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1026 You Didnt Expect This Day to Come

 "Or we can sit down and talk. There is no conflict of interest between us. We are both victims of the ghost fetus." Shen Mengbing's voice was still so soft and melodious, but her tone had completely changed from before.

"How come that sounds so familiar?" Chen Ge thought about it and realized that he had said the very same thing quite often in the past. "Looks like you are not willing to come out without any persuasion. Guys, why don't you go and help him?"

The few Red Specters walked toward Shen Mengbing, and the pressure on her was unimaginable. Bead-like sweat slid down Shen Mengbing's beautiful face. There was a deep sense of helplessness in her eyes. This was person who had gained the favor of more than a handful of Red Specters but chose to use their power to open a haunted house-she simply could not wrap her head around Chen Ge's thinking.

"If I had the same number of Red Specters, no, just give me one Red Specter who will side with me, then I would not have been so cornered..." Shen Mengbing gripped her hands tightly, but in the end, she chose to surrender. "I can tell you very important information, but in exchange, I hope you can let me go."

"I do not think you have understood the predicament that you are in. I do not need you to volunteer any information to me. In a minute, I will have my friends drag you forcibly out from this woman's body. Then I will have them curse your body. Finally, I will have the many spirits who I house here munch on your spirit bit by bit. I will have you watch yourself being consumed bite by bite. But don't you worry, I will not let your spirit dissipate so easily. I will give you time to recover so that we can repeat this process as much as we like," Chen Ge said with a smile, but a serious glow lit up his eyes, proving how serious he was.

"Are you a devil in human skin?" Shen Mengbing's face was pale from the neck up. There was no trace of blood at all.

"My haunted house is filled with ghosts with unusual talents. Some of them are experts in curses; others can manipulate people's memories. You will be a perfect lab rat for them to try out their powers." Chen Ge shrugged. "I am sure you did not expect such a day to come when you were torturing others, did you?"

"The ghost fetus is coming alive soon, and you are the key player. The condition of his birth is that you must die. I know many secrets about the ghost fetus, and I can help you!" Shen Mengbing changed tact, and her attitude became so much kinder.

"I will believe anything that comes out of your mouth-as long as you first leave that innocent woman's body."

"No problem. But after I leave the human body, I will soon disperse into nothingness." Shen Mengbing looked troubled.

"Don't worry, as long as I am around, I will not let you die so easily."

Hearing Chen Ge say that, Shen Mengbing's expression seemed to turn paler. She slowly slid to the ground and closed her eyes. A chilly wind blew inside the classroom, and the woman's shadow slowly stood up on its own. Using Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge could see a clump of sticky blood red threads in the middle of the woman's shadow. The threads were rife with curses and venom, and they slowly took on the shape of a man. The shadow did not look like Jia Ming; he was much taller than Jia Ming.

"How to possess a person's body and slowly take over their mind is something I have learned from the ghost fetus. After all, he started as someone's shadow." The man was a unique kind of Specter. His body was made up of curses and blood vessels. He could be considered a Half Red Specter. "I am Jiang Long. I was once a victim. The ghost fetus made my whole family crazy and forced me to do his bidding. After I did his dirty work, he turned me into this. I dream day after day of killing him."

"That is such a coincidence. I have been dreaming of killing him as well." Chen Ge took out his comic. "But stop wasting time. Why did you come to my haunted house? And don't you think about lying. Being honest will benefit everyone."

"The ghost fetus wants to be reborn. He has taken a very important from each of the nine children. He is currently still asleep in one of the children. When he wakes up, whether he succeeds or not, we will all have to die."

The man's voice was shaking. When the term 'ghost fetus' was mentioned, the fear that he felt was visceral. It was a fear that was ingrained in his mind, one that would not be wiped away no matter what.

"Don't tell me things that I already know." Chen Ge dragged the hammer and took one more step forward. "You know more details about the nine children, don't you?"

Chen Ge had been suspecting that for a long time. Without the aid from external forces, being pursued by the police, Jia Ming's group managed to find an altar on their own. That was unimaginable unless they had some inside information.

"Other than the ghost fetus himself, no one knows the exact details about these children, but I know a way that can be used to identify these children." The man did not hide the facts. "I have a child with me from Li Wan City. His name is Zhen Zhen. He is a failed product that was cultivated by the shadow. There is a spirit lingering in him that is very similar to the ghost fetus. In other words, he comes from the same origin as the ghost fetus. So, occasionally, he has some strange dreams, and the dreams are a reflection of the weave of the intertwining destiny of the nine children."