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1027 Touch the Police, Change Your Life

 Chen Ge was playing hide and seek with the ghost fetus with the whole city as the playground. The ghost fetus was hiding, and he was seeking; this annoyed him slightly. But Zhen Zhen's appearance gave Chen Ge hope. However, the premise was that Jiang Long was not lying to him.

"Where is the boy now?'

"I've hidden him away. The police and another group of people from Jiujiang are looking for him." The blood vessels pulsed on Jiang Long's body. It looked disgusting.

"Another group of people?" Chen Ge's interest was piqued. He had no idea that other people, other than himself, were interested in the ghost fetus.

"We met their people in Li Wan City. The man's lips were frozen in a smile, and he wore a patient's outfit under his jacket."

"The non-smiler!"

"Yes, but I have no idea whether he is doing this independently or the cursed hospital at Xin Hai is behind it." Jiang Long's voice slowly became calm. He seemed to have accepted that he had fallen into Chen Ge's hands and had given up struggling.

"You also know about the cursed hospital?" Chen Ge narrowed his eyes. "You're not lying to me, are you? Purposely trying to distract my attention with that hospital?"

"Why would I lie to you? Today, I came here because I am already cornered. Otherwise, I wouldn't take such a risk." Jiang Long smiled bitterly. "The police won't stop chasing me, but the real despair came from the sighting of that non-smiler at my house last night. The madman was just standing there. We both saw each other."

"But what does that have to do with you entering my haunted house?" Chen Ge was a constant visitor at the police station and had been in the interrogation room many times. He could not help but pick up some useful skills over time, so now he was quite familiar with interrogating others.

"The shadow said that you have a door hidden in your haunted house. He became what he was after he entered that door." The shadow had possessed Jiang Long's body for a long time, so the latter knew a lot of the former's secret.

"Did he tell you what is behind the door?"

"You don't know that yourself?" After hearing Chen Ge's question, Jiang Long was startled, but he soon returned to normal. "The shadow never mentioned that. I wanted to enter that door myself because I wanted to become as strong as the shadow. The police are drawing closer, and now the non-smiler is after me as well. I need to find a way out for myself."

Jiang Long's reasoning was sound. After giving it some thought, Chen Ge stopped the interrogation. "It's too dangerous to leave the child alone. Tell me where he is. I'll bring him here."

The classroom turned quiet, and Jiang Long said after a long time, "He is in a basement in Western Jiujiang. It's quite isolated. I'll take you there."

Flipping the comic, Chen Ge placed Jiang Long in with the stench.

"Well, everyone, it's time to go back to work. The man has been caught." Chen Ge had the employees return to their post as he dragged the backpack and headed outside. To prevent Jiang Long from doing some funny business, Chen Ge had Men Nan and the red high heels guard the 'door' at the toilet and had Ol' Zhou and Ol' Bai patrol the underground scenarios. After ensuring that there would be no more problems, Chen Ge left the theme park and headed toward Jiang Long's lair.

The place was very far from the theme park and would rarely be visited by others. When Chen Ge left the theme park, a few plainclothes followed him. Chen Ge noticed them, but he did not stop them. After taking a long detour, Chen Ge found Zhen Zhen's hiding spot in the back alley of a building that was about to be taken down in the old city.

"It wouldn't be easy to find this place alone." Jiang Long had probably had his eyes on Chen Ge's haunted house for a long time, but the level of information was not equal. His plan was nipped in the bud before he had a chance to put it into action. The owner was long gone. With Jiang Long's direction, Chen Ge entered the backyard and peeled back the wooden boards that led to the cellar. He looked down the cellar and saw a boy tied to a wooden pole. Next to him was a fainted adult man.

"Zhen Zhen?"

Hearing the voice, the boy slowly opened his eyes and then started to mumble help at Chen Ge.

"It's alright now. Don't be afraid." Chen Ge entered the cellar and undid the ropes around the boy. The boy had been tied up for a long time. His limbs were purple with bruises from the ropes. He carried the boy out from the cellar before turning to the fainted man. The man was Jia Ming. The real culprit was Jiang Long, but it would be Jia Ming who took the fall. He had already lost his self. His soul and spirit had been consumed by Jiang Long, and only an empty shell was left. In essence, Jiang Long had ruined Jia Ming's life.

"You sure have done quite a lot of sins." Chen Ge was about to ask Jiang Long some questions when the backyard door was pushed open.

"Don't move! Get on the ground!"

"Get on the ground now!"

Two plainclothes rushed in, and police sirens followed. Soon, two officers in uniform joined them.

"We're allies! My name is Chen Ge. This suspect came here because he wanted to kill me!" Chen Ge gave out the key information in the shortest time possible. "If you do not believe me, you can call Lee Zheng from the crime investigation unit!"

"He wanted to kill you?" The two plainclothes looked at the unconscious Jia Ming and then at the lively Chen Ge. Something was not right with his statement.

"Put your guns down. He's one of us!" The two officers that came later were from the crime investigation unit. Even though Chen Ge could not recognize them, they recognized him. With the misunderstanding out of the way, Chen Ge sighed in relief. He had only just realized how terrifying being targeted by two real guns was.

"It has been confirmed. The unconscious man is a grade A fugitive, Jia Ming." The police held Chen Ge by both hands. "Brother, you have done another great job!"

"It's what I should do. Helping the law enforcement to ensure societal safety is the responsibility of every citizen. Of course, if there's a reward, it'll only make it better."

Chen Ge stood next to Zhen Zhen while the police carried Jia Ming into the police car. The arrest went smoothly, but as the two officers were dragging Jia Ming out the backyard, the comic that Chen Ge was holding suddenly started to turn on its own. The blood vessels and curses entangled to form a fast moving shadow, and it moved into Jia Ming's body. The unconscious Jia Ming opened his eyes. His eyes bloodshot, he screamed, "He wants to kill me! Help me! Help me!"

Then, he crawled into the police car like a madman. This was the first time that the officers had encountered a fugitive that wanted to be captured so badly. Honestly, Chen Ge himself was given quite a shock. He really did not expect a baleful Specter to turn to the police for help. However, Chen Ge quickly snapped out of it. Just as Jiang Long slipped back into Jia Ming's body, he launched himself at the man, brandishing the comic. "Everyone, be careful!"

"Save me! Arrest me and take me to jail! Lock me up, please! Save me from him!"

Chen Ge raised his fist and aimed it right at Jia Ming's face. He had to shut the man up. Chen Ge knocked Jia Ming into the corner of the alley. In that brief moment, Chen Ge summoned all the Red Specters that he could from the comic and stuffed them into Jia Ming's body.

"Officers! Save me! Arrest me..." Jia Ming's eyes rolled upward, and he fainted again.

"Chen Ge, are you alright‽" The few officers immediately came to help Chen Ge.

"Just a small bruise, it's fine." Chen Ge picked up the comic that had turned red and slowly got up. "The man faked being unconscious. So cunning."