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1021 Road to Hell

 "Bei Ye mentioned your name before he died, and New Century Park was written on some of the notes found at the crime scene. In any case, you must be careful! I'll send people over when the sun rises!" Lee Zheng was worried about Chen Ge's safety.

"Please do not do that!" Chen Ge quickly stopped him. "Brother Zheng, I mean, we should not scare them off. Since they have targeted me, this is the perfect chance to capture him. Jia Ming is so cunning. He will escape if he senses a trap. Only by making him careless will we be able to catch him."

"Then, what about your safety?"

"Jia Ming is extremely cunning and cruel. The longer he spends on the outside, the higher the chance of us having more victims. If you think of it that way, what's a little risk that I might take?" Chen Ge denied Lee Zheng's help. "Furthermore, the clues that you found at the crime scene might have been purposely left behind by Jia Ming. He wants the police to focus their attention on New Century Park so that he can go elsewhere."

"So, this could be a misdirection?"

"Yes. Plus, New Century Park is populated every day, and the place is complicated. Mounting an operation is not going to be easy."

"You have a point, but I will still send a few plainclothes to your place after dawn. Don't worry, it won't affect your business." Lee Zheng sent Chen Ge one last message. "The number I sent you is the number of the leader of this operation. If anything happens, call him."


"Take care of yourself. No matter what happens, keep yourself safe."

After the call was ended, Chen Ge lay in bed holding the phone. There was no panic in his eyes. If anything, there was excitement. "I was trying hard to find Jia Ming, but now he's moved his target onto me. The man could have lived his life safely, but he intends on taking the road that would lead him to hell."

Hugging the white cat, Chen Ge scratched its soft underbelly. "Both Jia Ming and the boy knew the ghost fetus well. They seem to be looking for the children selected by the ghost fetus. I wonder how many they have found."

Putting the backpack by his bed, Chen Ge was not worried about his safety. With his team of powerful Red Specters, he was not afraid of any tricks that Jia Ming could have come up with.

At 8:10 am, Chen Ge opened the gates to the haunted house, and the employees soon arrived.

"This afternoon we might have a new employee to join us. So, don't isolate him. Let's try to give him a good impression."

After helping the employees with their make-up, Chen Ge carried the backpack and sat at the haunted house entrance.

"Boss, are you still going out later?" Gu Feiyu walked toward Chen Ge in the Doctor Skull-cracker outfit. His every step jingled with the sound of chains.

"I'm staying today because I'm waiting for a friend." Chen Ge turned back to smile. "Also, I need you guys to pay attention today. If there's anything out of place, report to me immediately."


The theme park opened for business at 9 am. The visitors rushed in, and the number was greater than few days ago. A long queue soon formed before the haunted house. Uncle Xu and the other workers helped to maintain the order and sell tickets. Chen Ge stood at the entrance and personally led the visitors into the haunted house, helping them with the disclaimers. Currently, Chen Ge could be counted as a semi-celebrity. Some of the visitors came because of them. Some asked for a photograph together with him. Chen Ge naturally would not reject these requests. Actually, he wanted to leave a mark in more people's memories. That way, if something happened to him, it would be hard for other forces to wipe his existence off the face of the earth. After sending several batches of visitors into the haunted house, Chen Ge still had not seen Jia Ming or been notified of any special visitors.

"The police should have placed great pressure on Jia Ming, which is why he used his partners' life to buy some time for himself. He knows that the web is closing around him, so it's only a matter of time until he makes a desperate move." Chen Ge arranged the disclaimers on the table. "I have no idea what they are searching for, but I am sure it has something to do with the ghost fetus. Those guys used so much time to study me and the haunted house, so that thing might be hidden here somewhere."

After giving it some thought, Chen Ge carried the backpack and went to the toilet. This toilet was for employees only. The visitors used the toilet that was outside the haunted house.

"Men Nan." Chen Ge flipped through the comic to summon Men Nan. "Today, you will stay guard here."

"What? You think I'm a toilet attendant?" Men Nan argued with Chen Ge.

"The door that is blocked by the wooden boards leads to the blood world, and someone has been eyeing it recently." Many people knew of the door at Chen Ge's haunted house, so he did not hide that from Men Nan.

"You have a door here too?" The way Men Nan looked at Chen Ge changed. "Was it... you who pushed it open?"

"I don't know." Chen Ge shrugged. "I can't remember."

"How can you forget something like that?" Men Nan gazed at Chen Ge. "But you do not look like a door pusher. You are too cunning to be one."

"The person eyeing this door is quite cunning as well. You might not be able to handle them alone." Chen Ge shoved the pair of red high heels into Men Nan's hand. "If you're in danger, ask this big sister to help you. She's very powerful."

"Hey! Come back here!"

"Good luck." Chen Ge closed the door and returned to the entrance. The whole morning passed, and there was nothing. Chen Ge did not see Jia Ming.

"Was it right earlier when I said that this was all just misdirection?" Chen Ge sat on the chair to think. "Jia Ming has seen me in Li Wan City before. He knows that I have many Specters and Red Specters by my side. As long as he has not lost his mind, he won't come at night. He only has a chance of succeeding in the day, but what exactly is the man looking for?"

After lunch, Chen Ge continued to wait at the haunted house. He originally planned to go to Eastern Jiujiang Huai Ai Hospital, but that plan was ruined due to Jia Ming. The sun was right above his head. It was the hottest time of the day, but the queue before the haunted house was still very long. Chen Ge patiently moved the visitors into the haunted house. He did not carry much hope of seeing Jia Ming when he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"Leader Chen!" That was the first time that Chen Ge had been called that. He turned to the voice and saw Wu Jinpeng waving at him amid the crowd. The handsome uncle was a man of experience. He did not refer to Chen Ge as closely as brother in a public place. He was afraid that might ruin Chen Ge's image among his other employees, but he did not know how to address him, so he used the term 'Leader Chen'.

"Brother Peng, you've arrived earlier than expected. Did everything go well?"

"Yes, it went swimmingly." Wu Jinpeng was tall with a ponytail. He had the presence of an artistic person about him, so he stood out among the crowd.