorry." Nurse Yu seemed to be used to this. She picked up the blanket and draped it over the man. It was then that the man finally reacted. His muddy eyes moved to the door. He scanned Chen Ge before turning back to his paper.

"Do not step on his manuscript," Nurse Yu told Chen Ge.

Then Chen Ge requested, "Do you mind giving us some privacy? I have some questions to ask him."