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1022 Wu Jinpengs Debu

 "That's wonderful. In a bit, I will have you get used to the working environment here." Chen Ge trusted Wu Jinpeng fully and planned to initiate the new employee welcoming ceremony soon. "We are understaffed now, so I can't give you a tour. You'll have to follow one of the batches to experience the haunted house. There's no pressure. Just think of it as your own visit and treat yourself as a normal visitor."

"Understood." Wu Jinpeng nodded. It looked like he valued this new job greatly. He had even taken a shower and changed before he came.

"Then we'll start with a half star scenario." Chen Ge arranged for Wu Jinpeng to enter the Ming Hun scenario with two other visitors. Half an hour later, a pale-looking Wu Jinpeng ran out of the haunted house with the two other visitors.

"How do you feel?"

"I feel like the haunted houses that I've visited before were child's play." Wu Jinpeng was still shaking. He was about to say something more when Chen Ge patted him on the shoulder. "Your timing is perfect. They are about to visit the one-star scenario, Murder by Midnight. You can go along with them."

"But I just got out..."

"How are you going to see the rainbow without weathering the rain? Such a big challenge in your life didn't crush you. Don't tell me a little haunted house visit will break your spirit." Chen Ge led them to the second floor. "Believe in yourself, Brother Peng."

"Wait a minute! I have some questions." Wu Jinpeng pulled on Chen Ge's clothes. "How many scenarios do we have? Do I need to visit all of them today?"

"We have around ten scenarios. The higher the star rating, the scarier the scenario. Ming Hun was just the appetizer." At this point, Chen Ge thought of something. "Actually, it's rather impossible to visit all of them in one day."

"Okay then."

"Because you might faint in the middle, but you might not. In any case, we have the best doctors here. If we make use of the time carefully, there's a chance that you can visit all the scenario today." Chen Ge sent Wu Jinpeng and the other visitors into the scenario for Murder at Midnight. "Have fun in there."

Closing the door, Chen Ge walked away. Soon, he heard a scream from Wu Jinpeng. "Even his scream has a certain tempo to it. I knew he was a singer in a past, but I had no idea he's so talented."

Another half an hour passed, and Wu Jinpeng ran out with disheveled hair. He had so much 'fun' that he had lost the scrunchy that had tied up his ponytail. "Here, drink this water. You can clean yourself up in the dressing room. I think there's a spare rubber band in there. You can use it to tie your hair."

"It's not the issue of rubber band. When I was in there, there was a rag doll that kept following me. She was jumping all over the place like she wanted to grab my ponytail!" Wu Jinpeng was in an intense emotional state, and his hands kept gesticulating.

"Looks like you're already a favorite among the old employees. Don't worry, those are controlled by the central computer. Your colleagues were merely welcoming you in their own way." Chen Ge had Wu Jinpeng get some rest while he walked toward the other visitors. "Uncle Xu, do you have any visitors that wish to visit a two-star scenario or above?"

"It's great that you're here. These three visitors bought tickets for Mu Yang High School, Coffin Village, and Underground Morgue online. They wanted to visit all of them in one go. Can you allow that?"

"You can only visit one scenario at a time." Chen Ge looked at the three visitors. "I'm sorry, but that is a safety precaution."

"But we have already bought the tickets. Do you want us to come out and wait for such a long queue again? We don't mind paying more. I just don't want to waste any more time." It was a polite-looking man who spoke. He wore spectacles. He was about 1.85 meters tall with long legs, and every piece of clothing he had on was branded. Indeed, he did not look like he was in need of money.

"There's no need to worry about safety precautions. I promise you that even if something happens to us, we will not press any charges against your establishment." Another man stepped forth. He was in sportswear. His body was well built with clear wiry muscles. However, he was not that old and was not that careful with his words.

"I know that you don't mind spending money, but those are the rules. You can choose one of the scenarios first, then decide after you finish the visitation. You might change your idea then," Chen Ge suggested.

"Ah Wen, Xiao Jie, we could consider that. After all, we've been waiting for so long already." The last to speak was the only girl among the trio. She was in her mid-twenties. She looked cute and innocent but had a stabilizing presence about her. She attracted the guys' attention easily.

"Why don't you start with Mu Yang High School?" Chen Ge led the three of them and two other visitors to enter the haunted house. By then, Wu Jinpeng had almost recovered. "Brother Peng, you should follow the five of them to challenge a two-star scenario."

"Can't you give me more time to rest?"

"You're only delaying the inevitable." Chen Ge put away the disclaimers and led the group to the underground entrance. "Before we start, I have to warn you all again. Please stay in the scenario that you're supposed to visit. Do not wander off into other scenarios."

Opening the iron door that led underground, a chilly breeze cut at them. Wu Jinpeng, who stood next to Chen Ge, shivered. "You have an underground scenario too?"

"The fun is only beginning." Chen Ge watched them walk down the stairs. He did not close the door but stared at the woman's back. He was sure that he had just met that woman, but she gave him a familiar feeling.

"The way the other two guys look at her was filled with love, but she was not interested in them at all. There was a well-hidden resentment hidden inside her eyes. And she kept unintentionally hiding behind the two guys so that she wouldn't interact directly with me. She has never directed her eyes at me either like she is purposely moving her gaze away from me." Chen Ge eventually closed the door. "Something's wrong."

Carrying the backpack, Chen Ge hurried to the surveillance room to follow the movement of this batch of visitors.


After the door closed, the woman instantly sidled up to Wu Jinpeng. "Uncle, are you a worker here? I saw that you were having such friendly chat with the boss earlier. I've heard that the boss occasionally sends his employees in with the visitors to scare them."

"I'll come clean. I am a worker here, but this is my first day. I don't know anything." Wu Jinpeng surrendered easily. "In fact, I might hide behind you later. I'm sorry. This must have given you a bad impression of the workers here."

"Hehe, you're quite an interesting man. I am Shen Mengbing. What's yours?"

"My name is Wu Jinpeng."

"That's such a country bumpkin name." The woman had a wonderful smile. She wanted to chat some more with Wu Jinpeng, but the two guys walked over, and they expertly squeezed Wu Jinpeng to the side.