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1024 Too Careless!

 "Is this the haunted house's owner's diary? A record of his murders?"

Zhao Wen did consider the possibility that the diary was a prop, but the content was too real. Just reading it caused his heart to race like he was there in person when the crime was committed. Even if the content was fake, to be able to come up with the things inside it, the author was seriously unhinged. Taking a deep breath, Zhao Wen was about to put the diary away, but something scarier happened.

He seemed to have lost control of his body. His hands flipped through the pages, and his eyes refused to move away from the writing on the pages. The diary appeared to have sucked his soul into it. His temperature dropped. In Zhao Wen's eyes, the handwriting in the diary slowly turned into red symbols, and he could hear the sounds that the murder victims heard. Pairs of arms reached out from the beyond to grab at him.

His teeth started to chatter, and his ears were pulsing with the sound of his heartbeat. Zhao Wen's hand finally reached a blank page. Just when he thought everything was over, drops of blood emerged on the diary. They were like blooms of blood flowers that grew directly from hell. The red seeped into the empty pages, and the following entry appeared.

"X Year X Month X Day, someone read my story, and now I am going to make him part of my diary."

The arms on him started to pull. Zhao Wen felt as if his body was about to be torn into pieces. He wanted to scream, but he could not make a sound. He could only watch as his body was dragged into the diary. But when he tried to turn around, he was frozen in fear because he saw that his body was still standing away from the table!

"Meow." A cat meowed inside the room. It seemed to break the spell. Zhao Wen's eyes were bulging as he looked around the room. He recovered. Both of his hands pressed on the table, and his whole body was shaking. He snapped the diary shut. His arms were still shaking. "What was that?"

His legs weakened. Zhao Wen considered it for a long time before he decided to take the diary with him. "It's time to move to the next room."

Pushing on his glasses, Zhao Wen leaned on the door to listen. After ensuring that there was no sound coming from outside, he pushed open the door and left. He kept his body against the wall and entered the toilet. Looking around, Zhao Wen's eyes soon focused on that one cubicle door. The door was sealed up by wooden boards, and it had the painting of a grimacing devil on this.

"Is this the door?"

Zhao Wen slowly approached the cubicle door. He tried to move the wooden boards, but he realized that they were pinned in firmly, and the door would not even budge. "The thing Mengbing wants is behind the door, but the door is sealed. How am I supposed to get behind it?"

He squatted down and tried to look through the small hole. The other side of the door was completely red.

"Blood?" He looked through the hole again with uncertainty. This time, a rolling eyeball was looking back at him!

"What the hell!" Zhao Wen collapsed to the ground. Before he could react, a giant sound came from behind him.


The door of the toilet was slammed close. Chen Ge walked into the room, dragging the hammer. "Looks like you guys are indeed looking for this door."

"Who are you? Don't come any closer!" Zhao Wen saw the hammer that Chen Ge was holding. His instincts told him that it was not a normal prop.

"This is a haunted house. Even if you scream until your throat is hoarse, people will only think you're having a good time." Chen Ge waved, and Men Nan appeared behind him. "Knock him out and then drag him underground. Tell Zhang Yi to experiment on him to try and see if he can erase those bad memories."

"Okay." Men Nan tied up Zhao Wen harshly as if he was venting his discontent toward Chen Ge on the poor man. Chen Ge stood to the side and watched the proceedings quietly. He was contemplating something else. "Why would these people look for the door at my haunted house? Currently, the people who want me dead are the ghost fetus, the cursed hospital, and Jia Ming. Who are these three visitors working for?"

The ghost fetus was a Demon God, and he was not born yet. The cursed hospital was a four-star scenario. It probably would not control its patients to go to Chen Ge's place in broad daylight, so the only option left was Jia Ming.

"Even though Jia Ming is male, the real danger is the spirit possessing him. The thing might have been pressured enough to leave Jia Ming's body to possess another person." Chen Ge had faced too many troublesome foes. It meant that he would not be trapped in a mental box when he was figuring things out.

"Chen Ge, this is just a normal human being. There is no trace of anything supernatural on him. The only thing that he is guilty of is being stupid." Men Nan looked at the 'diary' hidden inside Zhao Wen's pocket and added, "Incredibly stupid."

"Take him to Zhang Yi." Chen Ge picked up Zhang Ya's bedtime story. When he first got this reward, he did not think much of it. He really treated it as a bedtime storybook and would flip through it when he was free. But after Zhao Wen accidentally stumbled across it, Chen Ge realized how scary it was. It was not only dangerous toward normal people. Even Red Specters like Men Nan and the red high heels did not want to get close to it. "None of you warned me about this book. That sure is helpful of you."

Chen Ge slipped the diary into his backpack's inner compartment. He had no idea what the book was useful for, but he had a feeling that he would use it in the future. Carrying the backpack, Chen Ge entered the Specter's Dressing Room and changed. Then he contacted Tong Tong and headed toward Shen Mengbing and Ling Feijie.


Inside Mu Yang High School, Wu Jinpeng gradually noticed that something was off with Shen Mengbing and Ling Feijie. They were different from normal visitors, especially that Shen Mengbing. It was as if she could not feel fear. Even though she would occasionally scream, she would revert to her usual self in just two seconds. To confuse Wu Jinpeng further, the two would go and open any door that they came across, but after opening the doors, they would not enter them, instead hurrying toward the next one.

"This is the first time I've met a visitor like this, could they be..." Wu Jinpeng narrowed his eyes. "... real expert visitors?"

He and the two students followed behind, so they did not see the paleness on Shen Mengbing's face. At that moment, Shen Mengbing's face was dark, and she gritted her teeth in an ugly grimace. She grumbled under her breath. "I was too careless! I didn't expect a horde of real ghosts in only a two-star scenario. Doesn't this mean that three and four-star scenarios will start to have Red Specters?"

Using Red Specters to scare visitors, that was something unimaginable for Shen Mengbing, but she had run into an actual example.

"And the online reviews of this haunted house said it's not scary at all? What the f*ck! This has to be a trap!"